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Super Sonico photo
Super Sonico

Super Sonico goes under the sea

We're going to need some bigger shells
Jan 11
// Rachael Chambers
There have been some really interesting Sonico figures in the mix, including a few fairytale themed versions, but nothing quite like this! The curvy musician has been transformed into an adorable mermaid, although still retai...
Card Captor Sakura photo
Card Captor Sakura

FuRyu wants to win you over with more Card Captor Sakura prize figures

Looking good with them cat ears!
Nov 06
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Hope you aren't tired of all the Card Captor Sakura figures coming from all corners of the Japanese toy collecting world because I'm sure there's a lot more on the way. FuRyu sure doesn't look to be stopping any time soon wit...
TF4 Bumblebee photo
TF4 Bumblebee

FuRyu's Transformers 4 Bumblebee prize figure is impressive

It's more than meets the eye
Sep 11
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
FyRyu's first shots at doing Transformers prize figures are actually pretty impressive. Their first figure, Transformers: Age of Extinction Optimus Prime, comes loaded with finely sculpted details, and the type of paint ...

Tomopop Review: FuRyu's Cardcaptor Sakura

Jul 20 // Martin Siggers
Figure Name: Sakura KinomotoFigure Maker: FuRyuRetail Price: ¥1,500Available at: Toys Logic  Sakura's box is big, bright and colourful. There's an immediate association with the series too, thanks to the very distinctive red and gold colour scheme, a recurring design motif that has been used on various Cardcaptor Sakura goods for over a decade (it's based on the distinctive design of Sakura's Clow book). What with that, the logo, the various other text and Kero (!) it's kind of a messy design, but it stands out for sure. The sides of the box are adorned with this classic illustration of Sakura that fans should recognize from the cover of the first volume of the DVD release. There's also a chance to see a bit more of the magic circle design. One thing I will say is that although the box looks smart it definitely feels a little cheap when you pick it up - the cardboard is barely cereal box quality and gets dented pretty easily. Sakura has a pretty unusual base - it's shaped like the top of an ice cream cone, with the pointy bit cut off, so it's wider at the top than the bottom. The top also slopes at an angle, making the entire thing a rather odd shape. The top is emblazoned with the Clow magic circle, still to my eyes one of the most iconic magic circle designs ever. I also love clear bases, so I'm alright with this one - it's unusual, but smart. Out of the box, it's immediately apparent that this is a pretty ambitious work by prize figure standards. Sakura's depicted in a relaxed pose, sitting on the magical staff that doubles as her broomstick. It's already a pretty cute pose, but what really gives it extra impact is FuRyu choosing to add the giant wings that allow her to fly. It's both more show accurate and gives a really 'big figure' look to the whole setup. Sakura's been a girl of many outfits, but FuRyu here have opted to go with probably her most iconic look, the pink ruffled outfit from the first anime opening. It's a bold, easily identifiable style and one which allows for considerable flourish and some lovely details, like the big wings on her back or the ruffle-filled dress. This angle also gives a better look at how she's perched on the staff.  Sakura's attached to the base at three points. There's a peg on her right foot, a peg which goes into the back of her skirt and a 'cradle' for her left leg. I really don't like this setup, and it feels very unstable. The pegs are flimsy and the holes loose fitting and it's difficult to make Sakura sit correctly on the cradle. It holds together sure, but there's no impression of solidity, and I'm a little nervous every time I move her. Moving in closer reveals that contrary to what you might expect, there's actually quite an impressive amount of detail. You can see the little ruffles in Sakura's sleeves for example, or the crinkles on the end of her gloves. The undoubted highlight is the Clow Book and Cards, which are beautifully replicated down to the tiniest details. The book is unerringly show accurate, as are the two cards (The Move and The Jump for you fans out there) and while there's a little paint bleed where the two cards meet, by and large it stands up to closest scrutiny. I like Sakura's expression a lot - the wide eyed shout of joy is very appropriate for her character - but the face definitely isn't the highlight of the figure, and it's one point where more expensive examples definitely pull ahead. I think the main problem is the hair, which unfortunately looks very rough and 'melted', all the individual strands sort of squashing together. It looks very much like it was poured out of a mold which, well, it was of course. Also the paint around her mouth is kind of sketchy round the edges, which looks odd from far angles. Given they're such a centerpiece of the figure, it's a good job FuRyu paid close attention to the wings. They're nice and big and have a smart texture to them. The detail level is nowhere near, say, Tenshi, but you probably wouldn't want it to be. The lack of shading helps with the bright, cartoony style and is more accurate to the show's relatively simple art. A general note on materials - this is one area where Sakura really suffers in comparison to 'proper' figures. The plastics used are of a palpably lower quality and feel way weaker and more flimsy. The paint is more roughly textured and lacks the delightful soft-touch feel that companies like Alter nail so effectively. That's not to say Sakura feels poorly constructed or cheap, but she definitely feels cheaper than fully priced figures. There are also one or two nagging quality issues, for example the plastic burr clearly visible along the upper edge of this wing. You can see here that the line on Sakura's dress is painted a little sloppily, and generally piping and sharp lines are good, but not great. Credit where it's due though, the attempt at reproducing the ruffles in her dress is very solid and while it can get a bit blended together, it's only under close scrutiny like this that you'd really notice. There's even the occasional wrinkle and run in her socks to help simulate cloth texture. Again, some slight paint spill on where socks meet shoes, but it's really very minor. Instead check out that nice crisp bow sculpt, especially at this tiny scale. It's a good overall summary of the figure - the details may not always be perfect, but they've definitely put effort into making sure they're there. FuRyu haven't made my dream Sakura figure, and let's be honest, they were never going to at this price. What they have done though is produce a really rather lovely little rendition of the character that's cute, charming to look at and surprisingly strong all round. It punches well above its ¥1,500 price point, and consequently I'd say it's pretty much a must have for fans. After such  long wait, it's rather gratifying to say there's now a Cardcaptor Sakura figure that's worth owning.
FuRyu Sakura photo
Catch You Catch Me
The drought of Cardcaptor Sakura figures has long been a source of incredible frustration to me. The series has everything you need to make an army of great collectibles - cute girls, handsome boys, annoying mascots and ...

FuRyu Transformers photo
FuRyu Transformers

FuRyu faces extinction with Transformers 4 movie prize figures

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee planned for the latest movie
May 29
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Looks like Transformers 4: Age of Extinction will be getting some prize figures in Japanese arcades soon. Dengeki Hobby posted a pair of photos on Twitter showing off FuRyu's take on TF4 characters Optimus Prime and Bumblebee...
FuRyu Eren Yeager photo
FuRyu Eren Yeager

FuRyu's Eren Yeager is looking impressive for a prize figure

He'll be attacking Japanese arcades by the end of the week
May 27
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
I'm pretty late at this, but I'm finally watching Attack on Titan now that the English dub is airing on Toonami. I'm really enjoying it, though it hasn't exactly been what I was expecting. Somehow I thought it would be a lot ...
FuRyu x Attack on Titan photo
Ready for glam shots
A little over a month ago, we had just a peek at this Mikasa figure when we had a look at her partner in plastic, Eren. And it's about time, too, since she's due for release in June. Check out the gallery for some pictures fr...

Attack on Titan photo
Attack on Titan

Biggish gallery appears for FuRyu's biggish Colossal Titan

Not quite 'colossal' but still reasonably big
Mar 29
// Scarecroodle
At 21-cm tall, FuRyu's Colossal Titan is big enough to tower over your Attack on Titan figma... even if he doesn't exactly scale well. The recently released soft vinyl figure has received a decent-sized photo gallery that sho...
FuRyu x Attack on Titan photo
FuRyu x Attack on Titan

A glance at FuRyu's feisty Eren Jaeger

More prize figures should look like this
Mar 05
// Kristina Pino
The parade of Attack on Titan goodies continues with this FuRyu Prize rendition of Eren Jaeger, who is leaping into action in two photos they've shared on their blog. There's a third image with a look at details of his utilit...

Tomopop LinkUP: Gold Medal Panic

Feb 13 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Kahotan posted a gallery for the upcoming Bakemonogatari Nadeko Sengoku Nendoroid. She comes with a lot of neat arm and leg parts for some really great poses. She's up for pre-order now so go get one. AmiAmi did an early photo review of the Beach Queen's Ayase Aragaki from OreImo. She looks great, but a little simple just wearing a white bikini, but I suppose that has its own appeal. She won't be out until June so enjoy the gallery. figsoku blog posted a gallery for the FuRyu Sonico Going Out Time ver. prize figure that was released last month. I'm not much of a Sonico fan, but I might have to reconsider my negative impression of FuRyu. Piapro posted a new colaboration between Pullip dolls and Hatsune Miku with a new Sakura Miku doll. They're not a doll series that's for everyone, but they did an impressive job with the outfit. Piapro also posted a look at a new series of Vocaloid plush products from Sekiguchi. Included are stuffed dolls and dangly things of Miku, Len, and Rin. If you're a gamer then simply by saying 'George Washington with a Gatling gun' should be conjuring up images of BioShock Infinite. So here's a Motorized Patriot made out of LEGO blocks. I got the game when it came out and still haven't played it... Thanks to io9 we're getting a ride back to the obscure side of the Golden Age of comics for a look at the slightly disturbing Fantomah statue based on the works of Fletcher Hanks. She comes in three varieties, all pretty limited. Task One has a new series of seven-inch WeedBears up in his store. Available are Green Crack, Purple Kush, and Stoned Panda for US$69.99 each. There's also a limited pink Bubblegum bear for Valentine's day, but that one has gone away like so much smoke. Akiba Hobby has posted a gallery for FREEing's new Asuna figure coming up in March. She's nicely sculpted and while the pose is a bit awkward at least it's something different. Good Smile Company's Mamitan was over in Japan for Wonder Festival and took the most amazing photos of figma Snow Miku out in the wilds. We've seen a lot of photos for Miku, but these are probably some of the most adorable ones yet. Pinkcheeks posted a surprisingly easy DIY tutorial for making your own Japanese-style table. I think I need to give this a try. And that's it for this week's Tomopop LinkUP. Look for the next installment next week during the craziness of Toy Fair!
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Oh, right, there are other events going on this week
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! It's been a pretty busy week in all sorts of ways. We're still plowing our way through Wonder Festival coverage with the shadow of Toy Fair looming over us. But outside of that the Ol...

Tomopop LinkUP: Beach movie

Jan 23 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Evilos (Christopher Avalos) made this really neat Vinylmation Skeleton Warrior from the Disneyland Indiana Jones Adventure attraction. Amazing detail and I love the included weapons. Nitro+'s @t_santa posted FuRyu's latest Sonico figure to don a tiny bikini. What's interesting is that despite being beach themed with the clear swim tube and beach bag, she's wearing pants! Meanwhile Akiba Hobby has posted a gallery for Kotobukiya's long titled Love Live! School Idol Project - Natsuiro Egao de 1, 2, Jump! ver. Umi Sonada figure. There's a lot to like about this figure from that translucent wrap around her waist to that really neat splash base. Akiba Hobby also did a gallery for the recently released Yoshino swimsuit figure from Date A Live by Plum. Doesn't take long for the photographer to forget she has a face, but it's a cute figure nonetheless. Geek Crafts posted this great set of amigurumi Game of Thrones characters made by Kati Galusz complete with patterns. Winter is definitely here. Kahotan posted a fun gallery for the newly released Nendoroid Mayoi Hachikuji from the Monogatari series. The faces are perfect as usual! AmiAmi blog posted a gallery for these little Free! trading figures. Looks like the boys are having fun at a water park while they float around on tubes. They come six to a case of five characters with Rin Matsuoka getting a face variant. Of course there's no telling if you'll get all six possible figures in a case when they're released in February. Here's something Japanese movie goers are sure to recognize. This popular duo appear before movies to warn people against pirating. Premium Bandai has seen fit to capture their message as a series of figure straps. There are four possible figures and can be bought as a case of 10. We need something like this in American theaters! Tesselate is now selling their latest, the Metlex One: Blue Edition. The little three-inch guy is limited to only 10 pieces and still available for the super low price of £16 or US$26. He comes packaged with a special box, stickers, and even a badge pin. What a deal! Pinkcheaks was nice enough to get figma Mayoi her own pink bike and take some pictures. The pink and yellow fits her perfectly; she looks so adorable with it! That's it for this time, see you again next week for another round of Tomopop LinkUP!
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Now is the time to think summer after all
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! I know I've complained at least once already about the winter, but when dealing with subzero temps as often as we have this year I think it warrants some additional complaining. They ...

FuRyu Sakura photo
FuRyu Sakura

Someone finally got around to making Cardcaptor Sakura

Bad news - it's Furyu
Nov 07
// Martin Siggers
For years I've dreamed of someone making scale Cardcaptor Sakura figures and allowing me to own a piece of my childhood. I even nominated Sakura herself for our Fantasy Figurine article earlier this year, and while ...

Get a better look at FuRyu's HENNEKO prize figures

Clear pictures appear for figures based on new anime the "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat.
Apr 22
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Last month in March we got our first look at FuRyu's new pair of prize figures based on the new anime the "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat currently streaming on Crunchyroll. New images have arrived showing off the duo in mu...
FuRyu shows off new figures for spring anime title the "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat in latest scans.
We're now in the tail end of March, so you know what that means! New anime season! One of the most anticipated titles coming our way for the spring season is the "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat (Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Nek...

Tomopop Review: FuRyu's Kuroyukihime

Dec 05 // Pedro Cortes
Figure Name: KuroyukihimeFigure Maker: FuRyuRelease Date: July 2012Retail Price: ¥1,500Available at: HobbyLink Japan  As we usual, let's start with the box. It's nothing special, resembling any one of a bunch of other prize figure boxes. It says the the name of the show, the name of the character and shows off the goods on the inside. That's good enough for me! Now, let's let the Black Snow Princess out of her box. Normally, I wouldn't show the packaging unless there was something noteworthy about it. In Kuroyukihime's case, it's your standard plastic fare, but what's different is the bookmark you see above. It's a cute pic of our gal in her butterfly outfit holding what I assume is her pet piggy. It looks about the right size to keep your place in, perhaps, the light novel series that the show is based off of. SYNERGY! Alright, enough of that, lets get this lady set up. To get the princess to sit properly, you'll need to set up the base and the chair in the package. It's straightforward, though the pegs on the back two legs were annoying in their tenacity to not go into their holes. I'm not sure if this was done on purpose, but it annoyed me none the less. With the back legs not flush against the base, the chair has a slight angle that will have our princess sliding to and fro. One thing that helps her to stay in her seat are the two indentations for her legs. After a couple of tries, I got Kuroyukihime to balance correctly. While having her separate from the chair makes the figure look better, it doesn't bode well for keeping her safe on your shelf. Any sort of knocking about or even a stiff breeze can topple her over, as I learned over the course of this shoot. Sometimes it's worth sacrificing looks for the sake of keeping your PVC safe! Zooming in closer, we can get a better look at some of the fine details. Her face lacks good detailing, but that's kind of par for the prize figure course. I mean, this isn't an ALTER or Max Factory figure, so I'm willing to give her a pass there. Her school uniform looks cute, if a bit generic. That has more to do with the design of the character and less with the quality of the figure though, so don't hold that against it. Let's switch up the angles so we can get a better look at her tea cup. From up here, we can better see the contents of her cup. I like that FuRyu colored the liquid, as they could've just left her with an empty cup. You can also see some rough edges around her hands and the saucer in her left hand, but again, I'm willing to give her a pass based on her price range. Regardless, the cup and saucer add a slightly regal air to Kuroyukihime, so they're definitely good additions. Spinning her around lets us check out her hair. Besides the obvious seam on the right side of her hair, it looks pretty damn good. I dig the blue to black gradient, as most other prize figures would've left it as a big hunk of plastic that's the same color all over. Next, let's take a look at Kuroyukihime's shoes. Yep, those are definitely a pair of loafers. They look nice and are painted well. I like that the shoes were given a shiny paint job in comparison to the matte paint used on Kuroyukihime's leggings. Speaking of leggings ... Here's a butt shot. Hey, you knew there was no way I could avoid this! Besides the obvious prurient interest, you can see that there was some amount of attention paid to how Kuroyukihime's pantyhose were molded. I salute you, whoever had to do the research to get those ... uh ... creases just right. Kuroyukihime is a pretty good deal. For ¥1,500, you get a decently sculpted figure that's painted fairly well. The only real knocks I have against it are the annoying base and the overly simple design that doesn't really stand out. However, if you're a fan of the black snow princess, I'm sure that you'll dig FuRyu's figure! [Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for sending Kuroyukihime along for review!]
Sponsored by HobbyLink Japan
On my incredibly large list of shows that I plan to watch is Accel World, a seinen anime about a unpopular guy that decides to help out a girl in a game involving a highly-evolved form of the Internet. The concept is pretty i...


It's prize figures aplenty in the latest magazine scans

Banpresto, FuRyu, and Sega prize show off their latest cute moe girl figures in these new scans.
Nov 23
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
This time around from the wonderful world of magazine scans we get some serious offerings from the big three in the realm of prize figures: Banpresto, FuRyu, and Sega Prize. All three look to be bringing their A-game, gi...

30th Prize Fair: FuRyu

Games Senran Kagura and Photo Kano get noticed for prize figures along with Haiyore! Nyaruko-san.
Nov 07
// Jonathan Tubbs
Not much going on for prize figure maker FuRyu who was also in attendance at the 30th Prize Fair. I mean, it would make sense for them to be there since that's their bread and butter. Game characters seem to be the name of th...

Furyu has more for you than the usual at Dengeki Festival

Toradora, Angel Beats!, anim.o.v.e, and Little Busters are covered by Furyu for prize figures.
Oct 22
// Jonathan Tubbs
I know you're happy to get your fill of Sword Art Online and Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb figures but certainly you're reaching your limit? If you are, luckily Furyu displayed prize figures at the Dengeki 2...

Princesses, Rabbits, and more from FuRyu in September

Maids, idols, schoolgirls, and hamsters, too!
Sep 28
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
FuRyu is probably the most eclectic prize figure company out there. I don't think there's a property they won't touch from super obscure mascot characters to AAA anime titles. They have a pretty impressive work load every mon...

Anime Contents Expo (ACE) 2012

Mar 31
// Jonathan Tubbs
It's another event from Japan and figure manufacturers displaying their latest and upcoming goods! The Anime Content Expo (ACE) 2012, running March 31, 2012 to April 1, 2012, brings anime to the fans with various events such ...

FuRyu's booth had prize plushes for everyone at the Prize Fair 2012 Summer. For the gamer, there were the many faces of Funghi from the game Touch Detective. And there were also ... Oh my god! The cats of MewMew Tower Toy! I ...


Prize Fair 2012 Summer: FuRyu

Feb 19
// Jonathan Tubbs
If you're looking for something a bit different in your prize figures outside of the everyday norm, then you should take a look at what FuRyu has coming. The company had some interesting choices for figure releases displayed ...

FuRyu's new Chi's New Address prize plushes are flappable

Jan 02
// Natalie Kipper
FuRyu recently released their prizes for the month of December 2011 and among them were these adorable plushes of Chi from Chi's New Address. This plush series is called "PataPata Sukinano Nuigurumi" or "the thing I...

25th Prize Fair: Furyu's Lily from anim.o.v.e.

Sep 21
// Rio McCarthy
Man, it's a good time to be a Lily fan! At the 25th Prize Festival, Furyu packed in tons of merchandise related to the blonde cutie from anim.o.v.e. I've always liked her design, and now you can get it on just about anything....

25th Prize Fair: Furyu's Shin Megami Tensei figures

Sep 21
// Rio McCarthy
Oh my gosh, can I just say how super excited I am to see this figure of Loki? I have no idea why, but he's always been one of my favorite Persona. Furyu just keeps the ball a rollin' with their line of Shin Megami Tensei seri...

24th Annual Prize Fair: Furyu has angels from Angel Beats! and devils from ToLOVE-Ru

May 31
// Jonathan Tubbs
Quite a bit of variety is coming out of the 24th Annual Prize Fair held recently in Japan. Furyu decided to ascend to heaven and descend to hell for their latest figures. Well, not quite those locations but they have new figu...

Furyu shows two sides of Tenshi in these new Angel Beats prize figures

Nov 22
// Jonathan Tubbs
While people patiently wait for companies to release standard scaled figures for Purgatory high school anime Angel Beats, we will always have prize figures to rely on. Furyu has a couple of new prize figures coming next year ...

Upcoming prize figures from Furyu, Sega, and Takara Tomy

Jun 10
// Jonathan Tubbs
One thing I love about the prize figures is it's a cheaper alternative to collecting larger scaled figures. The cheaper production of these figures also commonly gives us designs that we would not see from larger scaled relea...

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