Yaya yaya daze!

Volks teases 3 new Character Dollfie to their collection

Something old, something new, something older... and really damn expensive!
Nov 15
[UPDATE: Twitter user @TonyBSD added prices on his tweets for the three ladies from his copy of the magazine! Belldandy comes in at ¥120,750 (told you she would break ¥100k!) while Yaya will be ¥59,850 and Erica c... read
Plus additional information from the press conference
Danny Choo of Culture Japan was not only a Guest of Honor at this year's Anime Expo but he also had his very own panel and press conference to boot! He shared his spotlight with his original character, the lovely Mirai S... read feature

Every city has its secrets
If you consider yourself a bit of a doll fan or even if you're just a little curious, there's a place in Hong Kong which you should check out. Hidden (and I mean REALLY hidden) in the 18th floor of a very nondescript building... read feature

765Pro and the Hangumi get their own Dedicated Volks Site

Jul 08
A couple of days ago, we got the first few shots of the new Shinguji Sakura Dollfie Dream on the Volks DD blog but now, they have made their dedicated website live with additional details, shots of her combat uniform and, mos... read

Volks USA's lottery for Persona 4's DD Rise starts May 6

May 08
[Reminder: You have one day left if you're seriously considering wanting to try and own one of these dolls. Deadline again is Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 11 a.m. PST.] Did you want to get your hands on Volks' Dollfie Dream Rise... read

Volks USA brings you the Dollfies of Dolpa 26 and Kyoto 9

Mar 13
For those who have been wanting to get their hands on Volks' Dollfie clothes from Dolpa 26 and the exclusives from Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 9, your chance is now available. Volks is taking orders on the clothes and lottery entri... read

PhotoKano and ToHeart2's schoolgirls hit Home Town Dolpa

Feb 14
So, yeah, I'm still into that doll thing. Doesn't help that I now own my second doll with Volks' Dollfie Dream Saber given to me by my awesome best friend who spoils me. So my interest has been captured with Volks revealing t... read

Mariko-sensei is a magical Dollfie Dream teacher

Nov 17
With Dolpa 26 happening next month, a few new announcments have been made including some new SD16 and Yo-SD dolls, a Dollfie Dream Sister of Milihiore from Dog Days, and the next in line for Volks' After School Akihabara Girl... read

Details released on the Dog Days Milihiore Dollfie Dream

Nov 16
On Monday, Volks released details on the releases for their next major gathering, Dolpa 26. One of the reveals was the release of the next anime inspired Dollfie Dream dolls, Milihiore F. Biscotti from Dog Days. At time of th... read

Volks' Dolpa 26 reveals a Dog Days Dollfie Dream and more

Nov 14
Major Japanese dolls producer Volks has announced their next big doll gather, Dolpa 26 (Dolls Party 26) will be happening on December 18, 2011 at Tokyo Big Sight. As this is the next big event for the company, there is much n... read

Less than a day left to convince you to pre-order Volks' Dollfie Dream Saber

Oct 29
This will be the last time I hound you folks about Volks' Dollfie Dream Saber releases. Why is that? Because the deadline is just around the corner! The Volks DD Blog has been posting several photos of what you can do with th... read

Dollfie Dream Saber shows her fashionable side at the many Volks Show Rooms

Oct 21
With Volks releasing a new Dollfie Dream Saber from Fate/EXTRA and an updated version of Saber Alter from Fate/hollow ataraxia, the company has been promoting her left and right throughout the month. Now the company's various... read

Volks' Aoi models the Lady Vampire Set and will suck more from your wallet in October

Oct 19
Volks released several outfits as a part of their September collection which were released on September 24, most of which followed a haunting theme in time for Halloween. The collection included little wolves and cats for the... read

Volks unveils their new Dollfie Dream Sabers

Sep 23
Doll fans have probably been paying attention to Volks as of late, as they've been teasing some new Saber Dollfie Dreams, and now, they've revealed the two of them on their blog. On your left in the header is the Saber Fate/E... read

The Volks Dollfie Dream Trinity just became a quartet with their latest teaser

Sep 10
Dolls in general are not my cup of tea (and being a Brit, I do love my tea!) but I know that there are some Dollfie Dream fans in our community who will enjoy this bit of news far more than I. So I have put on a large number ... read

Volks announces 3 new Dollfie Dreams!

Jul 04
Well it's that time again, Tomopeeps, time for Volks to taunt us with photos of beautiful dolls that cost a fortune! Home Town Dolpa Kobe is fast approaching, in fact it will take place on July 31st, so Volks has taken the li... read

Spring has sprung, and that means one thing: taking figures outside for photos! Or at least that's what it means for many of us here at Tomopop. Stephen and I realized that we had yet to take any of our Dollfies outside, alth... read feature

Now that I've finally bought outfits for my dolls, it seems like their style changes all the time. Mari's hair has gone from brown to pink to blue, Soniko has tried on a variety of outfits, and even Saber has new duds on. ... read feature

Volks shows off two pretty new dresses for the upcoming Dolls Party 25

Apr 21
We've been keeping you up to speed on the special Dollfie releases for the upcoming Dolls Party 25, such as the alluring Airy and Neris from Shining Hearts. These dolls look very pretty to me from further away, but get too cl... read

Volks' Dolls Party 25 limited items lottery information up on Volks USA

Apr 19
Dolls Party 25 is quickly approaching at the end of April in Japan, but for those of us across the ocean who can't attend, we have good news: Volks USA's lottery information is now available! Lottery information is now up for... read

When I got Mari for Christmas, I swore two things to myself. First, that I was not going to go doll-crazy. One or two is enough, right? Wrong! I already have well over that amount. And the second thing I promised myself was t... read feature

Hey everybody, it's time for your biweekly audio/toy fix. Here comes Tomocast! This episode I'm joined by Colette Bennett, Jennifer Johnston and Brigitte Coovert to talk about the world of dolls. I'm not talking about Barbies... read feature

Hey everybody, it's almost time for another Tomocast! This episode I'll be joined by Colette Bennett, Leah Bayer, Jennifer Johnston and Brigitte as we'll discuss dolls of all varieties. Ball-Jointed Dolls, Dollfies, it's all ... read feature

It's a parade of fashion for your dolls at Volks' upcoming Home Town Dolpa Kyouto 8

Feb 18
We know Volks will be releasing a few new dolls at the upcoming Home Town Dolpa Kyouto 8 in March but it's not always about what new faces you can own. The event also introduces new clothing from the many brands of Tenshi no ... read

Volks adds Kud Wafter's Noumi to their Mini Dollfie Dream line with a slew of outfits

Feb 17
Volks recently announced that they would be adding the Golden Witch Beatrice of Umineko no Naku Koro ni to their line of character-related Dolffie Dream dolls. However, she wasn't the only character doll announced. To be rele... read

Umineko's Beatrice appears in doll form, will still kill you

Feb 16
I've never found dolls to be of particular interest. Perhaps it's the natural "RAWR male hate girl toy RAWR" mechanism in my brain, but I've rarely found myself looking at a doll with any particular capitalistic lust. A few y... read

One lucky person has their creation join Volks' Akihabara Girls Dollfie Dream series

Feb 10
Have you ever daydreamed of your creation ever being produced whether it's a figure, a game, a comic, or anything creative in general? That's what happened to one lucky person and their original design. Submitted to a contest... read

There are many things us anime and gaming fans enjoy. One of them definitely is cosplay. Who doesn't enjoy dressing up as a character they like? And who would not want to own a doll of a character they like? This week's galle... read feature

Returning home to my freezing apartment and bundling under my blankets has reminded me exactly how chilly it can get out there. So it only seemed natural that this week's What Dolls Are Up To focuses on the dolls keeping warm... read feature

Well, no real rocking going on but it's that time of the year where many are propping and decorating their Christmas trees. Even I have my poor looking Charlie Brown tree all pretty (to the extent I can). That's also what the... read feature

What Dolls Are Up To: I love a man in uniform

Nov 21
First I want to thank the community for their response to the very first What Dolls Are Up To. The feature is still young and I will do my best to bring you more variety with every new week. It will certainly be a l... read

Volks' Dollfie Dream Dynamite Alna Dolpa 24 exclusive details emerge

Nov 15
A few days ago, Volks' Dollfie Dream Blog showed photos of two new outfits for their After School Akihabara Girls Dollfie Dream Dynamite Alna that had me squealing with much joy. No other info was available at the t... read

We've always spied into the lives of the toys, seeing what they are up to but with the increase of a different collectible presence on this site, it's finally come time to see what dolls are up to.With our incr... read feature

Volks Blog reveals more pics of the Limited Edition White Christmas Ver.

Nov 11
Do you remember those mysterious, blurry photos we saw a few days ago on Volks blog, teasing for the future releases to be shown at Dolpa 24 (Doll Party 24)? Well, even though we had a blurry peek at her before... read

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