Latidoll's wait times are no laughing matter

Jan 11
// Colette Bennett
You may recall in September, I made a post about the adoption of my first ball-jointed doll. After much careful speculation, I went with Latidoll, a Korean company who had reasonably priced dolls and good face sculp...

Latidoll's five year anniversary outfits are free this month!

Sep 30
// Colette Bennett
Since I have my very first ball-jointed doll on the way soon, I have naturally been considering clothing for him (very few dolls come clothed, but even if they do, you're going to want to change them soon enough). C...

Latidoll's Christmas Special L version is a hottie

Sep 19
// Colette Bennett
I know what you're thinking. "Oh boy, Colette, now that you've bought a ball-jointed doll, we're going to have to hear news about BJDs all the time, right?" Well, not much -- but at least a little, since they'r...

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