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NYCC 2014 QMx photo
NYCC 2014 QMx

NYCC 2014: QMx

I need to have that Battlestar Galactica poster
Oct 14
// Tianxiao Ma
QMx is doing a lot to keep the spirit of Firefly alive, as you can tell from their presence at NYCC. Oh wait, that's a picture of Captain Hammer in the header? I think maybe they're just keeping the spirit of Nathan Fillion a...
Loot Crate photo
Themed to Star Trek, Star Wars, and Firefly
We officially have one foot firmly in September and Loot Crate has announced the theme for this month's box. Drawing from the Sci-fi realms of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Firefly, the next round is called "Galactic." As always,...

SDCC 2014 QMx photo
SDCC 2014 QMx

SDCC 2014: QMx

Desire to own is independent of ability to own
Jul 25
// Tianxiao Ma
If you're a sci-fi fan, you should really know about QMx (Quantum Mechanix). Their entire existence is like a love letter to all of my favorite sci-fi TV franchises. At SDCC this year, the marquee features were two large scal...
QMx SDCC exclusives photo
Some keychains and DC Comics posters
Quantum Mechanix (QMx) has announced their SDCC exclusives, and while they don't look like anything I'd fight someone to get (the gold standard for exclusives), they do seem like cool souvenirs. First up is a gold Millennium ...

Funko photo
Who lives in the sewers under the city?
It’s Monday, so that means Funko has announced another batch of SDCC exclusives. This one opens up with a Pop! mashup between SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. SpongeBob is green, with Leonardo&rs...

Under the Radar: Catch this articulated 1/6 Mal Reynolds before he goes to the special hell

May 20 // Tianxiao Ma
Obviously this figure is in the Hot Toys mold of 1/6-scale figures, featuring a realistic likeness of The Nathan Fillion and fabric clothing. He'll also come with his pistol, a variety of optional hands, a communicator, and a display base. If you order from QMx, you'll get a bonus Lassiter laser pistol! I haven't bought a figure like this in a while, mostly because they tend to cost a lot of money. However QMx's Mal is US$179.95, so maybe if he comes in a month where I have nothing else scheduled, I can fit him into my budget (the release window is Q3 2014). I'm a huge Firefly and Nathan Fillion fan, so this is verging on must-have for me. What do you guys think? [ via QMx Online ] [ Pre-order at QMx Store ]
QMx Mal Reynolds photo
Or before the Alliance gets their hands on him
Firefly may have been canned 11 years ago (holy cow that makes me feel old) but its fandom has stayed true. In fact I think some portion of them are keeping Castle on the air, but I digress... Quantum Mechanix is at least par...

Firefly photo

Pre-order QM's Serenity now, get an insane bill later

Serenity now! Serenity now!
Jan 15
// Scarecroodle
Joss Whedon's space western Firefly has an absurdly dedicated fanbase... to which I don't belong, having never developed a taste for the show. That said, it's hard not to appreciate an impressive-looking spaceship when you se...
Firefly toys photo
Firefly toys

Get Wash's iconic dinosaur toys from Firefly

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
Jan 09
// Natalie Kipper
One scene from Firefly that really made me smile was Wash playing with the toy dinosaurs that sit near the controls to Serenity. They were just plastic toys but seeing the way the pilot loving played with them, combined ...
SDCC QMx photo

SDCC 2013: Quantum Mechanix

1/6-scale Mal Reynolds, nothing else matters
Jul 21
// Tianxiao Ma
In terms of things that appealed to me personally, Quantum Mechanix was the big winner at Comic Con. Their booth wasn't the biggest or the flashiest, but it tapped into all of my nerdy sci-fi love. Star Trek, Battlestar Galac...

Custom Made Monday: Lights, camera, art

May 06 // Brian Szabelski
Firefighter Iron Man by Derek Kwok Tsz Kin So starting with the customs featured in the header, we've got another custom Hot Toys Iron Man figure here. Ths one is a late addition to the Iron Man display in Hong Kong's Hysan Place, and it comes from director Derek Kwok Tsz Kin. Called the Firefighter Ironman, it was inspired by his upcoming film As The Light Goes Out, which is about firefighters. The creation is supposed to be a rescure robot walking out from a hellish fire, which turns out to be part-machine, and part-zombie, like some kind of undead firefighting Robocop, I guess? In any case, there's some impressive work here on the detailing, especially the zombified portions of it. Check out those teeth, for just one small example! Ecto-1 Fatcap by Sket One So I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan, enough that I've come close multiple times to hunting down a beige jumpsuit and getting to work on making my own outfit for Ghostbusting (and conventions). Thus, when I saw Sket's Ecto-1 Fatcap, I pretty much fell in love with it. Painted in white with a working red "gumball" siren light on top, Sket's also thrown in a custom PKE meter and ghost trap as accessories for show. Yep, it's beautiful, and sadly, it's already sold for US$550 to some lucky collector. Le sigh. :( [via The Blot Says] Mushroom Munny by Mijbil Mijbil's latest is a 4-inch Munny with a little bit of an interesting "hair-do" ... well, I shouldn't say it's hair because it's fungi. She says in her blog post on the Munny that the idea came to her on a Sunday afternoon and that the project was challenging. Part of that is due to the mushrooms on the head, and to a greater extent, the metal powder she used to coat the inside of the fungi. It took her a couple attempts to get things right because of the high melting temperature of the powder compared to the vinyl materials, but I think the work speaks for itself, doesn't it? If you want to pick him up, you can grab it from Mijbil's store. Poisonous Terror Dart Frog by Nemo Nemo has sent us his latest piece, a custom he's done for Matt A's Night Terror Owl Series 2 figure set. Nemo's creation is a bit more tropical and reptilian, and he calls it the Poisonous Terror Dart Frog. Obviously, the inspiration for the design are the colorful poison dart frogs of the Amazon, and I think he's done a pretty good job turning the claws into something more like webbed toes. The Band by Task One Tenacious Toys and Task One's Pillaging Pop Culture series has just launched its fifth wave of customs based on your childhood. The latest trio of custom Munnys features a few characters that can carry a tune or two. Maybe their music has a little bit of teeth to it? Perhaps enough to put a little scoot in your stride? Or maybe I can just stop making puns based off the characters' names. The Wave 5 pieces are still in the Tenacious Toys shop for US$40 each (or US$100 for all three figures). The final wave will drop in two weeks on May 19; stay tuned for info on what designs are in that! Death Munny by Sciurus Customs We previously spotlighted Sciurus Customs' Nightwing Munny, and now there's a new one worth checking out. They've done a splendid version of Death from Neil Gaiman's Sandman universe, complete with some nicely textured hair. Since she's only black and white, there's not a lot you could do color-wise, but the shading and linework here in regards to paint is superb. Rocket Rabbit by Jenn and Tony Bot The Bots' latest adorable polymer clay-coated custom is this little fellow here. His name is Rocket Rabbit, and true to his name, he is a rabbit with a jetpack. What really caught my attention is the detailing on the smoketrail coming out of the jetpack's rockets. While it serves as a nice base, the differences in how the base is shaped kind of gives the look of smoke spreading as it hits the ground.  Prohibition Dunnys by Stu Witter Stu Witter's latest Dunny series is a collection of 1920s-style inspired Dunnys. Featuring cops, crooks and those caught in between, Stu has assembled a fun cross-section of anthromorphic bootleggers and lawbringers. Check out the link above to see them all and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite! Goro M.U.S.C.L.E. custom by Plastic Playhouse Hey, you got your Mortal Kombat in my mini-figures: Plastic Playhouse has made a Goro figure out of a Ashuraman no Sensei figure from the M.U.S.C.L.E. line. Ashuraman just happens to have four arms, so with a little bit of orange paint and some detailing work ... boom, there's Goro. Looks really cool and better yet, he's possibly on sale right now. You can go to this thread on Little Rubber Guys to purchase him, as long as he's not sold yet! [via Man-E-Toys] Maschinen-THUG by Wizko Graphix Wizko Graphix has taken Unison Labs' THUG.GY figure and turned it into something a little closer to what you might see from Maschinen Krieger. The head has become a cockpit for the mech, complete with space for a Playmobil-based pilot to fit inside and a hinged entry hatch. Some other smaller plastic parts to serve as weaponry or armor plating add to the look, along with the weathered finish in a military green. [via TOYSREVIL] Custom Dunny by JALOS Finally, we finish this week off with a new custom from JALOS. This little guy has a pretty heavy urban graffiti feel to him, along with some additional sculpting to make him look a little more like a cat or a bear ... or a cat-bear. In any case, it's a fine little 3-inch custom that might not be the flashiest around, but that doesn't make it bad at all. [That wraps up this week's installment of Custom Made Monday! If you have any customs you'd like to see featured, or just spot something that's eye-catching and fits the feature, be sure to e-mail us and let us know!]
Custom Made Monday photo
No CGI magic here, just talented artists plying their craft
This week on Custom Made Monday, we've gone to the movies for a bit! Or maybe back to the 1920s ... or the pages of your comic book ... or into the sky on a jetpack ... or all of the above. Why? Because they're all among this week's customs, silly. Hit the jump to check it all out!

Custom Made Monday: Man or machine ... or mouse

Apr 29 // Brian Szabelski
Iron Man Munny Mark 42 by The Modelmaker We'll kick things off as normal with our header-featured pieces, and that includes the latest from The Modelmaker. You guys have seen his work before, but he's back with something very timely: Tony Stark inside his Iron Man Mark 42 armor from Iron Man 3. Instead of doing just a sculpt of the suit, though, Modelmaker has chosen to create an open-faced look, which means he also needed to sculpt Tony's face inside of the suit. The armor plating is computer designed and made from styrene, shaped to fit around the Munny and superglued on. Personally, I think it looks fantastic and it's the first of two; can't wait to see what Modelmaker is working on next! (Maybe War Machine?) [via Tenacious Toys Blog] Reaper by Imagine Designs This year's MOCathon contest does feature at least one build that's not quite human-friendly. That would be the custom Lego Reaper from the Mass Effect series built by Imagine Designs. It's perched atop a ruined cityscape, and is quite massive. It also comes with articulated appendages and movable faceplates that reveal the big bad laser it sports. You know, for vaporizing pesky Alliance forces. It's about at this point that I'm wondering why EA never partnered with Lego to do some Mass Effect Lego sets ... or if someone's already working on building scaled-down versions of the Citadel and Omega. [via Kotaku] Malcom Reynolds mouse by Quernus Crafts If robots aren't your jam, what about mice? Quernus Crafts has sculpted some great little pieces out of polymer clay, many of them mice, and almost all of them have some kind of cool theme. The initial piece we spotted was this mouse dressed to look like Firefly's Malcolm Reynolds, and "adorable" is a good word to use when describing it. "Pretty well detailed for a tiny piece" might be another, but that's not a word, that's a phrase. She's also done some other incredible pieces; in particular, I love the Where's Waldo mouse. Quernus Crafts does take commissions over at her website, so if you're interested and want to know more, you can head over there ... or just keep thumbing through her Flickr for a half-hour like I did. [via Geek Crafts] Fellow Robotipus by Kasey Tararuj That Reaper isn't the only custom Lego piece in this week's Custom Made Monday. We've also got a few customs done for the Designing Outside The Lines show at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco. Since we have a machine theme, let's start with Kasey Tararuj's piece. It's not a little Lego dude but an 8-inch-tall custom Lego Torch flashlight; Kasey described Robotipus as "a content and happy little gentleman just looking for his sweetheart fembot to shower with love and gifts". While she doesn't normally do robots, I think her design style fits really well with giving Robotipus a personality all his own. Hopefully he'll find that special someone soon ... or at least find a home with a collector! The Demon Fett by Josh Mayhem Also done for the Designing Outside The Lines show is this piece from Josh Mayhem, a sinister-looking being with some design cues taken from Boba Fett. Josh's base is a Lego clock and the Demon Fett is 12 inches tall. What's even more interesting is that the entire thing is built from Lego parts bought at Target, including the cape; many of them come from the Lego Hero Factory line. Style-wise, it's a similar look to Josh's Gundam-inspired pieces, and in fact, he was originally planning to do a Gundam x Lego crossover. I think this design turned out a lot better, though. The Red Samurai and Spartan by Reet Neet Reet Neet has sent us another set of customs Dunnys he's done; this time, both are Jon Paul Kaiser-designed Dunnys for the Dunny 2012 Series and Dunny Apocalypse series, respectively. They've gotten a new paint job and some additional sculptwork; they're on sale for US$80 and if you're interested, e-mail Reet Neet about them. Little Betty Blue Bell by Camilla d'Errico Tweeted out by Camilla last week, this is a custom 4-inch kokeshi doll she did for the Nikkei Museum's Bloom Exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia. Fairly simple, yet easily recognizable as Camilla's work, it was one of 100 pieces on display as part of event and silent auction on April 25. Also among those participating was Tasha Zimich, whose two pieces can be seen on her website; a full preview is available at the page for the show. Mikey Mouse by Brian Shapiro Brian Shapiro's Vinylmation Incognito Series features a bunch of Disney characters disguising themselves as Mickey Mouse. His latest is themed for the upcoming Monsters University, featuring Mike and Sully trying to get into costume. Well, sort of ... the Mickey head kind of obstructs Mike's lone eye so I don't think he's got the best vision in costume. It's still a pretty fun little piece and fits the Mickey shape well. Custom Calaverita by Rsin Rsin's latest is a custom Calaverita (originally designed by The Beast Brothers) which is a nice fusion of his trademark style and the traditional calaveras made for Dia de los Muertos. I especially like the work around the eyes and the little spider web on the chin of the piece. [via Tenacious Toys blog] Tim Burton Penguin Munny by Incredible Creature Designs This might be the favorite of Scarecroodle's this week: a custom Munny from Incredible Creature Designs based on Danny Devito's Penguin from Batman Returns. It's even got his trademark beak-like nose and it's to-scale. ... Okay, that was a "Danny Devito is short" joke. More works from Incredible Creature Designs can be found in their Etsy shop. [via Super Punch] Nuggs by Ian Ziobrowski As part of April celebrations, Ian Ziobrowski made a few more customs, including one of little Nuggs doing what he probably does best. This little dude was available in Ian's shop a week or so ago for a grand total of one second ... because that's how long it took for Nuggs to sell. Custom Lil' Jammies and Alice in Wonderland False Friends by Fuller Design Finally, we're finishing out this week's installment with more customs from Fuller. First, he's showing off some Lil' Jammies commissions he just completed as part of his Create Your Own Jammies promotion (and is letting us know some more DIY Lil' Jammies are up in his shop). But the real highlight is his Coarse False Friends customs; another commissioned piece, he was tasked with giving them an Alice in Wonderland theme. I think he succeeded with his Mad Hatter and White Rabbit-inspired designs. [That wraps up this week's installment of Custom Made Monday! If you have any customs you'd like to see featured, or just spot something that's eye-catching and fits the feature, be sure to e-mail us and let us know!]
Custom Made Monday photo
Timely movie-themed customs pop up in this week's post
Custom Made Monday is back this week after a brief C2E2-related vacation (pre-event preparation, mostly), and it seems in our time, we've missed a few things. Notably, there's some new custom designer toys worth sharing, but ...


You can't take the sky from this LEGO Brick Serenity

Aug 08
// Kristina Pino
What happens when you give an amazing builder (Adrian Drake) a whole lot of LEGO Bricks (70,000 of them) and a whole lot of time to play with them (about 475 hours over 21 months)? You get... this thing of beauty. This 7-foot...

SDCC 2012: Quantum Mechanix (part two)

Jul 16
// Tianxiao Ma
Now we get to what makes Quantum Mechanix so amazing: big huge spaceship models! I'm very sad I couldn't be at SDCC, because I would have loved to see these in person. Still, I'm glad Brian took so many photos. These are defi...

SDCC 2012: Quantum Mechanix (part one)

Jul 16
// Tianxiao Ma
As a sci-fi TV show nerd and a figure collector, Quantum Mechanix is one of my favorite companies. And though I can't afford their more extravagant merchandise, there were plenty of smaller things to see at SDCC. Several Batt...

Quantum Mechanix is certainly in a generous mood. The site previously announced that they would be bringing maquettes of Battlestar Galactica's Admiral Adama as well as Firefly's Shepherd Book to SDCC. And now, Inara Ser...


Our friends over at Quantum Mechanix have unveiled their first two San Diego Comic-Con exclusive items. The first of which is a 1/10-scale maquette of Battlestar Galactica's Admiral Adama. Here is what the company has to...


WonderCon 2012: Quantum Mechanix

Mar 20
// Tianxiao Ma
Quantum Mechanix has been doing its darndest to please Firefly fans, and their WonderCon stuff continues that tradition. I think Whedonites in general will appreciate their various figures, such as the Little Damn Heroes vers...

QMx releasing a new Malcolm Reynolds pistol replica

Mar 02
// Brian Szabelski
Quantum Mechanix have announced their latest 1/1-scale replica up for sale, and it's a metal-plated version of Malcolm Reynolds' pistol from Firefly. Molded from the stunt pistol actually used by Nathan Fillion on the series,...

Quantum Mechanix shrinks the Serenity in their new model

Nov 10
// Brian Szabelski
Okay, so Quantum Mechanix's Big Damn Replica Serenity is maybe a little too much for your bank account to handle. But fear not, because the folks at Quantum Mechanix have a more affordable and slightly smaller version availab...

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