STGCC edition of I LIKE TOYS fanzine now available online

Purchasable through TOYSREVIL
Sep 05
While browsing for something else, I noticed that TOYSREVIL have released the latest from I LIKE TOYS in their store, the STGCC-exclusive issue for US$6.50 (plus shipping, making it $11 total). Only 30 of these are being rele... read

Some previews and information for I LIKE TOYS issue 2

Aug 09
[update: I can confirm that issues will be available online after STGCC, though the exact date is still TBD. I was told it could be a day or a week afterward.] April 7 marked the launch of super awesome I LIKE TOYS Fanzine fe... read

[UPDATED]Grab your copy of 'I LIKE TOYS' Fanzine

Apr 02
If you're into designer toys and supporting the scene, you might be interested in checking out this new fanzine which is set for launch April 7. The very first issue will contain basic introductions and information about the ... read

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