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10:30 PM on 03.05.2014

[NSFW] A true samurai needs no chest support, just ask Mataemon Araki

Wow, Kaitendo news! I haven't reported on them in, like, ever. They've caught my eye with this Mataemon Araki figure from Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride. Although the historical Araki was definitely a man, this version is a bu...

Tianxiao Ma

10:00 PM on 12.14.2013

Pre-order that other Homura, the naughty one

It took a short while since we previewed her, but Senran Kagura's brown-skinned beauty Homura is now up for pre-order at the usual spots. Another cast member I fell in love with the minute I saw her on screen, she continues t...

Emily Smalara

11:00 PM on 12.04.2013

Prepare your lance, another Celia pre-order is here

Earlier this year we saw Kaitendo release quite the curvy Celia of Walkure Romanze fame, but they don't seem done just yet. Rather than come out with something all new to take advantage of the anime currently airing, we'll be...

Emily Smalara

Preview Kaitendo's Homura from Senran Kagura photo
Preview Kaitendo's Homura from Senran Kagura
by Jon Wills

Do you like ninja girls flying through the air swinging katars, swords and everything else around? Who doesn't? If you do then you should check out Kaitendo's latest sculpt of Homura from the bazonga-filled anime series Senran Kagura.

Kaitendo's sculpt of Homura has a lot of spunk to it. I love her pose and style, she has all these weapons strapped to her back, a katar in one hand and a definitive "I'm going to ownz you" look in her eye. I have never seen such a beautiful wielder of katars and to be honest I am going to be tempted to pre-order her when orders go up, and they should go up soon!

I don't really know a lot about Homura's character except for a little bit of backstory and what I saw in the Senran Kagura anime, but who watches that anime for the story anyway? However I have to say the pose and expression of her character ignites a desire in me to play a fighting game. This says wonders for the skill it took to make her look this awesome.

[via Kaitendo's blog]

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12:00 PM on 10.10.2013

You probably didn't see this Narika pre-order coming

It's not every day you see a fairly worksafe eroge figure, at least not one that seems to have zero hint of naughtiness about it, but Kaitendo's out to do the impossible with Chouko Sennin Haruka's Narika. It's not an eroge I...

Emily Smalara

11:00 PM on 08.09.2013

Break out your bills for this pole-dancing Rias

There are few sexier things in this world than a red-headed demoness, but a red-headed pole-dancing demoness? Well, then you're just taking the easy way out! High School DxD's lovely Rias is apparently not happy with her alre...

Emily Smalara

7:00 PM on 05.18.2013

Kaitendo's Enma reignites for more pre-orders

While last year's release of Kaitendo's original design Enma didn't seem to strike any fire in the hearts of readers here, she was apparently popular enough to warrant getting a second run. In case you missed her the first ti...

Emily Smalara

2:00 PM on 04.25.2013

Retia returns for round two!

Way back in Spring last year, Kaitendo showed off a swimsuit clad, genderbent fuhrer enjoying some time at the beach rather than world domination. In case one version wasn't enough or black just wasn't your thing, fret not! K...

Emily Smalara

11:00 PM on 04.10.2013

[NSFW] Just go pre-order this lovely Celia Aintree

Full disclosure: Given the nature of source material Walkure Romanz, I really wanted to make a "joust" pun in that title, no matter how horrible it would have been. See what I avoid subjecting you all to? In any case, this on...

Emily Smalara

10:00 PM on 02.16.2013

Cozy up and pre-order the latest Ichika

Late last month we took a look at Kaitendo's upcoming Ichika, and though it took awhile to be ready, pre-orders for the lovely lady are now open! As expected, Kaitendo went ahead with the transparency effect when crafting her...

Emily Smalara

Get a sneaky peek of this upcoming Ichika photo
Get a sneaky peek of this upcoming Ichika
by Emily Smalara

It looks like no one's quite tired of Ano Natsu's lovely redhead Ichika just yet, as we've got a sneak peek of an upcoming figure from Kaitendo. There's not a lot of specific information just yet, but it seems that they were too eager to keep from showing her off in prototype form!

And what a prototype it is! They've certainly done Ichika's character justice. I especially love the effort put into her messy hair, along with the parted look from behind. She's barely covered in quite the nightie as well, and Kaitendo states--as you can see--they'll be using a semi-transparent look for much of the fabric, giving a hazy peek at Ichika's figure beneath.

Perhaps this transparency effect will make those who thought the original we saw last Fall was too bland give her a second chance? Unfortunately we don't have a date or price just yet, or even a scale, but this is certainly one to keep an eye on!

[via Kaitendo]

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10:00 PM on 01.21.2013

[NSFW] Play doctor with Kaitendo's restocked Miyu

Kaitendo's always been a bit on the naughtier side of figure creation, but when they refrain from crossing the line in terms of character design, the work is usually more than a little appealing. Any news of less "overstated"...

Emily Smalara