figma photo

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2015: figma

All the figures you're still waiting on pre-orders for
Apr 14
Back in February we got our first look at a bunch of new figma from Max Factory, Phat!, and FREEing. Since then we really haven't heard a whole lot outside of an occasional appearance here and there. While there's nothing her... read
WonFes 2015: GSC photo
WonFes 2015: GSC

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: Here are all of Good Smile Company's scale figures

Good stuff from the WonHobby 21 site
Feb 08
It's WonFes time, which means Good Smile Company (and associates) will be out with all guns blazing. As usual they've put up their Wonderful Hobby Life For You site with a summary of all the stuff they're showing off. I'm alw... read
FREEing TTGL Bunny Yoko photo
FREEing TTGL Bunny Yoko

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: Relax with FREEing's 1/4 Bunny Yoko

1/4 scale Gurren Lagann gal will take up some serious shelf space
Feb 08
There's really no shortage of Yoko figures from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann so it's always a welcome sight to see something a little different. Wait, did I say little? FREEing is ready to take up some massive shelf real estate... read
Madoka photo

Kyoko Sakura is festival ready

Pre-order this magical girl today
Jan 15
Eventually, all anime figures end up in a yukata. Kyoko, professional snacker and reluctant magical girl, is no exception. Standing at just under 8 inches, this PVC figure features the magical girl in a red yukata accented wi... read
Miyazawa Model Exhibition photo
Miyazawa Model Exhibition

Max Factory, Phat!, FREEing, and Gift show off the goods at Miyazawa Model Exhibition

Although it's a lot of stuff we've already seen in one form or another
Nov 20
Kahotan made good on her promise and posted a second gallery for figures on display at Miyazawa Model Exhibition Autumn 2014. This time around the focus is on the companies of Max Factory, Phat!, FREEing, and Gift. Most ... read
Yukata Misaka photo
Yukata Misaka

Hop to it for FREEing's Yukata Mikoto Misaka.

Electric Orange
Nov 19
FREEing has found big success in their recent forays into Yukata figures, and A Certain Scientific Railgun remains a perennial merchandise favourite. It's hardly surprising therefore that the two have crossed paths, with... read
figma the Thinker photo
figma the Thinker

figma the Thinker can't sit still for this gallery

Most articulated statue you'll ever find
Oct 10
Statues aren't supposed to move, but don't tell FREEing that. Their new figma based on Rodin's 1902 masterpiece is all about the ROM (range of motion). Being essentially a naked figma (and I do mean naked), and of the 2.0 var... read
FREEing Houki Shinonono photo
FREEing Houki Shinonono

FREEing's Houki Shinonono is pretty foxy

Also in a massive 1/4-scale
Sep 11
I've not kept up with Infinite Stratos but its cast sure has gotten a lot of figures. I rather like FREEing's 1/4-scale Houki, mostly because of the way her expression works with those fox ears. Very cute indeed. If you want ... read
Kahotan Racing Miku photo
Kahotan Racing Miku

Kahotan's newest preview is Racing Miku Sepang ver.

Maybe the tan makes her go faster?
Aug 12
Kahotan's newest preview happens to be a face we've seen before: FREEing's Racing Miku Sepang version. There aren't a ton of revelations in her preview, but we do get at least a nice shot of her torso, showing off some of the... read
WonFes GSC girls photo
WonFes GSC girls

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Good Smile Company girls part 2

Now with 75% less clothing!
Aug 06
Partial nudity and figure collecting go hand in hand. If it makes you uncomfortable, you may want to avoid this gallery. However it makes me very comfortable, so I'll tell you a little about what's going on! These figures are... read
WonFes Vocaloids photo
WonFes Vocaloids

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Good Smile Company - Vocaloids

Not a WonFes without some Mikus
Aug 01
Now that we're seeing more and more creative takes on Vocaloid designs, I'm actually enjoying their presence. It looks like the days of the same boring Miku design being made over and over again are done with. Good Smile Comp... read
FREEing photo

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: FREEing

Summer Festival at Wonder Festival
Jul 27
FREEing definitely know a good thing when they see it, as their booth was packed with their popular range of yukata-clad ladies. It seems like paired sets are the new hotness in FREEing's world. For me the highlight here is d... read
Miku photo
Although you may be hearing the starting pistol a little late
FREEing's 1/8-scale Racing Miku Sepang Version is currently available for pre-order. The figure features Vocaloid mascot Hatsune Miku in what might be her oddest racing attire thus far, although I'm sure it's a bar others may... read feature

Third Time's the charm?
In a relatively short space of time, FREEing have established themselves as a solid middle ground manufacturer of figures. They may not be able to match the big boys like Alter, Kotobukiya or their parent, GoodSmile Company, ... read feature

Nendo Madoka Yukata Ver. photo
Nendo Madoka Yukata Ver.

Madoka dons a yukata once more, now in Nendoroid form

The festive magical girl is now up for pre-order
Jun 19
Madoka of the popular Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime series is once again breaking out her yukata. We saw her appear in this outfit for a figure by FREEing last year but the whole ensemble suits a cutesy Nendoroid ... read
FREEing Laura Bodewig photo
I'm sensing a theme with FREEing's releases...
The thought of a sexy 1/4-scale figure is appealing to me, but in practice very few of them have designs that I like. FREEing will be releasing this 1/4-scale Laura Bodewig this December, and I'm on the fence about it. Laura'... read feature

FREEing Tsukiko photo
It's amusing when someone's trying to take off two articles of clothing at the same time
FREEing's Tsukiko has shipped out, prompting Kahotan to make a little release gallery for the figure. She especially likes the strawberry pattern on her panties, and the fact that the skirt isn't fixed in place. You can ... read feature

delays photo

Good Smile Company announces release (and delay) dates for April

Oh no!
Apr 14
It's that time again. Good Smile Company have posted up a release schedule for April, including some delays. As more dates are announced, we'll be sure to update. Delays first: GSC's Asuna, Knights of the Blood ver. (delayed... read
GSC delays photo
GSC delays

Good Smile Company announces it's delaying (almost) everything

Over twenty figures hit by setbacks
Mar 17
OK, not quite everything but man, there are a LOT of delays this month. In fact, there are so many delays that GSC took the rare step of not bundling the announcement in with its upcoming release schedule. Instead, we go... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Oh, right, there are other events going on this week
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! It's been a pretty busy week in all sorts of ways. We're still plowing our way through Wonder Festival coverage with the shadow of Toy Fair looming over us. But outside of that the Ol... read feature

Wonder Festival figma photo
Wonder Festival figma

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Giant figma roundup

Giant as in lots of cool stuff, not over sized figma
Feb 09
I'm sure it comes to no one's surprise that there were a lot of new figma on display at Wonder Festival. But could you really predict just how varied the offerings this time around would be? They really dug out some unexpecte... read
FREEing Kaworu photo
FREEing Kaworu

Be an angel and pre-order FREEing's new Kaworu

This time he'll make you happy
Feb 06
It's been a little time since we've covered FREEing's take on Kaworu Nagisa - last Summer Wonfes in fact. The company seems to have used the time well however, as he's gone up for pre-order now and the resident Evangelion&nbs... read
Senbonzakura Miku photo
Shot through the heart
[Update: Pre-orders are up! Check below for links] It's been a while since we last saw FREEing's striking take on Hatsune Miku. She popped up last year, then went dark for a considerable period of time. Now though she's re-em... read feature

Ultra Tokyo Connection photo
Ultra Tokyo Connection

GSC launches new distributor Ultra Tokyo Connection in LA

Good Smile Company and UTC to appear at Toy Fair in February
Jan 26
In an attempt to bombard North America with all things otaku, Good Smile Company has launched new distribution company Ultra Tokyo Connection in Los Angeles, California. The service is being produced through a partnership wit... read
Yukata INori photo
Yukata INori

It's a pre-order festival for FREEing's yukata Inori

Sing it out
Jan 10
Although Guilty Crown is a couple of years old now, its leading lady Inori Yuzuriha continues to be popular enough to inspire some big companies to turn out figures of her. This time roun it's FREEing's turn, and they've... read

Pick up your last gift with Mana Tendou

FREEing - 1/8 Scale
Dec 20
I've been following the gradual progression of FREEing's gift-wrapped Nakaimo girls since the first releases, and sadly we've come to the end of our sisterly harem. Fittingly they've saved one of the best for last, with the c... read
GSC Delays photo
GSC Delays

Good Smile unleashes a torrent of further delays

There'll be some space under the tree at Christmas
Dec 16
We should have known it was too good to be true. When Good Smile Company announced a very slim roster of delays just a few days ago, it looked like the company was on track for a remarkably punctual December. Turns out not so... read

Get tied up in pre-ordering Nakaimo's Mei

FREEing - 1/8 Scale
Dec 13
It was only a matter of time, but the last of FREEing's gift-wrapped Nakaimo ladies is here, with mysteries meganekko Mei Sagara. Not my favorite of the girls for a multitude of reasons, but it's still sad to see such a serie... read

Pick up this Tsukiko for a private striptease

FREEing - 1/8 Scale
Dec 10
Despite being super moe, the lovely girls of Henneko are far from any strangers to fanservice. The masterful Kantoku's designs are just too perfect, and FREEing has jumped on the chance to capitalize on the lack of naughtines... read

Genderbending goes West with this Billy the Kid pre-order

FREEing - 1/8 Scale
Dec 05
With Japan's penchant for turning historical figures into cuties, it's a wonder we haven't seen more focus on American personalities. Plenty of European and Japanese figures have been given the "moefication" treatment, but as... read

Keep practicing your gift wrapping with Nakaimo's Rinka

FREEing - 1/8 Scale
Nov 19
Finally! It seems like FREEing is indeed giving the entire Nakaimo cast the trussed-up treatment with the addition of one of my favorite harem ladies, Rinka Kunitachi. Suitable for her blonde hair, her ribbon is a bit differe... read

Get your Christmas all wrapped up with a new Miyabi

FREEing - 1/8 Scale
Nov 12
It's not quite Mana or Rinka yet, but with FREEing continuing their line of neatly gift wrapped Nakaimo cast members at all, it's hard to complain. It's certainly a more interesting use of their talents than more generic bunn... read

Mashiro struggles with a yukata in this new pre-order

FREEing - 1/8 Scale
Oct 30
I'm not usually used to FREEing going a bit off the grid when it comes to character design, but while I got pretty excited over hearing they were making a new Mashiro figure, the reality appears to be quite different. I can't... read

Treat yourself to unwrapping these Nakaimo ladies

FREEing - 1/8 Scale
Oct 25
Ever since we've seen harem comedy Nakaimo's Miyabi shown off, I've longed to see the rest of the cast get the same treatment. Thankfully I'll be waiting no longer, as FREEing has produced some incredibly sexy figures of sort... read
FREEing Sora Takanashi photo
FREEing Sora Takanashi

FREEing's Sora caters to fans of gigantic bikini figures

That is a hell of a beach body, though
Oct 21
Generally I buy figures of characters that I like, or figures that have really amazing and detailed sculpts. I do have a handful of figures that I bought solely for the quality of the butt. It seems like FREEing's Sora Takana... read

This Seraphim figure is three times the fetish!

FREEing - 1/4 Scale
Oct 17
Kore wa Zombie desu ka? has always been an over the top series, and "vampire ninja" Seraphim is certainly no exception to the rules. With her sword-slinging, girl-kissing ways, it only stands to reason that FREEing had only o... read

Don't be unlucky and miss out on this Momiji pre-order

FREEing - 1/8 Scale
Oct 12
Apparently despite the misfortune, poverty-ridden series Binbougami ga is still going strong as far as figures go. FREEing has decided to take advantage of misfortune deity Momiji's penchant for cosplaying and dressed her up ... read

Make the tactical choice, get these Border Break beauties

FREEing - 1/8 Scale
Oct 08
If the lovely operator Fiona wasn't enough Border Break for your collections, wait no more! FREEing is ready to drop a sizable bomb on collectors' wallets with this BB Girls Collection four pack. Featuring the three operators... read
D-Arts Blazblue Noel photo
D-Arts Blazblue Noel

D-Arts Noel Vermillion with Vertex ver. and Mu-12 at TGS

Tokyo Game Show is on, and so are the Blazblue figures
Sep 19
zatuyoP tweeted an image of all three versions of the figures, but MyFigureCollection posted an up close picture of her. I'll admit, I finally decently like a Noel Vermillion figure, and might contemplate buying the D-Arts ve... read

Practice sisterly love, get your hands on OniAi's Akiko

FREEing - 1/8 Scale
Sep 19
Love or hate OniAi's rather blatant brocon themes that put Oreimo to shame, it's hard to deny the show's character designs are pretty cute. Especially with those adorable expressions! While you won't get to see any u-shaped s... read

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