SDCC 2014: Rotofugi photo
SDCC 2014: Rotofugi

SDCC 2014: Rotofugi

Further proof that less can sometimes mean more
Jul 27
Rotofugi's SDCC booth was lighter on the exclusives this year, but the ones they did have were a little bigger deal. First, there's Tristan Eaton's new Floral Pleasure Bot for Kidrobot, which has a pretty nice design ... but ... read
Redjack Squadt photo
New exclusive set to be available in limited numbers each day
Jamungo have announced a few exclusives for SDCC, and specifically, they've given us info on their Rotofugi exclusive, Redjack. The newest Squadt army member includes two sets of arms (classic and 2.1 versions), a shotgu... read feature

New Years Misfortune Cat photo
New Years Misfortune Cat

Misfortune Cat is back with a New Years version

Same old cat with a new set of colors
Jan 27
Misfortune Cat is back in a new colorway, this time a neon green and white New Year's version. It's the same Misfortune Cat as before, 8 inches tall and still stabbing itself in the head with a sword. The tongue is also a translucent neon green PVC, like he drank some radioactive milk. Want one? They're US$85 each, an edition of 150 pieces, and available at the Playge shop. read

Jamungo gives us a Halloween Squadt Treat

New Playge Doctor on sale today
Oct 31
Halloween brings us a new Playge Doctor Squadt from Jamungo, the s003 [TREATS]. So what does the little fellow come with? Besides being cast in flat black, with a black wizard cloak that has the Playge logo patterned on it an... read

Squadt fr0g, K11 Spot open for pre-order

Jun 12
Just a heads up, Squadt fans: the new Squadt fr0g and K11 Spot set is open for pre-order. Jamungo's latest release stands 6 inches tall and comes with a wetsuit, tanks, flippers, spear gun, sMP5, tanto knife, 2.0 articul... read

An avalanche of new stuff from Jamungo appears

Feb 10
Ferg and Playge are releasing a new Squadt and two new playsets, while an older Squadt is popping up at Sideshow Collectibles. First, the new stuff: now up for pre-order is the NKD Nozzel, a 6-inch Squadt that comes with thre... read

Squadt goes to the dogs with the Frozen Whole K11 pack

Jan 16
Jamungo's Squadt series just dropped a new three-pack of figures this afternoon, the Frozen Whole K11 pack. Limited to 200 pieces (with 50 as yellow snow chase variants), the set of 4-inch vinyl figures features ROV... read

Jamungo's Squadt GERM S001 drops in for Halloween

Oct 25
Jamungo have just sent us info on their newest Squadt, the GERM S001! The spooky little Squadt is coming on Halloween, and appropriately enough, it's gray and black with orange highlights. Specifically, the 6" vinyl, ABS and ... read

Van Beater reveals more sneaks of the Crappy Cat blind box line

Apr 08
It's been some time since we first saw those prototype teasers for the upcoming Crappy Cat blind box line from Van Beater and Jamungo. These latest popped up on the Crappy Cat blog, and Van Beater tells us in the details that... read

Pre-orders begin for Brandt Peters, Jamungo's Trouble Boys No. 45 Squadt

Mar 21
The newest in Jamungo's Squadt series is here, and Brandt Peters' Trouble Boys No. 45 is looking like he's about to kick some butt. Standing 6" tall, he comes with a three-piece suit and tie, .45 pistol, two sets of arms, ext... read

Brandt Peters x Ferg's Trouble Boys No. 23 shows up at the scene

Mar 02
Next Monday, March 7th, if you like the work of artists such as Brandt Peters and Ferg, you can add a little bit of gangster to your vinyl collection. The latest in the Jamungo series is called Big Sleep (No. 23) an... read

84Tigers' OctoSquadt custom now available

Nov 15
84Tigers first came to our attention during this summer's Munny Custom Show at Lift Detroit, and now, he's back with a new custom. He's created the OctoSquad, made from a custom Nkd Jack. (and only my 2nd custom… anyth... read

Show your love for Jamungo with this tremendous 16" Sqube

Oct 21
Wow. Just wow. I would LOVE to have this in my house. In my garden. In my freaking guest bedroom. Anywhere! Spanky Stokes spotted this via Jamungo's C&D forums when Ferg posted it.Measuring 16X16X16 an... read

More teasers from the upcoming Crappy Cat blind boxed line

Aug 24
Who is this? Why, it's FlunkMonkey. Or at least, that's what artist VanBeater tells us about Crappy Cat's compatriot that will be making his apperance in the first series of Crappy Cat blind boxed figures. We've already seen ... read

Playge Rat Playge version release date announced

Aug 20
Remember when we brought you news of the Playge Rat coming from Ferg and Jamungo last week? Well, now we have more info on this guy -- it seems a release date is imminent! Plastic and Plush reports that this will go on sale A... read

Ferg's Playge Rat is simulateously sexy and terrifying

Aug 09
It's no secret I adore everything the Playge line has to offer, as they frequently release toys in black, white and red, my favorite trip of colors, and I like that their figures have a dangerous, edgy look to them. The new P... read

Get a sneak peek at Brandt Peters' take on Squadt

Jul 19
I'm a total sucker for the Squadt series. I love skulls and spooky imagery, I love black and white toys, and I love clean vinyl lines. Often the offerings from Squadt show off all three, so I'm actually surprised I haven't go... read

Reelase the Squadts! introduce SPIKE and SPOT

Jul 06
I have loved a lot of what has been in the Release the Squadts! line from Jamungo, but I think this might be one of my favorites, because ... they're DOGS! Midnight SPIKE and SPOT will be released on the Jamungo store at 12 n... read

Jamungo and Playge announce their Doctor and Albino variant

Jun 07
[Updated: Jamungo sent over some pics of the black Doctor as well -- check the gallery. Be still, my beating heart!]Oh my God. Playge is trying to seduce me with my worst weakness ... red and white designer vinyl figures. Why... read

FERG's Stainless Sqube may be the coolest paperweight of all time

May 25
In the mood to buy an exclusive limited edition collectible today, but don't really know where to look? Search no further. Jamungo's got something very hot and different for you. The newest piece from FERG is a beautiful cubi... read

Jamungo's MISFORTUNE CAT 'PLAYGE' is awfully sexy

Apr 26
I've adored the Misfortune Cat form ever since I saw the original Lucky Cat color scheme, and as each variant colorway has popped up, I've fallen in love with them all over again. This new green version is definitely the scar... read

Jamungo introduces Project Squadt's GID NKD Jack

Apr 06
You know that saying "Everything he touches turns to gold"? Well, everything Jamungo touches turns to awesome. I'm consistently impressed bu how great looking their figures are, and these are no exception. From the ... read

Jamungo's latest Candypaint is on fire...sale

Mar 29
Jamungo's latest addition to their Candypaint line went on sale today. If you're looking to get your on one, you might want to hurry seeing as they're limiting production to about 50 or 60 pieces ... read

Jamungo's black Misfortune Cat just might try to cross your path

Feb 23
I loved the original version of Jamungo's Misfortune Cat -- kind of like the traditional Japanese Fortune cat gone wrong. I had a feeling we'd see a couple of colorways from this figure considering what an iconic scuplt it is... read

Jamungo's NKD Squadt looks absolutely ghostly

Feb 02
A recent post on the Collect and Destroy forums revealed that Jamungo has a new Squadt figure in the works. Fully customizable, this guy is actually all white and sports a bathrobe (so pimp!) and some sort of concealed weapon... read

The doctor is in with Playge Doctor by FERG

Dec 22
Jamungo and FERG have collaborated on a new figure together, Doctor, which FERG announced on the Collect and Destroy boards. The face is similar to the Squadt figures that are also designed by FERG, but this doctor figure is ... read

Kenny Wong X Ferg Copperhead Squadt goes on sale next week

Dec 16
Kenny Wong's work captured my heart way back around the time we launched Tomopop, and although I have yet to own one of his distinctive pieces, I still read all the news about his work and remain hopeful I will get around to ... read

Spooky yet delicious: Squadt - GOHST Specimen 002 'HALLOWEEN SKELSUIT'

Oct 25
Ack -- there is is again. My designer vinyl weakness: anything red and white. Then you add in shiny weapons and the fact that this is a Halloween-themed edition, and well, I want to do to this what a dog wants to do to your l... read

Crappy Cat makes it into Jamungo's BUD series

Oct 06
I wish the picture above was brand spanking new, but the truth is, it isn't. I'm mad at myself for finding it now and realizing I missed it.  ToysREvil posted it along with a slew of new images of the latest series of BU... read

This B.U.D.'s for you

Sep 02
We're all pretty obsessed with Jamungo's B.U.D. of the Month series here at Tomopop, and now that I've found a store within walking distance that sells them I'm going to be broke in no time. Apparently, we aren't the only one... read

Jamungo BOTM delayed, but a slew of new stuff is on the way!

Jul 20
Jamungo's Bud of the Month, URFT2, is not going to be on time this month, which may come as a disappointment to Budscription members. However, he will likely be along in August, so in the meantime you can get a gander at him ... read

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