Henge returns under a different name and with a new transformer!

Long time no see!
Apr 10
It has been a while since we had last heard from HENGE. Long time readers may remember his amazingly detailed mecha model kits but we haven't heard from him recently. Well, he's back with a new name and a new kit! Henge has r... read

Henge breaks the biggest barrier to owning his works

New startup shop offers Henge works at less scary prices!
Nov 08
Our more seasoned readers may remember some of the works of Henge which we have covered a few times in the past. His works are always stunning but one thing which made potential buyers a little shy would be the rather high pr... read

Henge updates his Fast Mercy sculptures with four more!

Feb 15
Perfection is something which everyone strives for but never obtains. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that Henge has revisited his Fast Mercy works which we posted before. These new updates show off newly redesigned limbs ... read

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