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KodyKoala is back with an interesting take on the Super Mario Powerup theory

It all makes sense now!
Feb 08
// Chris Seto
Ah, super mario. Everyone knows the basic mechanics of the game by now as well as the effects of the power ups such as the stalwart mushroom. Pick up a mushroom and it makes Mario double in size as well as provide him with an...
Kodykoala custom photo
Kodykoala custom

Kodykoala's new Princess Peach custom comes in like a wrecking ball

It's actually a Chain Chomp, but whatever
Apr 18
// Brian Szabelski
It had to happen sometime. Someone was going to make a custom based off the Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" video, so we should be thankful it's Kodykoala. In Miley's place, he's substituted Princess Peach, having her sit atop a ...
Kodykoala photo

Kodykoala creates snow globe from spare Portal of Power

Now that is putting those extra Skylanders peripherals to good use
Jan 07
// Natalie Kipper
It is a fact every Skylanders fan must inevitably face. As your collection of games and figures grows, so do the number of Portal of Power peripherals in your possession. I know I personally have five in my gaming cabinet. So...

Kodykoala Toys creates custom steampunk Link figure

Now it's not so dangerous to go alone
Aug 27
// Vanessa Cubillo
Custom toy designer, Donald Kennedy of Kodykoala Toys has given Link quite an upgrade. Kennedy has created a custom steampunk Link action figure available in his Etsy store. His first Legend of Zelda custom, Link is made dri...


Take a chance to own a Hungry Hungry Hip... Koopa!

If you get eaten, it's your own fault!
Sep 17
// Chris Seto
KodyKoala is a name which doesn't need much introduction here at Tomopop. He's the creator of some awesome custom works of various video game characters, from Megaman, to Yoshi to Sonic the Hedgehog! His latest work is a cust...

Under the Radar: Kodykoala's custom Sonic Mech

Apr 30
// Kristina Pino
We're all fans of Kodykoala's work here, so even when it's late we end up having to share the latest in cool customs he shows off. Sonic Mech is his first go at a Sonic figure, and I think it came out pretty rad! Sonic i...

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