Aoshima's Haganai Sena photo

Tomopop Review: Aoshima Haganai NEXT Sena Kashiwazaki

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (or Haganai for short) is an anime series I've actually wanted to watch for quite a while, and after finally having a Sena Kashiwazaki figure in my own hands, I think it's darn near time. This splashy beach figu...

Kirino Kousaka photo

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: Super Figure Kirino

My Little Sister Can't Be This... Huge? At the Miyazawa Model Exhibition, folks at Hobby Search snapped a quick shot of a poster Griffon Enterprises had up showing a "Super Figure." It's a swimsuit- and cat parts-clad Kirino Kousaka, lookin...

Tomopop LinkUP photo

Tomopop LinkUP: Walking in a winter Wonder Festival

Hello and welcome back to an action packed Tomopop LinkUP. Packed is definitely the right word for this edition as we're looking at probably our biggest LinkUP yet! And no wonder, it's the winter convention season! UK Toy Fair was last week...

Haganai NEXT photo

New gallery pops up for Max Factory's Yozora

The only way to make the attractive designs of Haganai better is to have those characters appear in different costumes. This includes your typical cat-girl get up, and Max Factory has that fetish fully covered. The latest gallery to come ou...

Haganai photo

Cat costumed Sena and Yozora are not quite meowsome

[UPDATE: Now available for pre-order] Meow. Meow meow meow meow... or, to put in English, Kahotan has previewed Max Factory's upcoming 1/7 scale Sena and Yozora cat costume ver. (Haganai) and another photo gallery has been released as well....

Tomopop LinkUP photo

Tomopop LinkUP: The Puzzle & Dougrams edition

Hello and welcome back to another week of Tomopop LinkUP! In one week from today we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving here in America and I for one am looking forward to getting stuffed on some turkey! Even though it's a popular vacation week ...

Haganai NEXT photo

Griffon's Witch Yozora gets another gallery

Man, there's just something about Griffon that's just wrong. They keep making figures of characters I want to own in costumes I desire, but the final products keep looking like hot street-trash. Take their latest Haganai release, the Yozora...

Media Factory's Kobato photo

Check out Media Factory's Kobato Hasegawa

Akibahobby recently reviewed Media Factory's excellent Kobato Hasegawa and posted some photos up on their blog of her. When I saw her I just couldn't help but to think of how moe she was and now here I am, sharing some of their photos with ...

Beach Queens Haganai NEXT photo

Sena and Kobato sport their NEXT Beach Queens suits

Sena and Kobato (of Haganai, Haganai NEXT) already had entries in the Beach Queens line a while back, but with the second season of the anime, Wave gave them an encore. Sena sports a nice, relaxed expression and hairdo as she strides along ...

Review: Griffon's Sena photo

Tomopop Review: Griffon Dancer Sena

Having collected figures for years, I've learned to expect a certain amount of quality from particular companies. In general, the holy trifecta of figure labels are Alter, Max Factory and Good Smile. Right below that are Megahouse, Kotobuki...


Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Anime Garage Kits (Part 2)

And now we return to the anime garage kits to have a look at another batch of kits on display on the dealer floor at Wonder Festival. For me, the standouts of this batch were the quartet of Saki Side A busts and the iPhone holders of Maou (...

WonFes Nendoroids Part 1 photo

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Nendoroids Part 1

Good Smile Company had so many Nendoroids on display this year at Wonfes that I couldn't pack all of them into one gallery post. Many of the ones on display are ones we have already written up pre-order notices for, such as Fate/Extra&...


Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Griffon

Griffon went to Wonder Festival with a mix of old and new on display, with plenty of already released figures at their booth but there were some new faces as well. Haganai continues to be a main pull with new announcements of Niku and Yozor...

Kotobukiya's Yozora photo

Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's Yozora Mikazuki

Yozora, a kindred spirit in her bookishness (though not so much in her lousy attitude), as interpreted by the folks at Kotobukiya, has been on my wish list for a while simply because of the fact that it looks like she's about to murder some...

Media Factory's Sena photo

See more of Media Factory's Sena in her maid outfit

Both Akiba Hobby and Moeyo have gotten their mitts on Media Factory's lovely new Sena figure, so I've included some of their images in our own gallery. It's only a selection from what they've posted, so be sure to click through on those lin...

Yozora Beach Queens photo

Tomopop Review: Beach Queens Yozora, Short Hair ver.

Though we report on the goings of Wave and their Beach Queens line all the time, it's actually been quite a while since we've reviewed any of them. Looking back at our archives, I didn't find a review more recent than one from 2011 written ...

Media Factory Kobato photo

Media Factory's Kobato gets a preview gallery

Haganai NEXT may be over, but I have a feeling Kobato's popularity is just getting started. Media Factory will be making a 1/8-scale figure of her in September, and Akiba Hobby has a big preview gallery up. I like what Media Factory ha...


Kotobukiya's brilliant Kobato Hasegawa is up for order

Back when we saw her at this year's Winter Wonder Festival, Kobato was still unpainted - but now she's looking absolutely beautiful and her pre-orders have begun!  Her retail is set to ¥8,400, but with good reason: she's got that e...

Media Factory's Kobato photo

Consider pre-ordering Media Factory's Kobato Hasegawa

When I saw that the seated Cow Swimsuit ver. Sena figure (Haganai NEXT) was up for pre-order, I failed to notice that another cast member was also listed: a beautiful seated rendition of Kobato Hasegawa playing with her bunny plushie! This ...


How appropriate, Sena. You look like a cow

[update: Added an image to the gallery that is probably the source artwork for this figure! It also appears that this originates from something in the manga. I don't know anything else beyond that at the time of writing~][update 2: added mo...


Have a gander at Griffon's Sena Kashiwazaki, Dancer ver.

I gushed about this figure when it went up for pre-order, but some folks were entirely unimpressed with what I consider a lovely figure of Haganai/Haganai NEXT's Sena as a dancer. Since the last time we saw her, it doesn't look like her bra...

High Priestess Sena photo

Tomopop Review: High Priestess Sena Kashiwazaki

When Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai, or Hagani for short, debuted in October of 2011, I don't think anybody expected it to be as successful as it was. Typically for a show like Haganai, most companies would have had a ton of merch ready to be...


Beautiful Sena Kashiwazaki Dancer ver. up for pre-order!

[updated: added more pre-order links.] Well, this figure completely flew under my radar, and has now gone up for pre-order! A surprise by Griffon Enterprises, this figure depicts Sena from Haganai NEXT as a dancer. She looks... amazing.&nbs...


Nendoroid 300 is Miku, but overshadowed by better things

For a few weeks now Good Smile Company has been pushing hard to get you excited for Nendoroid 300. But as expected, it's Miku Hatsune once again. And not even a really interesting Miku from one of her popular MMD videos, but...


Dengeki Festival brings out the warrior in Haganai's Sena

Little seems to be coming from Griffon Enterprises at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival but that doesn't meant they don't have anything swanky. Fans who have seen Yozora from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai dressed up as a monste...


Griffon release Yozora Monster Hunter ver. for pre-order

During Wonder Festival, we previewed the beautiful Yozora as she appears in the Monster Hunter-esque game on her show Haganai, and now she is not only all painted up, but set for pre-orders to be released in just over a month from now. Seem...


MegaHobby Expo 2012 Spring: Miscellaneous

There's so much stuff going on at Japan's MegaHobby Expo that, sometimes, a toy won't fit into a major grouping, like One Piece or Alter. That doesn't mean that toy isn't worthy of love though, and I am here to prove it with this post that ...


Beach Queens Maria and Rika of Haganai up for pre-order

Yup, both of these girls came out absolutely adorable! Maria looks appropriate, playful, and her inner tube actually has little flowers and things painted on it. Her arms looks like she could be holding onto anything, though. It's a nice ch...


Have a closer look at Kotobukiya's Sena Kashiwazaki

Kotobukiya's Sena (Haganai) only went up for pre-order a few days ago, but it looks like we've already got a lovely sample to look at and entice us even more. Check out the gallery for several detail images on this lovely Monday afternoon! ...


Quadruple the Haganai cuteness available for pre-order

Have you had enough of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai? If not, then you'll be happy to know that even more figures are available for pre-order from both Penguin Parade and Phat! Company and both are filled with adorableness. Penguin Parade co...


Take Kobato's bunny for your own

Spotted earlier at Cospa's booth at Wonder Festival Winter 2012, the bunny plush belonging to Haganai's Kobato is now available for pre-order. The plush is life-size at 51 centimeters long (with its ears folded over), making it perfect for ...


Azone's Yozora doll is spot on and up for pre-order

I'm not really into dolls or anything, but I just had to take a peek when I saw there is a Yozora (Haganai) Pure Neemo fashion doll up for pre-order. I was pleasantly surprised by how great she looks! The face is perfect, and I'll also ment...


2012 Winter Hobby Maker Expo: Penguin Parade

Penguin Parade's 2012 Winter Hobby Maker Expo booth was the place to be if you like to sit. Yes, there was a figure of Sonico, but the spotlight was on their Petanko series of figures! At Hobby Maker Expo, Penguin Parade brought pint-s...


Volks, Wave, Bandai and Konami all about mecha and musume

If you like your machines with your ladies, then you can definitely rely on such companies like Bandai and Konami to deliver these goods. Revealed in the latest magazine scans are the products featuring said combination from both. But Volks...


Mikatan previews Good Smile Company's 1/7-scale Yozora

This rendition of Yozora Mikazuki (Haganai) is already up for pre-order, but Mikatan's update on the figure just came to my attention so I thought I'd share some additional information and images. In the earlier post I was a little confused...


Good Smile's grumpy Mikazuki Yozora now up for pre-order

When I saw this figure come up in our WonFes coverage and all that, it already looked like a great release. Now that I'm looking at the pre-order listings I notice that she's not a regular 1/8-scale figure, but an impressive 1/7-scale. (not...


Wave's newest Beach Queens on pre-order parade

Do you like Beach Queens and/or Haganai, Infinite Stratos or YuruYuri? If you guessed I'm asking because of pre-orders, give yourself a pat on the back. We have four simultaneous 1/10-scale Beach Queens pre-order openings tonight. Firs...


Wonder Festival 2012 Winter: Cospa

Compared to other booths, it would seem that Cospa had slim pickings at this winter's Wonder Festival 2012. That does not mean that their offering wasn't awesome, though. Cospa brought Kobato's plush bunny! We have been seeing a ton of...


Wonder Festival 2012 Winter: Good Smile/Max Factory

Have you been waiting for Good Smile Company and Max Factory's wares to appear on Tomopop? Well, sorry to have kept you waiting so long, but here they are! And let's jump right into it: we have the Pixiv-winning Cheerful Miku, in 1/8 scale,...


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