Trigger II

Trigger II opens tonight at Stranger Factory

Featuring works from Brandt Peters and Ferg
Jan 10
Stranger Factory's newest show opening is Trigger II, which sees Brandt Peters and Ferg team up for a dual exhibition. Brandt is displaying quite a few new 2-D art pieces alongside a few custom figures, and Ferg will at least... read

The Terror Boys makes their debut with Ooze no.00

Wouldn't you like to have a psycho killer of your very own?
May 29
First there were The Trouble Boys, now meet The Terror Boys. From the new line by Brandt Peters and FERG comes the first figure in their new Terror Boys line, OOZE no.00. This figure is seen with a skeletal head made of ooze... read
Rotofugi plays host to an army of Ferg's Squadts
Earlier this month, Rotofugi played host to the opening of Ferg's Squadt Assembly show, featuring both custom Squadts and the chance to build your own Squadt. We didn't get to make it out to the opening, but while I was in to... read feature

Jeremyriad exclusive goes on sale Oct. 29
Not so long ago, one Mr. Jeremy Brautman tweeted out a teaser about news involving a new Misfortune Cat on his blog. I suspected it might be an exclusive, and lo and behold, it is! The 2.5-inch Jeremyriad exclusive Little Mis... read feature

Checking in with the customs for The Super Suck Up

Latest reveals include art from Scott Tolleson, DrilOne, Onell Design, Luke Chueh and more
Sep 10
A while back, it was announced that The Super Suck Up was coming to DesignerCon, and that a number of artists would be lending their skills to customizing some Suckadelic figures. So, just about two months out from the show, ... read

Ferg's blind-boxed Misfortune Cats coming in September

Aug 15
If you've been wondering about when Ferg's 2.5-inch Misfortune Cat blind-boxed series would be coming ... well, the Circus Posterus blog has the answer. It'll be a mid-September release for the 16-piece series, with 10 of the... read

An avalanche of new stuff from Jamungo appears

Feb 10
Ferg and Playge are releasing a new Squadt and two new playsets, while an older Squadt is popping up at Sideshow Collectibles. First, the new stuff: now up for pre-order is the NKD Nozzel, a 6-inch Squadt that comes with thre... read

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