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12:00 PM on 04.30.2014

Nothing says 'Happy Mother's Day' like an embryo plush

GIANTmicrobes has just revealed its brand-new Spring plush release: a tiny human! Mother's Day is just around the corner, and we're reminded of the fact that at one point in our lives, we were really, really tiny. The plush H...

Kristina Pino

8:00 AM on 03.15.2014

Tomopop LinkUP: Remakeover

Sometimes our favorite characters are too good to fall off into obscurity over the years. Often they'll get a new outfit and and just continue their adventures like Sideshow's upcoming 1/6 scale Catwoman. Sometimes they trans...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Happy Chinese New Year: Here's our January contest winner photo
Happy Chinese New Year: Here's our January contest winner
by Vanessa Cubillo

Happy Chinese New Year, Tomopop readers. Today begins the Year of the Wooden Horse, and hopefully this year will bring all of you lots of luck and success. Thank you to everyone who entered this contest, it was nice to hear what figures you are waiting for.

Now without further ado, the winner of this contest is quicksilver! You will be receiving Drew Oliver's Computer Virus Trojan plush and Computer Virus Trojan keychain. Please email your name and address to

Our next contest will be happening very soon, so be on the lookout!

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Win a Computer Virus Trojan for the Year of the Horse photo
Win a Computer Virus Trojan for the Year of the Horse
by Vanessa Cubillo

Chinese New Year is almost upon us. The Year of the Black Snake will be over on January 31, and the Year of the Wooden Horse will begin. To celebrate, we’re giving away a Computer Virus Trojan plush and keychain from Drew Oliver’s collection.

Get it? Trojan…wooden horse? Ok, it’s lame! Still, we’re giving away this set to one lucky Tomopop reader. You can also read our Tomopop review of the Computer Virus collection here.

So since we’re celebrating a new year, I want to know what figures and collectibles are you looking forward to in 2014? Answer that question in the comments and I’ll pick a winner on January 31

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Tomopop LinkUP: The turkey coma edition photo
Tomopop LinkUP: The turkey coma edition
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! It's Thanksgiving Day in the States and if you're anything like me you're probably bursting with great food and looking forward to a long tryptophan-induced nap. But while others were slaving over a hot stove I've been busy stuffing this week's LinkUP with all sorts of great stuff guaranteed not to put you to sleep!

This week we've got Japanese Happy Meal toys, plush Christmas ornaments, lots of handmade stuff, several teasers, and more. It's all gravy!

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3:00 PM on 09.13.2013

GIANT Microbes releases Malignant Neoplasm plush

GIANTmicrobes has released a plush that's near and dear to my heart. Well, not with me personally, but with my Dad. He's currently dealing with Prostate Cancer, and now there's a sweet friendly reminder to get yourself checke...

Rio McCarthy

Tomopop Review: Drew Oliver's Computer Virus Doll series photo
Tomopop Review: Drew Oliver's Computer Virus Doll series
by Natalie Kipper

Drew Oliver's creations already orbited on the quirkier side of the toy world, with GIANTmicrobes' main products being ingeniously recreated plush and vinyl germs and viruses. Their next line of products is perfectly in keeping with the spirit of GIANTmicrobes while also putting a fun new spin on the concept of "virus." Up until now, they have only been dealing with those that are passed on by humans or animals but now the company is moving on into the realm of computers. Four different "characters" - Malware, Trojan, Worm, and the original Virus - have been made into plushes and keychains and are ready to show off the cuter side to these intruders. 

Let's take a look, shall we? 

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Toy Fair 2013: GIANTmicrobes photo
Toy Fair 2013: GIANTmicrobes
by Natalie Kipper

Drew Oliver's GIANTmicrobes branched out into the digital realm with their latest set of releases, revealed at the New York Toy Fair. The Computer Virus series of dolls have bodies made up of metallic-looking numbers, ones and zeroes specifically. Other showstoppers from GIANTmicrobes' booth included the reversible Cancer plush and wisecracking Humerus the Funny Bone. A variety of Primordial Putties housed miniature figures of the microbes, like Amoeba and Chicken Pox, swimming in a petri dish of goo. 

Several of the other toys on display, like the assortment of vinyl figures, the talking Sniffles and Smooch plushes, and the Sperm and Egg sets, are already available but there is still plenty to look forward to in the coming months as this innovative toy company continues to push the envelop.

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6:00 PM on 12.10.2012

GIANTmicrobes' White Lab Mouse scurries into my heart

I am a sucker for many things, chief among them are rodents, unsung heroes, and plushes. And, what do you know?, GIANTmicrobes managed to nail all three in their latest release, the White Lab Mouse plush. We have lab mice to ...

Natalie Kipper

Tomopop Interview: Drew Oliver photo
Tomopop Interview: Drew Oliver
by Natalie Kipper

Here at Tomopop, we recently talked up GIANTmicrobes' exciting new holiday line-up. As a fan of the brand, I didn't think it could get any better than simply sharing my love of their work, but I was joyfully proven wrong and had the chance to interview Drew Oliver, the brains and imagination behind GIANTmicrobes. It was a great experience and one that made me appreciate the toys and their message even more. 

Hit the jump to read my interview with Drew Oliver!

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Upcoming GIANTmicrobes releases are seasonal, scientific photo
Upcoming GIANTmicrobes releases are seasonal, scientific
by Natalie Kipper

GIANTmicrobes seems to just be getting better and better. I mean, I was always a fan, just check out my reviews of their skin cell and bone cell plushes and last year's plush ornament box to get an idea. But, these latest toys are so perfect. The new items will be released in waves.  Some are for sale now, while others will be available starting on November 13 and November 27.

The ones available now are the Primordial Putty (US$7.95) and and the Wreath Mini Microbe box of plush ornaments (US$24.95), seen in the header. The Primordial Putty is a petri dish of orange goop with a collectible figure in the middle of it, available with Flesh Eating Disease, Black Death, Ebola Virus, and Anthrax. The Wreath Mini Microbe box is like the stocking set I had previously review, except with the ornaments being a gingerbread Stomach Ache, a caroling Sore Throat, a Blood Cell Snowman, an angel Nerve Cell, and a golden Amoeba. The Stomach Ache and Sore Throat are quite ironic.

Coming on November 13 are a Cancer plush (SU$12.95), as well as Plasma (US$9.95) and Norovirus (US$9.95). The cool thing about the Cancer plush is it is a reversible doll, allowing you to "cure" it. On November 27, Lab Mice (US$14.95) and Livers (US$9.95) will be in stock. The Lab Mouse is a plush I am particularly excited about. I have a great respect for the sacrifice the little dudes make for the sake of our health and I love that they are getting recognition. From GIANTmicrobes' parent company, the Drew Oliver Company, comes Humerus the Funny Bone (S$29.95), also releasing on November 27. The toy responds to clapping by telling jokes. 

Are you planning on stuffing any stockings with some microbes?

[note: The links provided for the unreleased products will not be live until the day of the toy's release.]

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7:00 PM on 06.06.2012

GIANTmicrobes reveal their summer releases

To celebrate the onset of allergy season as well as summer, GIANTmicrobes is ready to sell some new dolls!  Check out the gallery for images of the Hay Fever Petri Dish and the Tick and Lyme Disease Panorama Set. Th...

Kristina Pino