Lingerie Style Fate/Stay

Wave lets you make your own lingerie Saber harem

From the company that brought you characters in swimsuits comes...
Dec 24
Some ideas you could have sworn have been done before. Sure, there's plenty of Saber figures to go around. Someone has had to have made them in various states of sleeptime apparel, especially of Saber. Surprisingly, it does n... read
Epic sitting
Sega's Summer WonFes booth featured prize figures for Neon Genesis Evangelion, Vocaloid, and Terra Formars, among other properties. Among the highlights were a seated Gendo (!!!), Caster (Fate/EXTRA CCC), mini Terraforma... read feature

Wonder Festival

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Kotobukiya gallery

There's so much more left!
Aug 02
It's hard to believe Kotobukiya had so much stuff with them at Wonder Festival considering just how much they brought with them to San Diego Comic Con that same weekend. While they did bring a few things to both conventions, ... read
Saber Extra remains aptly named
Kahotan has released a preview gallery for Good Smile Company's upcoming 1/7-scale Saber Extra (Fate/Extra). Pre-orders are expected to open on July 17. While I was at least a little interested when we first saw an unpainted ... read feature

Definitely something extra in the chest
Keeping track of the various casts of the Fate franchise is beyond my patience, so I'll just say this Caster is the one featured in Fate/Extra CCC. The original Caster in Fate/stay night was rather dour while this one is... I... read feature


Kotobukiya's Saber Extra doesn't involve any additional costs

Tomopop editor worries that pun may confuse readers
May 16
Kotobukiya's 1/7-scale Saber Extra (Fate/Extra), previously seen unpainted at Winter WonFes, is currently available for pre-order. While I've never been fond of the clear/translucent costume elements, there's something fun ab... read

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: GSC's Saber Extra

At least a few will be "Fated" to buy another Saber
Apr 08
It is a truth universally acknowledged that there is no such thing as too much Saber merchandise... or, at least, it's the opinion held by many companies and fans. While relatively few collectors can afford it all (assuming t... read
Fate/Extra CCC

It's not bad luck to peek at Clayz's Saber Bride early

Looks all white to me
Mar 13
Clayz has released some in-progress photos of the prototype for its upcoming Fate/EXTRA CCC Saber Bride... and, well, she looks all white. The sculpting looks like it's coming along great. The nice thing is that Clayz has opt... read
Alphamax Saber Bride

Curse your wedding by looking at Alphamax's Saber Bride

Who needs a prenup, right?
Feb 17
They say that looking at the bride's dress before the wedding is bad luck. You really can't help but a sneak a peek here with Alphamax's Saber Bride. She certainly debuted to a lot of fanfare, but it's been a little while sin... read
WonFes 2014W Kotobukiya

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Kotobukiya scale figures

New Saber and Lum prototypes, plus Chuunibyou's Rikka announced
Feb 11
We've already seen some of the new hotness that Kotobukiya brought to WonFes, but there's always room for more. Their scale figure lineup looks pretty diverse this year, which is great if you're sick of KanColle. Here's the r... read
We're in the final days before Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter]!
Hello and welcome back to a very busy Tomopop LinkUP! I suppose that title is worthy of a little explanation. You see, back in the heyday of anime fansubs there was a number of speed subbers that were notorious for their nons... read feature

Fate/Extra CCC

Put a pre-order on AlphaMax's Saber Bride

If you like it then you should have put a pre-order on it
Dec 28
AlphaMax's 1/8 scale Fate/EXTRA CCC Saber Bride is currently available for pre-order. Although I haven't exactly been a fan of the Saber Bride design, I'm seeing the appeal when the zipper is down as seen with the AlphaMax version. It still seems like an unbelievably kooky design but there's some definite fetish fuel going on here. Full info after the jump. read
GSC/Max Factory

Nendoroid Archer and other GSC/Max Factory teasers

Proudly giving fans another Archer to wait years for
Dec 19
Exciting new images have appeared on figsoku, including a currently-being-designed Nendoroid Archer/Gilgamesh (which I fully expect to receive an unpainted prototype... then not get released). Other items on display in some f... read
Because he has a lot of nice things to say?
Kahotan has released a preview gallery for the upcoming Nendoroid Saber Bride (Fate/EXTRA CCC). Nendoroid Saber Bride comes with her sword (Aestus Estus: The Embryonic Flame) and the choice of three faces: a smiling face, a s... read feature

Is there really such a thing as an "extra" Saber?
Kahotan has released a preview for the upcoming Nendoroid Saber Extra which, apparently, is at least the eighth Saber we've seen in Nendoroid form. It's no great secret that Saber is mostly over-promoted but, when the result ... read feature


Nendoroid update: Saber, Kanbaru, Levi, Shizue, and Aegis

Pretty colors!
Nov 12
Besides some new shots of Nendoroid Levi, we've got some photos of the now-colored Shizue (Winter ver.), Suruga Kanbaru from Bakemonogatari, and Aegis from Persona 3, who was last seen at WonFes. And to round things off, get ... read
Pre-order Red Saber Nendo

Pre-order GSC's Fate/Extra Saber Nendoroid

A Fate/Extra saber? Why not.
Jul 26
Fans of Saber and Fate series may be interested in Good Smile Company's latest Saber Nendoroid that is available for pre-order. One thing that is sure to catch your attention about her is that she is armored in red and has a ... read

Summon Fate/Extra's foxy Caster with a pre-order

Phat Company - 1/8 Scale
May 29
As popular as the Fate franchise is, Fate/Extra tends to be a bit overlooked by many. Out of all of the game's characters though, it shouldn't be a surprise that the foxgirl Caster is recognized by most, and she's no stranger... read

Treasure Festa in Ariake 9: Gift chooses its Saber Bride

Sculpted by Kagutsuchino
May 05
To my disappointment, Gift has held on to making more plushes than PVC. When they do get to making a PVC, it's usually a Saber. I'm not in anyway a fan of Fate, but I love this marriage of the two entities. It's fitting then ... read

Fate/Extra CCC game and figma Saber Bride delayed, again

Often delayed game now pushed to March 28, 2013.
Dec 27
You're probably used to this by now, right? The Fate/Extra CCC Virgin White Box bundle with figma Saber Bride first went up for order in September of 2011 for a vague 'Spring 2012' release, but an increased budget g... read

A while back, Brian posted about this lovely figma as she was announced to be a bundle with the upcoming Fate/Extra CCC limited edition box. Overall she looks pretty rad, but some folks were upset with either her exclusivity ... read feature

This version of Saber hails from the PSP dungeon crawler Fate/Extra. Although she looks like Fate/stay night's Saber, this is apparently not the same character. Well, you could have fooled me. Aside from the color changes, th... read feature

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 10, 2012

May 10
Whaaaaa~t? Reserve or Regret a second time today? There's just too much awesome to not talk about! Today is a day that you will go broke! ...or so I hope because so much more was released from MegaHouse as well as Good Smile ... read

Get your hands on this foxy Caster doll

Mar 28
When one thinks of Caster from the well-known Fate franchise, no doubt the enigmatic Medea first comes to mind. However, a little more knowledge reveals the Servants from other periods in time, many of which are seen in the P... read

Wave reveals Beach Queens Saber from Fate/EXTRA

Feb 10
If you happen to like Beach Queens or Saber, Wave has something for you. Popping up on GAGraphic were thee images of a prototype for a Beach Queens Saber from Fate/EXTRA, the 2010 PSP game. Sticking with the series, she'll be... read

Gift's Saber Extra preview is gorgeous in every way

Nov 28
If there is one thing you can expect from Gift when there is a new Fate series Saber, it's that they will be releasing a gorgeous figure of that incarnation. And that's how it's looking based on what was previewed on Mikatan'... read

28th Miyazawa Exhibition: Good Smile Company, Max Factory

Nov 08
Are you curious to see what's coming down the line from the various figure manufactures as well as what new product they have up their sleeve? Look no further than the 28th Miyazawa Exhibition, an event that gathers the ... read

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