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10:00 AM on 02.08.2014

Carson Catlin shows off some new releases

I've crawled out of the TomoMines briefly to share four wonderful new pieces that Carson Catlin has completed recently. Three of them are for shows and events, and the fourth, a custom reticulated Skull called We All Die is u...

Kristina Pino

Gary Ham's Toy Titans Toytem is finally here photo
Gary Ham's Toy Titans Toytem is finally here
by Brian Szabelski

Back in May, Gary Ham made a one-off custom called the Toy Kings Toytem for the Triplets of Clutterville show at Clutter Gallery. The piece featured the mascots of SpankyStokesRotofugiLulubellClutter Magazine and Dragatomi, and now, it's back as an actual six-piece vinyl collectible set. Renamed the Toy Titans Toytem, it's otherwise identical to his earlier wooden custom, and like his other Toytems, you can stack these however you please, even with Gary's other Toytems.

As you might have guessed, the Toytem is going to be available in a few places: Gary's website, SpankyStokes' shop, Rotofugi, Lulubell, Clutter's shop and Dragatomi. You'll be looking to spend about US$85 for the Toytem, and each website will have 50 Toytems, for a total run size of 300 pieces. The Toy Titans Toytem is releasing on Friday at precisely noon Eastern (11 a.m. Central, 9 a.m. Pacific).

[Image via Rotofugi]

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9:00 PM on 07.27.2013

SDCC 2013: Dragatomi (Part 2)

The second part of our Dragatomi booth coverage features works from ESC-Toy, Javier Jimenez, Jeremiah Ketner, Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Super Cooper, Betso, Tasha Zimich, Plaseebo, and more. Two things of note are southerndr...

Brian Szabelski

4:00 PM on 07.27.2013

SDCC 2013: Dragatomi (Part 1)

It goes without saying that Dragatomi had one of the busiest booths in the designer toy section during SDCC. There always seemed to be something going on there (usually a signing) and if there wasn't, there were plenty of cus...

Brian Szabelski

Furry Feline Creatives reveals SDCC-exclusive plush photo
Furry Feline Creatives reveals SDCC-exclusive plush
by Natalie Kipper

Furry Feline Creatives has announced that they will have a very special plush over at Dragatomi's SDCC booth (#5350). Named "Puffridge Dragatomi," the toy shows Furry Felines' character, Purridge, dressed as Dragatomi's dragon mascot. Okay, so why is she called "Puffridge" rather then "Purridge?" It is a spin off of one of last year's exclusive plushes, "Puffridge Dragon." The 12 inch tall plush is limited to 10 pieces, each one lovingly handmade by Cheri Ong. 

Furry Feline Creatives will also have their own booth at SDCC, Small Press P13. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

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6:00 PM on 07.10.2013

Look for Carson Catlin at SDCC

Here's a nice little roundup of what Carson Catlin will be showing at SDCC! Custom Paw Raw titled Momentum. He'll be going for US$600 at Booth 5350. Three 7-inch KR Mascot figures titled 3retbots. They're all shiny and metal...

Kristina Pino

ESC-Toy's SDCC exclusives revealed photo
ESC-Toy's SDCC exclusives revealed
by Brian Szabelski

ESC-Toy is coming to SDCC! Well, kind of: Erick will be bringing his wares to the Dragatomi booth (#5350) for the entire event, and there's some interesting pieces for sure that are in the mix.

So what's coming? Well:

  • The Mini Smoke Soopa Coin-Up Bros., limited to 10 pieces for US$20 each
  • Camspill Goofy, a 3-inch Goofy figure limited to 6 pieces for US$50 each
  • PS Bot Blue, the Playstation-inspired creation, limited to 6 pieces for US$300 each
  • MK Drake, an Uncharted Drake painted with Monster Kolor paints, limited to 9 pieces for US$125 each
  • A set of prints, featuring Ch*pper and L*st of Us (spelled that way by Erick for probably pretty obvious reasons); they're both limited to 5 Giclee prints each, at US$20 and US$75, respectively
  • S. Maria pins, US$5 each
  • Aliencuss, a new piece in GID and regular (red, white, blue) colorways that's based on the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, limited to 6 pieces for US$75 each
  • The S. Maria Redomi colorway, a shiny metallic variant, limited to 12 pieces for US$200 each in the ESC-Toy shop on July 19 at 9 a.m. Pacific (noon Eastern, 4 p.m. GMT)
  • Erick's two signings at the Dragatomi booth: July 19 from 5-6 p.m., and July 20 from 1-2 p.m.

Anything that catches your eye?

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Androids and Dunnys wage war in Mikie Graham's SDCC set photo
Androids and Dunnys wage war in Mikie Graham's SDCC set
by Natalie Kipper

Monster lovers (and haters) will adore Mikie Graham's SDCC-exclusive blind boxed set, Android Hunters versus Dunny Monsters. The series re-imagines Dracula, Frankenstein, and a Werewolf as Dunny figures with the Androids as mechanical foils to the beasts, each equipped with tools for a specific monster. My personal favorite is the Werewolf. I just love the way his mouth is sculpted as if he is mid-howl. Although, that Dracula is pretty spiffy, too. Those bats atop his head are brilliant.

This set can be found at Dragatomi's booth (#5350) at San Diego Comic Con. It will be among other blind boxes as part of Dragatomi's new Android versus Dunnys series featuring 26 different artists' work totaling 150 figures, with each box costing US$80. Each piece is one of a kind. 

In this war between Dunnys and Androids, whose side are you on?

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Super Duper Caped Vinyl Caveys revealed photo
Super Duper Caped Vinyl Caveys revealed
by Brian Szabelski

As we thought from the teaser, the two exclusives from the Cavey camp for SDCC are vinyl Super Duper Caped Caveys. One is blue, the other pink ... but the pink one isn't going to be at SDCC. The pink Super Duper Caped Cavey is a Cavey shop release, coming July 18 at 8 p.m. British Summer Time (3 p.m. Eastern, noon Pacific) for £18. 

Meanwhile, the blue one is a Dragatomi exclusive at their booth (#5350) for US$30. In case you're wondering, the capes themselves are cut from felt, so they'll be super-soft.

Both Caveys are a limited run of 15 pieces and I really want the blue one now to match my plush Cavey from 2011. What about you, Tomopop readers?

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Vinyl Cavey goes superhero for SDCC photo
Vinyl Cavey goes superhero for SDCC
by Brian Szabelski

Curious about what Cavey would be doing for SDCC the year? Wait no more: a teaser has been posted, and the answer is the return of Super Duper Caped Cavey ... as a vinyl figure. Yes, Vinyl Cavey is this year's exclusive, and from the teaser, perhaps we can expect the original pink and blue colorways to return (my SDCC Cavey is a blue one).

More details are coming soon, but we know it'll be available at Dragatomi's booth (#5350) alongside a ton of other exclusives and customs. I'm excited to see how Holly has designed these, and if she perhaps has anything else showing up at the convention.

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ESC has 7 SDCC releases, plus new stuff in shop photo
ESC has 7 SDCC releases, plus new stuff in shop
by Brian Szabelski

ESC-Toy will be at SDCC in the Dragatomi booth with some new exclusives ... seven of them, to be exact. The teaser image above indicates that, but we don't know what they are yet. Stay tuned for info on that as well as more from the Dragatomi booth. 

Meanwhile, right now in the ESC-Toy shop, you can pick up a new 11x17 Giclee print, "All Over It," for US$50. Also new in the shop is the Ni-Ni Bot Spitfire edition, a 10-piece colorway of the resin figure in a fiery colorway. They're US$125 each.

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6:00 PM on 05.10.2013

Mikie Graham's Mechanized Mad Men are brilliant

Mikie Graham will be honoring some of history's more quirky minds with his upcoming custom Android series, Mechanized Mad Men. The release marks Mikie's first entry into the realm of blind boxes. The seven figures in the set ...

Natalie Kipper