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Nothing says 'Happy Mother's Day' like an embryo plush

GIANTmicrobes has just revealed its brand-new Spring plush release: a tiny human! Mother's Day is just around the corner, and we're reminded of the fact that at one point in our lives, we were really, really tiny. The plush Human Being, apa...

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Tomopop LinkUP: Remakeover

Sometimes our favorite characters are too good to fall off into obscurity over the years. Often they'll get a new outfit and and just continue their adventures like Sideshow's upcoming 1/6 scale Catwoman. Sometimes they transcend their orig...

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Happy Chinese New Year: Here's our January contest winner

Happy Chinese New Year, Tomopop readers. Today begins the Year of the Wooden Horse, and hopefully this year will bring all of you lots of luck and success. Thank you to everyone who entered this contest, it was nice to hear what figures you...

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Win a Computer Virus Trojan for the Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year is almost upon us. The Year of the Black Snake will be over on January 31, and the Year of the Wooden Horse will begin. To celebrate, we’re giving away a Computer Virus Trojan plush and keychain from Drew Oliver&rsqu...

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Tomopop LinkUP: The turkey coma edition

Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! It's Thanksgiving Day in the States and if you're anything like me you're probably bursting with great food and looking forward to a long tryptophan-induced nap. But while others were slaving over a...

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GIANT Microbes releases Malignant Neoplasm plush

GIANTmicrobes has released a plush that's near and dear to my heart. Well, not with me personally, but with my Dad. He's currently dealing with Prostate Cancer, and now there's a sweet friendly reminder to get yourself checked out. In celeb...

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Tomopop Review: Drew Oliver's Computer Virus Doll series

Drew Oliver's creations already orbited on the quirkier side of the toy world, with GIANTmicrobes' main products being ingeniously recreated plush and vinyl germs and viruses. Their next line of products is perfectly in keeping with the spi...


Toy Fair 2013: GIANTmicrobes

Drew Oliver's GIANTmicrobes branched out into the digital realm with their latest set of releases, revealed at the New York Toy Fair. The Computer Virus series of dolls have bodies made up of metallic-looking numbers, ones and zeroes specif...


GIANTmicrobes' White Lab Mouse scurries into my heart

I am a sucker for many things, chief among them are rodents, unsung heroes, and plushes. And, what do you know?, GIANTmicrobes managed to nail all three in their latest release, the White Lab Mouse plush. We have lab mice to thank for many ...


Tomopop Interview: Drew Oliver

Here at Tomopop, we recently talked up GIANTmicrobes' exciting new holiday line-up. As a fan of the brand, I didn't think it could get any better than simply sharing my love of their work, but I was joyfully proven wrong and had the ch...


Upcoming GIANTmicrobes releases are seasonal, scientific

GIANTmicrobes seems to just be getting better and better. I mean, I was always a fan, just check out my reviews of their skin cell and bone cell plushes and last year's plush ornament box to get an idea. But, these lates...


GIANTmicrobes reveal their summer releases

To celebrate the onset of allergy season as well as summer, GIANTmicrobes is ready to sell some new dolls!  Check out the gallery for images of the Hay Fever Petri Dish and the Tick and Lyme Disease Panorama Set. The Hay Fever set...


Three new GIANTmicrobes plushes now available

GIANTmicrobes has just added 3 new plushes to their toy line (well, technically two plushes and a petri dish set of three mini plushes - so I guess, that's really five?). The first on the list is Botulism (US$8.95), that stuff that peo...


Toy Fair 2012: GIANTmicrobes

GIANTmicrobes and their horde of comically portrayed organisms were in attendance at Toy Fair 2012. Their booth showcased some of their new plush and vinyl figures along with some functional health kits (hand washing or first aid). The plus...


GIANTmicrobes Valentine plushes cover all the bases

GIANTmicrobes has just the fix for those of you who don't know what to get your science-loving sweetheart on Valentine's Day. Whether your aim is to say you'd like to start a family, give your sweetheart kiss, or surprise them a Valent...


Tomopop Review: GIANTmicrobes Stocking Mini Microbe Box

I am a rather large GIANTmicrobes fan (as you may have gathered from my recent review of their Skin and Bone Cell plushes). So, it should come as no surprise that I was happy to see receive a lovely stocking-shaped box filled with microbes ...


Check out GIANTmicrobes' final releases for 2011

GIANTmicrobes has just announced their last plushes to be released this year: the fruit fly, Dengue Fever, and C. elegans. I'm sure most of you readers have had an encounter with a fruit fly at least twice in your lives, so that one sh...


Tomopop Review: GIANTmicrobes Skin Cell and Bone Cell

GIANTmicrobes' ability to make plush and vinyl versions of, well, giant microbes has always amused me. I mean, think about it. It's a pretty funny concept! I know when I was little, I used to anthropomorphize everything (still do to some ex...


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