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Figutto Zoids Girl Shield Liger is now up for pre-order

Because who doesn't love robot and cat girls combined, right?
Sep 13
// Andres Cerrato
There are a few things that I haven't expected. Mecha musume is nothing new, especially with the long-running Busou Shinki line, the popularity of Strike Witches and the recent release of Bandai's Armored Girl Plus line. The ...

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 11, 2012

May 11
// Jonathan Tubbs
It's all about Griffon Enterprises plus one for today's Reserve or Regret. Of course there's more Touhou Project from this company. Why would there not be? Griffon will be releasing the 1/8-scale saint Toyosatomimi no Miko (t...

Treasure Festa is going on right now in Japan and Griffon Enterprises has a ton of new items to show off. A large portion of the figures previewed were from the doujin series, Touhou Project, with characters like Remilia...


Griffon Enterprises' Shining Wind Figutto Seena Kanon finally poised for pre-order

May 13
// Jonathan Tubbs
It's only been about a year and a half since Griffon Enterprises listed Shining Wind as a part of the Figutto! series, their then-new line of poseable figures. It was about a month ago that we finally got our first look at th...


Enjoy this gallery of Griffon's Ryuk Figutto

Mar 18
// Brian Szabelski
You might remember earlier news about Griffon's Ryuk and Yagami Light Figuttos. We've already seen a preview gallery of Light this week, so now it's time to check out Ryuk! These new pictures come to us via Akiba Hobby, showi...

Get ready for some more Yagami Light in this gallery preview

Mar 16
// Kristina Pino
Upcoming Light Figutto by Griffon definitely has a lot of folks excited, be they devoted Death Note fans or not. For one thing, he's quite the handsome fellow. Another, he comes with pretty awesome accessories. I mean, come o...

Griffon's figutto line brings us Death Note's Light, Ryuk, and a bag of chips

Jan 28
// Jonathan Tubbs
Why hello there, good looking sir. Perhaps you and me can... GYAAAAAAAA~~~! Cripes! I need to be careful of who I hit on! If you haven't seen Scarecroodle's cBlog post then let us inform you what's going on. Pre-orders have o...

Preorders open for the Hitagi Figutto of Bakemonogatari

Jun 03
// Jonathan Tubbs
It's funny that Griffon Enterprises would make a surprise announcement of their next Figutto figure when we haven't even seen a release of a single one, yet. Also doesn't help that the entire line has been delayed. Perha...

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