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TomoTour: Final Fantasy edition

Mar 18 // Natalie Kipper
Vivi Bun plush (US$39.95) by ArtisticGaming Crossing Final Fantasy IX's Vivi with a lop-earred bunny rabbit, this crocheted plush sits seven-inches tall, including his ears. I adore the contrast-stitching on the inside of the bunny ears. They do a great job of adding to the rag doll quality of the toy, as do the oversized button eyes. Baby Behemoth plush (US$22) by ZuriKnits This wee one takes after the Baby Behemoth minion found in Final Fantasy XIV. He measures five-inches long (with the tail adding an additional inch) and five-inches tall. The artist even added in its little cross-shaped scar. What a darling little guy! Needle-felted potted Cactuar (US$16.43) by DaintyRobot I salute whoever thought of placing a Cactuar in a terra-cotta pot. The series veteran monster is based on a succulent, after all. Add in its comical expression and the ability to pose its arms and you have a toy that will surely make you smile. Who wouldn't want this fellow on their desk at work? The plush and pot combined stand five and a half-inches tall. Lady Abigail the Chocobo plush (US$200) by ShinyThingsbyOrin Lady Abigail is the first of two Chocobo toys I will be discussing in this post. Not only is she fully poseable, from her legs and wings to her neck and beck, but she also features a removable armor set. The outfit includes a helmet and a saddle. Both pieces are made of leather, with embroidery and rhinestone detail. The saddle even has a velvet silk blanket underneath. Abigail is a large beast, standing 12-inches tall with a 15 and a half-inch wingspan, perfect for a Square-Enix Play Arts Kai figure. Chocobo posable doll (US$328.57) by MiraCrafts The second Chocobo of the pair looks like it jumped from the pages of a bestiary, boasting a more realistic and less fantastical look. This noble chicken-horse features a hand-sculpted face, individually cut feathers, and very impressive talons. It also has a wire skeleton frame, allowing it to be posed every which way. The doll is 12-inches tall and 13-inches long. Like the previous Chocobo doll, this one was made to be to scale with Square-Enix's Final Fantasy figures. Cloud Strife Sculpture (US$50) by TheSassiestTreasures I admit that I have a soft spot for Final Fantasy VII and this retro figure of the game's protagonist, Cloud Strife, strikes all the right nostalgia chords. The blocky look of the character so clearly resembles Cloud in-game. I almost had to choke back a cry of emotion at the little flower at the base by his (accurately depicted) oversized feet. Sheer perfection right here, all in a six-inch tall package. Miniature Red XIII figure (US$18) by Crazy8zClayCreationz Another Final Fantasy VII hero, Red XIII may have never cuter than in this miniature figure. The piece is only one inch-tall and one and a half inches-wide but the artist still snuck so much detail in. They got the painted feathers in his headdress, his many scars and markings, and even the bangles on his legs! Red XIII hat (US$20) by riomccarthy I'll close this edition of TomoTour with a very special entry. Our very own Rio McCarthy has an Etsy shop and, while not exactly a toy, I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to mention her amazing Red XIII hat. It is just so wonderful! I know I would totally rock that come convention season. The hat base is machine-sewn with the details added on by hand. Well, start up the victory fanfare! We have completed another TomoTour together! Did any treasure particularly catch your eye? Or did I perhaps miss your favorite FF-inspired Etsy item? Speak up in the comments!
TomoTour: Final Fantasy photo
No crystals but plenty of awesome toys, kupo!
Final Fantasy is one of gaming's most well-known roleplaying series with millions of fans. It stands to reason that a good portion of them would have to have to be crafters. On this edition of TomoTour, we look at some of the Final Fantasy-inspired loot to be found on Etsy. So cue the overworld theme, because we are going on an adventure!

TomoTour: Disney edition

Feb 18 // Natalie Kipper
Little Beast Adoption (US$15) by LittleBeastSanctuary This 7-inch tall plush is a look-alike of Beauty and the Beast's beastly hero and is part of a line of "Fantasies" to adopt. Each toy in the series comes with an adoption certificate, like the one shown in the picture. At present, the shop lists only one of this particular plush in stock but it looks like you can custom order one, and even choose its colors, should they run out. Loki and Thor Sculpey Clay Minis (US$6 each) by SimplySculpy The famous Asgardian brothers, Loki (yes, I put him first because reasons) and Thor, now come in ropy-poly form. Made of sculpey clay, these figures measure 2-inches tall and 1-inch wide. Each character comes with their respective weapons and Loki even has his horned helmet. Custom Genie Jafar Funko POP! figure (US$40) by LFCustomPops This clever custom was born from one of the Genie figures in Funko's Disney POP! line. For those who don't recognize Aladdin's Jafar in this form, it comes from the evil vizier wishing to become a genie himself towards the end of the film. This figure stands about 4-inches tall and was customized with acrylic paint plus air-dry paper clay for Jafar's earring. Dead Men Tell No Tales outfit for Duffy the Disney Bear (US$15.95) by DSMClothier I don't know about you but I am always searching for more outfits for my Duffy the Disney Bear, particularly if they are themed to part of Disney lore. And that is just what you get with this headband and shirt set themed to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. You will notice that several of the skulls in the shirt's print bare a resemblance to the talking skull and crossbones warning you on the first drop near the beginning of the ride. Gravity Falls' Mabel Pines plush (US$60) by SeamsLegitCrafts Mabel Pines of Gravity Falls and her fun sweaters were just begging to get a plush, in my mind. I think fans will agree that one of the key features of this 11-inch tall plush, aside from her cute face, is her hand-appliqued sweater. As a bonus, you can request other sweater designs from the show for your doll. Kingdom Hearts' Sora custom Munny (US$25) by DIYbyDuck Sora from Kingdom Hearts (yes, I count that as a Disney franchise) gets the Munny treatment. Taking into account that every outfit Tetsuya Nomura designs is impossibly complicated (don't get me wrong, I still love 'em), I'd say this artist did an impressive job. They even got Sora's gloves and side pouch. Kingdom Hearts' Heartless figure with GID eyes (US$15) by TheSassiestTreasures Fun fact: Kingdom Hearts' Heartless baddies look pretty dang cute when you put heart next to them. For a fun bonus, both the heart and the Heartless' eyes glow in the dark. While we don't know the exact measurements of the figure, the description mentions that they were made to appear in scale with the Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Kai figures. How clever! Kirby Sora plush (US$16.50) by Craftseed And now for something you don't see every day, here is a mash-up between Sora and Kirby (yeah, Nintendo's platforming pink round ball dude). While I would never in a million years have thought of this combination, the artist somehow managed to make it work. Sora's spiky hair kind of suits the little guy. I should note that you have the option to have the key blade attached to the plush or as a separate accessory. Did I miss your favorite Disney-themed Etsy treasure? Do you have a store on Etsy? Let us know in the comments!
Tomopop Etsy Tour photo
Adventure (and toys) are out there!
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