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1:00 AM on 04.10.2014

Domo-kun got dressed for Easter

When you do a themed version of a character, there are a few routes you can go. Good Smile Company tends to go all-out with their Miku redesigns, tweaking everything from her color palette to the style of her outfit. Domo doe...

Tianxiao Ma

3:00 PM on 12.06.2013

Revoltech Domo-kun is real and ready for pre-order

First there was Hello Kitty, now Kaiyodo has made a Revoltech Domo-kun figure. This Domo will be articulated and come with loads of accessories. I’ve seen many Domo figures, but not many with articulation. This one has...

Vanessa Cubillo

SDCC exclusives keep coming from Funko photo
SDCC exclusives keep coming from Funko
by Vanessa Cubillo

Funko has just revealed seven more exclusives that will be available at SDCC. Their first two exclusives will be Wacky Wobblers. Most of their exclusives, so far, have been metallic, so they've continued this with metallic Wacky Wobblers of Batman and Skeletor.

Their next two exclusives are Pop! figures of Domo Batman in metallic and Domo Man of Steel. Moving away from metallic, their next Pop! figure is a Bloody Rorschach from Watchmen. The last two exclusives from this batch are a Black Suit version of Superman and a Disco colored Skeletor. 

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Tomopop Review: Funko's Mystery Mini N52 Batman Domo photo
Tomopop Review: Funko's Mystery Mini N52 Batman Domo
by Scarecroodle

A large part of collecting, like any hobby, is excitement. Excitement need not be limited to big ticket, high-end items, as a certain amount of joy can be obtained even from the simpler, smaller things, like the excitement found in opening a blind-boxed figure. As such, today I'll be sharing a little bit of my excitement for Funko's New 52 Batman Domo from their Domo DC Mystery Minis Series 01.

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9:00 AM on 02.13.2013

Toy Fair 2013: Dark Horse

Dark Horse's Toy Fair booth had more than just the Hellboy Qqs on display (more on them in a moment). For fans of Domo, there's a ton of new merchandise to look forward to, including some samurai Domo gear, more blind-boxed f...

Brian Szabelski

11:30 PM on 01.03.2013

Mr. Domo goes DC

I must confess that I never saw the appeal of Domo... until now, that is. Domo has received a DC comic treatment, courtesy of Funko, for a blind-boxed 2.5-inch figurine set as well as a larger (not pictured in header) Pop! 4-...


5:00 PM on 05.16.2012

Mezco announces new Domo figures, merchandise

Mezco Toyz teased this at Toy Fair, but they've now officially announced they they'll be making Domo merchandise that will be on sale later this year! Among the items available will be bobbleheads, clip-on figures, actio...

Brian Szabelski

Domo Qee Series 4 dropping later this month photo
Domo Qee Series 4 dropping later this month
by Rio McCarthy

A new Domo Qee blind box series coming soon? Count me in! I've had some of the previous series' pieces and I loved them! They're always very fun and come in exciting colors. Series 4 looks to be heading in the same direction, as there are several I'd like to have just by looking at the images that Toy2R has released.

My favorites in this new series would have to be the paint splatter, the green, nearly gummy-candy looking one, and the fuzzy orange one. Dark Horse has these listed for an April 25th release, and they will cost you US$8.99 each. They will stand 2 inches tall, and are ready to nom their way into your home when they release later this month! Which ones will you get?

[via ToysREvil]

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