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12:00 PM on 11.08.2013

Get all fired up with this naughty Kuko!

Griffon's turned up the heat with their upcoming Nyaruko-san figure, featuring the spicy Cthugan Kuko in all her redheaded, twintailed glory. I'm unabashedly a huge fan of our lady-loving alien, and Griffon looks to have done...

Emily Smalara

6:00 AM on 08.22.2013

Griffon's new Nyaruko up for pre-order

If you just don't think you have enough Nyaruko-san figures in your collection, Griffon's take on her just went up for pre-order. Wearing a lovely little sweater to go with her checkerboard-patterned tie, she certainly looks ...

Brian Szabelski

Good Smile unveils its Summer Wonder Festival exclusives photo
Good Smile unveils its Summer Wonder Festival exclusives
by Martin Siggers

It seems like no time at all since Winter Wonder Festival, but summer is upon us and with that comes a new WonFes and a shiny new batch of exclusives. Earlier today GSC opened their official event website and unveiled the stuff you'll only be able to get at the con...or online, as is the fashion these days. They are:

They also announced that a sixth exclusive, a new version of Dekacchu Kirari Moroboshi ~Lovely Princess ver. (previously sold during Winter WonFes), will be available only online.

As has become the usual pattern for WonFes exclusives, these will go up for order on the day Wonder Festival opens, the 28th July. Figures will be made to order and shipped out sometime in November once manufacturing is complete. Is there anything here which tickles your fancy readers? As an avowed non-fan of The IDOLM@STER I think I'll be passing, but it certainly looks like there's some smart looking stuff for those in the know.

[Via WonHobby website, Mikatan's Blog]


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12:00 AM on 05.21.2013

ACen 2013: Max Factory

Most of Max Factory's presence at ACen was in figma form, but they had a trio of scale PVC figures there too. Two of them are recent releases: DRAMAtical Murder's Aoba, and Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere's Tomo. Aoba looked...

Tianxiao Ma

Preview Wave's Nyaruko Beach Queen photo
Preview Wave's Nyaruko Beach Queen
by Jon Wills

It's hard to believe but it's been a half year since pre-orders became available for this Nyaruko Beach Queen. She's already shipped out actually, however if you want her some stores still have her in stock here and there.

Someone over at Akibahobby posted some nice photos of Nyaruko, so I wanted to share them with you all. You should check out the gallery to see all the photos of her but she does look great from all angles if I don't say so myself. I feel that Wave put a lot of effort into sculpting her. She seems like she has more detail to her than what I see in typical Beach Queens. Her pose is and swimsuit design is very expressive, it came right out of the ending animation from the animated show she was from: Nyaruko: Another Crawling Chaos.

A while back someone had commented that they were worried that Nyaruko might become a leaner over time. That might be the case, but I am hoping that her hair will help to counterbalance that crazy pose. Speaking of Nyaruko's hair you can see that you can switch out her ahoge from the standard one to a heart shaped one and you can even swivel it around some to make it suit your fancy. Pretty cool, huh?

[via Akiba Hobby]

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UPDATE: Pre-orders are available for Apron Nyaruko photo
UPDATE: Pre-orders are available for Apron Nyaruko
by Jon Wills

[Updated with Pre-order links and info at the bottom]

A lot of the recent harem series I have watched  have made jokes about having a girl in a kitchen working and wearing nothing but an apron. So it's no big surprise to me that Max Factory's 1/7th scale Nyarko tries to turn that fetish onto a figurine.

I've been watching the show she comes from, Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos, and I can say that Nyarko is a good character choice to try to make this idea become a reality that no anime fan will take super seriously. She is pretty goofy and her plans never seem to pan out correctly. Heck sometimes she accomplishes a mission for her boss without actually knowing that the mission existed in the first place, that's just the kind of care free girl she is.

Nyarko's apron is pretty cutely designed. I like the heart shape of it and the frills.  I also like how parts of it flip up just a little bit, which is both naughty and nice. Something I found pretty cute was that the hiragana on her apron front spells out Mahiro which is the name of the male lead of the show. So it is pretty cute, but I do have a few problems with the overall design of the figure.

Here is the main problem I have with her. She shows absolutely no hint of embarrassment in her expression, no blush, just wide opened cheerful mouth and full open eyes. You could say her expression is uninteresting. Many would argue that it might be acceptable for this cthulian deity to express herself like this. However I think she would only dress in just an apron for Mahiro-san. If she were to see him she would most definitely blush at least a little bit. Also is it just me tomopeeps, or does her expression look exactly like the Idol Master Angelic Island girls by Kotobukiya? Either way she is too showy for my taste. 

Update: Max Factory's Nyaruko is now available for pre-order! She isn't cheap though, coming at suggested retail price of ¥9,333. Assuming there are no delays she should ship out in late September of this year.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | ToysLogic | Big in Japan ]

via Mikatan's blog

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5:00 AM on 04.04.2013

Pre-order this flaming hot Kuko figure

Just in time for season 2 of the series Pre-orders are now available for CM Corporation’s latest figure of Kuko from Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos. This Kuko is unique with her on fire battle look from the series. ...

Jon Wills

8:00 PM on 03.14.2013

Pre-orders open for the cutest Lovecraftian horror ever

It's not giant penguins or tentacled monstrosities that will herald my arrival in a crazy hidden alternate universe. It's (relatively) quick turnaround times on figure pre-orders. Remember when you used to have to order these...

Tianxiao Ma

10:00 PM on 02.08.2013

CM's Corp. joins the teaser party with five figures

I'll cap off the teaser extravaganza with a handful of girls from CM's Corporation: The one in the blue dress is Nyarlahotep from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. There are already shots of this one un-pixelated circulating around. The...

Tianxiao Ma

7:00 PM on 12.30.2012

Pre-order this Great Cute One, Nyaruko

Some may think Nyaruko-san's adorable renditions of horrific Great Old Ones might be tantamount to sacrilege, but I'll take a harem of cuties over formless abominations any day. Besides, cute girls are easier than shapeless m...

Emily Smalara

2:00 PM on 11.07.2012

30th Prize Fair: FuRyu

Not much going on for prize figure maker FuRyu who was also in attendance at the 30th Prize Fair. I mean, it would make sense for them to be there since that's their bread and butter. Game characters seem to be the name of th...

Jonathan Tubbs

8:00 AM on 10.16.2012

Nyaruko and Inori are crowned the next Beach Queens

You may have not asked for it but they are going to keep coming. Wave Corporation's bread and butter, the 1/10-scale Beach Queens series, has more anime characters putting on their swim wear for your figure collection. From H...

Jonathan Tubbs