Max Factory and Good Smile Company have let us know that a figma version of Saber from Fate/Zero would be coming. Heck, Max Factory even gave the date in their preview of this figure. And sure enough, here it is ready for pre... read feature


Color really suits figma Saber from Fate/Zero in this new preview gallery

Nov 02
About a month ago, Max Factory showed off a protoype of a figma version of Saber from Fate/Zero which, by the way, currently has an anime running. Max Factory is now giving a full preview of the upcoming figma in color a... read

Less than a day left to convince you to pre-order Volks' Dollfie Dream Saber

Oct 29
This will be the last time I hound you folks about Volks' Dollfie Dream Saber releases. Why is that? Because the deadline is just around the corner! The Volks DD Blog has been posting several photos of what you can do with th... read

Good Smile Company's Fate/Zero Saber in a suit on a motorcycle is all levels of hotness

Oct 28
So, I was just saying how I was smitten over the cute Charlotte Dunois by Alter. Well, I'm just as smitten over what Good Smile Company had on display but for different reasons. At the Good Smile Cafe was a promotion for TYPE... read

Dollfie Dream Saber shows her fashionable side at the many Volks Show Rooms

Oct 21
With Volks releasing a new Dollfie Dream Saber from Fate/EXTRA and an updated version of Saber Alter from Fate/hollow ataraxia, the company has been promoting her left and right throughout the month. Now the company's various... read

Fate/stay night's Saber sees another re-release along with Unlimited Blade Works Rin

Oct 19
Saber from Fate/stay night is all the rage lately and that rage continues with Good Smile Company now re-releasing both the 1/7 scale Saber Alter -Vortigern- verion and the 1/7 scale Rin -Unlimited Blade Works- version. What ... read

Saber suits up in this new figma preview

Oct 01
Coinciding with the airing of the Fate/Zero anime series, the figma blog has released a few shots of -- you guessed it -- the Fate/Zero version of Saber! Despite my pathological love for the character, I actually wasn't ... read

Volks unveils their new Dollfie Dream Sabers

Sep 23
Doll fans have probably been paying attention to Volks as of late, as they've been teasing some new Saber Dollfie Dreams, and now, they've revealed the two of them on their blog. On your left in the header is the Saber Fate/E... read

Banpresto's Fate/Zero Saber looks pretty much the same

Sep 15
Along with Gundam AGE and the Persona 4 anime, Fate/Zero is one of my most anticipated shows for the Fall 2011 season. Acting as the prequel to Fate/StayNight, I'm hoping that its more focused story will fix the things that I... read

Make Fate/Extra's Caster your waifu thanks to Phat Company

Jul 20
Oh, Fate/Stay Night. Even you are not immune to the call of the kemonomimi, and I couldn't be happier. Most Fate fans probably recall the enigmatic Medea when they think of Caster, but not so in this lesser-known addition to ... read

The heat takes its toll, Alter delays Summer Saber and Rin

Jul 11
It has been way too hot this summer. I experienced my first triple digits earlier this year and it's not something I would want to endure. Even figures need a relief from that kind of heat though, as Alter was planning to rel... read

Phat! Company teases the color sample of Fate/EXTRA's Caster in this distant photo

Jun 28
It was just yesterday that Good Smile Company announced a follow up to their Fate/Stay Night Nendoroid Petit set with the Extension Set and now there's more Fate series news coming from one of their associated companies. Phat... read

The battle gets bigger with the Fate/Stay Night Nendoroid Petit Extension Set

Jun 27
It's been almost a year since the cast of Fate/Stay Night started to do battle in Nendoroid Petit form. Though the dust has settled, a new battle is just beginning. Revealed on Mika-tan's blog is a continuation of the Nendoro... read

Alter delays three figures from June release to July

Jun 10
If you were hoping to get Charlotte E Yeager (Strike Witches), Saber Lily or Rin Summer Versions (Fate/Stay Night) this month, you might be disappointed (or in some cases, relieved) to know they are now set for release in Jul... read

For the most part, when you think of figures of fate/stay night's Saber, you tend to think of these huge, beautiful, flowing figures with her wielding her sword, hair all in mid-movement, ready to strike something down. But w... read feature


Build your own homunculus with this Irisviel resin kit

Apr 30
I have to admit, I've never been a huge fan of resin kits. I just don't trust myself to put the things together correctly, or at the very least, I won't let myself anywhere near making an attempt to paint them. Still, I love ... read

Clayz Fate/Stay Night Saber is open for pre-order

Mar 04
Hey, look, it's that Saber from garage kit circle T's system that we talked about a few weeks ago. Or, more precisely, it's the PVC version, which is a bit more accessible than the original kit and does not require a knowledg... read

Clayz announce a PVC version of T's system's garage kit

Feb 22
During our coverage of Treasure Festa in Ariake 4, we saw a nice selection of items from GK circle T's System. One of them was a red version (Fate/Extra) of Fate/Stay Night's Saber. While checking out the Clayz blog this morn... read

Alter's 1/8 Summer versions of Saber Lily and Rin are finally up for order!

Feb 21
After being teased with images of these girls for quite some time, we finally get to see them in color. Not only that, but we get to see their oh-so-lovely price point of only ¥4,800. No, that's no joke--each of these lad... read

Winter Wonder Festival 2011: Phat Company's 1/8 Caster

Feb 05
Both Gift and Good Smile Company have had Fate/Stay Night lines going on for quite some time, so when I saw Caster here (who is from Fate/Extra) I assumed she was from one of the two. Hoped, actually, because I have been dyin... read

The 1/4 Saber Lily gets her full unveiling from Volks!

Feb 02
Just a few days before she's up for sale at Wonder Festival, Volks have released a couple of images of their 1/4 Saber Lily in colour! And boy, what a lick of paint can do to a kit!She looks like a much more attractive prospe... read

Alter's Fate/Stay Night Summer version Saber and Rin pop up in Hobby Japan

Jan 22
These figures were leaked back at MegaHobby Expo 2010, because collectors just can't stay away from those "do not photograph" signs, but Alter has finally unveiled these designs officially. Act surprised! The sculpt... read

Fate/kaleid liner's magical girl Illya transforms into a Nendoroid Petit

Jan 13
Fate/Stay Night is like a machine that cannot be stopped. They keep popping out games, movies, anime, manga and alternate versions of characters, like this magical girl Illya. Much like Kaleido Ruby, Rin's Alternate form, Pri... read

[UPDATED]Gift's Saber Lily is finally up for order!

Jan 11
Gift's Saber Lily, like most of their Fate/Stay Night line, is  figure that elicits mixed emotions. And while I understand while some people are put off by her more realistic facial style, I can't help but gasp at how go... read

Gift's Saber Lily is ridiculously gorgeous

Jan 07
Gift's first Saber was a rather odd figure, with stunning armor (perhaps the best ever on a Saber figure), but a face that drew a lot of criticism. She was sculpted by Toda Satoshi and the face reflected his signature style, ... read

[UPDATE] Gift finally shows off their 1/8 Dark Sakura figure

Dec 13
Gift is a strange company. They focus mainly on plushes and seem to have mostly forgotten about figures, but when they do crank one out they're some of the best in the business. It seems like we've been waiting on them to con... read

Treasure Festa in Ariake 4: Saber! ...oh, and those other characters

Dec 12
Huh? There's other characters than Saber from Fate/stay night? Nah. Are you sure? Oh. So there is as the garage kit makers of Treasure Festa are reminding us. Of course Saber does headline the kits with her looking adorable w... read

Alter's Saber and Rin Summer Ver. prototype pics surface

Dec 03
Oh, what's this? It seems that Alter showed some new figures of Saber and Rin from Fate/Stay Night in their sumerwear at MegaHobby Expo 2010. The figures had a little card next to them that asked that attendees refrain from t... read

  Dearest readers, Shadow Mask Prime is certainly giving you all a run for your money! Another hilarious review was spotted in the community blogs and is being promoted by request. I really enjoy seeing reviews like... read feature


Good Smile Company's 1/7th Rin Tosaka is up for order!

Nov 22
Well, it's been a long time coming, but here she is ready for order! First, we got word that Good Smile Company would be producing a 1/7th scale figure of Rin Tosaka back in January, then after many months of waiting she was ... read

There are a lot of Nendoroids out there, but most of them follow the same basic pattern. Cute, with limited poseability. The interchangeable faces are what make them interesting, but Good Smile Company decided to improve on a... read feature


Good Smile Company's 1/7 Rin in all her glory

Nov 18
We've seen this figure many times before: in fact she was first teased almost a year ago! Now in these gorgeous new pictures for Mikatan's blog, we finally get a glimspe of what the production run will look like! Her face and... read

Saber Lily Dollfie details and pictures emerge

Nov 09
A few days ago, it was revealed that two new dolls would be available at Dolpa 24 in December, Saber Lily and a Christmas Alna. Now, the Dollfie blog has posted two different sets of images of Saber Lily and her main informat... read

Good Smile Company listens to fans, fixes Rin's face

Nov 08
Good news everybody! I know a lot of you were disappointed with the painted version of Rin from Fate/Stay Night when it was shown off in magazine scans, and it seems the general consensus was one of frustration. I did not lik... read

More on Kotobukiya's 1/20 Fate/Stay Night Saber

Nov 08
We first saw the Saber that Kotobukiya was working on at the All-Japan Model Hobby Show, and while our readers seemed less than enthusiastic, I thought that this Hoi Hoi-san-esque version of Saber actually looked pr... read

Tomopop Birthday Club: Chris' Haul

Oct 28
It seems that birthdays at Tomopop are like buses. You wait for one and then several appear at once! Hot off the heels of Brad and his haul, it's my turn to show you readers what I received for my birthday gift from the Tomop... read

Nendoroid Saber has the best new Nendoroid face ever

Oct 27
While we have enough Japanese-literate staffers at Tomo to be fine with reading Japanese blogs, I have to say that the launch of Mikatan's blog in English has been really great. For one thing, we can tell whether or... read

Good Smile Racing Cafe has a ton of figures, surpringly cars as well

Oct 23
Sigh. Yet another reason I wish I lived in Japan. The Good Smile Cafe in Matsudo City, Chiba we mentioned awhile back recently underwent a racing transformation. Added to the grand amount of Saber statues, Vocaloids and Nendo... read

Max Factory and Good Smile show off two of my favorite characters in painted form!

Oct 22
FINALLY! I can actually say that about both of these figures, as I've been waiting a year+ on them! I am sure many of you will be thrilled to see Good Smile's 1/7 Rin finally painted, and my goodness she is beautiful! Her fac... read

Kotobukiya has kits galore at the All-Japan Model Hobby Show

Oct 14
Of course an event about models would be odd if it didn't have kits for you to work on. Kotobukiya showed off their plamo kits featuring releases we have known about. The 1/20 scale Saber of Fate/Stay Night was displayed alon... read

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