Daiki gal

Snow bunny can't dress for winter sports

Daiki strikes again
Jan 21
Daiki Kougyou brings us another busty lady to grace our shelves. Dressed in a skimpy pink bikini and high waisted skirt, the brunette at least had the presence of mind of grab a scarf and goggles on the way to her snowboardin... read

Daiki's cutie-pie Himeji gets a preview

Dec 09
Good morning, Tomo folk! Today I bring you a gallery of the beautiful 1/6-scale Daiki Kogyo version of Mizuki Himeji from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Check out the gallery to get a more detailed look at the figure and, of ... read

Daiki Kogyo puts a very cute Himeji up for pre-order!

Nov 14
BakaTest Ni! fans may be happy to know that another cute Mizuki Himeji figure is now up for pre-order! Unfortunately, she's in the school dress, but I seriously love the expression she's got here as well as the way her hair f... read

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