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Adventure Time plush photo
Adventure Time plush

Come on, grab your friends, we'll pre-order some very cute plushies

With TV the dog/rainicorn hybrid and Peppermint Butler, the fun will never end!
Mar 15
// Tianxiao Ma
Entertainment Earth's got the pre-orders ready for two of Adventure Time's side characters: TV and Peppermint Butler. The show's character designs lend themselves well to plushies, so it's only natural that Jazwares would go ...

PCN reports David Vonner has quit Jazwares

Thus ending our great expectations
Sep 29
// Scarecroodle
Hopes of a Jazwares renaissance have been dashed by David (Dave) Vonner's departure. Pop Culture Network (PCN) reports that Vonner quit following the realization that Jazwares wasn't going to provide the promised resources to...

Plants vs Zombies plushie pre-orders officially spring up

At the official PvZ store, that is
Sep 04
// Kristina Pino
For those of you who dream of making Plants vs Zombies dioramas in your own backyard a reality, or simply hugging a grumpy Squash when you go to bed at night, the official Plants vs Zombies store online is now taking pre-orde...

David Vonner joining Jazwares, great things expected

Aug 11
// Scarecroodle
Toy News International posted some rather unbelievable news recently. David Vonner, of Toy Biz Marvel Legends fame, the man who is often credited with revamping Hasbro's Marvel lines (or at least being a driving force thereof...


Under the Radar: Jazwares expands Mortal Kombat line

Aug 09
// Scarecroodle
While I'm not how successful Jazwares' Mortal Kombat line has been, the fact that they're still making it must mean something. Many had high hopes when the line was first announced which were subsequently dashed repeatedly (a...

Okay, maybe he doesn't "bare all" but Jazwares' Comic Con-exclusive Adventure Time Finn in PJs plush does have the ability to hang a B.A., thanks to a removable flap on his PJs' bottom. A super-nifty feature of this particula...

PopCap bring in Funko, Jazwares, more for licensed merch

Apr 30 // Kristina Pino
Let's start up real quick with the stuff that isn't toy-related. The companies involved to that end are Bioworld Merchandising, Walls360, MjC International and Trends International. Bioworld is going to be bringing in the hats, tees, bags and other accessories like wallets and rubber bracelets of which I'll probably purchase like 20. Everything, of course, will be in all shapes and sizes since their games are designed for people of pretty much all shapes and sizes. Walls360 sounds pretty much like what they're all about. Wall graphics/decals! I'm sure these will be a hilarious addition to any home or office, particularly the zombies being carried by balloons or the high-strung scholarly one with the newspaper. I could see a few cubicles sporting those, for sure. MjC International is interested in your sleepy wear. They'll be rolling in with sleepies for adults and boxers, so you could represent the brain-loving zombies round the clock. The best part is that jammies and boxers make great gifts, so you could make a lot of nerds happy depending on things. Finally, we've got Trends International. These cool guys will be making calendars, posters and the like to make sure you're the coolest, hippest administrative assistant in the office building. Or just to make you smile when you're working late at home, or cover up that ugly hole in the wall. Whatever the case may be, they've got you covered (*rimshot*). Finally, let's get to the toy and collectible side of things. This is also where I come in with the extra info based on my talk with PopCap. Funko Considering how flexible they are with their branding and the fact that we see these pretty much everywhere, Funko Pop! figures were an easy choice for PopCap. I was also told that PopCap have always had a great relationship with them anyway simply because they're both based in Seattle and the folks that work there are pretty rad. The best answer I got about when the first wave will come out was "soon," but I can tell you that it'll probably be two or three waves consisting of about four or five figures each. Then again, this could change from here to there, especially when PopCap have over 60 characters to choose from in the Plants vs Zombie cast alone. Things are pretty much still in the tentative stages, and for now we've just got some preliminary design images. More on this, of course, as things progress! Jazwares When I saw the name Jazwares, the first thing I had to ask in regards to it was whether they designed the zombie figure in the PvZ: Game of the Year Edition, or the Disco Zombie or the Sunflower. I was told no, that those were strictly promotional items and not licensed products, and indeed this is legitimately the first wave of licensed merchandise they'll be releasing. Again, there are no exact details yet on whether the figures will be posable, their run sizes, physical sizes or what the character choices are. Yeah, I know, I'm being sooo specific here. But hey, we've got a sample render here, too. Check out the figures and plushies that might be hitting stores for the holidays! After talking about what they definitely are releasing, I asked about the stuff that was passed over or, what they're still considering. Since the games are basically all ages, I asked whether they've considered making child-targeted play sets or even downloadable papercraft. All of these things have been brought up and talked about, but pretty much the default answer to a lot of my merchandise-related questions was the approach is all about quality products and doing everything the right way. One of the things that has helped PopCap have an idea of what kind of merchandise will be successful is all the bootleg stuff that flies around on eBay. I'm not saying they drew inspiration from these products, but rather took them as an indicator that there's a market for them. I learned that even PopCap has a bunch of them lying around the offices, as well as countless one-off fan creations (which they absolutely love, I'm told). Since the whole merchandising thing is a whole new world for them, PopCap are taking things slow and trying to be as thoughtful and deliberate as possible each step of the way. Instead of going on a licensing spree and signing with 50+ partners, they've only signed with six they've decided are the best fit, out of the hundreds of inquiries they've received over time. One other thing I asked about, specifically since we've seen a bit of merch-for-DLC action lately or the whole thing with Skylanders, was whether any of the toys would include incentives which tie in to the game or bring in some kind of in-game bonus or character. I didn't get the "default answer" for this one, rather I got the "I can't say one way or another." answer. It goes hand in hand with what I mentioned earlier though, as they went on to say that the idea is to create a unique and meaningful experience rather than present consumers with a marketing gimmick.  Fair 'nuff! That about wraps up everything we know and everything PopCap want you to know about what they're cooking up for their fans. Again, be sure to leave any and all feedback you've got in the comments section and let your voice be heard! Are you excited you'll be able to decorate your shelves and desks with zombies? Ready to buy a cap or buy your nephew a cool wallet? Whatever the case may be, it's pretty exciting to finally be able to sport legal, licensed duds or show off toys based on stuff we like. Plants vs Zombies isn't the end of it, either. The plan is to expand the merchandising for Bejewled, Zuma and more of the titles under the PopCap brand, so we'll be sure to keep an eye out.

Are you a fan of PopCap games like Plants vs Zombies, Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma? Tired of seeing all those Angry Birds plushies everywhere, even in space, but not one stinkin' Pea Shooter or Squash plant plush anywhere, much l...


Toy Fair 2012: Jazwares

Feb 16
// Jonathan Tubbs
ADVENTURE TIME! one of the highlights from Jazwares at this year's Toy Fair. It really is one of those series that easily appeals to children and adults with its content. Makes me think of Animaniacs with some of the th...

Here's what Jazware's Street Fighter line will look like at stores

Aug 24
// Andres Cerrato
Jazwares is taking on the gaming industry in their lines of new 3.75" action figures. They first released a series of figures from the Mortal Kombat franchise but have now turned their attention to the true fighting game, Str...

SHMOW! Adventure Time toys show up a month early at SDCC

Jul 19
// Tyler Jones
Mathematical! Adventure Time is getting some collectible toys, and it's about time! The loveable cartoon has had a cult following for some time now, though this is the first we're seeing of anything figure-related. The Entert...

Mortal Kombat's Raiden electrifies SDCC with an exclusive action figure from Jazwares

Jul 06
// Jonathan Tubbs
Jazwares is making full use of their license of the graphic fighter Mortal Kombat. We've recently seen them announce figures from the recent title as well as a take on the classics. Of course now that San Diego Comic Con is a...

Jazwares reveals five klassic kombatants which are just two kharacters re-kolored

Jul 01
// Jonathan Tubbs
So apparently there was some new Mortal Kombat game that came out that is all the rage. Well, for MK fans at least. I wouldn't know since I haven't touched a Mortal Kombat game since Mortal Kombat Triology. Nevertheless, this...

Prepare your toy shelves for MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAT

May 19
// Cristian Alvernaz
That new Mortal Kombat game is pretty awesome, isn't it? You know what would be more awesome? Action figures of your favorite kombatants! Jazwares has you covered! We're getting poseable figures of these pillars of video game...

Jazwares asks YOU what Megaman characters you want to see in their new line

May 14
// Chris Seto
A while back, we reported that Jazwares got the license to release street fighter and Megaman toys and they stayed true by releasing a small number of figures for both series. But now, They're asking for some help from the co...

Jazwares' Sonic Free Riders Sonic and Jet figures revealed!

Dec 25
// Rio McCarthy
Well Merry Christmas to me! It's always a nice day when I see new Sonic the Hedgehog figures revealed, and today is one of those days! The figures come to us courtesy of Jazwares, and will be based on the Kinect game Sonic Fr...

Jazwares set to make Street Fighter and Mega Man figures

Nov 23
// Pedro Cortes
If you're a fan of Street Fighter or Mega Man, be prepared to be slightly interested. Jazwares has gotten the rights to make "Boys BS/PVC/Vinyl figures and accessories" as well as "vehicles and playsets" based on the famous C...

Jazwares Sonic the Hedgehog figures preview

Jun 22
// Nabeel "Touya" Mohammed
Anybody who knows me knows that I am one of the most die-hard Sonic the Hedgehog fans out there. I own several of the Sonic collections, all the 3D games and actually think they're not that bad. Yeah, I know, fanboyism, right? So you'd expect that I absolutely love this early look at Jazware's new Sonic the Hedgehog toys, right? Make like Sonic and make that jump to learn more.

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