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4:00 PM on 06.11.2014

Tomopop Review: Aoshima Haganai NEXT Sena Kashiwazaki

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (or Haganai for short) is an anime series I've actually wanted to watch for quite a while, and after finally having a Sena Kashiwazaki figure in my own hands, I think it's darn near time. This spl...

Rio McCarthy

Tomopop Review: AlphaMax's Sena Kashiwazaki Cow Design Swimsuit Ver. photo
Tomopop Review: AlphaMax's Sena Kashiwazaki Cow Design Swimsuit Ver.
by Scarecroodle

Mooooo-ve aside, cat girls! There's a new (and oddly appropriate) animal-themed outfit in town. AlphaMax's Sena Kashiwazaki Cow Design Swimsuit Ver. may seem an udderly wacky outfit at first glance, but the costume is well-suited to the fetishism of mammary glands.

So how many cow-related puns can I milk out of one review? Find out after the jump!

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10:00 AM on 04.08.2014

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: Super Figure Kirino

My Little Sister Can't Be This... Huge? At the Miyazawa Model Exhibition, folks at Hobby Search snapped a quick shot of a poster Griffon Enterprises had up showing a "Super Figure." It's a swimsuit- and cat parts-clad Kirino ...

Kristina Pino

Tomopop LinkUP: Walking in a winter Wonder Festival photo
Tomopop LinkUP: Walking in a winter Wonder Festival
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hello and welcome back to an action packed Tomopop LinkUP. Packed is definitely the right word for this edition as we're looking at probably our biggest LinkUP yet! And no wonder, it's the winter convention season! UK Toy Fair was last week though it was kind of a meh event. In just over a week we've got the first Wonder Festival of the year on February 9 followed by New York Toy Fair launching the following weekend on Feb 16 to 19. I'm sure there's like a dozen more before spring.

And thanks to all of these big toy shows there has been an email tidal wave in our inbox, far more than we've been able to post and there's still more coming in every day. And this is just the stuff leftover from last week! Crazy stuff and there's still tons more coming in every day. It isn't all stuff being prepared for the big events; we've also got some great custom and designer stuff that I'm actually a little sad we haven't had time to post because it's so good! See it all after the jump!

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New gallery pops up for Max Factory's Yozora photo
New gallery pops up for Max Factory's Yozora
by Pedro Cortes

The only way to make the attractive designs of Haganai better is to have those characters appear in different costumes. This includes your typical cat-girl get up, and Max Factory has that fetish fully covered. The latest gallery to come out of Akiba Hobby shows off lead tsundere Yozora in a red kitty suit and she is looking pretty unsure with the whole thing. As a fan of the show and of scantily clad cat-ladies, I can confirm that she's looking might fine.

Max Factory's Yozora will be available May 2014 for ¥8,148.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Play Asia | J-List | Plamoya | Entertainment Earth ]

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11:00 AM on 11.26.2013

Cat costumed Sena and Yozora are not quite meowsome

[UPDATE: Now available for pre-order] Meow. Meow meow meow meow... or, to put in English, Kahotan has previewed Max Factory's upcoming 1/7 scale Sena and Yozora cat costume ver. (Haganai) and another photo gallery has been re...


Tomopop LinkUP: The Puzzle & Dougrams edition photo
Tomopop LinkUP: The Puzzle & Dougrams edition
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hello and welcome back to another week of Tomopop LinkUP! In one week from today we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving here in America and I for one am looking forward to getting stuffed on some turkey! Even though it's a popular vacation week you can look forward to LinkUP returning once again! News doesn't stop and neither do we.

Back to this week we've got a bunch of new prototypes, some designer figures, and some amazing photo galleries and videos!

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1:30 PM on 11.04.2013

Griffon's Witch Yozora gets another gallery

Man, there's just something about Griffon that's just wrong. They keep making figures of characters I want to own in costumes I desire, but the final products keep looking like hot street-trash. Take their latest Haganai rele...

Pedro Cortes

7:00 PM on 10.23.2013

Let summer live on with this latest bikini-clad Sena

Can you ever have too much Sena? Similar to other figure mainstays like the lovely Kanu Unchou and Tamaki, I think not! Even when that Sena requires a little more work, like this new resin kit from Clayz. Once more, she comes...

Emily Smalara

8:00 AM on 10.15.2013

Check out Media Factory's Kobato Hasegawa

Akibahobby recently reviewed Media Factory's excellent Kobato Hasegawa and posted some photos up on their blog of her. When I saw her I just couldn't help but to think of how moe she was and now here I am, sharing some of the...

Jon Wills

8:00 PM on 10.09.2013

Get two times the cosplaying cuties with this Haganai duo

Haganai's lovely leading ladies Yozora and Sena are no strangers to cosplay, and they're at it again in Haganai NEXT with these two figures coming to you from none other than Griffon. It might be a bit sad when you can tell G...

Emily Smalara

Sena and Kobato sport their NEXT Beach Queens suits photo
Sena and Kobato sport their NEXT Beach Queens suits
by Kristina Pino

Sena and Kobato (of Haganai, Haganai NEXT) already had entries in the Beach Queens line a while back, but with the second season of the anime, Wave gave them an encore.

Sena sports a nice, relaxed expression and hairdo as she strides along in her way-too-small bikini. Kobato strikes her signature pose while hanging on to an inflated inner tube. Both of these figures are still available for pre-order at the usual places, and will be released this coming January. You can check out a selection from AmiAmi's gallery in our own below, but do click through to see their full sample review.

Feel free to share your thoughts! As for me, I'm not liking the seam lines on both figures (they're more obvious on Sena), though I appreciate the meaty thigh thing Sena has going for her. That and I'm feeling the absence of Kobato's bunny plush.

[Pre-order Sena: AmiAmi | Hobby Search | J-List]
[Pre-order Kobato: AmiAmi | Hobby Search | J-List]

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