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Lechery Ookami-san photo
Lechery Ookami-san

Lechery unveils their prototype of a big bad wolf

The eating grandma kind, not the huffing and puffing kind
Mar 17
// Tianxiao Ma
Lechery's a manufacturer that puts out a lot of original character designs - some are ero, some are less so. Recently they've been making figures based on fairy tale characters, which is where this Ookami-san design comes in....
Pre-order Lechery's Kiki photo
Pre-order Lechery's Kiki

[Kinda NSFW] Pre-order Lechery's Pirate Girl Kiki

I wouldn't mind if she kidnapped me!
Oct 27
// Jon Wills
Do you like the idea of girl pirates? Preferably ones in showier outfits? Well if you said yes then you should check out Lechery's sculpt of Pirate Girl Kiki which they recently made available for pre-order. I think that Kiki...
Lechery Alice photo
Lechery Alice

[NSFW] Lechery's Alice gets a splash of red for this fall

Another great use of mirrors with a figure
Aug 20
// Tianxiao Ma
Lechery's bringing out another colorway of their Alice figure from Kagami no Kuni no Alice. The black and blue versions released last year. This November, a red version will be joining them. As with the previous versions...
Lechery Roller Maid photo
Lechery Roller Maid

[NSFW] Lechery serves up a roller maid

Combining maids with roller skating waitresses
Jun 21
// Tianxiao Ma
Lechery has been cranking out figures at an impressive pace, but I've never owned any of them. Their efforts as of late have looked halfway decent, especially that Amadeus figure with the piano. This Roller Maid is less elabo...

Lechery Black Piano photo
Lechery Black Piano

Pre-order Lechery's Amadeus Black Piano

1/6th scale
Jun 11
// Jon Wills
Lechery's Amadeus Black Piano figurine is now available for pre-order. She is built to 1/6th scale and is made out of candy resin, PVC and ABS plastic.  Amadeus hits all the right notes too if I don't say so myself....
Lechery ER Nurse photo
Lechery ER Nurse

[NSFW] Lechery's Miyu returns, forgot her uniform again

Seems legit
May 22
// Tianxiao Ma
Lechery's blog announced the re-release of their ER Nurse Miyu figure. I'm not sure what medical condition she's equipped to look at, though. Well, that's not true. I have a pretty good idea, and late night commercials someti...

[NSFW] Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Lechery

Oh, hello Tamaki; didn't see you come in
Feb 10
// Brian Szabelski
Lechery's long been making their figures based on original characters, but they're now hopping on the licensing train, too. First off, and perhaps to some surprise, we'll be seeing figures of ToHeart 2's Kousaka Tamaki (1/7-s...

Lechery reels in a mermaid

Wait ... her fins ... castoffable ... what?
Feb 07
// Brian Szabelski
So Lechery has themselves a new blog post showing off a new figure for Wonder Festival ... and yeah. It's a mermaid. With castoffable fin. Who happens to be wearing a dress shirt while leaning on a chest that actually opens a...

[NSFW] Lechery cooks up another occupational figure

No kitchen jokes, please.
Jan 18
// Brian Szabelski
Lechery's figures are the kind that make you laugh in a good way, as in "I can't quite believe they made a castoffable figure based on that!" Such is the case with their newest prototype, a figure called Chef and Pastry. Of c...

[NSFW] Want a girl on a tricycle? Lechery has you covered

Yep, that's a new prototype from them, and she's a castoff. On a trike.
Dec 26
// Brian Szabelski
Oh, Lechery: the crazy little pieces you sculpt always make me wonder what you have planned next, and as posted on their blog ... it's a tricycle racer. Yes, this little lady is Trike Racer, and she's not wearing a helmet. Ho...

Lechery adds a little color to their Snow White

Dec 20
// Brian Szabelski
You may remember seeing Lechery's Snow White figure and thinking, "Uhhh, that's ... interesting." The next addition to the Fairy Tale line just got previewed in color on Lechery's blog, though, and this 1/8-scale lady appears...

Lechery's sofa girls sit in awkward repose

Because that's totally how girls sit in chairs
Dec 10
// Tianxiao Ma
Honestly this isn't the most ridiculous thing you could make as a figure company called Lechery. Still I think it's good material for the Hawkeye Initiative. After all, why should the figure world escape that particular parod...

Lechery's latest abomination is called College Girl

figure..abomination... you decide.
Dec 05
// Kristina Pino
I have very little words to describe what's going on with these pictures, but hey. Way to go, Lechery! Images in the gallery. Feel free to weigh in! I personally think this is terribad. I mean, when I was on college I didn't hang out at bars with my homework, no pants and a pair of slippers. Geeze. Click through to see the gallery. If you dare.
Upcoming figure release previewed on company's blog
Lechery is an interesting little company in that they're making borderline-NSFW figures, but it seems a lot more tastefully done than a lot of other NSFW-ish figures out there. Take, for example, their upcoming Ore no Boss Ro...


Lechery's Little Red Riding Hood takes off with CA Yoko

The flight is not the only thing taking off for this fairy tale and cabin attendant.
Nov 06
// Jonathan Tubbs
When you're looking for the sexy "insert job/character here" Halloween costumes of the figure world, Lechery is your company. Seriously, this company takes such ideas like fairy tales or an occupation and designs a character ...

[Update] Lechery's QQ Orange up for pre-order

Highly lacking in lechery, ironically
Nov 01
// Tianxiao Ma
[Update: Had the wrong MSRP originally.] I thought I would be writing an NSFW post, but this figure by Lechery is disappointingly SFW. Yeah she's showing a bit of cleavage but what female character doesn't nowadays? What you'...

Snow White whispers sweet-nothings to her apple

View the prototype for upcoming Snow White, now with less shoe phone courtesy Lechery x Kaitendoh
Oct 29
// Kristina Pino
I think we can all agree that the shoe phone thing Cinderella had going on was a little more than awkward (though somehow I found it kind of cute). Now, Lechery is showing off the next girl in the Kaitendoh x Lechery Fairy Ta...

Glass Slipper Cinderella shown off in two colorways

Aug 17
// Kristina Pino
I wrote up something quick about the Cinderella figure back when we were covering magazine scans, but Lechery have updated their site with pictures of two versions of this addition to their Fairy Tale series in a collabo...

[NSFW] Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Lechery

Jul 31
// Brian Szabelski
Still sporting the most fitting name in the figure business, Lechery arrived at Wonder Festival 2012 Summer with a ton of NSFW figures. Via their own blog, Lechery have posted a few photos from their smaller booth, showc...

Kaitendoh's new goodies from hobby scans and beyond

Jul 23
// Kristina Pino
Fans of OreImo, Daiteikoku and the Hello Kitty to Issho! figures might like this month's scanned goods from Kaitendo. We've got an upcoming figure of Kirino in casual wear (previously seen back in Spring) and a cute girl call...

Lechery's Amadeus is not a historical depiction of Mozart

Jun 28
// Tianxiao Ma
Lechery's blog has revealed a prototype for an original cat-girl character named Amadeus. They'll be showing it at Wonder Festival this summer, so expect more info then. What we do know is that she'll come in two color scheme...

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for April 17, 2012

Apr 18
// Jonathan Tubbs
Another day, another introduction here for Reserve or Regret. Though I have nothing today. But that's just my intro. I do have figures to tell you about that are up for pre-order. Square Enix continues to focus on titles from...

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