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See Banpresto's latest figures from the 31st Prize Fair

Fate/Zero, K-ON!, IDOLM@STER, and many others hit the show!
Feb 22
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Just when you thought all of the figure shows were over for February another one sneaks in with a bunch of new things to see. Dengeki Hobby has posted their coverage of the Japan Amusement Expo 2013 31st Prize Expo showi...

It's prize figures aplenty in the latest magazine scans

Banpresto, FuRyu, and Sega prize show off their latest cute moe girl figures in these new scans.
Nov 23
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
This time around from the wonderful world of magazine scans we get some serious offerings from the big three in the realm of prize figures: Banpresto, FuRyu, and Sega Prize. All three look to be bringing their A-game, gi...

Tomopop Review: Jun and Sawako Banpresto Kyun Chara

Jun 27 // Jon Wills
Figure Names: Chibi Kyun Chara: Jun Suzuki and Chibi Kyun Chara: Sawako YamanakaFigure Maker: BanprestoRetail Price: ¥1200 eachBuy at: HobbyLink Japan (Jun, Sawako) I've bought a lot of miniatures, and most miniatures that I purchase are sold by blind-box; though that's not the case with these Kyun Charas. It is pretty cool to see the different faces and color schemes on these little boxes to help tell them apart from one another. I know it is a simple thing which a lot of people may dismiss, but individual box art does take a little time and effort to do in a market of miniatures where many may consider it to be unnecessary. One thing that surprised me was how little these boxes are. For a size comparison, here is a One Coin Lloyd Irving and a Nendoroid Petit Azusa Nakano. These boxes are little, but they are filled up pretty well on the inside. Like most quality minis, Jun and Sawako come in sectioned plastic bags with just a few pieces to assemble. Everything fits tightly and snug with absolutely no forcing. These display stands are nice, and I like how they have slightly different patterns from one another. Sawako's purple base looked particularly good here because of how well its dark purple color stands out from the white base. By the way, the figures are super sturdy on their bases, much more so than other collectible minis I have purchased.  Sawako is simple, but she is Sawako. I like her spectacles and their exaggerated nose bridge. Also, how she is hugging a book to her chest is sort of cute. As I mentioned earlier, she has some nice bright colors on her which contrast nicely with her base. The best part about her is the feeling that I get when I look at her, knowing that I now have a Sawako in my collection that I can put with my other K-On! girls. From the side, you can see Sawako's book, glasses, and cute little nose a little better. Unfortunately, you can also plainly see the seam in her hair. This is a common issue that large-headed mini-figures have, so I can't fault Banpresto too much there. Speaking of her hair, it looks pretty good from the front side, but from behind, she looks rather brown and bland. Still, I am happy to have Sawako and I will be displaying her with all of my other K-On! collectibles. Jun is pretty darned cute. I have always had a weakness for twin tails, but twin buns aren't so bad either, really. Her body pose is well done, and I appreciate how her fingers are making the Japanese V sign for me and my friends to make jokes about. Her blush seems pretty appropriate too. Of course, she isn't without her flaws. Her seams in her uniform, and hair, are more obvious than Sawako's, whose seams I can reassure myself are part of her shirt design a little bit easier. Still, if you're a collector of K-On! figures, there are not many options for Jun, so it is nice to be able to get a hold of one so affordably. As such, it's easy for me to forgive these shortcomings. Here is a picture of Sawako and Jun in my collection. The Kyun Charas are about the same scale as my Nendoroid Petits and have giant heads just like them. They look pretty good together. To an unknowing eye, the two sets might be indistinguishable from one another. However, at least in this writer's opinion the Nendoroid Petites are more detailed. I am pleased to have these two ladies in my collection. They add a little bit of cheer and completeness to an already nice collection of K-On! collectibles. They are pretty fair miniatures for their price, but as I said, these two are particularly interesting to me because I have seen very few quality figures made of Jun and Sawako from K-On! Once again, I am thankful to HobbyLink Japan for providing these samples, and am glad that I was able to work with a Kyun Chara for the first time. What do you think of these Kyun Chara, Tomoepeeps? Do they interest you? Let us know in the comments. 

Those who follow what I collect and write about will know that I love mini figures. Apparently HobbyLink Japan does too, because thanks to their generosity for providing these samples, I am able to give you a look a...


Banpresto and Ichiban Kuji in this month's magazine scans

Feb 23
// Kristina Pino
Check out the gallery for this month's magazine scan offerings in all the moe (and not so moe) you can handle: Madoka Magica, K-On!! (for March), Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari (for April/May), Angel Beats! (for June), OreImo ...

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