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The Vinyl Frontier east-coast premire this Saturday

Aug 26
// Tomopop Staff
This Saturday at 8:20 PM will be the east-coast premier of The Vinyl Frontier, a film by Daniel Zana about the entire vinyl community as a whole and a behind the scenes look at it. The film, which premiered at San Diego Comic...

Uplark's Viral and Nia up for preorder

Jul 23
// Andres Cerrato
Uplark has had our attention with their lineup from Gurren Lagann.  September looks to be a big month with their double, and for some lucky people a triple, release of Viral, Nia and Darry.  While we have been track...

Gurren Lagann's Darry being raffled away for buyers of UpLark's other GL figures

Jun 27
// DickMcVengeance
We've already seen Uplark's amazing Viral and Nia prototypes. And proceeded to cream ourselves over them. But now, there's a special bonus being thrown in for those who pre-order (within Japan, I'd assume, anyways): They'll h...

You're Gonna Get Loved Tenderly: Uplark's Viral Color Prototype

Jun 09
// Andres Cerrato
I've had this complaint for a while with Gurren Lagann.  I love the show, but it'd be nice to see characters other than Yoko and Kamina.  Ever since Eva posted last month about Uplark's (formerly EyeUp) upcoming Vir...


Hell to the Yeah! A figure of Viral from Gurren Lagann is in the works

May 18
// Eva Duenas
I'm happy to present a new figure that isn't Yoko this time! I can't even tell you how excited I feel to share with you all that we are finally getting a figure of the bad ass Viral. I've know that EyeUp (who seems to have ch...

MegaHobby 2009 Winter Expo shows off new figures to come

Feb 10
// Eva Duenas
I was really excited when Banpresto presented Macross Frontier figures of Sheryl and Ranka. Now there is a new DO WANT figure of Sheryl that was revealed during the MegaHobby Winter Expo -- but that's not all. There are a ton...

Under the Radar: EyeUp's other Gurren Lagaan figures

Oct 28
// Brian Szabelski
EyeUp has put forth some pretty great Gurren Lagaan figures recently with their Yoko and Kamina pieces, but what about the rest of the cast? Well, there are apparently other EyeUp figures in the Gurren Lagaan line that we jus...

Tomopop Review: Eye Up's Yoko

Oct 19
// Pedro Cortes
Several months ago, I preordered two Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann PVC statues from Hobby Link Japan: Eye Up's Kamina and their Yoko. Considering that I hadn't seen anything released from Eye Up prior to my order, I was slightly...

Tomopop Review: Eye Up's Kamina

Sep 14 // Pedro Cortes
When I first opened my package, I was blown away by how dynamic the box looks. With a clear window in the front and a smaller circular one in the back (peeking in on Kamina's amazingly painted cape), this is a box that was made to be kept and not simply thrown away.There is no way that you can miss this box, whether you're ten feet way or separated by the length of a dealer room. It's bright, it's vivid, and every piece of it screams BUY ME NOW! It also helps that the sides of the box show dynamic pictures of Kamina and not drab representations of him, adding to the bright appeal. However, it's needless to say that as amazing as the box presentation may be, there is no way that I would let Kamina languish unflourished inside of a box. After taking these photos, I ravaged the tape on the box and opened that sucka up! Kamina comes with his cape upon his shoulders and his glasses off to the side. I'm once again amazed at the level of care and detail on this PVC. In a rare move, Eye-Up actually made Kamina look his young age of 18, yet did not lose any single bit of the bravado and confidence that the animated version exudes on screen. Everything from his jaunty stance to his maniacal expression looks just like he stepped out of the series and onto your desk.After removing his head you can remove his cape to expose his tattoos, which run all over his upper body. Although some of his appeal disappears with his cape, the detail of the tattoos is definitely something that should be seen at least once. The focus on his musculature is impressive, especially the way his tats stretch across his back. Few companies know how to properly sculpt the male body, assuming that rippling muscles are more important than smaller details, such as scars, marks, and tattoos.Before putting his cape back on I decided to pop on his iconic red sunglasses. In order to get that neat floating effect with the glasses, Eye Up designed the sunglasses to be wedged into Kamina's hair. With some careful adjustment, you can get the desired effect quickly and securely. A note of caution though, the glasses are a bit delicate. They are sturdy enough to get onto his face, but probably shouldn't be fooled around with too much. They are also small, so if you aren't using them, you should keep them in a safe place so they don't get lost.Since this is Kamina we're talking about, the preferred position is to have him with the cape AND the glasses on, so off came the head and on came the cape! As you can see, the effect is awe-inspiring to say the least. It cuts an impressive profile, having Kamina stand on your desk with his flowing cape, hair spiked to the side, pointing straight up to the heavens he promises to burst through. The insane energy of the character drips off him not unlike the tears of his fallen foes. So in a nutshell, I absolutly recommend this statue to any and everybody. Even if you're not a fan of Gurren Lagann you would be able to appreciate the insane amount of work Eye-Up put into making this as accurate a rendition of the character as possible.  If you're a fan of the show, then you owe it to yourself to somehow find this Kamina and get him home post haste!  That will be difficult, as many places have sold out of their preorders and some of them probably won't be getting in additional stock.  You can find him at Power Anime, and Kid Nemo. Enjoy!

So when I woke up this morning, I was told that there was a box waiting for me downstairs.  After staggering down the stairs half asleep, I instantly perked up when I saw that said package was from Hobby Link Japan. I ea...


Aniki on the go: EyeUp announces Gurren Lagann phone straps

Aug 24
// Colette Bennett
EyeUp has a thing for Gurren Lagann, and I can't say I blame them: the remarkable series is easily the most resonant anime I've seen this year. After announcing their Kamina and Yoko figures a few months back, they go in for ...

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