Sailor Chibi Moon

Get into the Groove with the DAL Sailor Chibi Moon doll

Pink Sugar Big-headed Girl Heart attack!
Apr 05
Groove has opened pre-orders for the newest installment of their DAL line with Sailor Chibi Moon from the monumental anime Sailor Moon. The future daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask comes in her Sailor Scout uniform and ... read
Pullip Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury is revealed as the next Sailor Moon series Pullip

Available for pre-order now!
Aug 29
The brains of the Inner Senshi, Sailor Mercury, is joining Sailor Moon in the realm of Pullip dolls. This may just be me, but Mercury seems to look a lot better in this line than Moon does. Maybe it's the haircut. Groove also... read
Pullip x Sailor Moon

Pullip transforms into Sailor Moon in this crossover

There is even a plush Luna accessory!
May 21
I may not be the biggest Pullip fan. In truth, they tend to weird me out. But slap the Sailor Moon likeness on one of the dolls and suddenly I want one. The doll in question is not only dressed in the magical girl's sailor ou... read

Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Azone and Groove

Dolls as far as the eye can see
Apr 10
Dolls were the name of the game for both Azone and Groove over at Miyazawa Model Expo 31. Azone's wares were more typical fare, showing off new toys of Puella Magi Madoka Magika's Madoka, Sword Art Online's Asuna, and Tsukiko... read

This week on Doll Break, it's (almost) all about Innocent World dolls from Groove. It was fairly recently that Groove started making collaboration pieces with major Japanese fashion brands, but with fan girls like me not b... read feature

Welcome back to Doll Break! This week was "one of those weeks," by which is mean one of those weeks that gives you perspective into what's really important in life by placing upon your head a huge potential disaster and de... read feature

Doll Break: The Little Things

Aug 06
Waiting is the hardest part, or so they say, and right now I'm waiting for my Innocent World Byul Hermine to arrive at my doorstep. In the meantime, this Doll Break will feature the two newest members of two of my mini col... read

I took a hiatus from doll collecting officially about a year ago. That meant no more spending money, barely following the news; I was broke and dolls can be an expensive hobby. I never liked window shopping and I never go ... read feature

When I was 25, my house flooded. Not so much that anything important was destroyed, but enough that every part of the house became filled with things from every other part of the house and a parade of workmen had to deal w... read feature

SDCC 2012: Groove Inc./JUN Planning

Jul 20
There's was no way 2012 SDCC coverage could pass without a stop by the Groove Inc./JUN Planning booth, or as I think of it, dolls! The exclusives were a Dark Knight Returns Batman and Wonder Woman, but if you couldn't make it... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for March 28, 2012

Mar 29
I'll let you know now, this is going to be a disappointing day for Reserve or Regret. You might as well just leave your wallet in your pants. ...if you're wearing pants. We tend to go pantless around here at Tomopop. And if y... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for March 19, 2012

Mar 20
After yesterday's disappointment, maybe your wallet will be much happier with today's selection from Reserve or Regret. You, however, might have different feelings after missing that money you don't have. Today brings trading... read

Kaigara Burakko's sea otter girls are now up for pre-order as plushes

Oct 27
Okay, this is series, featuring dancing sea otter girls that sing about what kinds of items they can use as bras, is quite possibly the oddest thing I have seen all month. I don't know if I should be disturbed or charmed... read

Vocaloid's Luka and Kaito get their groove on with these new dolls from Groove

Jun 06
It's hard to ignore the popularity of Hatsune Miku of Vocaloid. Even doll maker Groove wanted a piece of the action by releasing a Pullip doll (reviewed) of this virtual idol. But it's always about Miku when it comes to Vocal... read

Kuroshitsuji Sebastian and Ciel mini dolls from Groove are precious

May 20
If you've read Tomopop for a while, you already know that I have a hardcore crush on the characters of Kuroshitsuji, especially the handsome, not-quite human butler Sebastian Michaelis. In fact, I've reviewed the Nendoroid ve... read

Groove's absolutely adorable Humpty Dumpty Byul is part of their Lunatic Alice series and I just got her! About an hour later, she was safely out of the box, then the next day it rained, but the day after that she was at the ... read feature

Groove reveals surprisingly traditional June J-Doll Aiguo East Road

Mar 29
Aiguo East Road, the June release from J-Doll by Groove, is a surprisingly traditional one. For those not picking up what I'm putting down, it's a June doll and she's a bride! Quite a while back there was a bride Pullip relea... read

The Angelic Pretty Groove doll line is out now

Mar 28
Remember when we posted about the Groove Angelic Pretty dress set? Well the gorgeous Angelic Pretty doll series from Groove just hit the shelves and I have to show them off! These dolls are too adorable. They are Prupate (Pul... read

Get your guns on! ...for pre-ordering Groove's Sengoku Basara dolls

Mar 25
It was recently announced that doll maker Groove would be releasing a set of dolls based on the over the top, action title Sengoku Basara by Capcom. Announced were the six sword wielding Date Masamune, the hot blooded Sanada ... read

Groove announces Angelic Pretty clothing for their doll line

Mar 22
This is very exciting news to me. Way back when the Groove dolls were made by a company called Jun Planning they would occasionally release sets of clothes for their dolls. It looked like Groove hadn't adopted this custom unt... read

June Groove releases bring Sengoku Basara to doll life

Mar 19
I know next to nothing about Sengoku Basara, it's Capcom related and has something to do with Sengoku era Japan. Scheduled for a June release are a full series of dolls based on the characters, which looks to be a new trend o... read

Groove posts more photos of the Dollte Porte series

Mar 17
Groove has released white background photos of the Dollte Porte series consisting of Vesselle (Isul), Leroy (Byul), Charlemagne (Dal), Henri (Pullip), and Alfred (Taeyang). The photos are great and show all the wonderful deta... read

After so many years of collecting the Groove line of dolls - which includes Pullip, Dal, Byul, Isul, and Taeyang - I've gotten pretty choosy, but when the mori-style Dotori was released late last year I knew that I absolutely... read feature

Groove's May 2011 pre-orders are all live

Feb 25
All of the upcoming May 2011 Groove releases that we've been covering are now live. The Dollte Porte collection contains some familiar faces, plus there are some new ones to show off! Alongside the Dollte Porte family the "Li... read

A closer look at Groove's Dollte Porte collection

Feb 23
Slated for release in May 2011, Groove's Dollte Porte collection is a sight to see. Including a doll from every mold they make this massive family also boasts a first: having people-sized clothes made from their outfits. That... read

Groove's March 2011 Isul is Duke

Feb 14
The March 2011 Isul from Groove has been revealed and it's the rather collegiate-looking Duke (not the be confused with The Duke) who may or may not be charming his way into your home. To you, he wonders aloud: "I wonder if I... read

Snow Miku comes to the Pullip collection

Feb 08
Seems like more of our readers disliked the recently announced Vocaloid doll collection from Groove than liked it, which surprised me as I thought they were very well done. In fact, I was still reeling fro... read

I had never heard of Jun Planning or their Pullip and Taeyang doll lines before I got an eyeful of the Kuroshitsuji Sebastian they announced in late 2008. I bought it, naturally, and soon I found myself paying much closer att... read feature

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