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Star Wars photo
Tamashii Nations/Bandai are going all out on this line
Well, were you on the fence about collecting S.H. Figuarts Star Wars representations? That decision just got a lot easier, as Luke Skywalker has entered the fray. I was one of those people crying out for six inch Star Wars fi...

Tomopop Review: SHFiguarts Momo Velia Deviluke

Aug 05 // Pedro Cortes
Figure Name: S.H. Figuarts Momo Velia DevilukeFigure Maker: BandaiMSRP: $45.99Available at: HobbyLink Japan | CD Japan | J-List | Plamoya | Entertainment Earth | Big Bad Toy Store | Amazon Momo's box is pretty much what you'd expect from a figure box. At the very least, it uses some non-standard colors and looks pretty. Much more than you're usual Figuarts packaging. In her plastic cage, Momo looks complacently happy. In addition to her somewhat vapid standard expression, there are two other faces that you can change out. She's got three additional sets of hands and an extra one to help hold one of her two accessories. More on those later. Momo out of the box looks alright. One thing I do like about To Love-Ru and To Love-Ru Darkness are the colors chosen for the Deviluke family. I'm a sucker for short pink hair, which happens to work well with the school uniforms in the show. One of the few things I like about both shows is the design of the Deviluke family. Well, and the fanservice. Believe me, the "plot" is as threadbare as the clothing on most of these characters. Here's the first problem with the figure. Instead of a peg plugged into her back, you've got a clamp. There are by far my least favorite method of holding up a figure. Yes, the bendable post helps in putting Momo in a variety of poses, but she never feels stable. The lack of pegs on the base also prevents any sort of stability, which is a problem when the figure lacks heft and balance. At the very least, the base is pretty. Her name, the pink flowers and her tail look nice on the small heart-shaped piece of plastic. Just, you know, some additional support would've been appreciated in keeping her standing. As you may have seen in previous pictures, Momo has got a little devilish tail. It's bendable, which means that you can have her clutch it, as pictured above. Considering that tail features prominently into a lot of the service in the show, it's a nice touch that you can manipulate it. Speaking of manipulating long things, here is the other accessory in the box. It's...I'm not entirely sure what it is. I'm guessing it's a plant, as Momo has summoned some rather phallic-looking plants during To Love-Ru Darkness. You can bend it to do whatever you want with it. Above, switching to the gripped hands lets Momo grip it in frustration. It was a mirror of my face, as trying to oh-so-carefully switch out the hands is a harrowing process when you've got giant meat-hooks like me. They feel like they're going to break any moment. I'm not sure if using a ball joint was a good idea for a character as small and slight as Momo. Here's a closer shot of the aforementioned phone. It's purple, tiny and has nothing on it. That's it. You get the suggestive plant and a cell phone to have fun with. It's a pretty weak selection of items for a poseable figure that isn't particularly interesting to look at. I'm pretty sure this is why we don't get a lot of poseables from shows like To Love-Ru Darkness. There's very little you can do with those characters, besides have them get molested by Hentai Woody. It's a shame too, as Momo looks rather nice. She maintains the Figuarts quality that you'd expect, only she's lacking the things necessary to have fun with her. Now, I don't know what else they could have added to her collection, but at least give her something amusing and out of the ordinary. The pervy plant doesn't count, especially for $46 MSRP. Momo isn't a bad figure. She is well-painted, well-molded and looks just like her animated counterpart. The problem here is that there's very little to do with her. It's not like she's an action characters, where just their existence alone can lead to amusement. She would've needed some more items to have fit in with other items in your shelf. Honestly, I'd stick with static statues of her, as you're going to get something bigger and frankly better looking. Go elsewhere for your service. [A big thank you goes out to Bluefin for providing Momo for review!]
S.H. Figuarts photo
Not the service you'd expect
You know, there's something to be said about the harem show. Sure, they're usually puerile, insipid and lacking in any sort of redeeming value. Yes, they usually rely on fanservice in lieu of good animation or solid design. Y...

SH Figuarts MJ photo
SH Figuarts MJ

S.H. Figuarts Michael Jackson kicks his way into magazine scans

I heard the sound of a crescendo
May 22
// Rio McCarthy
We first saw him in person at Toy Fair 2014, and now he reappears in the new magazine scans - my most wanted figure of the year - S.H. Figuarts Michael Jackson! The scans show him in all kinds of poses, and it looks like you'...

SDCC 2013: Bandai's Dragon Ball Z

New figures added to Bandai's Figuarts, S.H. Figuarts and Figuarts Zero lines
Jul 18
// Vanessa Cubillo
Bandai's Dragon Ball Z line up really growing! Seen on full display at SDCC were prototypes of new Dragon Ball Z figures for S.H. Figuarts, Figuarts and Figuarts Zero. There will be S.H. Figuarts figures of Android 17 and An...


S.H. Figuarts Sailor Mercury now available for pre-orders

No need to repent, only to pre-order
Jul 01
// Martin Siggers
We've been seeing a slow drip-feed of spy shots, teasers and previews, but now it's finally happened - S.H. Figuarts Sailor Mercury is going up for pre-order across the web. She's listed for an October release and comes in at...

SDCC 2012: Tamashii Nations/Bluefin - Taibani

Jul 13
// Kristina Pino
Check out the gallery for images of Bandai/Tamashii Nations' offerings via Bluefin Distribution in the way of Tiger & Bunny merchandise. You'll see Figuarts ZERO Kotetsu, Barnaby, Ivan and Keith. We've also got Wild Tiger...

Go treasure hunting with SHFiguarts BoukenRed & RedBuster

May 29
// Andres Cerrato
It's been a while since we've seen these two red leaders, but it looks like we'll finally be getting close to their release. Super Sentai has slowly been making its way into the SHF line and we'll be seeing two new entries in...

Tiger & Barnaby return for more with these new Figuarts

Dec 07
// Chang Su
Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. -- girls want them, guys want to be them, and consequently the dynamic duo has felt a lot of merchandising love as of late. Of course, when it comes to merchandising, Bandai (one of the chief...

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