Lunabee shows off her ToyCon UK customs

Sweet treats await for fans in London
Apr 05
Lunabee has sent us a few photos of the custom designer toys she's done for ToyCon UK. It's a small batch, with two 3-inch Dunnys, a larger 7-inch one, and a regular-sized Trikky all painted in a broad palette of bright and l... read
ToyCon releases photo
More vinyl and resin this weekend than Disco Demolition Night in a pine forest
ToyCon UK opens up this weekend, and many of the major British designer artists will be in attendance (with some surprises, too). Add in the fact that many will be bringing their own pieces to Baden-Powell House, and you have... read feature


Lunabee's Tiny Terrors are rad, though not too terrifying

Awesome 3-inch custom Dunnys you can't have
Sep 05
[edit: At the time of writing, I assumed all five Dunnys would be sold out, but as it turns out Oni and Naja are still available! If you're interested in either, go go go!] Though by the time you read this they'll [probably] ... read

Lunabee's Hunny Bumblers buzz by her shop on Tuesday

Jun 25
Lunabee's latest custom series is buzzing on by Tomopop! The Hunny Bumblers are a series of 3-inch Dunnys that are part girl, part bee and all handmade. Each one has a unique color and detailing to it, with hand-sculpted... read

Cris Rose's resin robot factory churns out new releases

Jun 01
Cris Rose has been hard at work lately on making more custom bots, and within the past few days, there's been a flood of new ones showing up! First off, his collaboration with Lunabee was indeed a set of French bots, Camember... read

Tiny baguettes? Cheese? Robots? If you're wondering how all those fit together, we might find out soon, as both Lunabee and Cris Rose have tweeted teases of a new collaboration, with mention of France in their tweets. Th... read feature


Next round of Lunabee and Pepe Hiller's Woodbees incoming

May 14
You may remember the Woodbees from our interview with Pepe Hiller. These cuties are a wooden toy collaboration between Pepe and Lunabee. The first set was recently released and has already sold out. B... read

Bunches of bunnies for your basket from two cool artists

Apr 03
Spring is here and bunnies abounds! Two very well-known artists are making some absolutely adorable plushes that should definitely put a spring (or hop) in your step. First on the list is Anna Chambers' new orange striped bun... read

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