Aniplex+ Saber photo
Aniplex+ Saber

Take a very good look at the Aniplex+ black dress shirt Saber

International pre-orders still open
Apr 19
Think you've already seen enough of this sultry Saber from Fate/Zero? It never hurts to take another look (or several). Thanks to Akiba Hobby getting their hands on a sample we're getting our best look yet at the An... read
Fate/Zero photo

Aniplex's 'very business casual' suited Saber now available for pre-order

Suit up... or suit down?
Mar 22
The American comic strip Dilbert has recurring bits about business casual going too far. This would certainly seem to be the case with Aniplex's 1/6-scale Fate/Zero suited (or barely suited) Saber, if she had ever worked in a... read
Wonder Festival Saber 2.0 photo
Wonder Festival Saber 2.0

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: figma Saber 2.0 & Archer

The stuff of legends
Feb 09
After Hatsune Miku got a makeover into figma 2.0 you probably wondered who the next character would be to get the upgrade. Well look no further as we're given our first look at Saber 2.0 from Fate/stay night! She's looking ex... read

Summon Medicom's RAH Saber

A contract worth making
Feb 28
Medicom's RAH "Fate/Zero" armored Saber is currently available for pre-order. This gorgeous Fate/Zero figure (or doll?) stands 300mm tall and will come with a summoning circle as a limited production run bonus. Saber features... read

Chibi Toro does Fate/Zero figma customs MF probably wont

figma customizer extraordinaire Chibi Toro reveals one-of-a-kind custom figures of Lancer and Berserker.
Jan 22
When it comes to figma customs there's nobody better at it than Japanese figma master Chibi Toro. We're talking about someone that's so dedicated to perfecting super articulated figures at this scale ... read

More MegaHouse boys from Fate/Zero and Tiger & Bunny

Fate/Zero's Lancer in color, Archer and Velvet revealed as well as Tiger & Bunny's Ivan, and Gundam Seed's Yzak teased.
Nov 22
Egad MegaHouse! You're going all out with the guys from Fate/Zero and then some as seen in the latest magazine scans! We knew that the 1/8-scale M.M.S. Collection Lancer is coming but now the fellow is featured in color ... read

Animate Girls Festival 2012: Fate/Zero Waver by ALTER

You can be the master of my ride any day.
Nov 18
Boys! Men! Sexy folks! Whatever you want it to be, the Animate Girls Festival has it for you ladies (and guys)! We've seen that already with ALTER revealing the colored prototype of Raven from Namco Bandai role-playing game T... read

ALTAiR teases Fate/zero's Waver Velvet in color

To appear at Animate Girls Festival and MegaHobby Expo
Nov 15
Alter's ALTAiR division has teased a new figure on its blog, and it just happens to be Fate/Zero's Waver Velvet! While he was previously announced, this is the first time we're getting a glimpse at Waver in color. You can see... read

Good Smile delays more toward and after the new year

Ultimate Madoka, Princess of the Crystal, Saber Lily and more get pushed back
Oct 31
What? Is it already time for more product delays from Good Smile Company and Max Factory? Apparently so. Here is what you'll need to be rolling over your planned budget for: Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Ultimate MadokaNovember... read

Tamashii Nation 2012 preview has a load of anime figures

Magi, Strike Witches, Code Geass, To Love-ru, Another, and the kitchen sink join Bandai's many figure lines.
Oct 25
Tamashii Nation 2012 may be tomorrow officially but the preview event is already giving us and then some for figure announcements. We've seen Sailor Moon and Sol Badguy to name a couple of big announcements. Now there's a sle... read

Dengeki Festival 2012: Kaiyodo

Smaller figures abound ... but where are the Revoltechs?
Oct 20
Kaiyodo's attendance at Dengeki Festival was mostly a chance for them to show off some new Capsule Q Fraulein figures. That included two releases coming in January: the Fate/Zero set that comes with two Sabers, Irisviel,... read

The Tamashii Nation grows with Durarara!!, Another, more

Take that Max Factory! Bandai beats you to Archer. ...sort of.
Oct 20
Update: Better photos have been added from Akiba Hobby also showing off additional figures coming. This includes Chieri and Nagisa from AKB0048, the AGP series of figures of the girls from Strike Witches, AGP Misaka from Toar... read

Good Smile previews Nendoroid Petite TYPE-MOON set

Collection celebrates 10 years of TYPE-MOON
Sep 18
Good Smile Company is helping TYPE-MOON celebrate their 10th Anniversary in style with their latest Nendoroid Petite collection. This massive set features 12 characters (including a secret bonus character) from seven TYPE-Moo... read

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Alter

Jul 29
Not to be shown up by anyone, Alter is in with plenty of prototypes of new and upcoming figures, as well as a few other things we've seen before (like Charlotte Dunois which is up for re-release, Laura Bodewig which is up for... read

As it turns out, Lawson are having a Fate/Zero campaign, and they can't help but make sure pretty much everyone is made jealous by releasing "The Holy Grail of Prize Figures," as Yami aptly put it, along with a few other good... read feature


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 31, 2012

May 31
So another month has come to an end and it seems the figure makers want to make sure our wallets are empty before closing it. The big thing would have to be the assortment of figures from Fate/Zero from Good Smile Company and... read

Good Smile's figures from the April Nico Nico live stream

Apr 20
As posted not long ago, Good Smile Company ran a live stream on Nico Nico showcasing their products for the month of April. One of those products was Nendoroid Racing Miku 2012 ver. As for other products, there are a few we k... read

Fate/Zero Saber to rule as the next Beach Queens figure

Apr 09
Was Beach Queens Saber from Fate/EXTRA too much for you what with her boobs being shoved into her face from an insane lift? Do you like your Saber being a little more modest? ...or just have a one piece swimsuit fetish? Perha... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for April 4, 2012

Apr 05
Like trading figures and other figure odds and ends? That is what you have to look forward to in today's Reserve or Regret. There are normal figures, too, but the majority of what you will find are figures of the trading vari... read

Prize Fair 2012 Summer: Banpresto - Fate/Zero

Feb 18
The Prize Fair offerings for Fate/Zero aren't exactly myriad, but something tells me you won't have much trouble finding Fate/Zero merchandise anyway. In terms of figures you have the obligatory Saber in a suit along with Iri... read

Wonder Festival 2012 Winter: figma, figma and more figma

Feb 13
Do you want some figmas? I sure hope you do, because if anything, Wonder Festival 2012 Winter proves you're getting a lot of them in the coming year! And let's start off with the one that was already teased: Senki Zessho... read

Take a stab at this Saber figma gallery

Nov 30
Fate/Stay Night's Saber has always been a classy lady, but with her new prequel incarnation from Fate/Zero, we see a whole different side of the once and future king. Foregoing her usual armor, this Saber comes to us in an ex... read

Have a closer look at the new figma Saber

Nov 07
I don't really understand what's so appealing about the Fate franchise's Saber (in a suit or otherwise) but her Fate/Zero outfit has made some waves among otaku circles. Her latest figma incarnation went up for pre-order a fe... read

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