Captain America has become King

But will he be King Captain America or just King America?
Dec 14
Eaglemoss has elected Captain America to the White King of its Marvel Chess Collection. Captain America (and also White Pawn Daredevil) join the previously announced (and available for pre-order) White Knight Spider-Man, WK W... read
Eaglemoss Darkseid, etc

Eaglemoss's Darkseid will Rook you; other intriguing news

Eaglemoss to sell a series of just-magazines
Jul 17
Eaglemoss has further expanded their Justice League Chess Set with four new entries: Darkseid (black rook), Bizarro (black pawn), Power Girl (white pawn), and Green Arrow (white pawn), all of whom are currently available for ... read

Eaglemoss's JL chess set gains a (dark) knight and a pawn

The Dark Knight Returns to another chess set
Apr 13
The latest additions to Eaglemoss's Justice League chess set, Batman (white knight) and Deadshot (black pawn), are now available for pre-order. Batman seemed something of a shoo-in for a white knight, given his "Dark Knight" ... read

Eaglemoss elects Lex Luthor as its king

Why settle for president?
Mar 20
The votes are in: Lex has been crowned King! ...you know, because I assume Eaglemoss had a secret ballot among their staff members when Lex Luthor was selected to represent the black king in their DC Justice League Chess Coll... read

Eaglemoss starts Justice League Chess set

More importantly, who gets to be the white king? Superman or Batman?
Feb 19
Thought Eaglemoss's Batman chess set was cool? Eaglemoss has since decided to kick the idea up a notch by doing a Justice League chess set with the first two figurines, Wonder Woman (white queen) and Green Lantern (white bish... read

Eaglemoss adds black rook Killer Croc and more

Can't get enough of that Spidey 2099 stuff
Dec 20
Eaglemoss's latest batch of pre-orders includes (black rook) Killer Croc and (white pawn) Azrael for its Batman-themed chess set as well as Spider-Man 2099, Wiccan, and over-sized Executioner for its Marvel figurines. Plus fo... read

Eaglemoss adds more Batman pawns, Marvel characters

The Ventriloquist is one of the first Batman characters that comes to mind when I hear pawn.
Nov 19
Eaglemoss's Batman chess set expands with two new pawns, Ventriloquist (black) & Black Bat (ironically white in spite of the name), as well as giving fans two new Marvel figurines. One of the biggest problems with Batman'... read

Eaglemoss adds more Batman with 2 Batmobiles, Alfred

Well, it's one way to have a butler and a pair of awesome cars
Oct 23
Eaglemoss Publications' latest additions to its wealth of Batman merchandise include two Batmobile sets (part of their new Batman Automobilia Collection) and an Alfred Pennyworth white pawn chess piece. The Batman Automobilia... read

More Eaglemoss chess figurines and others for pre-order

What's a good portmanteau for chess figurine? Chessurine? Chessrine? Chegurine?
Sep 23
Eaglemoss continues to fill its Batman and Lord of the Rings chessboards with new pieces and, for you non-chess fans out there, Eaglemoss has some new regular Marvel figurines available for pre-order as well. The Eaglemoss ch... read

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