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C2E2 2015 photo
C2E2 2015

C2E2 2015: Enterbay

The Chicago Bulls aren't the only ones still making money off the dynasty
Apr 28
// Tianxiao Ma
Enterbay is a lot like Hot Toys, focusing on realistic 1/6-scale poseable figures. They've done a few movie characters, but at C2E2 focus quite a lot on NBA players. Maybe it's pandering to Chicago's collective 90s nostalgia,...
C2E2 2014 Enterbay photo
C2E2 2014 Enterbay

C2E2 2014: Enterbay

Movie and sports icons on display
Apr 27
// Tianxiao Ma
Enterbay is known for their realistic 1/6-scale poseable figures, competing with the likes of Hot Toys. At C2E2 they showed off a pair of 1/4-scale movie icons: RoboCop and the T-1000. They also brought a number of basketball icons to the event. Click on to see more info about their display.
1/6 Derrick Rose photo
1/6 Derrick Rose

Enterbay fully captures all the emotion of Derrick Rose

New 1/6 figure in their NBA Masterpiece
Dec 23
// Andres Cerrato
Derrick Rose isn't a man of much emotion or health for that matter. When he is healthy though, he is one of the best in the NBA that gives Chicago fans reason to hope (read: false) that they'll get past Lebron and actually wi...


Lots of Comic Con exclusives
Jul 27
// Tianxiao Ma
If you want Comic Con exclusives, BAIT had several to offer at their booth. First up is an 8" Optimus Prime Silver Bullet Holes figure (a collaboration with The Loyal Subjects). Martin Hsu made his mark on their booth as well...

Enterbay 1/6 Lebron James photo
Enterbay 1/6 Lebron James

Enterbay celebrates the Heat's win with 1/6 Lebron James

Add a second trophy on there now, Enterbay
Jun 21
// Andres Cerrato
It's been less than 24 hours since the Heat's victory and 2nd title for Lebron James, but I'm still going. Enterbay is happy with the news as well as their next release in the 1/6 NBA Real Masterpiece line is none other than ...

Jordan returns to the court in new figure by Enterbay

Somehow, even mini Jordan shoes are still expensive
May 01
// Andres Cerrato
The comeback is nothing new to Michael Jordan. Enterbay did as much with their first release of a 1/6-scale MJ, bringing him back in his first comeback number 45 uni. Jordan is always going to be number 23 and Enterbay brings...

Tomopop About Town: Hong Kong

Mar 08 // Chris Seto
Survival GuideNow, before I start, I thought I should throw out a few points for first timers if you ever find yourself in Hong Kong: The language is pretty much impenetrable. Command of English will certainly get you through most of the tourist areas and big shopping districts, but if you want to travel off the beaten path, you had best either have a good grasp of Cantonese (the main language of the region) or be in the company of someone who is! And you can forget about going into the little cafes to sample local treats unless your kanji reading skills are high. Note that not everything on display is on sale. It can be tough giving up on a rare figure you found in a random shop, but if they say it's not for sale, that's that. If you're in Hong Kong for more than a few days, get an Octopus card for your travels. It's a pre-pay card in Hong Kong which not only pays for public transport but is also accepted in small shops and newsagents, so you can buy a quick drink with it while you're at a station. Heck, even their McDs and other big fast food chains accept it!! Many shops will stock the same item, so if you are going to buy, make sure you shop around as there will be some differences in price. Hong Kong operates on a "start late, close late" policy for its stores. Aside from government buildings, nothing other than some cafes will be open before 10 a.m. at the earliest with all shops not completely opening until 11 a.m. or noon 12pm and they tend to stay open until 10 p.m. Enjoy your lie in!! Now that we have gone through those little bits of info, lets get into the meat of things. Firstly, each main station on the MTR line is basically located in a somewhat self-contained area. When you leave the MTR station, you will usually find a large shopping centre with various shops for the everyday needs for the families living in the area. Checking out the toy shops will likely net you a large collection of the latest Gunpla (up to Master Grade), Super Robot Chogokin and S.I.C Kamen rider figures. They are popular titles which appeal to kids, so they are easy to find. Depending on the area, you may also find smaller stalls which are a little more specialised but those are rare. I used to know of a great small shop at the shopping centre near Kowloon Tong but it has been renovated recently, so the shop isn't there anymore. *sniff* I bought my PG Eva Unit 01 from there!But if you want to get your hands on the bishoujo figures, the place which you will want to visit is Mong Kok. Mong Kok is an interesting place: an area where you can literally find anything if you know where to go, from bathroom sets to aquariums, and don't forget the night markets as well! Figures get their own little area as well, in a section which seems to be trying very hard to be something akin to Akihabara. Sai Young Choi Street is a long road with a massive mix of various shops as well as buildings which specialise in various things like fashion, cameras and, yes, figures. It's often closed to traffic and you will often see public performances by various people seeking your attention. Heck, they even have maid cafes set up around there!!! How much more Akiba do you want? Places like the CTMA Centre have many shops inside which sell various types of figures. Now, don't expect too much from each store because this his Hong Kong so each one is small. Really small!But the other claim to fame which the CTMA Centre has is that it houses the official store of Hot Toys! Their store can be found on the 2nd floor of the CTMA building and is pretty big compared to other shops but the stock is also smaller. Hot Toys is also kind of a big deal over here. Popular pre-orders of their products can see the queue stretch down to the main road and beyond. And remember, this shop is on the 2nd floor!! Because the stores are usually rather small, they tend to put some real effort into their front displays. There are some seriously impressive displays. Can you recognise ALL the Soul of Chogokin figures in this pic? There are various places like the CTMA Centre around Mong Kok. The most infamous one is the SINO Centre on Nathan Road, one of the main roads of Hong Kong. Why is it infamous? Well, until recently, it was a hotbed of blatant and open illegal acts. There are 5 floors in the SINO Centre and 3 of them were filled with shops selling anime DVDs. Remember those cheap region 0 DVD series you used to be able to find flooded on eBay? Yup, floors of nothing but those! The remaining floors were home to places selling adult DVDs. I'm not kidding here! I could tell you a few funny stories from having to meander around those floors when I was younger, but I won't (and you had to go through them. The floors were leveled after each other so you had fake anime on one floor, then AV, then anime again ... and there were some pretty cool shops at the top which dealt in more authentic items, usually old idol stuff.)These days, the floors are a lot cleaner since the government did a massive crackdown a few years back, but some of the old shops still remain, and at least one AV shop might still haunt the floors! Mostly, though, it's a good, easy to find single stop for some figures, video games and music CDs. Now, here comes the more interesting stuff!! If you walk away from the CTMA Centre, past the hospital (which is in plain view from the centre so no worries there), you'll eventually reach a place called Paradise Square. Pretty aptly named for certain hobbyists. But just beyond there is a corner with a rather eclectic selection of hobby shops. There are stores like the Model Car Expo, which sells nothing but model cars, some die cast and some plastic kits you need to assemble! I'm pretty sure that Misato's car was actually blue, but meh... And right next door would be a shop which sells motors and various mod parts for remote controlled vehicles! UML was a more standard model kit store with various gunpla and Idolm@ster fighter jets on sale. Courtesy of Namco-Bandai and Ace Combat! You will often find that shops try to display complete sets of kits as opposed to a large number of the more popular ones, no doubt to appear to have an increased spread of items for sale. UML were also pushing these Avengers kits quite heavily in their shops. You can actually buy them from online stores like Amiami (heck, I can buy them from my local model shop!) but it was a little surprising to hear that they are a Chinese product. And finally, rounding up all these hobby shops are ones which specialise in war games and BB guns ... Yup, they sell just BB guns!! Enterbay also have their own store, which shows off some of their bigger products. Of course, there is a slight dark side to proceedings. Some shops will be selling bootleg items and it can sometimes be hard to figure out which ones are real or fake. I saw an Ichiban Kuji Sheryl Nome Oiran figure on my travels and really wanted it but when I asked how much it was, I was quoted as around 300HKD. Which, at the time of writing is about $39 ... For a super rare, premium Ichiban Kuji figure... What do you think? Heck, the Ichiban Kuji figure I did buy had a cost which was over 3X that! (definitely not fake but not as desirable either!) Then, of course, there are the ones which don't even try to hide the fact that they are fake. You can usually find these in small shops around the shopping centres! Still, even if they are fake, there are some seriously impressive ones out there which could tempt you! Don't you think? Now, for the most part, if you're in town you should be able to get most of the new releases if your visit coincides with the day of release for the figure. The shops tend to get a lot in as well, so they shouldn't be too hard to find. On my last day, I saw lots of the AGP GP03 girl in shops. The only reason I didn't grab one was because I had a pre-order with Amiami from way back so I already had one waiting. But, if you're in town for a while and there's a figure you absolutely must get, you can put a pre-order with one of the shops. Many of them will have little cutouts of what figures will be available soon and will give them a price as shown above. You can ask them to reserve one for you and pay a small standing charge which you will lose if you don't get the figure but it's a simple way of pre-ordering something you really want! In terms of events, the community is still rather small and impromptu meetups are not hard to organise, if you have connections there already. There have also been three CharaHobby events in Hong Kong in recent years, held mostly in spring as well as some Gundam-specific events but these tend to be more of a place for fans to gather and to view some newer items compared to the larger "home" events where there would be event exclusive items and dealers selling their own works. They do get some pretty cool special guests in though! Unfortunately, events like those aren't scheduled to regularly occur and are only announced a few months in advance (since Hong Kong is so tiny, it won't take long for word to travel, especially as many who will be interested will congregate in places like Mong Kok) so it may be difficult to plan a trip with the intent to go to one of these events. It's more like go if your trip coincides with the event. Still, if it's your first time in Hong Kong, there are plenty of tourist stuff to keep you occupied and the figure collecting part is just a tiny piece of it. For people like myself, who have regularly returned to Hong Kong since before I was able to walk, some careful time management will probably mean that I would be able to do most things in a few days, leaving the rest of my time to other things but others may want to take their time a little bit. Nevertheless, there is a vibrant figure community in Hong Kong and a really friendly one as well, but you might just need someone to invite you in first ... And, of course, there are the electronics and video games as well! Just remember that there's a strict weight limit when travelling by air, so do try to restrain yourself when you pay a visit to the special administrative region of Hong Kong. Shipping ain't cheap, I can tell you that (unless you send it by surface and am happy with not seeing your purchases again for several months), but it's hard with all the little gems you are likely to find with just a bit of digging! Just be sure to plan ahead as, rather unsurprisingly, it's easy to be overwhelmed with desire in a place where the main hobby of its inhabitants is shopping!
INVASION!!! photo
Look! The east is burning blue?!
When us Western folks think about figure scenes in the East, we tend to invariably end up thinking about two main places. The place where they all came from, Japan and probably the second-largest community in the area, Singap...


Enterbay doing Django Unchained figures

Image of head sculpts appears on CEO's blog
Feb 27
// Brian Szabelski
NECA's Django Unchained figures may have gotten pulled from the shelves, but Enterbay is rolling forward with a 1/6-scale line based on the film. This image popped up on the blog of Enterbay CEO Bill Tjhang today, showin...

Enterbay's next release is John Rambo

Jun 08
// Brian Szabelski
Enterbay has sent us word on their next figure release, and it is the one and only John Rambo as part of their HD Masterpiece line! Using (a younger) Sylvester Stallone's likeness from Rambo III (you know, the one where ...

Remember last week when we saw those Men in Black 3 teases from Enterbay? Well, we've got the full photos revealed now, and Agents J and K are looking amazing. The sculptwork on the facial details are as realistic as you migh...


Enterbay's next licensed figure release will be for Men in Black III, and on Facebook, they recently posted a whole bunch of teasers of the sculpts they've been doing for Agent J, Agent K and Frank the Pug (who will probably ...


Enterbay's latest 1/6-scale release is Che Guevara

Mar 13
// Brian Szabelski
Enterbay's newest release in their 1/6-scale collectible figure line . I know some of our readers didn't like the last Che-related collectible we posted, but this one's looking pretty awesome. In addition to a face sculpted i...

The King lives on in Kotobukiya's ArtFX line

Feb 02
// Brian Szabelski
Kotobukiya and Enterbay have teamed up for the newest addition to the ArtFX line, the Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Special. Dressed in black leather and carrying his guitar, this Elvis is based on his appearance during his famo...

Rumorpop: Enterbay's Jean Claude Van Damme figure

Jan 13
// Brian Szabelski
If you'd like a little more Enterbay news, please raise your hand. Oh wait, this is the Internet, so I can't see that, but I'm giving it to you anyways. It appears that Enterbay CEO Bill Tjhang has confirmed to Sideshow forum...

Enterbay reveals Scarface Respect ver., other figures

Jan 12
// Brian Szabelski
Enterbay have dropped some photos on the Internet showing off their newest releases for 2012, as well as a few works in progress. Chief among those is their Scarface Respect ver. figure that's part of their Real Masterpiece l...

Enterbay's Tony Montana will take your f****** bullets

Nov 16
// Tianxiao Ma
The blog J.ME. has posted some photos of Enterbay's Real Masterpiece Tony Montana from the movie Scarface. If you haven't seen the Brian De Palma classic, I recommend it. Its influence can be felt all over popular culture, an...

Enterbay, Medicom's Ultimate Unison Han Solo shoots first for your wallet

Oct 24
// Brian Szabelski
Medicom and Enterbay have partnered up again for their latest Ultimate Unison figure, this one of Han Solo. Standing 30 cm tall, Han will come with his trusty blaster, the jacket he wore on Endor in Return of the Jedi an...

Enterbay also throws their hat in the ring for Bruce Lee

Jan 05
// Colette Bennett
Bruce Lee fans are going to be nervously clutching their wallets this month, if the latest news is any indication. Not only did we bring you news that Hot Toys was working on two new Bruce Lee figures for this year,...

Enterbay presents Akechi Samanosuke from Onimusha 3: Demon Siege

Dec 21
// Colette Bennett
Even the word "Onimusha" immediately makes me backpedal into memories of playing the games in the series on my trusty PlayStation 2 back in the day, especially the original Onimusha: Warlords, which was one of my fa...

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