Fate/Stay Night photo
Also known as a not-Saber
While Saber variants greatly outnumber all other figma entries from the Fate series, Max Factory is apparently still making other characters. Most recently this has come in the form of a painted figma Rin Tohsaka based on an ... read feature

Fate/Stay Night photo
Ride on, you crazy diamond!
GSC's Nendoroid Rider (Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works]; ie, the recent Fate/Stay Night remake) is currently available for pre-order. Rider (whose real identity was Medusa) received a good amount of merchandise during ... read feature

Lingerie Style Fate/Stay photo
Lingerie Style Fate/Stay

Wave lets you make your own lingerie Saber harem

From the company that brought you characters in swimsuits comes...
Dec 24
Some ideas you could have sworn have been done before. Sure, there's plenty of Saber figures to go around. Someone has had to have made them in various states of sleeptime apparel, especially of Saber. Surprisingly, it does n... read
Fate photo
Or don't, because that's a terrible idea
Kotobukiya's 1/7-scale Fate/hollow ataraxia Saber swimsuit is currently available for pre-order. Fate/hollow ataraxia is the visual novel follow-up to the hit Fate/stay night (later converted into a manga and anime) and, as s... read feature

Fate photo
Saber Extra remains aptly named
Kahotan has released a preview gallery for Good Smile Company's upcoming 1/7-scale Saber Extra (Fate/Extra). Pre-orders are expected to open on July 17. While I was at least a little interested when we first saw an unpainted ... read feature

Fate/Stay Night photo
Fate/Stay Night

figma Saber 2.0 (it's the sequel?) is available for pre-order

Sequel or reboot?
May 30
Max Factory's figma Saber 2.0 (Fate/Stay Night) is currently available for pre-order. While the revamped figma Saber provides a great opportunity for anybody who missed the original release (as well as a good accompaniment fo... read
Fate/Extra photo

Kotobukiya's Saber Extra doesn't involve any additional costs

Tomopop editor worries that pun may confuse readers
May 16
Kotobukiya's 1/7-scale Saber Extra (Fate/Extra), previously seen unpainted at Winter WonFes, is currently available for pre-order. While I've never been fond of the clear/translucent costume elements, there's something fun ab... read
Aniplex+ Saber photo
Aniplex+ Saber

Take a very good look at the Aniplex+ black dress shirt Saber

International pre-orders still open
Apr 19
Think you've already seen enough of this sultry Saber from Fate/Zero? It never hurts to take another look (or several). Thanks to Akiba Hobby getting their hands on a sample we're getting our best look yet at the An... read
Fate/Stay Night photo
Those fiendish fiends!
[UPDATE: Pre-orders are now open, but don't hold your breath that he'll actually be released] Max Factory has cruelly raised fans' hopes by posting a preview gallery for figma Archer, a figure that was first used taunt fans a... read feature

Fate photo

Pre-order Nendoroid Gilgamesh; do it for the gold solo cup

Gold solo cup / I fill you up / Let's have a party
Apr 09
Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Gilgamesh (Fate) is currently available for pre-order and, in addition to what we saw in the recent preview, will apparently also include his famous jug of wine along with a chalice. The Archer-... read
Fate/Extra photo

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: GSC's Saber Extra

At least a few will be "Fated" to buy another Saber
Apr 08
It is a truth universally acknowledged that there is no such thing as too much Saber merchandise... or, at least, it's the opinion held by many companies and fans. While relatively few collectors can afford it all (assuming t... read
Fate photo

Clayz's new Saber looks sick... like literally sick

Is she about to throw up?
Apr 05
My first thoughts upon seeing Clayz's photos of a prototype for an armored Saber were is she going to throw up? While the character has been awkwardly posed in the past, never has she looked this nauseous. The 25-cm tall figu... read
Fate/Zero photo

Aniplex's 'very business casual' suited Saber now available for pre-order

Suit up... or suit down?
Mar 22
The American comic strip Dilbert has recurring bits about business casual going too far. This would certainly seem to be the case with Aniplex's 1/6-scale Fate/Zero suited (or barely suited) Saber, if she had ever worked in a... read
Fate photo

Stop and see the flowers: upcoming RAH Saber Lily gets a preview gallery

Because saying stop and small the flowers somehow seems creepy in this context.
Mar 20
Medicom's upcoming RAH Saber Lily has received a preview gallery (or, more technically, a review) on AmiAmi's blog. Unless I've lost track, Saber Lily will be Medicom's fourth RAH Saber (following the standard "armored" Saber... read
Fate/Extra CCC photo
Fate/Extra CCC

It's not bad luck to peek at Clayz's Saber Bride early

Looks all white to me
Mar 13
Clayz has released some in-progress photos of the prototype for its upcoming Fate/EXTRA CCC Saber Bride... and, well, she looks all white. The sculpting looks like it's coming along great. The nice thing is that Clayz has opt... read
promoted post photo
promoted post

Gilgamesh Archer (Chogokin line) Unboxing / Review

Promoted cblog review
Mar 10
[editor's note: Oh hey, a cblog promotion! It's been way too long since we last did this, and if the current trend of awesome stuff being published in there continues, I feel it'll be difficult to choose what to bring up to ... read
Alphamax Saber Bride photo
Alphamax Saber Bride

Curse your wedding by looking at Alphamax's Saber Bride

Who needs a prenup, right?
Feb 17
They say that looking at the bride's dress before the wedding is bad luck. You really can't help but a sneak a peek here with Alphamax's Saber Bride. She certainly debuted to a lot of fanfare, but it's been a little while sin... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Welcome to the start of winter convention season
Hello and welcome back to an action packed Tomopop LinkUP. Packed is definitely the right word for this edition as we're looking at probably our biggest LinkUP yet! And no wonder, it's the winter convention season! UK Toy Fai... read feature

Fate/Extra CCC photo
Fate/Extra CCC

Put a pre-order on AlphaMax's Saber Bride

If you like it then you should have put a pre-order on it
Dec 28
AlphaMax's 1/8 scale Fate/EXTRA CCC Saber Bride is currently available for pre-order. Although I haven't exactly been a fan of the Saber Bride design, I'm seeing the appeal when the zipper is down as seen with the AlphaMax version. It still seems like an unbelievably kooky design but there's some definite fetish fuel going on here. Full info after the jump. read
Good Smile Company Saber photo
Good Smile Company Saber

New Saber figure goes for the Japanese look

Good Smile Company reveals the preliminary illustration
Nov 09
Good Smile Company sure does love Saber figures. This variant (Sakura Saber) is based on the parody manga Fate/Koha-Ace, and favors a Japanese aesthetic over the traditional European-inspired design. I've seen Saber in Japane... read
Pre-order Griffon's Saber photo
Pre-order Griffon's Saber

Pre-order Griffon Enterprise's 1/7-scale Saber

Good pose and armor effect
Aug 30
Griffon makes a lot of interesting figurines. As seen in our summary of Griffon's Sword Art Online figurines some are hits and some are misses. I believe their latest 1/7th scale Saber based on Fate/Stay Night is a hit. While... read
RAH Saber Alter photo
RAH Saber Alter

Form a pre-order contract with Medicom's RAH Saber Alter

Editor realizes how often contract is used in Tomopop headlines/subheaders
Aug 01
Medicom's Real Action Heroes (RAH) Saber Alter is currently available for pre-order. This 1/6 scale figure features two swords, two interchangeable faces, two interchangeable hair pieces, and the character's visor. Saber Alte... read
WonFes Nendoroids Part 1 photo
WonFes Nendoroids Part 1

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Nendoroids Part 1

A whole lotta Nendoroids
Jul 29
Good Smile Company had so many Nendoroids on display this year at Wonfes that I couldn't pack all of them into one gallery post. Many of the ones on display are ones we have already written up pre-order notices for, such as&n... read
WonFes Wing photo
WonFes Wing

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Wing

Good god what is that??
Jul 29
Wing got on my radar with their Shunya Yamashita-designed Fiona figure from Border Break. She turned up at WonFes alongside a handful of newer designs. The rest of their figures were in prototype stage. Sword Art Online's Lea... read
1/7 Saber Lily photo
1/7 Saber Lily

Take a stab at pre-orders for AlphaMax's 1/7 Saber Lily

Because you haven't had enough
Jul 22
Saber Lily is just one of those designs that appeals. It's not flashy, bright, or overly adorned. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. Whenever a company has their take on the alternate Saber, it's hard to ignore the beauty. Al... read
RAH Saber Alter photo
RAH Saber Alter

Medicom gives Saber another go with RAH Saber Alter

Evil makes things better
Jul 18
Medicom has found a new audience now that it's expanded its lineup of RAH 1/6 figures beyond tokusatsu/movie properties. Saber was a step in that direction and many were impressed by the initial images. Those impressions have... read

Pre-order Alter's 1/6th scale Saber Alter Swimsuit ver

Alter plus swimsuits equals yowzers!
May 29
Pre-orders are now available for Alter's swimsuit version of Saber Alter (last seen at Megahobby EXPO). She is built to 1/6th scale but because she is sitting on her knees, this Saber is not terribly tall at 13cm. She is base... read
Review: figma Saber Bride photo
Dressed in white to be your waifu
Getting the bride to the altar can be difficult. Max Factory had an incredibly difficult time getting Saber there. Delays and delays kept pushing back the date, but figma Saber Bride finally arrived alongside the game she delayed in the process. After all the waiting, was she worth it? Find out in the review of figma Saber Bride! read feature

Yukata Sakura photo
Yukata Sakura

Watch some fireworks with yukata Sakura

Pretty in pink... I think
May 22
FREEing's 1/8 yukata Sakura Matou is currently available for pre-order. Sakura is the fourth entry in FREEing's 1/8 yukata Fate series, following her Fate/Stay Night co-stars Saber, Illya, and Rin (and apparently will be foll... read
Review: Chogokin Saber photo
Hey there, pretty armored lady
It's no secret that Saber has seen a lot of merchandise in recent years. Some would even consider her a serious contender for the title of most overproduced Eastern character. Despite that, the armored version of Saber has on... read feature


Treasure Festa in Ariake 9: Moon Writer

Moon Writer shows why figures are posed the way they are
May 05
It's no secret that there are figures posed in very, very odd ways. It's even more odd to explain it to family members. They're provocative without any semblance of reality. "Why is her back like that?" "She's going to topple... read

Bandai sees to it that an Archer figure will be released

Didn't say which Archer though. I'd rather it be Sterling.
Mar 29
Remember every joke about figma Archer? Yeah, it's coming in 2010! 2011! 2012? Nope, forget it. It's never going to happen. Well, keep those hopes alive as this isn't exactly the Archer you wanted as Bandai has took to releas... read

Summon Medicom's RAH Saber

A contract worth making
Feb 28
Medicom's RAH "Fate/Zero" armored Saber is currently available for pre-order. This gorgeous Fate/Zero figure (or doll?) stands 300mm tall and will come with a summoning circle as a limited production run bonus. Saber features... read

Cu-Poche Saber wants to join your collection

Won't you take her hand?
Dec 07
Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche Saber is now available for pre-order. This hotly heroine of Fate/stay night will be among the first characters to grace Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche line. As previously mentioned, Saber comes with two versions ... read

Additional Cu-Poche Saber photos summoned

...still waiting for that pre-order contract
Dec 04
New photos of Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche Saber have appeared on Danny Choo's blog and, let me say, they are fairly stunning. These photos show off Saber's sword accessories as well as demonstrating the figure's adorawesomeness (be... read

MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn: A very unblurry Saber Cupoche

Ohhhh, the Saber-like object was Saber. That makes sense.
Nov 26
Some of you  might remember the recent U.S.O. (Unidentified Saber-like Object) sighting. I'm here to tell you that it's the policy of Tomopop to not neither confirm nor deny the possibility of... oh wait, it does seem to... read

The Fate series gets magical with Prisma Illya

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya has an anime coming so here's a figure from Phat! Company.
Oct 23
This one is out of left field but I guess when you're getting a new anime, you'll most likely get yourself a figure. Especially if you're a spin off of Fate/stay night. Both previewed by Mikatan's Blog and now available for p... read

These new Fate/Zero prize figures were pretty inevitable

Shocker: Saber's part of the set
Sep 27
Just when I thought the Fate franchise could get a breather, and I wouldn't have to see a new Saber every other day, Fate/Zero comes out and ruins my hopes and dreams. Despite this, I do appreciate the aesthetic of Fate/Zero ... read

This morning, Mikatan took the web to let us all know that the WonFes exclusive items were now all available for pre-order. Shipping in late November will be figma Buffalo Bill in her visitor uniform, the Nendoroid of Insane ... read feature


Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Koto's Co-poche line details

Jul 29
Taking a look the day after, you get past the hype and initial reactions. Last night sa the debut of Kotobukiya's newest figure line, Co-poche. The line serves as a direct challenge to Good Smile Company's Nendoroid line and ... read

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