C2E2 2014 Frombie

C2E2 2014: Frombie

Vinyl with a little Star Wars
May 01
Frombie's figures are ostensibly friendly zombies, but I'm not seeing it. I guess their comics do fit the bill. However there's still a friendly quality to these figures that I can get behind. Their wares at C2E2 covered a wi... read
The Friendly Zombies bring plenty of goods to share with con attendees
New York Comic Con attendees had the treat of several exclusive items from Frombie. Starting with the Star Wars-related toys, there's S2B2, turning the lovable flying squirrel SB into a droid, and Darth Zora, in which the Fro... read feature

Here is a handy list of where to get those coveted exclusives
New York Comic Con is almost upon us and I am sure those planning on attending already have their heads swimming with thoughts of lines, swag, and those ever-elusive exclusives. And, while we can't help you out with the first... read feature

Robo Zora Morphers, attack!
Frombies recently shared a flyer on Twitter revealing three Robo Zora figures which will debut at NYCC on October 11th together with the previously-announced S2B2. The Robo Zora Morphers are called Moriko, Houou, and Hoshiko,... read feature

This exclusive mixes Star Wars with one of Frombie's cute characters
When will people get tired of Star Wars? The answer is never! That's why Frombie's NYCC exclusive is a mashup of their character SB and the Star Wars character, R2D2. For the event this year they went all out creating a figu... read feature

Frombie's Mechy Pang is ready for blast-off

Bonus material included
Jun 06
Frombie has put their latest figure up for pre-order, a delightful panda ready for a fight, called Mechy Pang. This figure is limited to only 12 pieces, and with your pre-order you'll also get a LE Mechy Pang pin, a signed pr... read

Frombie updates website, teases Rave and Ice Zora figures

A fresh coat of paint for the site and the figures
Feb 28
The website for Frombie, home to the friendly zombie Zora and her flying squirrel buddy SB, was updated recently. And, once the sawdust settled and the tarp was taken down, visitors to the site spotted an announcement smack-d... read

ESC-toy and Frombie's latest collab drops tomorrow

Get ready for Chelly Chainsaw x Zora Pearl Face
Jan 24
ESC-toy and Frombie's latest collaboration, Chelly Chainsaw x Zora Pearl Face, will be available to purchase tomorrow in extremely limited amounts (only 11 pieces total). This 6 inch tall mash-up is made of resin and is hand-... read

ESC-Toy brings some new releases for the holidays

Includes new Tunic Kami x Sama, prints, custom Dizign, Flying Crow Crow Bear
Dec 14
Erick Scarecrow and ESC-Toy have just dropped a bunch of new releases in the ESC-Toy Shop, and it's a nice line-up for those of you who are fans of designer toys, the urban look or just Erick's own work. They're also just in ... read
A preview of all the stuff you can buy to put on your shelves, featuring ESC-Toy, Frombie, Blamo and more
DesignerCon 2012 is this weekend, and the show just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. That includes the exclusives list, which has grown to monstrous size, it seems. With so much coming to DesignerCon this year, we ... read feature

NYCC 2012: Frombie

The friendly zombies invade NYCC
Oct 16
Frombie showed up NYCC with more figures than you can shake a stick at, from new colorways, pins and plushies of their SB and Zora characters (and more new molds like Kami and Zomo, or Robo-Zora and Running Zora). It all come... read

Erick Scarecrow reveals several new figures

Aug 20
It may be only August, but it isn't too early to start getting pumped for New York Comic Con. Erick Scarecrow recently dropped a preview photo of a piece that will be going for sale at NYCC. It looks like on of the Maria figu... read

Frombie's online store is stocked with new, cool stuff

Jul 24
Our friends over at Frombie have recently added loads of new merchandise to their online shop in just about every category: plushes, vinyl figures, pins, and posters. The most limited edition of the new items, it seems, ... read

Frombie reveal Anime Expo releases and collab with ESC

Jun 27
We at Tomopop are pretty big fans of Frombie, who we first got to chat with at NYCC last year as they made their debut into the vinyl world. Since then, they've released plenty of comics, toys and accessories, and now there's... read

Frombie's WonderCon sweetness now available online

Apr 02
All that Frombie awesomeness I got to enjoy at WonderCon is now available for all the fans across the interwebs! Hurray! So, if you missed the event, now's your chance to nab some of the goodies from Frombie's booth. Dou... read

WonderCon 2012: Frombie

Mar 19
I visited Frombie's booth while at WonderCon and, wow, did they have a ton of awesome stuff. And, I'm here to share it with you! Yay! First, let's start with who was at the booth. I had the opportunity to meet and chat with t... read

Frombie turns plush for Wondercon 2012

Feb 29
We got a peek at Frombie's friendly zombie characters and their friends over at New York Comic Con 2011. Now the company has some surprises in store for us at this year's Wondercon, one of which I am particularly excited... read

ESC-Toy news: Frombies, teases and more!

Jan 05
Yesterday's release of the Bloody Dizign figure wasn't the only news from ESC-Toy. Along with the news that the Papa Sama Jellyswordsman was still available at US$75 (limited to 30 pieces worldwide), as was the blue Nathan Dr... read

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