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Kidrobot photo
Oh, Kidrobot, you so cray(on) cray!
Kidrobot seems to involve itself in some unusual pairings. In fact, one of the things I love about the company is that you never seem to know what's coming next. Case-in-point? Kidrobot has teamed up with Crayola (that's righ...

Sonic photo
Faster & bluer than the average hedgehog
Tomopop (or, more specifically, our ace reporter Tian) wasn't able to make it to every booth at SDCC and, as such, we (again, Tian) weren't able to see Kidrobot's Sonic at the event in person. However, we were assured that it...

SEGA photo
Just call them KidHedgehog?
Kidrobot seeks to expand its array of gaming collectibles with figures based on SEGA's beloved Sonic the Hedgehog games. Set to release this Winter, Kidrobot's offerings will include a blind-boxed figure line, a blind-boxed k...

Mega Man photo
Hopefully just the beginning
Exciting news! KidRobot has announced that its Mega Man "Capsules" (blind-boxed figures) will be released August 4th. The selection includes a line of 3-inch figurines, smaller keychains, and larger 7-inch "medium" figurines ...

Junko Mizuno Dunny photo
Violet Soda Lady releasing in July
Junko Mizuno's newest creation for Kidrobot is a twist on an older, smaller classic. The 8-inch Violet Soda Lady and Berry Chocolate Lady Dunnys might look similar, because the base sculpt is essentially the Purple Soda Girl ...

Mega Man photo
Mega Man

KidRobot 'breaks' into SDCC with Breakman and Mega Man

Taking a break? We're here to help
Jun 11
// Scarecroodle
KidRobot has announced that it intends to sell two 7-inch "medium" figure exclusives at SDCC: Break Man (Mega Man 3) and a Mega Man colorway. Both will retail for $49.99 and are available in limited quantities. Fans will reca...
Phunny photo

Phunny brings Kidrobot back to the plush world

Gremlins line due in August
Jun 08
// Brian Szabelski
Kidrobot's done plush before, but not quite like this. Instead of original creations like Frank Kozik's Labbit or Heidi Kenney's Yummy characters, Kidrobot is jumping headfirst into the licensed plush world with their new Gre...
Kidrobot Baby Huey photo
Kidrobot Baby Huey

Kozik, Kidrobot reveal Baby Huey

Debuting at SDCC
Jun 07
// Brian Szabelski
I don't know if Kidrobot has any sales in North Korea ... but I don't think they will anytime soon with their SDCC 2015 debut, Baby Huey. Yes, this is Frank Kozik's handiwork, as the legendary artist with a penchant for satir...
Adventure Time photo
Adventure Time

Kidrobot's Adventure Time line is coming this summer

Kidrobot is about to get mathematical
Feb 12
// Vanessa Cubillo
Last June, Kidrobot announced that they got the license for Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, and would soon be collaborating on a line together. Well, it looks like a year later we're going to see this line. Today on their F...
MaloApril customs photo
MaloApril customs

MaloApril shows off a pretty zombie and a rocker chick

Pink-eye never looked so pretty
Jan 27
// Kristina Pino
MaloApril recently finished up two custom Dunnys as a commission and, as always, I find myself super jealous of anyone owning her pieces. The first is a zombie with fantastic eyes (I love the lashes) and decked out with a sku...
NECA buys Kidrobot photo
NECA buys Kidrobot

BREAKING: NECA to buy Kidrobot

Frank Kozik named new creative director
Nov 19
// Brian Szabelski
In news that comes as a surprise, Kidrobot has an agreement in place to be purchased by NECA. The designer toy maker -- especially known for its Dunny line and blind-boxed figures -- will become an "artist-run company," accor...
Kidrobot photo

Kidrobot to close all their retail stores

Dark times ahead
Jul 24
// Vanessa Cubillo
Kidrobot has had a rough time this year. They’ve raised prices and have closed a number of stores. They don’t even have their own booth at this year’s SDCC. So instead of waiting to hear about each store t...
Adventure Time photo
Adventure Time

Kidrobot gets license for Adventure Time

Oh my lumping glob!
Jun 20
// Vanessa Cubillo
Yesterday on social media, Kidrobot posted a photo to announce that Adventure Time would soon be a part of their company. The photo shows a sullen looking Finn wearing Jake as a coat and earphones as he listens to BMO like a...
The Simpsons photo
The Simpsons

Kidrobot is coming out with new Simpsons figures for their 25th anniversary

Jun 04
// Vanessa Cubillo
When it comes to Kidrobot, their Simpsons figures are probably my favorite line. All of their toys remind me how awesome that show used to be. So now to celebrate their 25th anniversary, Kidrobot is coming out with a number ...
Kidrobot photo

Kidrobot is closing their Los Angeles store

And then there was three
May 16
// Vanessa Cubillo
On Wednesday, Kidrobot announced that they would be closing their Los Angeles store. News that I can’t say is surprising. It was only last month that they closed the doors on their New York City store. This time in the...
Kidrobot photo

Kidrobot is closing their New York City store

They couldn't make it there...
Apr 22
// Vanessa Cubillo
Business has not been looking good for Kidrobot. Last year they closed their Miami store, last month they announced a price increase on most of their items, and the bad news keeps on coming. Today, on their blog, Kidrobot&rs...
Munny photo

Kidrobot introduces the reusable Munny

I guess Recycled Munny didn't sound good
Apr 09
// Vanessa Cubillo
Kidrobot’s signature do-it-yourself toy, the Munny, is coming out in a slightly different format. Called the Reusable Munny, this vinyl figure will come with a set of six markers that can be wiped off so you can draw o...
Kidrobot photo

Kidrobot announces price increase for both online and in store items

mo money, mo problems
Mar 25
// Vanessa Cubillo
Today, on their blog, Kidrobot announced that they would be raising prices on a bunch of their existing and future lines. This price increase will effect items in both their online store and retail stores. In their post, Kid...
Bearded Labbit photo
Bearded Labbit

Kidrobot's Labbit grows a beard

New design available in three different sizes for your Labbit needs
Feb 06
// Brian Szabelski
Are beards in? YES! ... err, yes, it seems, and even Kidrobot is getting in on the action. They're dropping a new version of Frank Kozik's Labbit with that handlebar mustache, and this time with an added beard as well. Called...
Livestream  photo

Watch our new DIY toy livestream tonight at 9pm EST

I'll be working on Kidrobot's Munny
Feb 04
// Vanessa Cubillo
Hello Tomopop readers! I hope you'll join me tonight for the first episode in my new livestream series about DIY toys. I’ll be customizing toys live and taking you through my process as we go along. Watch as I work...

Kidrobot will be releasing a Mega Man figure line

Keychains, full figures, and mini figures
Jan 28
// Vanessa Cubillo
Kidrobot sure has been busy! It’s only January and already we know that they’re working on a TMNT line, and now we’re seeing that they will be releasing a Mega Man line. A few hours ago they’ve releas...
Art Giants Skullhead photo
Art Giants Skullhead

Huck Gee's Skullhead added to Kidrobot's Art Giants

It's 4 feet tall and $5,000 ... yeah
Jan 28
// Brian Szabelski
Are you a Huck Gee fan with US$5,000 sitting around collecting dust? Well, then congrats: you can afford Kidrobot's newest Art Giants piece, a 4-foot-tall fiberglass version of Huck's Skullhead. Truthfully, I don't imagine it...
TMNT photo

It looks like Kidrobot is making TMNT figures

What a subtle teaser
Jan 15
// Vanessa Cubillo
Today on Kidrobot’s Facebook page they posted four teaser images of figures that looked pretty familiar. The green shells, colored bandanas, and ninja weapons. These are obviously figures of the Samurai Pizza Cats! No...
Simpsons, Street Fighter, and more!
The countdown for NYCC has officially begun now that we're in October. Since we're this close to the big event, Kidrobot has decided to announce the exclusives they'll have at their booth. In the original version of their Di...


Kidrobot shows preview of Simpsons Day of the Dead Homer

Who wouldn't want this?
Sep 11
// Vanessa Cubillo
As Halloween approaches, Kidrobot is rolling out more Simpsons figures. After the Treehouse of Horror series, Kidrobot is previewing their Day of the Dead Homer figure. Homer is designed wearing a blanco mariachi suit, remov...
Dam Gun bots photo
Dam Gun bots

Kidrobot takes orders on new mini Dam Gun bot mascots

From Kidrobot to Manrobot
Aug 27
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I'm not so sure how flattered Bandai is by this, but Kidrobot certainly seems sincere in their attempt to merge the worlds of Gunpla and designer figures. They're new proj...

Mikie Graham brings Gorillaz to Super Cooper's TAG show

For this show, Graham created figures of the Gorillaz from their Plastic Beach album
Aug 19
// Vanessa Cubillo
Super Cooper's "Music To My Ears" custom art show is opening this Satuday at Toy Art Gallery. We've already seen a preview of Obscure's Social Distortion inspired work, now here's a preview from Mikie Graham. Graham, also kn...
This is indeed a disturbing universe
Everyone knows the best episodes of The Simpsons are their Treehouse of Horror episodes. So that's why I'm excited to see that Kidrobot is making a special Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror figure series. This will be another bl...


Kidrobot fights again with Street Fighter series 2

Round 2! Fight!
Aug 01
// Vanessa Cubillo
Kidrobot knows when it has a winning ticket, and their Street Fighter figures are it. The first series was well received and even re-released as two-packs to hold fans over until Series 2 came out. Now the wait is almost ove...
From the South Park video game, The Stick of Truth
Today on Kidrobot's blog, they showed a preview of their new South Park figure series. These figures will be based on South Park's upcoming video game, South Park: The Stick of Truth. The figures included will be Cartman, St...


SDCC 2013: Kidrobot

Marvel, Simpsons, Street Fighter and more!
Jul 18
// Vanessa Cubillo
At Kidrobot's booth at SDCC, they had on display all their upcoming releases as well as all of their exclusive items. For their upcoming releases, they had all of their Marvel crossover figures. There were Munnys and Mini Mu...

Kidrobot teases SDCC 2013 exclusives

Jul 06 // Brian Szabelski
Kidrobot SDCC 2013 photo
8-inch JPK Dunny, Marvel Labbits among the offerings
Kidrobot has begun teasing its SDCC 2013 exclusives, and truth be told, it's an alright list: The July 17 release is a set of Marvel Labbits, the Wolverine and Venom ones we saw before, perhaps as the debut release (like the...

Custom Made Monday: Home of the Evil

Jul 01 // Brian Szabelski
Geese Howard custom 12-inch figure from by ZombieKev So we start things off with the usual spotlight figures, and if you're a King of Fighters fan, then this one we found on FigureRealm might just blow your mind. It's a 12-inch custom figure of the boss himself, Geese Howard, complete in his gi and hakama, with an evil smirk sculpted on his face. For the body, Kev used a DC Direct Deluxe 13-inch body, and a head from a Medicom figure with new sculptwork to make it look like Geese. Add in handsewn clothing and hands recast from various figures, and it's super-impressive. Custom Shredder concept by customfig Speaking of awesome finds on FigureRealm, how about this interesting take on Shredder? Using a wrestling figure for a base with a ton of unique sculpting (the cape is from another figure and that's all that's not sculpted), customfig has created an imposing Shredder, who comes with a sword and a throne base to sit upon. Maybe it's not the most canon-friendly figure, but it's hard to deny that this doesn't look impressive.  Iron Man and Iron Patriot Minicels by Fuller Designs Fuller has put his stylings to two of Kuso Vinyl's Minicel figures, turning them to Iron Man and Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3. The designs don't have much in the way of sculpting, but Fuller tends to layer details on with his painting skill, and they show off here. Plenty of shading to go with some of the wear and tear. These will be available in the Kuso Vinyl booth (#5642) at SDCC. Sergeant Bearbosa by Reet Neet Reet is back with another 3.5-inch Teddy Trooper custom, done in the same style as his previous General Bearends custom. I do like how the body this time around has a wooden finish to it instead of riveted copper, along with the gears protruding through the torn-open helmet. Like General Bearends, this is a commissioned piece, but Reet Neet is open for commissions, if you're interested. Fhtagndroids and custom Trikky by Infinite Rabbits Some new customs from Infinite Rabbits have appeared. First, there's the custom 7-inch Trikky, made for a trade with another artist. Nothing much seems out of the ordinary with it ... you know, except the dozens of eyes sculpted and painted onto the surface of the Trikky's face.  And speaking of eyeballs, Infinite Rabbits put together a trio of custom Androids he's called the Fhtagndroids, a little bit of Cthulhu-inspired vinyl madness. Sadly, all three variants have sold, but I'm sure he's got more creations in store; we'll let you know about any others that pop up in his shop! Jabba the Beett by Nathan Hamill The Deadbeet Custom Show is currently ongoing at Toy Art Gallery, and here's Nathan Hamill's piece for the show. Yes, it's a Jabba the Hutt inspired Deadbeet figure, and it works incredibly well. I love the sculptwork on the face to make it look just like Jabba, completely down to the eyes. Even Jabba's hookah is here as an accessory. I just hope Nathan's dad didn't accidentally blow up the stand it was sitting on ... Bjorn the Big Battle Star Astronaut and Johnny Tattoo by Bash Projects Two new customs to share with you from Bash Projects. First, there's Bjorn the Big Battle Star Astronaut, a secret weapon the Battle Star Astronauts who makes all hell break loose when he arrives on the scene. The Dunny is available for €230 in Bash's shop. The second is a commissioned Fatcap called Johnny Tattoo, a poor fellow who fell asleep in Bash's tattoo chair when he went for some ink. Bash doesn't appreciate that, so he gave him more than he bargained for ... and apparently took his clothes, too. Simon Belmont by KirkyMonster The third custom in this week's feature from FigureRealm, KirkyMonster has put together a spin on Simon Belmont, making him look more like his appearance in Ayami Kojima's original artwork. The body is a NECA Simon Belmont figure, the head a Resaurus Street Fighter Remy head, and the paintwork done in a brown and red style. Keeper of the Beach and Morrow Treehouse by Taylored Curiosities The latest from Taylored Curiosities are two customs featuring her Morrow creations. One is a Dudebox figure she's turned into a Morrow Treehouse, which was in the Dudebox shop but has sold. The feathers and fleecy floor kind of give it a nest-like feel. The other is Keeper of the Beach, a 4-inch Munny that serves as a swimming pool for a little Morrow fellow. This one has sculpting, painting, stitching, and needle-felting done into it, and it's based on memories of growing up in a seaside town. If you like it, it's £80 in the Taylored Curiosities shop. MF Doom Munnys and custom Hello Kitty toys by Kokeshi Clan Kokeshi Clan has put together some customs he wanted to show off. First, he's done a series of custom Munnys of MF Doom, complete with his trademark mask. It's a set of five, each in a different colorway with mics as accessories. He's also done a series of Hello Kitty customs, turning them into little ninjas. If you want either, they're in his shop. The MF Doom Munnys are US$65 and the Hello Kitty customs are US$45. Fly Girls by Jenn and Tony Bot and melodreama  Ending this week's round-up are a series of collaborative Dunnys from The Bots and melodreama. Inspired by World War II's female pilots, these five blind-boxed Dunnys are sculpted by The Bots and painted by melodreama, and each has a unique design all its own. You can pick one up for US$80 in The Bots' shop. [That wraps up this week's installment of Custom Made Monday! If you have any customs you'd like to see featured, or just spot something that's eye-catching and fits the feature, be sure to e-mail us and let us know!]
Custom Made Monday photo
Don't worry, some good guys are here, too
Welcome back to Custom Made Monday, fresh off a vacation induced by the fun of SDCC. Yes, it's been an overwhelming few weeks here at Tomopop HQ, but we've managed to squeeze out another round-up of custom figures that caught...

EVA-01 custom Munny photo
EVA-01 custom Munny

This custom EVA-01 is right on the Munny

I know what I'd vote for, for MUNNYMUNTH
May 30
// Tianxiao Ma
Yes, I'm writing about a Munny. No, you haven't stepped into a Bizarro universe. What you're looking at is officially titled Bulletpunk: Pirated [Evangelion] Unit 01. It's based on an 8" Munny, and was made by Quiccs Maiquez as his MUNNYMUNTH 2013 entry.  

We Become Monsters' Zeddo is 18 inches of terror

I hope he's not hungry.
Mar 29
// Vanessa Cubillo
Feast your eyes upon Zeddo, the 18-inch Mega Munny! What exactly is Zeddo? I'm not quite sure, but I definitely wouldn't want to be left alone with him. Designed by Chris Moore of We Become Monsters, the eyes would have...

Tomopop Review: Kidrobot x Street Fighter packs/keychains

Mar 26 // Brian Szabelski
Figure Name: Kidrobot x Street Fighter two-figure packsFigure Maker: KidrobotRetail Price: US$17.95Available at: and most major retailers (starting March 28, 2013)  As we always do, we start with the box. Instead of the usual, thin blind box ... box, the two-figure packs have a much sturdier design with a tab-opening top. The 2P figure is open windowed, held on its plastic backing with a twist tie, while the 1P figure is hidden inside the packaging. What I really like about the box is that it feels like Kidrobot designed it for the Street Fighter fan. The top of the box features the timer, score and health bars, along with the names of the respective fighters underneath. The back panel features the list of figures and their ratios, designed to look a bit like the franchise's character select screen. On either side is an informational bio of the character in the box; of course, this means the random character doesn't have any info displayed, for obvious reasons. One thing is for certain: all the little elements here actually add up to produce a box that's much, much better than what Kidrobot's done in some time. The Street Fighter fan in me likes the little things they've done on the design front here to make it feel like a Street Fighter product and not just a Kidrobot one. As for what's inside, what you see is what you get; one blind-boxed figure and one open-boxed figure. There's not much that's changed from a design perspective; they're still using the same Udon-designed look for the World Warriors and the figures still have articulated head and shoulder joints. For those of you wondering, these are a new production run for all the figures. The designs, though, are the same except for the addition of the four bosses' second-player colorways, which are the open-boxed figures in the two-figure packs. I ended up with another second-player Dhalsim. Such is the way of the blind box. But let's take a quick look at M. Bison, who we haven't seen before: ---- Also, Bison's hat is a removable piece, should you want to see his hair. It just feels so wrong to see him without that hat on his head, though. The hat features all the details one should expect on it, and the paint is not as rough as I had expected. They've even painted the little brass buttons on the hat, and the Shadoloo emblem on Bison's hat has been resculpted here with enough detail so you can tell what it is. It doesn't mean the figures are completely without fault, though. As you can see on Bison, the machine that put the lines on the body for Bison's overcoat was a little bit off, so the lines don't match up perfectly. It does suck to still see a production error here, but when weighed against some of the ones I saw in Series 1, I would rather have something that doesn't bother me as much as those paint splotches did. Speaking of paint splotches ... The other two-figure set we got was the second-player Vega box. Those of you who remember my initial review also probably remember that my Vega figure has a number of issues with paint and other details being sloppy. That means we should probably compare the two to see No surprise; it's a night and day difference. While my original Vega isn't as mint as the one we just opened out of the box, you can see a few differences. For one, there's no ugly paint slop on his claw. The paint lines seem a little cleaner as well, though there's still that weird thing with the eyes. I guess that's a design choice instead of being a production error, and I can live with it. The only issue I had was that the paint doesn't quite go all the way down to the hairline on the newer Vega. It's as if they erred on the side of not getting paint outside the lines and did the work a little short. Now, the good news for Kidrobot perhaps is that the base underneath might be brown, too, which could mute some of the issues, at least from a distance. The second figure in the Vega box? Another new figure for my collection from Series 1: Ken! As you might expect, he's awfully similar in design to Ryu, with a different head sculpt. The paint is clean, the design fits Ken, and beyond that, it's pretty much the same as the other figures from the two-figure packs.  Kidrobot had something else in the box they sent me, though ... Product: Kidrobot x Street Fighter enamel keychainsMaker: KidrobotRetail Price: US$4.95Available at: and most major retailers (starting March 28, 2013)  Here's the packaging for the keychains. Fairly simple, and they're blind-bagged like the figures are. They open from the top (where the little notch is) and the package does what it needs to do with few frills. What you'll find inside is this: a randomly packaged keychain and matching backing card. Probably what you expected to find, no? Let's take a closer look: The backing card for the keychains is actually pretty cool; it's themed to resemble the versus screen from the earlier Street Fighter games, with the original win quotes under each fighter from Street Fighter II. On each side in the black strip is each fighter's most famous special attack (the spam-tastic Hundred Hand Slap for Honda and the Yoga Fire for Dhalsim) with the corresponding input. These are really nice touches to see, especially for a Street Fighter fan such as myself. As for the actual keychain ... it looks very cool. Definitely something you could wear out in public and not really get too many stares from. The finish on the enamel looks great, the paint is clean, and the entire piece has some heft to it. But what's even better is what you can't see: I was certainly not expecting to see the same info on the backing card engraved into the back of the keychain. ------ Just to make sure it wasn't some one-off deal, I opened a second blind package and got the Guile/Bison keychain. It's exactly as described above, just with different characters It seems, really, that Kidrobot learned from the pratfalls of the first Kidrobot x Street Fighter run and made some positive changes. The two-figure packs still have that bit of randomness in them, but the second production run figures definitely appear to suffer from far fewer quality control errors than the first run did. The inclusion of the four boss characters' second-player versions as the open-boxed figure was also a nice decision for collectors who were probably stressing out trying to get Sagat or Bison. Not saying I was one of those collectors or anything ... Plus, the new keychains are more impressive than I expected them to be. For what amounts to US$5, you're actually getting a fairly sturdy and well produced enamel keychain. The keychains are worth it for the fans unless you really, really hate the character designs. But since you're reading this review ... my guess is you don't, right? [Thanks to Kidrobot for sending us samples to review!]
Kidrobot x Street Fighter photo
Twice is nice for this blind-boxed series
Almost a year and a half ago, Kidrobot released its first Street Fighter mini-figure series. I reviewed them, and found them to be good, but not without some serious quality control issues. We know Series 2 is on the way, but...

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