Daiki Kougyou

Daiki gal photo
Daiki gal

Snow bunny can't dress for winter sports

Daiki strikes again
Jan 21
Daiki Kougyou brings us another busty lady to grace our shelves. Dressed in a skimpy pink bikini and high waisted skirt, the brunette at least had the presence of mind of grab a scarf and goggles on the way to her snowboardin... read
Pre-order Mio Kisaki photo
Pre-order Mio Kisaki

Pre-order Daiki Kogyo's Mio Kisaki

I love that shine! If only she had a full set of armor!
Nov 11
Have you seen any of this seasons bazoonga filled horseback jousting series Walkure Romanze? I find the fan service to be a little bit excessive but I am watching it over at Crunchyroll from time to time. If you are watching ... read

Go ganguro with this tanned Celia

Daiki Kougyo - 1/6 Scale
Sep 19
Daiki Kougyo's castoffable Celia showed up last Winter, but it seems like she's spent the last few months "tanning" and is ready for round two with prospective collectors. Perhaps they're trying to cash in on the airing of th... read

[NSFW] Get confused while ordering Ane to Boin's Ringo

Daiki Kougyo - 1/6 Scale
Jul 20
Not content with just releasing Ane to Boin's Lilith, Daiki Kougyo is at it again with the interestingly posed Ringo Hanamaru. While, like Lilith, I find myself really loving how her face is sculpted, the rest of the figure i... read
A bubbly buxom beauty!
Last month's Lilith from Ane to Boin got some surprisingly upbeat commentary for one of the more naughty figures we've taken a look at. Leave it to Daiki Kougyou to come up with a pervy character that still catches everyone's... read feature


[NSFW] Cook up a pre-order for Ane to Boin's Lilith

Daiki Kougyo - 1/6 Scale
Jun 21
The busty beauties keep coming today, this time thanks to Daiki Kougyou, purveyors of all things pervy. Hailing from eroge Ane to Boin, Lilith here seems set to cater to your every need while clad in little more than an apron... read
Delays, delays, delays photo
Delays, delays, delays

Good Smile, Arcadia, others announce delays

Hope you weren't waiting for Mikudayo
May 22
Delay time has arrived, and it's apparently hit Good Smile Company's Nendoroid line. Three Nendoroids are among those delayed, and they include both the Rin and Wooser set and the big-headed Mikudayo, destroyer of worlds. It'... read

[NSFW] Explore your inner siscon with Yae Oda

Daiki Kougyo - 1/6 Scale
Apr 24
Leave it to Daiki Kougyo to turn out one of the most blatant of ero figures out there. No subtlety about Yae Oda here, simply standing there with everything on full display. Though I suppose when you come from a manga rather ... read

[NSFW] Diskvision's Erika bares all for pre-orders

Daiki Kougyo - 1/5 Scale
Apr 11
There's a right way to do naughty figures, and a wrong way. Typically the less ridiculous and the more effort put out, the more your figure may be worth even if she's stripped down to her skivvies or less. In the case of Daik... read

[NSFW] Someone's bound to pre-order this Touko Kurosawa

Daiki Kougyo - 1/4 Scale
Jan 31
Daiki Kougyo's at it again with this alternate "Return Home" version of their casually chained up Touko Kurosawa. Apparently going for a more summery feel, her hair has changed from black to a rusty orange, and her skin is ta... read

[NSFW] Yukihime available for pre-orders, nightmares

Daiki Kougyo - Non-scale
Jan 26
At first glance, you might think Sengoku Rance's Yukihime looks like a fairly normal figure. A bit drugged, perhaps, but otherwise normal. Eventually, however, with interest piqued, you click through to take a look at Daiki K... read

[NSFW] Get romantic with Celia Aintree in this gallery

Is she wearing two bottoms?
Jan 15
I think this figure is pretty much Daiki Kougyou in a nutshell: nudity, chunky girls, and odd proportions. You're looking at Celia Cumani Aintree from Walkure Romanze: Shojo Kishi Monogatari. She clearly isn't the type to tak... read

Daiki Kougyou's Celia could use a bit more armor

Not quite sure what to make of this upcoming June release
Dec 26
Daiki Kougyou's latest offering in the 1/6-scale department happens to be Walkure Romanze: Shōjo Kishi Monogatari's Celia, and ... she's not really prepared for battle. For some reason, she's in a swimsuit and armor... read

[NSFW] Miyazawa Model Exhibition: NSFW figure roundup

Art Spirits, Daiki Kougyou, Milestone, and more
Nov 07
It's that time again: NSFW stuff for the late night! The Miyazawa Model Exhibition had a handful of NSFW figures so I thought I'd do a roundup of them. The lone NSFW entry from Art Spirits is Haruko Amaya from the manga Make-... read

Qwaser's Katja changes swimsuits, still loves chairs

Sep 21
Earlier this year, Daiki Kougyou brought us a rather curious version of ecchi series Seikon no Qwaser's resident villain-loli Katja (link NSFW!). I rather enjoyed the figure myself, particularly being devoid of Daiki Kougyou'... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 14, 2012

May 14
Oh, hey, it's a Monday. If this Monday has you down, one way to make yourself feel better is to spend some money you don't have. So how about it? Might I interest you in something in today's Reserve or Regret? Maybe something... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for April 16, 2012

Apr 17
Buy somethin' will ya! Hmm... if that wasn't a few characters longer, maybe that would have been a better title for Reserve or Regret. That is what I'm trying to get you to do with this daily feature after all. Pre-orders hav... read

[NSFW] Tsun Face Tamaki is the derpiest Tamaki

Mar 29
Much as I love the normally pretty face of To Heart, even a fan like me knows when to take a step back and say "No, sir, I will not partake!" In this case, such measures are needed in the face--no pun intended--of Daiki Kougy... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for March 26, 2012

Mar 27
Getting sick sucks. It also sucks to know that I have been allowing you folks to get away without spending money. That has gone on long enough. Pull out those credit cards, borrow some cash, or do what you must because it's t... read

[NSFW] Qwaser's Katya returns for round two

Mar 16
While I may indeed be the only Seikon no Qwaser fan around these parts, that won't stop me from bringing new word of figures that catch my eye. We've brought you pre-orders and a previous gallery of this Katya from Daiki Koug... read

[NSFW] Daiki's Menace is... well, being Menace

Mar 13
My experience with Queen's Blade is this: watched the first episode, had a hearty laugh, then read somewhere that it's apparently not a comedy anime. Daiki Kougyou has embraced these late night fanservice shows throughout its... read

Get an ace with this Mizuki gallery

Feb 28
Finally breaking into my massive backlog, I finally started watching the insane Baka to Test recently. Like many, I'm completely in love with the show, and I'm even enjoying the usual quieter cliche in the form of the sweet M... read

[NSFW] 2012 Winter Hobby Maker Expo: Daiki Kougyou

Feb 23
There's been one notable omission so far from all things WonFes and Hobby Maker Expo, and that's Daiki Kougyou. Maybe that wasn't such a bad thing looking at their Hobby Maker Expo wares. Things start out as you might expect,... read

Seikon no Qwaser's Katya demands you browse this gallery

Feb 17
Any Seikon no Qwaser fan (all five of us) knows, when the wicked little loli Katya commands something, people tend to listen. So, if you haven't gotten a look at Daiki Kougyou's latest efforts, you ought to hop on over and gi... read

Daiki Kougyou has Tamaki show off her tsun side?

Feb 16
A month without Tamaki? I know! That's just too long for this popular lady from ToHeart2, huh? Well, Daiki Kougyou is looking to fix that by... oh. ... Re-releasing a Tamaki figure with a different face. That's just lazy. Com... read

[NSFW] Seikon no Qwaser's Katja and Tomo caught surprised

Jan 23
If we're talking about Seikon no Qwaser here on Tomopop, 90% of the time it's going to be a NSFW figure and 99% of the time, it's going to be the busty Tomo Yamanobe. So with those high percentages, is it any surprise why we'... read

Check out these shots of Daiki Kougyou's Mizuki Himeji

Jan 02
If you just don't think there's enough Baka to Test figures out there for some reason, then perhaps Daiki Kougyou's Mizuki Himeji is what you're looking for. The 1/6-scale Mizuki features her in her uniform minus the overcoat... read

Get the full Sasara Kusugawa experience in this gallery

Dec 26
Here's the deal: if you want to see plastic boobies of anime girls, check out Moeyo's gallery of Daiki Kougyou's Sasara Kusugawa figure. I'll leave the NSFW stuff for them as they do it so well. Otherwise I've grabbed a few s... read

ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers' Sasara strikes again

Dec 19
Just a little over three months ago, Daiki Kougyou released the samurai version of Sasara Kusugawa from PlayStation Portable title ToHeart2: Dungeon Travelers. Just like Daiki Kougyou (and many others), Sasara is back again, ... read

Get wrapped up in this Ryoumou gallery

Oct 29
A short time ago we brought news of this new version of Daiki Kougyou's gothic lolita Ryoumou from the oft-maligned Ikkitousen. As noted, the series itself is rather hit or miss, and the same often holds true for the characte... read

NSFW: Say hi to Daiki Kougyou's Aya Ayanokouji

Apr 11
The folks at Daiki Kougyou have put together another new figure, this one featuring an original character. Say hi to Aya Ayanokouji, a girl with ridiculously big eyes at 1/5 scale. As expected, she is a cast-offable figure, w... read

NSFW: Daiki Kougyou's Tamaki Kousaka is back up for order

Feb 20
Back in the beginning of February, AmiAmi goofed and put a gorgeous rendition of Tamaki up for order. The page was quickly pulled, but people who managed to get their orders in had them honored. Now this bathing beauty is bac... read

NSFW: Daiki Kougyou proves that maybe we DO need another Tamaki Kousaka

Feb 01
[UPDATE] It seems like AmiAmi jumped the gun on putting her up, as the page is now gone. If you got your order in before the page went down, it should go through, and she will probably go back up in a few days. We will be sur... read

NSFW: Daiki Kougyou's Tsuneko from Maid Bride

Jan 24
Well, I know that hentai manga isn't really supposed to have much of a story, but even then, Maid Bride really doesn't have much of one. Basically, girl can't pay her rent, so she moves in with a guy who has a maid ... read

Daiki Kougyo's decided to send you an angel with Tenshi-san

Dec 03
Oh dear, will you look at her. Hello! If only all angels were so sweet, doe-eyed and barely clothed. This one is brought to you courtesy of Daiki Kougyo, and while she may look like a handful, she's actually only 1/10th in sc... read

The award for worst repaint ever goes to Daiki Kyogo's Ryomo Shimei

Nov 11
Yes, this is a thing that exists. If you ever wanted proof that some things should just never be made, here it is. Ikki Tousen, a series that is no stranger to endless palette swaps, now has the recolor figure that beats them... read

[NSFW] The 27th Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Beat, Daiki Kougyou, and Orchid Seed

Nov 10
What would a figure event be without the figures that aren't safe for viewing from public places? We look at the three naughty companies of Orchid Seed, BEAT, and Daiki Kougyou who exhibited at the 27th Annual Miyzawa Model E... read

NSFW: Daiki Kougyou's latest Kanu Unchou is back in Miyazawa Limited red

Nov 09
Back in July, pre-orders opened for Daiki Kougyou's Kanu Unchou Sage Girl Version from Ikkitousen. This version of Kanu was very different from what we would commonly see in figures. Kanu featured a body mold that was much fu... read

Daiki Kougyou enters the doll making business?

Nov 01
It always throws me off when a company does something against the grain of what is normally their business model. Today's case subject: Daiki Kougyou. If you're unfamiliar with the company, their usual bread and butter is&nbs... read

Soul Saber's Miyuko has quite the large...firearm

Oct 02
Daiki Kougyou is never one for the most subtle of figure designs, and this latest from the fighting game Soul Saber is no exception. Named Miyuko LSP, this young bunny comes equipped with a massively oversized rifle and...not... read

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