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2:00 PM on 07.19.2014

Capo Toys launches Street Fighter Kickstarter

Capo Toys has finally provided some release details for its Street Fighter line and... (wait for it...) it's going through Kickstarter. Ryu, the first figure in the line, now has an active Kickstarter campaign which, at the t...


11:00 AM on 07.17.2014

Monster Factory's new Kickstarter is Mythical, adorable

You guys remember Margot the Unicorn from Monster Factory's Mythicals plush line? Well, the toys' Kickstarter campaign launched a few days ago and I couldn't be more excited! For the uninitiated, Monster Factory is ...

Natalie Kipper

Tomopop Review: Monster Factory's Margot the Unicorn photo
Tomopop Review: Monster Factory's Margot the Unicorn
by Natalie Kipper

In the past, the majority of Monster Factory's plushes have been, well, monsters. In their upcoming Kickstarter venture, the studio is branching out into the realm of mythological critters. Fittingly named "The Mythicals," the first run (should they be funded) will feature plushes of a dragon, Cthulhu, and a unicorn. They all look darling but the unicorn in particular spoke to me. Who wouldn't want a ropy-poly fantasy horse-thing? Plus, it's name is Margot.

Suffice to say, I was more than a little pumped to check Margot out in person, and I can't wait to share what I discovered with you!

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2:00 PM on 07.07.2014

Anime Expo 2014: inki-Drop

Artist Alley at the recent Anime Expo was bursting with handmade goodies and lesser-known gems. One of my favorite booths in that section belonged to Shelly Rodriguez of inki-Drop (formerly inki-Jinx). Not only did Shelly's b...

Natalie Kipper

Cosplayer kicks off Indiegogo campaign for a line of DIY vinyl figures photo
Cosplayer kicks off Indiegogo campaign for a line of DIY vinyl figures
by Scarecroodle

Cosplayer Tanya Tate has launched an Indigogo campaign for a Do-It-Yourself customizable vinyl figure. The "My Hero Toys!" figure was designed to address a perceived absence of "cool female blank figures".

"I have seen popular customizable vinyl platforms in different sizes and shapes," said Tanya, "but none that really work for the sexy superheroes I see in comics; like my faves Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman, Emma Frost and Susan Storm. So, I created My Hero Toy, a vinyl figure platform that not only can be used to bring these characters to life in a fun and sexy way, but also to create new and unique characters."

Proceeds from the Indiegogo campaign will be used to pay for production costs. Tanya seeks to raise US$20,000 and has 24 days left on her campaign. The minimum contribution needed for a figure is apparently US$25, although there are many tiers above or below that level.

I suppose that cosplayers are, by nature, uniquely suited when it comes to customization which makes this vinyl figure all the more interesting. If nothing else, the "My Hero Toys!" figure is certainly more full-figured than a lot of DIY vinyls.

[ Contribute at Indigigo ]

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2:00 PM on 06.09.2014

Kickstarter for Bigshot Toyworks' Maddie begins final fundraising push

Were you wondering how Bigshot Toywork's Kickstarter for Maddie was coming along? Well, with about 10 days to go, they're at US$20,638 of their US$37,000 goal, or about 56 percent of the way there. Obviously, 44 percent's a b...

Brian Szabelski

12:00 PM on 06.02.2014

Tentatrio Plush Pals need a final push to add Starwhal stretch goal

The last time we checked on Inki-Jinx's Kickstarter campaign for her Tentatrio plushes, she had just barely made it to the halfway mark to the US$8,500 goal. Now with three days left on the clock, a solid US$16,563 has been p...

Natalie Kipper

8:00 AM on 05.28.2014

Kimchi Kawaii is looking to fund Panda Bar plushes

At this moment it’s uncomfortably hot where I am. So thinking of ice cream is very enjoyable at the moment. Now seeing an ice cream sandwich that looks like a panda is not only refreshing, but unbelievably cute. Panda...

Vanessa Cubillo

5:00 PM on 05.22.2014

IAmElemental is looking for funding to make better figures for girls

IAmElemental was started by two moms in New York who wanted to make more action figures for girls. Looking through toy stores, they felt that most female figures were made for adult toy collectors. What adult collects toys? ...

Vanessa Cubillo

2:00 PM on 05.21.2014

Bigshot Toyworks' Maddie rises from the Kickstarter depths

Have you ever thought, "Man, I just wish someone would combine My Little Pony with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?" No? Well, even if not, Bigshot Toyworks' Klim Kozinevich did, and he came up with Four Horsies of t...

Brian Szabelski

9:00 PM on 05.13.2014

Mech Maker makes mech making easy

Miniatures gaming has always been a great way to pair self-expression with great gaming experiences. Now a new Kickstarter campaign aims to go a bit further in terms of customization with their Mech Maker app. Conversions and...

Tianxiao Ma

2:00 PM on 05.12.2014

Buff Monster serves up some Kickstarter-exclusive Mister Meltys

Buff Monster recently decided to head to Kickstarter for his Melty Misfits Series 2 trading cards, hoping to raise US$10,000 to cover printing and other production costs. Needless to say, he's gotten to that goal and more. Wh...

Brian Szabelski