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Jesse Hernandez

Tomopop LinkUP photo
Tomopop LinkUP

Tomopop LinkUP: Now more than ever

Less is more
Feb 27
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Last November we launched Tomopop LinkUP as a rapid fire way to catch up with some of the great news that fell under the radar in the previous week. The immediate plan was to compile these news tips into a single post, but th...
Custom Made Monday photo
Custom Made Monday

Custom Made Monday: This is Halloween

Halloween monsters, candy and other spooky creations awaits
Oct 28
// Vanessa Cubillo
Halloween is in three days! I have my candy, now I'm ready for all the frightful fun that will come. Last week's Custom Made Monday focused a lot on Halloween themed customs, and this one will too. There's just so much creati...
Kuso Vinyl SDCC photo
Kuso Vinyl SDCC

More SDCC exclusives from Kuso Vinyl

Revolver Girl, Death Serpent colorways coming
Jun 29
// Brian Szabelski
Kuso Vinyl has two more exclusives announced for SDCC at booth #5642: Death Serpent: Southern edition, a black-and-blue version of Jesse Hernandez's 9-inch creation. IT's limited to 90 pieces for US$110 each, coming with a s...
Likely to show up at SDCC
Kuso Vinyl has passed along some photos to us of the color sample for their next new release, Jesse Hernandez's Death Serpent. The only info they passed along was that it was 9 inches tall and most likely an SDCC release, but...

The great exclusives round-up of WonderCon 2013

Mar 27 // Natalie Kipper
Dynamite Rex's Green & Red 3 inch Skeleton Double Cast figures (Booth 977) Our first toy doesn't actually come from the official WonderCon website but was rather revealed on Dynamite Rex's Facebook page. These 3-inch-tall works of art take on the Dynamite Rex mold and add a skeleton to the mix. Each piece is handmade by Mana Studios. You can snag one at the price of US$50 each. It should be noted that some of these may be potentially be available post-con to those unable to attend. The price will be higher (US$55) but, if you are interested, you should email as soon as possible to secure your figure. The edition size wasn't mentioned but, given that these are handmade, I can't imagine there are very many in existence. Kuso Vinyl's Chrome & Gold Mictlan, Batman & Batgirl, and Luckitty Pon Gold Edition (Booth 1176) Of the the five exclusive releases taking place over at Kuso Vinyl's booth, we have previously covered three of them. So, let's start with the two new ones: the Chrome and Gold Mictlan resin figures, made by Jesse Hernandez. Both the chrome and gold effects are achieved via electro-plating. The Chrome edition will be released on Friday, March 29, and the Gold one will be released Saturday, March 30. Jesse will be available to sign the figures on Saturday at 11 a.m. Each edition will retail for US$130 per figure and be limited to 15 pieces.  The next two exclusives, Fuller Design's Batman and Batgirl, are more like custom versions of Rotobox's Celsius and Revolver Girl figures. There are only one of each design in existence. The pricing wasn't mentioned, unfortunately.  The final exclusive figure for the Kuso Vinyl booth is Rotobox's Luckitty Pon Gold Edition. Limited to 200 pieces worldwide, this rotund feline will only set you back US$11. Pretty affordable, if you ask me, which is fitting as Gold Lucky Cats represent great wealth and prosperity in Japanese culture.  BAIT's Blue Jaguar Knight and Deathshead figures (Booth 1153) Jesse Hernandez also made one of BAIT's exclusive vinyl figures, the Blue Jaguar Knight. Limited to 45 pieces, this fierce warrior costs US$120 each. The tribal patterns against the varying shades of blue are quite eye-catching, aren't they? David Flores provides BAIT with its second exclusive, the Deathshead figure. This hybrid of a skeleton and Mickey Mouse costs US$100 and is limited to 30 pieces. Super 7's Midnight Snack Milton, Happy Cola Mummy Boy, and Glowing Frost Rose Vampire figures (Booth 1166) Each of the three Super7 exclusives are 3 inches tall and cost US$25 each. Midnight Snack Milton is a glow-in-the-dark, anthropomorphic ice cream cone. I love the color scheme on this one. Plus, he's just so cute! Happy Cola Mummy Boy is made to be reminiscent of those gummy cola bottles by Haribo. He is even translucent and squishy, just like the candy! The toy's header card is also inspired by the Japanese confection. Glowing Frost Rose Vampire is another GID figure for Super 7. With such a, well, frosty color scheme, you can see where this toy gets its name.  Furry Feline Creatives' Fury Felines MEOW plush set (Booth 1181) These handmade plush sets from Alvin and Cheri Ong of Furry Feline Creatives will be limited to 9 pairs, costing US$99 each. More details can be found on the sets' previous post. Dekorner's Can of Worms Gray Version (Booth 1179) The Gray Version of Andrew Bell's adorable Can of Worms will cost US$50 for one of its 100 pieces. You can read more about this macabre colorway on this toy's original post.  DC Entertainment's Aardman Batman & Robin figure 2-pack and Guy Gardner & Larfleeze figure 2-pack (Booth 1001) The Aardman Batman and Robin figure 2-pack is just what it sounds like: a figure set of Batman and the Boy Wonder done up in traditional Aardman style (think Wallace and Gromit). The rather humorous-looking duo will retail for US$39.95 with only 2,000 pieces made. The Guy Gardner and Larfleeze figure 2-pack was covered previously. But to sum up, this exclusive will actually be avaialable at C2E2 as well as WonderCon. The set will cost US$29.95 and be limited to 5,000 pieces.  Flat Bonnie's Shelbun and Woolly Mammoth plush (Booth 1076) Both of Flat Bonnie's WonderCon exclusive plushes were covered in a previous post. For those who don't recall, here is a brief summary. The 12-inch Shelbun will be limited to 20 pieces and cost US$25 each. Retailing for US$60, Woolly Mammoth is limited to 10 pieces and is 13 inches tall. All of Bonnie's plushes are handmade. So, that is our list of WonderCon exclusive toys. Did something sneak past us? Post it in the comments!
Come and see what you can't get anywhere else!
WonderCon is almost upon us and the official list of exclusive merchandise has been posted. Over the past week or so, we have been revealing exclusive toys one by one but now we're going to open the flood gates. Not only will...


Two new releases coming to Toy Art Gallery

OG Jaguar Knight release party on Jan. 26; new Secret Base figure Jan. 30
Jan 25
// Brian Szabelski
As we posted before, Pobber and Jesse Hernandez are rolling out an OG ver. Jaguar Knight, and the release party? That will be Saturday, Jan. 26, at Toy Art Gallery (7571 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles). Jesse will be there for sig...

Pobber's next Jaguar Knight shows its face

OG edition will have an "ultra-evil" chase
Jan 09
// Brian Szabelski
Pobber Toys have a new Jaguar Knight colorway in the works: the OG version of Jesse Hernandez's 12-inch tall warrior. Like the other colorways, he'll come with his shield and macuahuitl, and this version will be limited to ju...

Jesse Hernandez 2013 Season Subscription now available

You pretty much get everything Jesse's doing for the next year, plus more
Nov 21
// Brian Szabelski
Jesse Hernandez has once again opened up the call for his yearly artists subscriptions, and the 2012/2013 Season Subscription is quite the list. It's a very hefty US$3,000, but you're guaranteed to get every single thing Jess...

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