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DO WANT: September 2014

Oct 09 // Scarecroodle
Kristina wants... GSC's Nendoroid Halloween Miku! GSC's Halloween Miku Nendoroid, hands down, is one of the cutest things evar. I'm a little bit biased, because I like Halloween as a theme in general, but yeah. Even if it is a Nendoroid, I think it's the most adorable thing, and I wants it. It helps that the colors (orange and black with Miku's teal hair) just go well together, and the accessories and swappable parts are pretty rad, too. Great release. Scarecroodle's note: Still on the fence about this one myself. It's a really cute design. Scarecroodle wants... Max Factory's figma Sinon! It's been a long while since I've really wanted a figma. Back when I first discovered the line (and picked up Max Factory's first Saber), it seemed almost revolutionary. However, as time went on and prices went up, fewer and fewer figmas felt like must-buys. The last one(s) that I was actually excited to purchase were the figma Pits and even those have just sat in their box. As such, imagine my surprise when I first saw images of figma Sinon (Sword Art Online II) and found myself wanting this character from an anime I've had no interest in watching. Granted, I've always had something of a weakness for green hair and sniper babes, two things that the figure embodies. The character's costume is also strongly reminiscent of Motoko Kusanagi which makes it doubly strange that I was underwhelmed by figma Motoko (who comes from an anime I enjoyed... even if it's a weaker season) yet somehow wowed by figma Sinon. Granted, I'll still need to overcome my reluctance in buying figmas (as my enthusiasm often dwindles before I have them in-hand), but there's a better than average chance I may buy this one. And also cave on Motoko. Jeremy wants... Max Factory's figma and figFIX Shinobu! One of the most important characters in the Bakemonogatari series is finally getting a figma! This is one of those rare long-running figma lines that I've been able to get every character from, but there always seemed like there was a hole in the set that Shinobu should be filling. And while this is technically two figures, it's really hard to resist buying just one or the other. We've waited an extra long time for the little vampire girl to arrive and it looks like the wait has been worth it. I have absolutely no complaints about these figures, especially when the figFIX can be found for well under US$20. Now if they would just make a Black Hanekawa already. Scarecroodle's note: I *still* need to watch this series some day. Tian wants... ThreeZero's Ned Stark! I dug way back into the September archives to arrive at my Do Want: ThreeZero's Ned Stark! Although Lord Eddard is no longer with us in Westeros, he'll live on in ThreeZero's amazing sculpt. As portrayed by Sean Bean, Ned was my favorite character of the first season. It would be great to be able to put him on display, forever preserved (with head firmly attached). Scarecroodle's note: I recently tried reading the first novel and it's nowhere near as fun as the tv show. Otherwise I remain impressed with ThreeZero's work on these characters and hope that we'll see a few more before long. Chris *still* wants... Bandai's Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar! My DO WANT was going to be the PG Unicorn gundam but having just finished my pre-order recently, that's pretty much in the bag. so my DO WANT reverts back to the Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar. I'm still hoping that there will be a second run pre-orders before the release date arrives as I really don't want to have to go through the overpriced local store route... Well, that's it for our September wants. Stay tuned for NYCC which may (or may not) completely blow us away. If it doesn't, I already know my Do Want! for October.
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Deadline? What's that?
As we move into NYCC and prepare to promptly forget many of the things we wanted in previous months, we here at Tomopop have decided to reminisce about some of the things we were most excited about in September. This includes a few predictable choices and one thing you may not have seen coming. See our picks below.

SDCC/WonFes Highlight Reel: The Scarecroodle edition

Sep 09 // Scarecroodle
While I find myself unable to do a top ten list, I figure I should at least try to order these things in terms of preference. Spider-Man 2099 has long been one of my favorite superheroes. Unfortunately, the character hasn't seen that much great merchandise over the years. Yes, he has a Bowen statue I can't afford and WizKids did a few decent Heroclix figurines, but the more conventional offerings have been a little lackluster. ToyBiz's Spider-Man Classics Spidey 2099 was a somewhat lame redeco of a normal Spider-Man figure (from that same line) which featured a cloth cape and lacked the character's iconic arm-spikes (besides having those out-of-character webshooter-posed hands). Hasbro took a stab at the character with a less articulate figure in the Spider-Man Origins line but, once again, it lacked those arm-spikes and featured a cheap cloth cape. Finally, Hasbro gave us a Spidey 2099 in the Marvel Universe line and, while it recycled the standard body, the figure at least had the arm-spikes (positioned a little oddly?) and a plastic cape. It looked like that would be the best we'd ever get... then SDCC 2014 rolled around and Hasbro unveiled its Spider-Man Legends Spidey 2099. Hasbro's new Spider-Man 2099 is almost everything I could have hoped for: it features an accurate build, it has Spidey's ironic outstretched fingers (although it lacks the talons, but hey, they could be retracted!), there's a lot of articulation, and it's in the 6-inch scale. It's more or less everything I wanted (sans a glossy paint job). I look forward to picking it up and, with any luck, seeing Diamond Select Toys produce an even better version of the character in its Marvel Select line. My second most-wanted item is Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics Tung Lashor. Matty Collector had previously announced that Tung Lashor and Squeeze, the two last Snakemen from the original vintage line, would be included in the final two Club Eternia subscriptions. The catch? Only one would appear per year and Matty wasn't saying which would appear when. Those fiendish devils! Thankfully, however, Matty Collector unveiled my favorite, Tung Lashor, at SDCC and announced that he was conveniently scheduled for November (alongside Galactic Protector She-Ra!). I had been looking forward to Tung Lashor for a while, especially because the original vintage figure was one of the few He-Man figures that managed to stay with me over the years despite several moves and Hurricane Andrew (which was responsible for two of those moves). The MOTUC Tung Lashor is a great update of the vintage figure, capturing and (slightly) improving on the original's look. Although (like most MOTUCs) it lacks the original gimmick, MOTUC has replicated the tongue-lashing feature with an alternate extended-tongue head. I'm fortunate that he came out this year, since there are no guarantees that the 2015 Club Eternia will hit its minimum number of subs. Of course, the downside is that we probably won't ever see a really articulated 200x series Tung Lashor but at least there's NECA's staction version available which, in this instance, is better than nothing. Another bit of particularly exciting news is Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Select Carnage. Back when Hasbro produced a pretty good ML Carnage in its Spider-Man Legends line, I (just barely) held off buying it because I saw what incredible work DST had done with its MS Venom (which I still want to pick up at some point). The problem with basically every Carnage so far has been a lack of interchangeable parts, something that the MS Carnage should correct. We can already see that it includes a version of the axe-arm which is one of those absolute staples missing from most releases. If it was just that, the MS Carnage (with its great sculpting and paint) would stand quite a bit taller than most (if not all) other Carnage action figures. However, DST intends to give fans far more than that which should make the MS Carnage the definitive Carnage action figure. It completely justifies not picking up the latest ML version. Of course, the Marvel Select wasn't the only thing Carnage fans had to look forward to, as Kotobukiya unveiled the rest of its Fine Arts Carnage. The statue notably features multiple tendrils extending from his body and includes an interchangeable arm (I believe the weapon arm is exchanged with a normal hand). If I was more of a statues fan, I would be all over this one. In what shaped up to be a pretty good convention for evil, Hasbro announced (and showed off) its 6-inch Star Wars Black Series Bossk. Prior to Bossk, Boba Fett was the only real bounty hunter (ie, not some Rodian punk who gets shot while sitting down in a cantina)  that we'd seen and I was starting to get a little worried that the line would be canceled before it got into producing them.  Bossk looks a lot better than his also-great Saga Legends counterpart (who was among the first modern Star Wars figures I picked up) and hopefully this trend will continue long enough to get me a Dengar. On the subject of both improvements and redemption, the Marvel Legends line will *finally* get a half-decent Scarlet Witch (the previous version, released in ToyBiz's Legendary Riders series, was so bad that the company originally didn't intend to release it in the US... or so the rumor goes). This pretty cool wave (dubbed "Avengers Legends"?) features Odin (!!!) as a BAF, with alternate parts for a King Thor variant. While I really don't care for most of the wave, I doubt that I'll be able to pass on a decent-looking Odin. Other pretty neat Marvel Legends coming out (that don't rank on my favorites list) are Agent Phil Coulson, Maria Hill, and a Thanos BAF, as well as Machine Man and Captain Marvel. Plus the ML Sentry (originally intended as a running change in the Hit Monkey wave) is finally getting a release. Jumping over the Summer Wonder Festival side of things for a moment, the biggest thing to grab my attention was the announcement of a figma Dark Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh!). Although we've seen a decent DMG figure or two over the years, such as the Cu-Poche version, never has there been a great normal, articulated figure for the character. While a Dark Magician may be a bit more apropos, I think I'd rather have the DMG first. Another exciting set of announcements were for Nendoroids Rider and Archer (Fate/Stay Night). Although we saw some great mini Nendoroids for Rider (at least one of which I own), it's going to be nice to get a full-sized (or full Nendo-sized...) version of the character as well; especially because she should come with a bunch of props. The only thing keeping me in my seat is a nagging suspicion that Kotobukiya may eventually cover the character in the Cu-Poche line, which I'd probably prefer. Other adorable small figures included NECA's Mogwai Series 5, which features three more concept characters (Patches, Zoe, and Gary). Although I know that at least two of them are basically straight-up repaints, I'll still be excited to pick those up (I'm less sure about wanting the all-white, weird-faced Gary). Due out in November (not October), the ones that I grab should look pretty neat next to my other concept-series Mogwai (which I mostly picked up to get Penny). I'm still not sure why the Gremlins part of the line has basically stalled (with a few figures in limbo) while we keep getting Mogwais who didn't even appear in the movies. I'm even less sure why I keep getting so excited to see new ones. Mattel will be adding the Yvonne Craig Batgirl to its Batman classic TV series line. While I had hoped to see the character (especially when the line looked canceled once or twice), she's unfortunately part of a 3-pack with Batman and Robin. I suppose it's not a huge hurdle, since Batman and Robin were two of the only figures I didn't buy when the line first came out. The head-sculpt and body-work is pretty neat, but those arms look unusually long or something. The figures were designed by Mattel's in-house crew (rather than the Four Horsemen who handled a lot of the other DC collectibles in the past) so I guess things are bound to be a little iffy in places. Another cool babe that I'm really happy to see is Mattel's Galactic Protector She-Ra. This New Adventures-styled figure is one of the Four Horsemen's original creations and mixes some of NA He-Man's elements with She-Ra's design, giving the character an updated look. Given that she's due out in November alongside Tung Lashor, I'll likely buy both characters directly from Matty Collector this time around (rather than hitting up eBay for a better price). And, jumping back to the classic Batman TV series, Diamond Select Toys showed off a number of resin busts and vinyl bank busts, both at its booth and during a panel. My favorite item was naturally a Burgess Meredith Penguin bust. While the TV series had some great villains, few seemed as fun as Burgess Meredith's take on the Penguin. Will he some day be followed by an eggsellent Vincent Price Eggman bust? Only time will tell. Although the Four Horsemen won't be doing much for Mattel going forward, the company is hardly sitting on its hands these days. The company's latest endeavor is a fantasy-themed line of figures entitled "Mythic Legions" which features dwarfs, orcs, vampires, and more. The sculpting and paint-work on these is incredible, absolutely top-notch stuff. The only drawback is that you usually have to buy these sorts of things directly from the Four Horsemen's site which costs you a bit more on shipping (as opposed to buying from Entertainment Earth, which offers free shipping on larger orders). Ranking a bit lower on my list is a 6-inch Star Wars Black Series Hoth frost-bitten, bloodied Luke and wampa 2-pack. The pack is ostentatiously based on that famous cave scene in The Empire Strikes Back, but will likely not include a removable, bloodied arm option for the wampa. However, I'm still impressed that Hasbro will be making a wampa that much larger than Luke. Although fans were never given a great look at the wampa's size in the films, the one Luke encountered was implied to be huge (something that didn't really carry over to Shadow of the Empire on the Nintendo 64). Another neat Star Wars announcement came at WonFes where Good Smile Company showed plans to make a Nendoroid Darth Vader and Storm Trooper. Oh, plus Kaiyodo showed off its Star Wars Revoltechs which could be promising. Honestly, there were so many cool things I should have made two Highlight Reels. Here are a few more really exciting items:   The MOTU Minis Snake Mountain is incredibly adorable. It's also neat because Matty's Scott Neitlich previously revealed that a MOTUC Snake Mountain is unlikely given how things went for Castle Grayskull, which makes this the only official Mattel Snake Mountain that we'll ever see. While the diorama is a massive want, it's bundled as part of a subscription which is a massive Don't Want To Pay For. As such, I'll only be nabbing it if I can find it cheaply on the aftermarket. The Spider-Man Legends line discussed earlier also includes a May Parker Spider-Girl (MC2 continuity) and a Phil Urich Hobgoblin Build-a-Figure. Although I've stayed away from the MC2 continuity (which, as far as I'm aware, has never been adapted into a cartoon or film) but I've been aware of the May Parker Spider-Girl and wanted a decent figure. As previously mentioned, I only know Phil Urich from his heroic Green Goblin run (and even then, I only owned one or two issues) so the fact that he's a murderous, villainous Hobgoblin came as something of a surprise. Granted, the new design makes for a cool figure. It's just a shame that it's a BAF when I'm trying to move away from buying full waves. The final item on the Hasbro front is the Marvel Universe (or Marvel Infinite) 3.75-inch Sandman figure, which brings me a step closer to completing a 3.75-inch Sinister Six. The figure is cool for coming in both a standard version (seen here) and an all-sand deco. The figure looks like he recycles some parts from the MU Absorbing Man (first released in a Secret Wars 2-pack before getting a single-card release alongside a variant) although it's hard to be sure. I was excited to see a Jim Lee-styled Beast as well. Speaking of Jim Lee, Kotobukiya will be producing a Fine Arts Rogue based on the character's appearance around the '90s. The sculpting so far looks great and I can't wait to see the statue painted. In addition to Carnage, Diamond Select Toys will also be releasing a Marvel Select Cable. This guy would be a lot higher on my list if I was more of a Cable fan, but other than the Marvel vs. Capcom games, I've never really gotten into the character. I do like that DST went with his bulkier look which is usually how I've envisioned Cable. The other pretty neat remaining DST item is the MLP:FIM Rarity vinyl bank. I wasn't sure what to make of the first two banks, but this one is absolutely adorable. It recently went up for pre-order and was among DST's items featured in the latest issue of Previews. DC Collectibles had a lot of new designs on display for its Batman: The Animated Series line. Killer Croc and Batgirl had sculpted prototypes on display, although the jointing hadn't been implemented yet (Killer Croc's pack-in, Baby Doll, presumably won't feature articulation). Several other designs were shown on the backdrop, including Penguin and Riddler. While I like a lot of the work that I've seen on the line thus far, I'm not sure how much of it I'll actually be buying. I'm assuming that I'll probably at least get the Man-Bat, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, and maybe the Riddler. Even if DCC wasn't releasing several at a time, it's just too much for me to collect at this point given the US$25 price point. Speaking of affordability, Mattel will be expanding its 4-inch DC Multiverse line with oversized figures from Rocksteady's Arkham series. The figures are going to be pretty large but, unlike DC Collectibles' versions (which ran from something like US$50 to US$100), they're going to be a more affordable US$25. It's great because I wanted a Grundy but I didn't want to spring US$80 for the DCC version. On the subject of pricey, over-sized figures, Matty Collector will be releasing 12-inch remakes of the vintage MotUs. While it's a neat concept, I can't see myself paying US$75 (before Canadian shipping...) for these. It didn't occur to me at the time, but this is basically the same approach that Gentle Giant has taken with the giant-sized remakes of the old Kenner Star Wars figures. However, unlike those Star Wars figures, some of these actually look tempting. I've probably mentioned this a few times, but I've never been able to get into She-Ra: Princess of Power. I like the fact that there seems to be more of a story to the series than the original Masters of the Universe (of which I rewatched a few episodes earlier this year, mostly for nostalgia), but the episodes that I've watched have felt a little dry (and the character voices can be annoying). As such, I'm always surprised by how many POP character designs I find appealing. Mermista, for instance, sports a neat aquatic theme but, more importantly, she comes with an alternate mermaid lower body. Of course, I'm also excited over the Real Ghostbusters line announcement. Finally, DC Collectibles had its recently unveiled Batman: Arkham Knight figures on display. These were unveiled shortly before SDCC but it was still great to see them out in the field rather than in stock photography. I'm really looking forward to the Scarecrow although I'm not that fond of the character's broken leg. Of course, given that Batman: Arkham Knight is on the PS4/Xbone, I'm not sure when I'll actually play the game itself since I'm not planning on getting either system in the near future (nor do I own a gaming-quality pc).
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Now in Low Definition
SDCC and WonFes may have been almost a month ago at this point, but many of its collectibles are still on our minds. Tian recently posted the top ten things he was looking forward to from these cons and, because I'm far more excitably (and exceedingly less orderly), my own highlights list is nowhere near that short. See many of my favorites after the jump.

DO WANT: August 2014

Sep 05 // Scarecroodle
Your friendly neighborhood Scarecroodle wants... Hasbro's new Spider-Man 2099! Coming out of SDCC, there were three... well, four reveals that absolutely topped my list. Without spoiling too much (because I also have a Highlight Reel on the way), one was from Mattel, one from Diamond Select Toys, and one (set) from NECA. However, the one from Hasbro, an upcoming Spider-Man Legends Spider-Man 2099, was easily my biggest want for the simple reason that no company -- not Hasbro, not Toybiz, etc -- had (until this point) produced a truly outstanding Spider-Man 2099 action figure. (I'll discuss some of the misfires in my Highlight Reel!) Hasbro's Spidey 2099 looks to feature the proper amount of articulation (since it's a Legends 2.0 body buck), he has a *plastic* web cape, his arm-spikes (which he has!) are placed correctly, he has two open hands, and he seems to have sculpted detail on the mask. Sure, the figure has massively jumped over a pretty low bar (considering previous offerings), but it's a great, modern figure depicting one of my all-time favorite superheroes. Tian wants... Amakuni's 1/6-scale Asuka! My want is Amakuni's 1/6-scale Asuka. Decent looking Evangelion scale figures have become a rarity nowadays, especially ones featuring designs from Evangelion 3.0. Well, I guess this figure won't be all that common either because of the exclusivity. But it's still attainable, and 1/6 is my favorite scale, so I'm making it my DO WANT of August. Rio wants...  GSC's Kill la Kill Satsuki in Senketsu! Um.. spoilers? ^^; Well, hopefully you've already watched the series if you didn't want those, but anyhoo - I'm SO EXCITED! I'm very much a Ryuko and Senketsu person, but there was definitely something about Satsuki's look in Senketsu that I loved. I'm so glad that GSC will be picking up this design for her, and can't wait to have it in my collection hopefully. Keep those fingers crossed! Scarecroodle's note: I haven't caught the series (and probably won't because there's too much to watch these days), but that's one killer design. There's a full image in the gallery. Martin (and also Chris) wants... Bandai's Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar! Soul of Chogokin are basically exactly as big and awesome as Transformers always were in my head, and therefore I find them almost impossible to resist. Pair that with one of my all time favourite super robot designs and there's pretty much nothing that could stop me from wanting this. Bandai have pulled their usual black magic to make that improbable transformation work, even the individual toys look incredible and the entire assembly is a thing of true beauty. Yes, the price is insane, but come on, you only live once right? Scarecroodle's note: He's certainly awesome, but that ¥30,000 list price would give me nightmares. Chris wants... AmiAmi' Cecilia Alcott! I'm with Martin, but I'm still hoping on a second run of pre-orders which would make my purchase of GaoGaiGar an inevitability rather than a DO WANT! However, since this is the month of Wonder Festival, I'm going with an item that doesn't even have a release date yet, the AmiAmi Cecilia Alcott!  My love of their Shinonono Houki should be pretty well known by now and their second one is an even more dynamic rendition of the best <IS> girl! How can I NOT want this?? They set the bar with Houki and I expect them to raise it again with Celia! Scarecroodle's note: When it comes to <IS> girls, my favorite has (and always will) be Charlotte. Jeremy wants... Takara-Tomy's Transformers Masterpiece Star Saber! For many Transformers fans the original Star Saber figure is a major Holy Grail item. It was never given a major release outside of Japan, never reissued beyond its initial release, and is an Autobot leader to boot. Even damaged and yellowed figures with loose joints and sticker wear can fetch US$300. You just know that the Masterpiece remake is going to get a lot of attention when it's released next year. But I don't want it because the original is rare and hard to find, I want it because it's just so awesome. You get the little Brain of Courage figure that can combine to make Saber which then can combine to make Star Saber so you're getting three robots in one. Then you've got the size, over a foot of super cool giant robot. Then there's the massive amount of articulation throughout the figure, all the way down to Star Saber's fingers and toes! The figure is going to be the centerpiece of the MP line and a hard act to follow next year.  And if you're wondering, even when I own this the G1 fan in me still wants the old G1 Star Saber brick to be reissued. What can I say, I love the classics! Scarecroodle's note: Star Saber is one of those characters who doesn't appear in my hazy memories of G1, but I've liked the basic character design since stumbling on it a few years ago and was instantly wowed by the Masterpiece. The fact that its price isn't as ridiculous as I had anticipated is something of a stumbling block, since I was considering picking up the Masterpiece Ultra-Magnus but now might have to decide between him or Star Saber for a I-feel-guilty-for-spending-this-much Transformers purchase. Natalie wants... Square-Enix's Fat Chocobo plush! With a peaceful gaze and chubs for days, my DO WANT can only be Square-Enix's Fat Chocobo plush. I cannot tell you how much I want this bad boy. It is a thing of fluffy beauty. I mean, I know how big it is from the item specifications and, clearly, the photos show me what it looks like but I think I won't be able to completely grasp its full glory until I physically have it in my hands. And I will. Oh yes. I will. Scarecroodle's note: Is "Fat Chocobo" still P.C.? Shouldn't Square-Enix call it the "Big-Boned Chocobo" or "Big-Threaded Chocobo plush"? While I'm not a plushie fan, I can see the appeal of this one. You can see the full image in the gallery. That's it for August. Be sure to watch for the Tomopop editors' SDCC/WonFes Highlight Reels. Mine goes live next week and a few of the other editors have promised to do one as well.
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SDCC and WonFes may be over, but it remains in our hearts... and hopefully some of it will appear on our shelves
With the somewhat unexpected departure of Pedro last month (who we all thank for his years of service and wish him nothing but the best), Tomopop has fallen a little behind in the features department over the last couple of w...

DO WANT: June 2014

Jun 30 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro & Martin want...Megahouse's G.E.M. Utena Tenjou Pedro Figure by Megahouse? Check. Interesting character? Check. Girl with pink hair? Check. Combat pose? Check. The Megahouse GEM Utena pretty much hits all of my favorite things in a figure. Besides being a character that I really like, I love her sculpt and how all of her colors come together. This is the figure I've been waiting for since I saw Revolutionary Girl Utena a couple of years back! Martin This isn't my dream figure of Utena, and I've got some niggling doubts about the level of the fit and finish. But come on, it's a big, beautiful figure of one of the most iconic (and least merchandisable) anime ladies ever. I honestly never thought anyone would return to Utena and make the figure it so richly deserved, and so I don't really have much choice to be really excited about this.   Scarecroodle wants...Funko's Hikari Mystic Powers Skeletor   June has been a pretty cool month. We got some release info for Bandai's SHF Zero (MMZ), we saw a samurai version of Darth Vader, confirmation that Hasbro will be releasing a 6-inch Star Wars Black Series Bossk, a lot of cool Transformers announcements, a first look at a SHF Joker, and, right at the end of the month, we learned that Bandai would be doing a SHF Mega Blaziken. All that aside, my biggest want this month might be Funko's Hikari Mystic Powers Skeletor which somehow looks surprisingly spooky for a sofubi. It looks like a cursed ancient relic of some long-dead civilization. The sort of thing that you might pick up off the shelf and a giant stone ball (actually made of styrofoam) would come flying out after you.     Chris Seto wants...Bandai's Neo Zeong A relatively easy month this time around. I would have liked to have picked this earth engine Impactor from Captain Earth but There is absolutely zero info about it other than it's (probably) made by Kotobukiya. That means it's probably a kit but if it does the impossibly stupid yet awesome combination sequence, consider me SOLD!! I need a SoC of this thing with a complete gattai option!!! Sadly, that is a deal breaker and since I can't tell if this thing does do the combination, I can't choose it quite yet! So my DO WANT for this month is the 1/144 Neo Zeong! Why? THIS is why!! If shipping wasn't going to absolutely kill it, I'd have one sent to me right now!! I'm sure that everyone has need the various pics of the Chibi Neo Zeong with all the various nendoroids piloting it bit can you imagine the stuff you could try to do with a full-sized monster like this??   Tian wants...Kotobukiya's Shinobu Oshino variant For June I was really into all the Kotobukiya reveals at the end of the month. I liked the Dark Angel Olivia variant, the Psylocke exclusive, and the Nina Williams sculpt (I just can't help myself). The figure I want most would be their new Shinobu Oshino variant. It's probably the cutest version of Shinobu I've seen outside the Nendoroid version - I just love that she's stuffing her face full of donuts! The original version is still available for pretty cheap too, so I'm seriously considering going a double Shinobu route. I can't get enough of her!   Natalie wants...SOTA Toys' Harvest Moon Chicken and Chick plush set I always thought the Harvest Moon series had such cuddly critters and that Momma Chicken and her baby Chick are a prime example of this. I was smitten when I first saw the preview images but what really sealed the deal was getting to meet the plushes in person at E3. The Chicken was even larger and squishier than previously expected and, god help me, I want it so bad. Plus, the little Chick can transform back into an egg! I can't wait to get my hands on the pair at SOTA Toys/Multiverse Studios' booth at this week's Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California. It is going to be epic.   Rio wants...the SDCC exclusive My Little Pony offerings I'm so sad I won't get to hang out with my Tomopeeps at SDCC this year, and honestly I did like LAST year's exclusive much better, but you know what? I totally want these Mane-iac exclusives! I don't really care for Spike what so ever, so that doesn't thrill me that he comes with the pony version of her, but both the pony and Equestria Girls doll version look sweet! I hope I can get my hands on them somehow. Then again.. there IS Cerise Wolf from Ever After High that I'd really like to get from SDCC as well. Decisions...   Jeremy wants...Transformers Generations Brainstorm I knew it would be hard to pick just one figure after such a great BotCon that was full of surprise announcements. I mean, we're finally getting an Arcee figure after waiting 28 years, a neat looking Chromia, the Powerglide figure we should have gotten instead of that huge version in 2008, and new Leader class Megatron (two of them in fact). But my pick went to Brainstorm for a couple of reasons. First he just looks like a great figure with a lot of articulation (funny elbows and all). Plus he's the first new G1 Headmaster figure we've gotten since 1988 (ignoring the Fortress Maximus reissue, Energon Omega Supreme, and Armada Sideways and Overload). And it doesn't hurt that I still have my original from when I was a kid. The 1987 figure was a lot of fun (and still is), and I have no doubt that the 2014 version will be, too.   So now that you know what we want, hit up the comments and tell us what makes your blood pump just a bit faster.
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The world has shot through space for another 77 million kilometers, which means it's time yet again for DO WANT. For those who might not be familiar, the DO WANT is the feature where your favorite editors let you, the marvelo...

DO WANT: March 2014

Apr 01 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro wants...Megahouse's Potratit of Pirates Rebecca It's been a while since I've pre-ordered a Portrait of Pirates. There hasn't been a new pirate on my shelf in months and that's simply unacceptable. Good thing Megahouse put Rebecca up for order. This pink-haired gladiator is an expert in the art of evasion, so that might explain her lack of armor. Well, more than likely it was excuse to have a cute lady wearing very little, but either way she'll make a good edition to my collection!   Scarecroodle wants...Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Zero Picking a most-wanted item from a month is fairly easy when it's something that's been on your wishlist for years. Ever since Bandai's D-Arts MMX Zero was announced, I was hoping that the company would also produce a figure based on his appearance in the Mega Man Zero series... and apparently a lot of people have wanted him as well, given that he was the clear winner of a fan poll (after he been teased as a possible addition). The sculpting looks great and I expect him to look amazing when painted. This is probably one of my biggest wants this year, right next to DST's super-articulate Select Gillman / Creature from the Black Lagoon.   Tian & Martin want...Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Mako Tian Looks like I waited just the right amount of time for this. I want Nendoroid Mako! Mako is currently my favorite part of Kill la Kill because everything she does is objectively amazing. The Nendoroid version comes with pretty much all of the Mako accessories I'd want. My favorite is her beat-up-by-the-tennis-club face. It just goes to show, even if a character design isn't outrageous, you can still make a great Nendo by giving it some personality and nice accessories. Martin This is what this line was born for. Mako is practically a living Nendoroid anyway, and GSC have done a great job of outfitting her with a range of fun accessories to complement her basic design. They also completely knocked it out of the park with facial expressions. Forget the scantily-clad heroines, this is the essential Kill la Kill figure.   Chris Seto wants...Hot Toys's Metal Gear Rising Raiden I tried so hard... I've managed to hold off buying a hot toys item for some time. I even passed over their Video Game masterpiece Ada Wong (so much buyers regret over that. Esp with the markup prices) but I'm not sure if I can do it again with the Metal Gear Rising Raiden. after being burned so badly by the play arts kai figure (I got the white version from the UK limited edition of the game) I wasn't sure if I'd see a great raiden, even though the game really got me wishing for one. Lets see if hot toys can scratch my itch. don't know if I can manage another bout of disappointment.   Natalie wants...ThinkGeek's Blobfish If my pick from last month's DO WANT wasn't enough proof that I love odd-looking plushes, this month's will surely do the trick. The Blobfish plush just looks so cute yet pitiful. It makes me want to hold it, hug it, and tell the poor dear that everything will be just fine. Plus, I bet the fluffy thing is awfully fun to cuddle with. Who wouldn't want to use this big guy as a pillow whilst surfing the web? Nobody, that's who.   Jeremy wants...Transformers Masterpiece Bumblebee There's a lot of reasons to want Masterpiece Bumblebee. For starters it's the first time in decades that Takara Tomy (and likewise Hasbro) has been able to use the Volkswagen Beetle in the Transformers line do VW's changing stance on war toys. Then there's just how great this figure is turning out in its transformation and little features like extra facial expressions, something we've only really seen put to use on the Seeker jets. Then there's the addition of Spike in a fully transforming exo suit, a figure people have been wanting since the movie hit in 1986. All in all it's a great figure and already a strong contender for Transformer of the year.   Brian wants...My Plastic Heart's Dark Night Sometimes, the best choices are the smallest ones. In this case, that would happen to be myplasticheart and Lou Pimentel's newest Junior, the Dark Night ver. Based on a bigger Cranston that was in turn based on Batman's outfit, it's a little bit of comic book geekery in designer toy form. Also, come on; it's Junior, and you guys know how much I like him, right? How can I not want him?   That's it for this month. Let us know what makes your pulse race in the comments below!
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This ain't no April fool
Don't let the date fool you folks, this is the real deal. Come on, we wouldn't lie about the DO WANT. It's the feature that lets you know what we want the most from the last month. To fib on such a sacred occasion would be ta...

DO WANT: February 2014

Feb 28 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro Cortes wants...Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Luigi While there was a metric ton of stuff that came out of our Wonder Festival coverage, a vast majority of it is not available for order just yet. For that reason alone, Nendo Luigi made the top of my list this month. However, there are two additional reasons. For one, you can actually order him right now. He's a tangible goal in my future. Second, it's Luigi. I love me some Luigi and I can't think of a better time for him to go up. What better way to celebrate the latter half of the Year of Luigi than with this figure! Here's hoping that he's a bit more accessory-rich than figma Samus and Link.   Scarecroodle ultimately wants... Diamond Select Toys' Select Gillman February is the cruelest month of the year, as it's home to both NY Toy Fair and Winter Wonder Festival. So in addition to the dozens of existent wants, I'm looking at another fifty or so additional ones. To make my selection process more manageable, I'm not going to mention anything I already discussed from WonFes. As such, that leaves several of Hasbro's new 6-inch Star Wars Black Series figures (including Jabba and Vader!), two new Battle Beast figures, DCC's Batman: The Animated Series 6-inch figures and other amazing offerings, 3A's Doctor Doom, Funko's Magic: the Gathering figures, Matty Collector's Club Etheria, Square-Enix's VPAK Darkseid, plus a ton of blurry hidden reveals from Diamond Select Toys including new scaled Kill Bill figures. Ultimately my biggest want this month is something of a toss-up between Funko's new Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker series and Diamond Select Toys' latest Godzilla offerings (which include Minimates!). I feel somewhat more strongly about DST's King Ghidorah vinyl bank bust. That said, out of everything coming up, I'm still most excited for DST's new Select Gillman (Creature from the Black Lagoon) and Battle Beasts series 2.   Tian wants...Hot Toys' T-800 There were a lot of possibilities this month thanks to WonFes. I think I covered my favorites from the event in our WonFes impressions post: Hange Zoe, Alter's Labrys, and Bishoujo Starfire. So for my DO WANT I looked around outside of the WonFes coverage, and it's gonna have to be Hot Toys' T-800 with battle damage. Medicom's RAH Levi was also very appealing, but the T-800 hits all the right nostalgia chords. Unfortunately Arnold is probably going to be beyond my budget, so he's not going to become a JUST GOT in the foreseeable future.   Jeremy wants...Takara Tomy's Mega Drive Megatron Between Wonder Festival and Toy Fair there was no shortage of things on display that will surely lighten my bank account significantly. Between the two shows there were a lot of surprises, but for me the biggest of all had to Takara Tomy's Mega Drive Megatron (covered here and here). He's remarkable in a number of ways: He turns into a Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis if you will), he's also part of the Microman A.R.T.S. making him the first figure jointly part of Microman and Transformers since 2005, and it finally gives us that video game console that turns into a robot that many of us have wanted since the Microman Magne Power Microstation (Playstation) base or Micro Boy (Gameboy) robot. He's still a long ways out, but for me he's an early contender for toy of the year.   Rio wants...Medicom's Real Action Hero Ryuko Matoi Senketsu Ver. I thought I wanted the Skyward Sword Link RAH figure something fierce (which I still have on pre-order...), but this one takes the cake. My primary waifu (yes, apparently I now have one) is none other than Ryuko Matoi, and I am on a quest to get as much of her as possible! My next stop in taking over the world with Ryuko is the RAH Ryuko Matoi Senketsu ver. which I can't wait to get into my hands this November. I've got my cosplay ready, I've got my other figures on pre-order as well and am awaiting the others! I will never get enough of this badass babe!   Natalie wants...the Giant Isopod My family is genuinely concerned by how much I want this stuffed arthropod. And I don't just want any old one; I want the XL-sized one. Go big or go home! All it took was one look at the photo of the scaled beast's beady eyes and I was in love. I would cuddle him and call him "Gusoku-tan" because, err, that is his name. Maybe if the stars align right, the powers that be will see fit to grant me the opportunity to afford and purchase one. Please oh please oh please.   Martin wants...Nendoroid Sakura Kinomoto Despite the myriad offerings out of WonFes my pick was never in doubt. Like so many others I'm utterly in love with CLAMP's charming series Cardcaptor Sakura and have been baffled for years as to why nobody's made any figures of it. That drought has finally come to an end though with the reveal of this impossibly cute Nendoroid. She's got all the accessories you'd want (including Kero!), she's in the iconic outfit and the sculpt is too adorable for words. While part of me holds out hope for a scale figure, you can bet I'll be buying this straight away.   Seto wants...Vispo's Asuka Racing Bike Ver. 3 GK You'd think that in a month with wonder festival, I'd be spoiled for choice for what to pick for my DO WANT but alas, that has not been the case. Very few items have really made me stand up and take notice and none really made me wish for them to be part of my collection. The closest one was the new Asuka Racing bike Ver3 GK by Vispo. The version 1 has been one of my favourite Asuka figures for as long as I can remember (and I'm a Rei fan!) so seeing another which can match it is a pleasant surprise. Sadly, the price and complexity of the Bike makes it very unlikely for me to get one for myself. Other than that, I have to admit that I am very interested in what alter can do with black heart. If we get the extravagant Alter of old (think of the Nanoha StrikerS figures, or Triggerheart Excelica!), then we may be looking at something special!   Vanessa and Brian want...Sentinel's Danboard Vanessa: Since this month had Wonder Festival and New York Toy Fair, I wasn’t sure what my one pick for the month would be. I could pick S.H. Figuarts Sadako from The Ring, S.H. Figuarts Sailor Saturn, or Funko’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer Pop! series, because I’m so happy about all of those figures. Still, for me, the figure that tops all of them is Sentinel’s Danboard. Announced during Wonder Festival, Danboard has been transformed into a spaceship and still looks absolutely adorable. I’m a huge Yotsuba&! fan, so I naturally want to get any and every item they have. I especially love that astronaut Yotsuba will be coming with Danboard. So I am ready to go to space with Yotsuba&! Brian: Everyone knows I'm a sucker for Danboard and all things Yotsuba&!, so I can't forget about Sen-ti-nel's mech-like Danboard creation. I mean, the darn thing comes with astronaut Yotsuba, and a laser beam arm for Danboard to pew-pew-pew things with. I also expect to see some amazing customized versions of this; if anything is begging to be turned into a Wing Gundam-ized version of Danboard, this would be it. This wasn't an easy choice, given how much great stuff came out of WonFes this year for the older anime crowd ... awwww, who am I kidding? Even with the likes of Nendoroid Wind Waker Link and Figuarts Zero Sailor Mercury, this one stole my heart. And that's it for this month. Hit us up in the comments and tell us what you want on your shelves. Anybody out there have a hankering from anything above?
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Wonderful World of Want
Ah yes, the end of the month is here. Honestly, I can't believe that it's already the end of February. I keep thinking that we just started 2014 and we're already finishing off month number two. Well, that just means that it'...

DO WANT: November 2013

Dec 01 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro wants…Nendoroid Snow Miku 2014 Yeah, I know I've said before I wouldn't buy any more Miku. I'm going to keep to that, as I don't have any more room for the little robot in my limited space. However, the latest Snow Miku is doing a good job in tempting me to break said declaration. I love the magical girl design on the expanded base. As it is with most Nendos, the extra accessories would go great with the other Nendoroids I currently have. Magical Yune? Magical Stocking? The potential photos are almost worth dropping the cash for Snow Miku!   Tian wants…Megahouse’s Elf There have been a few figures that I wanted this month, but I'll go with MegaHouse's Elf because she's the freshest in my mind. I've made it known that I'm a huge Vanillaware fan. Their games always draw me in with their artistry, and Dragon's Crown didn't disappoint in that department. That makes the game excellent subject material for PVC figures, so I'm glad to see MegaHouse and other manufacturers capitalizing on the property. Also I think the Elf might be my favorite character design from the game. The Amazon and Sorceress have their... let's say "charms," but the Elf just has a really great design and a beautiful face. I'm definitely getting in on this pre-order.   Natalie wants…Aniplex+’s Nightmare plush Madoka Magica's baddies have always had super-cool designs and Nightmare is no exception. There is something about her that is sugary and dark and it totally appeals to me. The price tag gives me pause but if I had the currency to pay for the goods plus shipping, I would dive in headfirst.   ‘Croodle wants…Vertex’s Tiki November seemed a somewhat slow month, but there were at least a few things to be excited for. Matty Collector unveiled a New Adventures Skeletor at Comikaze (among other things) which was fantastic news, Diamond Select Toys has a really awesome comic Winter Soldier going to Disney Stores (and soon, DC Collectibles' new armored suit Lex Luthor, and Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ Batgirl. Plus Funko has some absolutely adorable new Game of Thrones Pop!s on the way, including Drogon and Ghost! However, I'm going to have to go with the surprise choice: Vertex's Tiki from Dragon's Crown. Sure, I've never played the game but that 1/1 scale unpainted fairy is beyond adorable and features a really neat coin pouch base. I absolutely can't wait to see this one painted. Seto and Martin want…Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar Seto The SoC line was something which I had pretty much written off as dead and buried. We haven't seen a peep from the series for years afterall and, while the releases are always amazing, they're also very very expensive so I though Bandai silently pulled the plug to focus on smaller and more affordable lines. Well, it's good to be wrong sometimes!! Personally, I would have much preferred a SoC Genesic GaoGaiGar but the Gadget Gao and the hair would have made it impossibly difficult to design so the original GaoGaiGar will have to do. omg... It's going to be a fully Transformable GaoGaiGar with galleon and everything!!! I've seen quite a few transformable GaoFighGar figures before but none of the designs with Galeon... The Gattai music is already playing in my head!! It's going to look immense alongside my SoC Dancougar and Gunbuster!! Wonder if they'll do a goldymarg to go with it???   Martin What more can I say? It's one of my favourite super robots, with one of the coolest, most awesome designs of all time, being recreated in the range that's the benchmark for all collectible mecha everywhere. I have no doubt this will be absolutely incredible and I'll pay pretty much any amount of money to put my hands on it. If it really does break down into separate parts, as they're saying it might, that would be the crowning glory. Well, unless we were to get a Goldion Hammer add-on part that is.   Vanessa wants…Don’t Starve Chester plush So Steam is having their annual autumn sale and I just bought myself Don't Starve. It's amazingly addicting, and my mind is even playing it right now while I write this. In the game, you have a cute companion named Chester who holds your stuff. Now on Kickstarter, Erick Scarecrow is raising money to make a Chester plush. It's just as cute as the character in the game! I want this plush so much, and even the bling boxed figures they'll be making as well. I want it all!   Brian wants…McFarlane Toys’ Undertaker I think I have to say that I'm not necessarily the biggest Taker fan out there, but seeing this piece makes me excited. It's pretty good looking, and McFarlane Toys have put some nice work into the details. So for fans, this is shaping up to be something that will have a nice audience.  What I'm more excited about, though, is what this might mean in the future. I've long wondered why the WWE didn't jump on this, but now may be as good a time as any for them to make these bigger-scale collectibles. The Attitude Era audience (and the Rock 'N' Wrestling audience) has grown up and is ready for something more high end. Hopefully, this is just the start of something good.  
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2013 is coming to a close.
Wow, where did the time go? November is already finished and we're beginning December. It's nearly the end of 2013! I can't believe that. Anyway, that's not why I'm here. As one month is complete and another starts anew, it's...

DO WANT: October 2013

Oct 31 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro wants...Max Factory's Belldandy and Holy Bell Another month, another delay. I'm stuck waiting another month for the figure of my dreams. Again, I shouldn't be surprised. This is Max Factory we're talking about. They delay everything and their product usually looks bloody amazing whenever it does come out. I've been waiting years for this, so another month shouldn't be so much. It still sucks though. Then again, I could be waiting for that Bayonetta. I imagine anybody waiting for her has got to be weeping tears of blood and frustration.   'Croodle wants...SH MonsterArts Biollante October was a fairly okay month with some decent enough reveals and discoveries. Matty Collector showed off an awesome Extendar and announced that Mara (New Adventures of He-Man) would be joining the Masters of the Universe Classic line; the DC Collectibles panel showed off a new Poison Ivy and some cool Justice League: War figures; a DC Comics Designer Series Riddler was also announced; Transformers MP-22 was unveiled as Ultra Magnus; Kotobukiya's Juggernaut is looking great; and we found these incredible Cthulhu Wars game pieces. However, upon going through the Bluefin Distribution / Tamashii Nations coverage, I remembered that there's a S.H. MonsterArts Biollante still on the way. Biollante is one of my favorite Godzilla enemies but she doesn't seem to get a lot of merchandise so it's just great that Bandai is paying tribute to this awesome character.     Tian wants...RAH Mikasa Ackerman Attack on Titan is over but the merchandise continues, which makes me happy. The RAH version is intricately detailed and will probably be the definitive poseable figure for Mikasa. I'm sure there are some amazing scaled figures in the works, but for now the RAH is what I drool over. Of course, when we're talking about RAH figures, we can't forget about the price. I don't think I'll be able to afford it... so I guess the figma will do.   Rio wants...Kotobukiya's Dark Angel Olivia I want her so badly I could cry, but sadly.. unless the toy God's somehow end up blessing me, I won't be able to get this beauty. She just comes out at the wrong time and too high of a price for me to manage right then. So, I will cry in my little corner of the toy world and sob about the one who got away.   Jeremy & Martin want...Action Toys Ultimetal Optimus Prime Jeremy This is probably one of the best looking Optimus Prime figures made. It's huge, full of features, comes with a ton of stuff, and looks amazing. However the US$800 price tag is far from being in my budget. It's the most expensive Transformers action figure ever made (but not the most expensive overall figure) and will likely hold that title for a long time to come. I'm even fine with it not being able to transform. For now I'll just have to settle for the original Masterpiece version as my biggest G1 Optimus Prime. Martin I too will plump for Ultimetal Optimus Prime because holy crap have you seen it? This is the Optimus we always wanted, the one who manages to look simultaneously exactly like the cartoon character and a real, metal-and-rivets mech. The detail is incredible, the accessories generous and I want it so much. But man, that price...   Vanessa wants...CS Moore's Lady Death la Muerta This month there were a lot of Sailor Moon items I could have chosen as my pick for the month. Still, this month my pick has to go to CS Moore Studios's new Lady Death statue. Why? Because it's a work of art! This combines my love for the color red with Dia de Los Muertos art, and it's beautiful. I would love to have this displayed nicely in a display case...of course I would need to get a display case first.   Natalie wants...jellykoo's Nosferafoo - Classic Edition I love me some jellykoe no matter what day it is and, when you add some special Halloween flavor to the couple's already lovable and unique toy designs, I am especially enamored. I will admit that the normal edition of their Nosferafoo plush isn't my favorite of their works but I really dig their seasonal Classic Edition. I don't know what tickles me the most: the color scheme, the clever outfit, or maybe just the overall concept. On the whole, this guy is so fun its, wait for it ... scary! Sorry, it was too easy.   Seto wants...MG Gundam X On a more serious note, my other (much less painful for the wallet) DO WANT for this month is something which may surprise people. I haven't really been keeping up with gunpla these days as they don't really interest me that much any more. The last PG release was the strike freedom gundam and the RG line ended up being very disappointing. Furthermore, the recent releases haven't really caught my eye. That changed, however, when I spotted a single pic of a future MG release on my twitter feed. A pic of a MG Gundam X!!!  Say what you will about the show, I found it somewhat enjoyable and the designs were pretty cool. The Gundam X and DX were my favourites of the bunch so it makes me happy to see that at least one is getting the MG treatment. Of course, this will lead me to ask the same question I ask when I start thinking about gunpla. MG V2 Gundam... WHEN????   Jon wants...ALTAiR's Zelos Wilder There are far too many collectibles that came out this month that I love and want! First there was the Girls Und Panzer tank set by PitRoad, Then came Alter's Zelos, Kotobukiya's Colette, and the v2 Beach Queen Idol Masters. All of these are tempting, though, with a glance back at the super cute girls I shovel all the ladies to the side. Of all of these Zelos excited me the most. I rushed to pre-order him and await him eagerly. However all of these collectibles are super cool to me, I have pre-ordered all of them, except for the Idol Masters, which I may still pre-order, budget permitting   Brian wants...Sideshow Collectibles's Snake Plisken I absolutely love Escape From New York and upon seeing this, I nearly lost my damn mind. It's not just the likeness to Kurt Russell that draws me to it; the level of detail Sideshow threw into this figure is incredible, especially if you're a fan of the film. Yes, they get to take more of my money in 2014, after I already gave them a ton of it for their Premium Format Poison Ivy!   So that's it for the Tomo crew. Hop in the comments and let us know what you guys were hankering to get your hands on this last month!
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The power of desire
Last day of the month? That means it's time for the DO WANT, the monthly feature where you discover where our minds have been for the last 30 days. Well, at least figure-wise. I've had my nose in various NLE and audio program...

DO WANT: Spectacular September 2013

Sep 30 // Scarecroodle
Scarecroodle wants... Megahouse's Portrait of Pirates Nami: Mugiwara ed. Many great collectibles have been unveiled since the last time we did a DO WANT, including ThreeZero's amazing Shield Liger, a slew of Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics (including the recently shown Scorpia and Battle Lion), Square-Enix's Variant Play Arts Kai Cyborg, X-Plus's swimsuit Lucy Heartfilia, NECA's Mogwai series 4, Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Black Ranger, Funko's blind-boxed horror minis, the Four Horsemen's Gothitropolis Screaming Eagle with his hell yeah American flag cape, and so on. As such you'd think it'd be pretty hard for me to focus on just one thing... but you'd be wrong (and also somewhat right considering that I just listed half a dozen shout-outs). My big want this month is none other than Megahouse's P.O.P. Nami: Mugiwara edition. And no, it's not simply a matter of collector's ADHD (you know, being my last story of the month and all) because I first saw it a while ago and was instantly taken aback by the wildness of the design. While I'm less pleased by the somewhat skanky level of butt cleavage, the rest of the figure is absolutely excellent. I hope to see more like it... just not Luffy in Nami's outfit! Rio wants... Alphamax's God Eater Burst Alisa Check. Out. That. Butt. OhmyGod. Consider me a total perv, but I'm in love with this figure and totally pre-ordered all on account of that derriere. I haven't gotten far into God Eater Burst yet, but what I played when I started I've loved so far, so I can't wait to play more and have this awesome figure in my collection eventually as well. I'm sad I won't be getting her until April 2014, however my wallet is probably thankful for that fact currently. Natalie wants... a Rat Tailed Unicorn plush I am dying to own a Rat Tailed Unicorn plush. I love rat's tails and unicorns. Combine the two and you have a winning combination in my book. The pudgy little monster already has a space reserved next to my Tentacle Kitty plush. Plus, since this is the first run of the plush, the tag will read "First Edition!" Pre-orders ship out in October and there are still some available to be reserved, if you're interested. Tian and Yami want... Sentinel's Levi Tian: There were a few figures shown this month that I want, but I feel strongest about Sentinel's Levi. I wasn't able to get in on the pre-order, sadly, so there's an exclusivity factor that plays into it. You see, Levi has an army of female fans just chomping at the bit to get a piece of him. I thought I was a Levi fan, but after attending Nan Desu Kan, I'm convinced that you need to be female to call yourself a hardcore Levi fan. Sentinel's figure doesn't capture the character development, his leadership prowess, or his neat freak tendencies. But it does perfectly capture his scowl, and that is worth quite a lot. I would have loved to get my hands on this one, but I guess I'll have to go for the figma. Yami: Like Tian, Sentinel's Levi is topping my DO WANT this month. Although I was able to reserve the standard version, I really wanted to pre-order the limited osouji (cleaning) version, as well.  Unfortunately, I was not able to secure a pre-order, and now, it seems the only way to get a hold of Heichou is via yahoo auctions, which means paying over ¥20,000 for the figure. This is especially heartbreaking since both versions of Levi were sculpted by Ishiyama Yuuki, who is one of my favorite One Piece P.O.P sculptors. For now, I can only hope that Sentinel will somehow order a second wave of figures to be made, or I'll just have to inflict Titan-like damage on my wallet in order to obtain the elusive osouji Heichou. Martin wants... Alter's Signum For an at-best mediocre TV show Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha sure has produced an awful lot of great looking character designs and Alter has been turning those designs into fantastic figures for years now. Having had my fill of Nanoha and Fate, this incredible looking Signum caught my eye, as I'm pretty sure it did for every other collector. I love the incredible movement in the sculpt, the great paint and the option for all three weapon arrangements, although it's definitely the whip which gets my vote. Sadly, an astonishing ¥17,800 pricetag put my plans to own her on the back burner, but maybe one day... Chris wants... Martin to take back his words and also Bandai's Super Robot Chogokin Yuusha-Oh Genesic GaoGaiGar You shall take back those words Mr Siggers! Nanoha and A's were awesome, primarily because they basically ignored all the usual Mahou Shoujo designs for the plot. Everything else after was kinda poor though...  As for my DO WANT, I was trying to figure out a way to deliver this translated without losing the impact of when I first saw it all those years ago. I failed tho, so here's the Romanji...  Sore wa saikyou no Hakaishin! Sore wa Yuuki no kyuukyokunaru sugata! Wareware wa tadori tsuita ooinaru isan Sonona wa...  SOC Yuusha-Oh Genesic GaoGaiGar!!! It's been one of my greater regrets that I never bought the die cast Max Factory version all those years ago but I'll take this as a consolation. Jeremy wants... Takara Tomy's Masterpiece Soundblaster This wasn't an amazing month for me in terms of news. It's been an expensive month for releases for sure, but not a lot of must-haves. The only newly announced figure that I really want is Transformers Masterpiece Soundblaster from Takara Tomy. This guy probably won't see release from Hasbro like so many other Soundblaster figures so I've already got him ordered. Still, it's about a half-year wait until March 2014. Brian wants... House of Darkly's Werewolf Candy Corn This might be totally unexpected, but my pick for September is House of Darkly's werewolf candy corn. I mean, look at the little dude just sitting there, all fuzzy and such with one tiny tooth hanging out of his mouth. Is it not the most adorable thing you'll see at New York Comic Con? Technically, we'd have to see everything to make that call ... but it could be one of the most adorable things there. I know I want one for my shelf! Pedro (still) wants... Max Factory's Belldandy Max Factory's Belldandy is my DO WANT yet again. Surprising? Not at all. Delayed again? Also to be expected. I've had a hankering for some Bell for months now, so I'll just sit patiently here while Max Factory gets their act together. I'm hoping that I see her before the end of the year, but considering the amount of detail here, I won't hold my breath. Jon Wills wants... Pit-Road's Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D w/Ankou Team     Although it flew under our radar this past weekend, my DO WANT for this month is this adorable miniature Panzer 4 tank and gaggle of girls by PITROAD. I have been longing for such a minature every since I saw Good Smile Company's teaser of its Girls Und Panzer Nendoroids ridiing atop a model tank, however this model brings that dream together into one affordable kit that can fit in the palm of your hand. As a lover of miniatures, warfare, and moe I can't possibly pass this up. Vanessa wants... Bandai's S.H. MonsterArts Millennium Godzilla 2000 No monster could ever be as awesome as Godzilla. That's why I'm happy figures of him are still being made. In the S. H. MonsterArts line there are already a few good Godzilla figures, but this one is just a thing of beauty. I especially like his long purple scales and his tail. I'd love to own at least one Godzilla figure in my life, and so far this one is my pick. Kristina wants... Alter's Melty, Christmas ver. It was a tough call between this figure and DC Collectibles' NYCC-exclusive Poison Ivy a-la SBFF, but I'm a total sucker for holiday-themed stuff. Christmas and Halloween motifs in particular really lend themselves to some creative and beautiful designs, and Melty is no exception. Considering Alter made a few changes to the figure besides just slapping on a new coat of paint, I appreciate the release even more. Melty is a figure I love purely from a design standpoint, since I have no connection with her character at all, having not ever played any Shining series games in the past. She's also cute and tasteful, and sitting on a delicious-looking ice cream cone. And thus ends another exciting round of DO WANT. Be sure to stay tuned for the month of October coming up next and, if the spirit moves you, list your biggest September (or whenever) want in the comments below.
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The best month since August
Hiya Tomopals! Your old buddy, the Scarecroodle, here with the... what, you were expecting Pedro? Well, I'm taking over the monthly DO WANT feature for a while just to mix things up a little bit, like adding a random adjectiv...

DO WANT: July 2013

Aug 06 // Pedro Cortes
Scarecroodle wants...Square-Enix's Play Arts Kai Variant Batgirl SDCC was brutal. So many companies brought their A-game (or a very strong B+). DST hit it out of the park with their Battle Beasts Minimates series 2. NECA had me at hello with their Mogwai series 4 as well as the more articulated Mohawk and other goodies. Mattel put up some great looking Masters figures, a few overdue DC Universe characters, brought back the 4-inch scale, and teased the frigging Ecto-1 (which is currently available for pre-order). DC Collectibles had a slew of stuff to be excited for, I'm looking forward to their blind-boxed Scribblenauts figurines. And Hasbro revealed TWO things I'd been wanting for a while with their Marvel Legends Jubilee and Marvel Universe Omega Red, along with a bunch of new Marvel Legends. So when it comes down to picking a top want for the month, it's naturally something of a challenge. I was inclined to lean towards either NECA's new Mogwai or Hasbro's Jubilee, but ultimately I'm still taken by Square-Enix's Play Arts Kai Variant Batgirl. I absolutely love the crazy Batgirl design which includes what looks to be thigh high boots and hot pants. It's an insane combo with the rest of that outfit. The mask is also great and I like the overly sharp gauntlets as well as what seems to be an articulate cape.   Tian wants...Kotobukiya's Dark Angel Olivia I wanted to wait until the WonFes coverage came around because WonFes is my ultimate source of WANT. Since our readers only have a finite amount of time to read these, I won't go over everything that I liked form the show. Still, it's impossible for me to pick one that I liked above the rest, so I'm literally just choosing one at random. The winner is... Kotobukiya's Dark Angel Olivia! I love her facial expression, the amount of detail in the sculpt, and most of all her wings! I don't think I have a single figure with angel wings so I'm very eager for Olivia to come and change that. I do have a few figures of devil women. Now I'm going after a dark angel. I guess evil is sexy!   Brian wants...Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Cammy I don't think it goes without saying: Bishoujo Cammy. Yep. Gonna be a DO WANT for a good, good long while unless something goes horribly wrong with the design/sculpt/production/release/etc. It might not be the eventual centerpiece of my collection (that's still going to be the Pop Culture Shock Cammy if I can ever get my hands on one of them ... *grumble*) but I still expect something awesome. At least as good as that Yamato Cammy in my collection if not better, right?   Andres wants...Bandai's Legacy Dragonzord and Dragon Dagger I've wanted this toy since 1993 and it looks like I'm finally going to be able to get it. I was 7 when Power Rangers came out but only started caring when the Green Ranger debuted. My parents couldn't buy the Dragonzord or Dragon Dagger and I refused to pay that much for nostalgia. With the new Legacy items being announced, I just hope that these don't wind up as hard-to-get as the Legacy Gold Morpher was. I can't think of anything else that might possibly top this for me in the coming months, so this is my DO WANT for the foreseeable future.   Martin wants...Megahouse's G.E.M. Aladdin I'm always on the lookout for more boy figures to add to my collection, but I'm not generally a fan of super elfin looking bishounen. That's why I was so excited to see Aladdin show up. I loved Magi and this is an amazing take on the character with everything I want - awesome hair, his cool staff, his perfectly captured childish exuberence and a pair of parachute pants that would make MC Hammer proud. Morgiana looks great as well, but I'm holding off marking her as DO WANT until we see her painted. She'll probably turn up here pretty soon though.   Natalie wants...Build-a-Bear Twilight Sparkle Plush I have looked high and low for a My Little Pony plush that appealed to me. The more commonly-found ones rub me the wrong way for some reason but Build-a-Bear's Twilight Sparkle plush scratches me right where I itch. I was on the fence about the store's previous Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie releases but the new Twilight Sparkle may very well end up as a purchase. If I were to do it though,I would add in the mini Spike plush and Twily's princess outfit. It just makes sense in my mind. Plus, I need that crown.   Rio wants...Hot Toy's The Crow I'm finally getting it.. I am finally going to have a wonderfully done figure of Eric Draven. I honestly wonder if there isn't someone from Hot Toys that lives in my brain and just makes all of the figures that I would love to own. I grew up with both the comic and movie of The Crow, and it really meant a lot to me. Well, truthfully it still does! The first was always my favorite, as no one can beat Eric Draven for me, especially when played by Brandon Lee. It was such a tragic story, but one that will always be close to my heart. Thank you once again, Hot Toys, for creating my favorites in figure form once again!   Chris wants...a garage kit of Noire Well, I'm still trying to figure out if i'm being teased nicely or being butthurt by the Ques Q acquisition and this is going to take a while. In the meantime, AmiAmi jumped into the gap in my heart with their Cecilia and Blue Tears figure! The only problem is that there are nothing but question marks over their abilities as a figure maker and with houki not being released until the end of next month, we'll be waiting a while to find out if they can cut the mustard or if they're going to screw up badly so I'm not sure if it's safe to put her as my "DO WANT" yet.  Luckily, my wandering in the wilderness of post WF garage kit pages helped me uncover an absolute gem of a kit which I will be working to uncover and obtain! Someone finally made a figure of Noire from Hyperdimension Neptunia!! I've been waiting for a kit of Noire ever since I numbed my brain and dragged my carcass through the entirety of the first (admittedly awful) game. True ending and all! I've seen Nepgear, Purple Heart (multiple times), white heart, Blanc, Neptune and even black heart! but no Noire until now! I... must... have... her!!! Shinki Kits be damned!!   Yami wants...Megahouse's P.O.P. MAS Rob Lucci It was pretty tough deciding which figure to choose from, especially with all those forthcoming Shengeki no Kyojin figures I see virtually attacking my wallet in the near future. Thankfully most of the figures are still in their early stages, so my wallet is safe for the time being. With that said, my DO WANT for July is Portrait.Of.Pirates "MAS" Rob Lucci. The dynamic sculpt depicting Lucci's Neko Neko no Mi devils fruit power in his leopard/human hybrid form is simply outstanding, along with the subtle shading accentuating his muscular physique. Talk about showcasing those Zoan powers. Although I know I will probably lose some sleep in the upcoming glitchfest to pre-order Lucci, I know he'll definitely be worth the battle scars to add him to my collection.   Vanessa wants...Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Sailor Mars When S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon first came out I was happy, but even happier that it meant Sailor Mars would eventually be made. As a Sailor Moon fan, Sailor Mars has always been my favorite. So when her prototype finally came out, the wait was finally over! I was a little concerned about how her hair looked, but I knew once I saw her colored I would be sold. I was right! All the details aren't even released yet for Mars, so she might be even better. In a perfect world I would own every Sailor Moon figure, but for now, if I just get Sailor Mars I think I'll be fine.   Jon wants...Kotobukiya's Daisy-chan The showest figurine in my collection is Alter's Milla Maxwell. I originally hesitated on ordering Milla because of how much skin she showed and her outfit with all the leather. I thought that guests and friends would criticize me for ordering a girl dressed like her. Really though everyone just admired her design and loved all the hair and sculpt. So maybe I could get away with ordering this pretty Daisy-chan by Kotobukiya. Assuming I can find her somewhere after release, for now she is long sold out. I have long admired the design work that Tony Taka into all of his girls. Yes they are meant to be pretty and somewhat showy. So despite the showy bottom piece of this figure I am thinking about ordering her to display along with my other girls somewhere. In any case whenever I see photos of Daisy I simile and keep looking for a while which is a good sign that I might pre-order her.   Pedro wants...Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Liara pic What, an older figure?  Well, instead of reiterating my desire for Max Factory's Belldandy and Holy Bell, I decided to mention this oldie and a little story to go along with it. Since I was knew I was going to be in the SDCC giant dealer room of greatness, I had high hopes that I could get my hands on the sexy blue doctor from Mass Effect. Wouldn't you know it, I did see Liara at a couple of booths. However, I didn't find her for less than $200, which is far more than I was willing to pay. I was told by a guy at a booth that their brick and mortar store had Liara for standard price, but I lost their card on the way back home. Oh well.   That's it for this month! Hop on down into the comments and let us know what you guys wanted the most this last month.
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Better late than never
Sorry folks, a couple days later here with DO WANT, the monthly feature that lets the readers know what all of us here at Tomo fancy. Well, now you can properly begin your month with a dose of desire here, featuring things li...

DO WANT: June 2013

Jul 01 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro wants...Max Factory's Belldandy & Holy Bell August can't get here soon enough. I NEED this Belldandy in my life. Then again, I've been waiting for years to get her, so I suppose two more months isn't too bad.   Scarecroodle wants...NECA's Spider Mohawk Bandai's S.H.MonsterArts Biollante may finally have release information but, as cool as that is, the news was dwarfed by NECA's announcement that the Spider Gremlin / Spider-Mohawk they revealed years ago is also finally getting a release. Gremlins 2: The New Batch was among my favorite movies (if not my favorite) when I was younger and Mohawk was my favorite of that batch. NECA's Spider Gremlin looks incredible and seems to feature a solid amount of jointing in addition to being HUGE and relatively cheap for something of that size/quality. While it's going to be hard for NECA to ever top this, I'm hoping that they'll eventually produce a Bat Gremlin as well.   Natalie wants...Capcom's Rush plush tissue cover I may have poor gaming reflexes (RPGs are more my speed than platformers) but I definitely appreciate Megaman and his extended family of robot friends and enemies. Rush has always ranked highly on my list of the best characters from the franchise and I always thought he needed more merchandise of his own. It may not be a full-on plush but I'll take it and love it. Yes, I will indeed.    Tian wants...Medicom RAH Evangelion 3.0 Asuka with jacket and cat hat Medicom's RAH line has been tempting me a lot as of late thanks to all of their Evangelion figures. If we're talking about the one I want most, it would be the most exclusive one: the Evangelion 3.0 Asuka with jacket and cat hat. I don't know why Asuka has become associated with cat imagery, but that's Eva for you. Never assume that things will make sense. Anyway, despite having so little screen time, I really liked Asuka in the latest movie. To be honest, I like Mari more, but I want this Asuka figure the most because... well... because it's harder to get. Such is the curse of being a collector.   Chris wants...Grizzry Panda's Busou Shinki kits Next month is Wonder Festival month so my DO WANT for the month are the 2 kits which I have been trying to obtain for god knows how long, the Busou shinki kits from Grizzry Panda! I've tried several times already and failed each time so far! I just hope that they will be available first. That would be a good start!   Andres wants... Legacy Green/White Ranger mopher It felt like a very busy month, which just made it feel like it went by that much faster. Out of what came out this month, my DO WANT is the SDCC Exclusive Legacy Green/White Ranger morpher. Like I had said in my original post, it's the one I wanted all along and of course it's exclusive. I doubt I'll be able to get my hands on it, but if one of my very nice friends that work here and are going would be kind enough to fight the hordes and grab me one.   Brian wants...Figuarts Sailor Mercury Not quite as excited about her as I am Moon, but still, it's a.) nice to see there's a change all the ladies could get figures and b.) nice to see Bandai doing a good job with design. I haven't had the best experience with Bandai's poseable figures, but I also haven't been disappointed with them. I hope Moon and Mercury will both be examples that change my experience for the better.   Martin wants...Rikka Takanashi While I was not the world's biggest fan of Chuunibyou I can't get enough of it's adorably deluded star Rikka Takanashi. This rendition from Kyoto Animation delivers everything you could possibly want from a figure of the character - a cool pose, eyepatch, guns, thigh highs,'s perfect! Except of course for its exclusive status and the subsequent painful pricetag.   Vanessa wants...Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Psylocke I don't usually want Bishoujo figures, but Kotobukiya's Marvel Bishoujo Psylocke is different. Psylocke has been, and will always be my favorite X-men. So of course that means I have to have everything she's on. It also helps that Psylocke looks great here. I love how the ends of her hair are translucent purple. I must have every and all Psylocke figure ever made, and this Bishoujo Psylocke is no different.    Yami wants...Kaname Madoka Nendoroid (Maiko Version) With Anime Expo just around the corner,  my June DO WANT is definitely none other than GSC Kaname Madoka Nendoroid (Maiko version). Madoka-chan is cute enough as it is, but put her in an elegant blue yukata with some cute accessories, and I am sold. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend Expo this year so I won't be able to grab this cutie right away, but thankfully, GSC will be placing her up on their site soon after. What's a couple of more months of waiting to have this little darling in my hands, right? Right.   So now that you know what we want, let us know what you desire in the comments!
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So little time, so many toys to buy. Since it's the end of a month and the beginning of another, it's time for DO WANT! Tune in here to see what your lovely editors at Tomo want the most. This time, you can expect to see: a telepathic ninja a sailor scout a robotic dog ...and more! Hit the jump to find out more.

DO WANT: May 2013

May 31 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro wants...Megahouse's P.O.P. Sadi-chan Now that I got my Commander Shepard, my figure lust can move on to my next pre-order. That would be the limited edition P.O.P. Sadi-chan, a sexy sadist from the prison Impel Down. Thankfully, I was able to order her and didn't miss out, though I had to pay a bit more than I'd like for a figure now adays. However, I know that once I have her on my desk it'll be worth the scratch!   Natalie wants...Cu-poche Mami Tomoe I've never owned a Cu-poche figure before but they definitely intrigue me, with their multiple joints and growing line-up of appealing characters. Mami may be the figure that finally leads me to take the leap. I freaking love the accessories she comes with, lack of tea cup notwithstanding. And while she isn't my favorite character in the series, I have always really liked her design. Yep, she is definitely my DO WANT for May.   Croodle wants...S.H. Figuarts Sailor Mercury Sailor Mercury (the brainy Amy/i Mizuno) has long been my favorite Sailor Scout (narrowly edging out Mars) and I've been waiting a considerable length of time (since the mid-90s, give or take) for a stellar articulated figure. And while I was somewhat excited over the SHF Sailor Moon, I was really waiting for the inevitable announcement of her teammates. As such, my selection for this month's most-wanted figure was a pretty easy choice. That's not to say that the DC Collectictibles' DC Comics Bombshells Harley Quinn and Kotobukiya's ARTFX Deathstroke didn't also catch my eye, of course. And I'm still excited for the long-awaited S.H. Figuarts Krillin.   Tian wants...Max Factory's Momo Velia Deviluke I had a few this month but I'll go with something people can actually order: Max Factory's 1/6 Momo Velia Deviluke. This figure has a lot of obvious appeal, and I think it'll be very photogenic. The combination of colors, sculpt detail, and skin should make for some great pictures from the community.   Jon wants...Deep Sea Miku There were a couple of things this month that piqued my interest. I love everything Tales so Megahouse's Tales minis were the first things I thought about.  Also I was a fan of Tony Taka before I was a fan of figurines so Kotobukiya's Daisy-chan was also very cute. I keep thinking about her smile which many people claim to not like because it is fake. To each their own right? Ultimately, deep down in my heart I think that Deep Sea Miku was my favorite this month. Her unique design approach on Miku makes her very appealing to me. I get this wonderful peaceful vibe from her when I look at photos and the whole floatiness of the underwater scene looks very magical. I'm looking around for some model fish to display along with her inside my Ikea shelf. Anyone seen any?   Rio wants...My Little Pony Sunset Shimmer You know, usually I have MLP goods overflowing my shopping cart and I never know where to put them, however, the stores in my town have been severely lacking lately! So, if any of you good people out there would like to help me find a Sunset Shimmer at a decent price, I would love to hear from you! I'm usually the go-to gal for where to get pony goods, but between Sunset Shimmer, and the Applejack Funrise plush I'm still looking for, my days appear to be numbered with that title! Honestly, other than my pre-orders I already have set, these are the only two items on my want list right now..!   Martin wants...Good Smile Company's Princess of the Crystal GSC whittled away much of my anticipation for this figure with niggling production issues and an almost comical parade of delays, but now she's almost here and beautiful pictures have started emerging I'm getting excited again. The detail and sculpting work looks absolutely top notch and the terrific paint job really sells the whole getup. I threw my lot in with Alter when it comes to POTC figures but looking at this makes me a little wistful I didn't go the other way.    Vanessa wants...Revoltech Yotsuba While I do want S. H. Figuarts Sailor Mercury, I'll hold off on that and wait until I see her painted. So instead, this month my pick is Yotsuba&! Revoltech's renewal of Yotsuba. I can't help but love this adorable little girl! Trying to obtain a figure of Yotsuba for a decent price has been harder than trying to get a Furby in 1998. So this renewal will give me another chance to get my hands on this figure. Everyone deserves to have a Yotsuba!   Brian wants...Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Diecast Series RoboCop Well, gosh, there's lots I could want. Could have been the SH Figuarts White Ranger, but I went ahead and pre-ordered that. Maybe Lamp Miku? The re-released Danboards? Nendoroid Snow Miku 2014? Chie to actually ship on time? A Designer Toy Award for Best Blog? ThreeA's Robot Heavy or the inevitable Robot Pyro? Maybe the Atlas and P-Body figures? Screw it. Just give me dat RoboCop. It's too awe-inspiring for this fan not to want.   Chris wants...Alter's Kazuno I was really close to dropping on SH Figuarts Sailor Mercury (I hate Magical girl shows with a passion and Sailor moon by extension, since it's the archetype. But I can't hate Mars or Mercury. I was able to dodge the bullet this time, but just wait till sailor mars shows up!!) but in the end, I decided to go with the old faithful and stick with Alter and their ridiculously large Kazuno. Alter can do no wrong in my eyes as far as quality goes and it's really interesting to see them pick a character with very little screentime or relevance to the show. Seriously, she kicks up a storm for about 3 episodes and that's all you see of her! But you just gotta admire the sheer scale of her and the accessories she's hurling around! Now, all they need to do is give me a Aoi Kimi figure and we'll be square for Horizon girls!! Koto have us covered for Futayo!   Jeremy wants...Megahouse's Tai & Agumon It's nice to see the original Digimon series making a small resurgence in its popularity thanks largely, I imagine, to the fact that fans from back when it debuted are in their 20s now and have some money to burn. I count myself among them, though I was 19 at the time and was buying a bunch of Digimon stuff already so for me it's just a matter of being a long time fan rather than roped in by nostalgia. But back to the point: This is one great piece from MegaHouse! There's a lot of energy in this figure and I'm sure it'll look amazing once they add some paint to it.  I can only hope it will result in us getting the rest of the cast as well. And if they started doing figures for the sequels, well, I think I'd have to buy those, too.   Yami wants...Megahouse's Ginpachi Nothing brings out my inner fangirl like Gintama. As a longtime fan of the series, it's been quite a ride to see MegaHouse continuously adding more and more characters to the line. Even though I would have loved to have finally seen Shinpachi's prototype at MegaHobby Expo, (or at least a pair of glasses on display) Ginpachi Sensei's prototype came as a pleasant surprise. Although he's still unpainted, he looks absolutely perfect! I mean, he's even smoking his lerolero candy. I couldn't ask for more.   So now you know what we desire. Good Tomopeeps, hop into the comments and let us know what ya'll want!
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It's the end of the month, so that means it's time for DO WANT. As usual, the Tomo staff lets everybody know what they want from the bottom of their PVC, diecast and/or vinyl hearts. This month, you can expect: A sadist a couple of school girls an underwater songstress a Tomo classic and more! Hit the jump to find out!

DO WANT: April 2013

May 01 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro wants...Max Factory's Belldandy & Holy Bell I'm not sure nowadays, as it's been quite a while, but I think this may have been the figure that drove me to collect. I remember when I first saw Oh My Goddess and started searching for it on the interwebs. One of the pictures that popped up was this beauty, which I found out was a limited model kit. Once I saw the price and was made aware of how much work it would take to make it look even remotely as good as the pictures that I saw, I gave up on it. Years later, I'll be getting one of my holy grails, thanks to my buddies. The wait for August is going to hurt.   Natalie wants...Squishable's Fezzy I'm not entirely sure what aspect of Fezzy attracted me first; there is just so much to love between the giant 'stache, his face (I love his eyes so much!), and the fez adorning his fuzzy head. The whole package adds up to a great squishy ball of "DO WANT." I am a big fan of Squishable and Andrew Bell's previous collabs and am the proud owner of both a Worrible and a Batty. I sincerely hope I will have the chance to welcome Fezzy into my family as well.   Jon...can't make up his mind! Alter's Estelle Estelle from Tales of Vesperia is so automatically on my buy list that I almost did not write about her for my do want for April. There is no question in my mind that I want to add her to my collection given howTales of Vesperia is my favorite RPG of all time. I have beaten it co-op with two different people and played through the entire story from beginning to end about eight times. I also own Yuri Lowell, Flynn Scifo, and Rita Mordio from the same set. Raven is on the way too! So every Tales figure released is on my want list without question. I still regret not purchasing Luke from Tales of Abyss when he was made. I won't make that mistake again!  Strike Witches was a guilty pleasure of mine last year. I watched it and enjoyed it but the girls were too young for my taste for what they showed. Well when Vividred Operation came out I took a glance at the previews and read peoples impressions. Everyone on the rumor grapevine said it was like Strike Witchesbut with younger girls. I was quick to stay clear of this show for the whole season till I was bored one night and wanted some action if you will. No no, not exactly that kind of action. I remembered seeing that pre-orders show up for Akane's Isshiki and kind of liked her design so I figured, why not? I'll give it a shot. Good Smile Company's Akane Isshiki So I watched an episode or three, or was it four in one night? I was totally hooked. If you look past the super young characters for a moment and just enjoy the high quality animation, fan service and action you will find it is a good mahou shoujou show with themes of friendship and amusing characters to enjoy. So while I am still marathoning this show, Akane has moved to the top of my interest list.   Chris and Tian want...Max Factory's Sheryl Nome Chris Do I even need to spell it out at this stage? Here's a gif to make things even simpler... Tian For me, it's pretty much what Chris said. I want Sheryl. I want Sheryl's butt. I would Macross it so hard (yes I just used "Macross" as a verb).   Rio & Vanessa want...S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon Vanessa Without a doubt, my Do Want for the month is S. H. Figuarts Sailor Moon. This is the type of Sailor Moon figure I have always wanted. She's fully poseable, comes with changeable facial expressions, accessories, and weapons. She's even going to come with Luna! This figure is much better than what I had as a kid, the 1995 Bandai Sailor Moon adventure dolls. Don't get me wrong, those were better than having nothing back then. Still they didn't really look anything like the Sailor Scouts, not like this figure. So yes, I will be dying to get my hands on Sailor Moon when she's finally released. Rio Well, I had to think about it to see if there actually was anything I could possibly want more than the Sailor Moon Figuarts figure, but the answer was.. NO! No, there is NOTHING I could want more, toy-wise, than this. I wanted to be original and different, but nope, forget that. I want Sailor Moon and there's nothing you can do about! My childhooooooooood!   Brian wants...Tsume's Eyeshield 21 diorama I have yet to preorder this (it's a matter of time) but damn, this is just a great looking piece. I have a severe lack of anything Eyeshield 21 in my collection and even for its very expensive price, it'll do. Note to other companies: this is what you get when you actually take some risks on older licenses -- my money.   Martin wants...Ques Q's Aigis Uniform Ver. I'm always a fan of more Aigis figures - her design is so unique and striking I doubt I'll ever get tired of it. Having said that, this is a figure that hides most of her uniquely robotic elements, but it's still a really smart looking piece and something a little different for our favourite robot girl. We do need more figures of thePersona 3 cast in general however.   Jeremy wants...Evolution Toys Albegas An updated Albegas has long been on my want list. I have no real attachment to the anime it comes from, but rather for its place in Voltron history. Everyone knows Lion Voltron (Voltron III or Voltron of the Far Universe) made from the anime Go Lion, and Vehicle Voltron (Voltron I or Voltron of the Near Universe) produced from the series Dairugger XV, but not many people know that Voltron was intended to be a trilogy with Albegas being re-purposed as Gladiator Voltron (Voltron II or Voltron of the Middle Universe). Little did World Events know when they were licensing these shows that Lion Voltron would be a runaway hit and plans for Gladiator Voltron was scraped in favor of producing new Lion episodes. However this didn't stop Matchbox in the 80s from still releasing the Gladiator Voltron figures. That version is still prized among many robot fans, but like with everything these days you really want to see how modern technology can remake (or re-imagine) classic toys. I still want to get my hands on an original Gladiator Voltron some day, but that doesn't make me want this any less!   Scarecroodle...also can't make up his mind! Kotobukiya's ArtFX Catwoman While I'm eagerly waiting for Venusaur's pre-orders to being and, like everybody on the site, I want that SH Figuarts Sailor Moon (more-so after seeing those alternate faces), my want this month might just be Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ Catwowman. I was moderately impressed by some of Kotobukiya's Justice League statuettes, the company seems to have really stepped things up with Catwoman and, as a result, I'm really looking forward to future entries (which will hopefully consist primarily of villains). Diamond Select's Gillman As a collector, I sometimes find it harder to get really excited about news. Sure, there's always the "Oh, cool" and "DO WANT! WANT SO BAD!" but rarely does that approach the level of, "WHAT?! THAT"S GOING TO BE A THING?!" that physically jolts me almost out of my seat. You know, the sort of reaction you (because it can't just be me!) get upon realizing that Diamond Select Toys will be doing a really articulate Gillman figure. Having spent years pining after the Toy Island Gillman, it's almost upsetting to see this come along and instantly think, "Yeah, this is better," but that was pretty much my reaction following the double-take. As near as I can tell, the new DST Gillman will have a torso joint AND a waist joint in addition to a very well concealed bicep pivot-- ie, all things that I wish were present in the Toy Island Gillman. Beyond that, even the sculpting seems more appealing. Given the way the bicep joints seamlessly blend into the sculpt, I imagine that the articulation is probably even better than it looks. If that wasn't enough, Gillman will come with a very wicked, detailed base. Diamond Select Toys, it's just not fair that you show something this cool and then tell us we have to wait until 2014 for it because I can't afford to be cryogenically frozen to make that wait more bearable.   So now that you know what we want, let us know what makes your heart go pitter pat in the comments!
We're through with April, which means we celebrate its demise with another edition of DO WANT. Here, you'll see all of us at Tomopop want on our desks, shelves, etc.  This month, you can look forward to: A goddess A scout A pop star A glorious mustache ...and more! Hit the jump to find out what.

DO WANT: March 2013

Apr 02 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro wants...Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Commander Shepard After seing Tian's review, my desire only grew for this figure. Considering that she should be shipping out in the next week or two, I'll soon be able to have her on desk and sate my DO WANT feelings from the last several months. Now, Koto, please please please get me a Tali, stat!   Jeremy wants...figma Hatsune Miku 2.0 I know what you're thinking, it's just another Miku figma, how could this possibly be exciting for anyone? Well I'll tell you. The original figma was released back in 2008 as part of the first year of figma. By the time it's released in 2013 it will be around five years old. Do you realize how much figma engineering has changed in the last five years? The sculpting is sharper, the paint is better, and range of motion is wider, and the hair no longer resembles a pair of green soup spoons. Plus I've already got the original release, the Wonder Festival release, and the Cheerful Japan version, (plus two Append Mikus) I need this one out of obligation to my collection!   Natalie wants...A Little Stranger's TCON the Toyconosaurus If I lived in the UK, you can bet I'd be first in line at ToyConUK to buy this amazing handmade plush mascot. Sadly, considering only three were made (can't say I blame her; it must take a ton of work to make something that cute), I'd say my chances of owning one are pretty much nil. As much as it pains me, TCON is going to have to remain a DO WANT that will never come to anything but a dream. But dang, is it an impressive one.     Scarecroodle wants...Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Select The Wolverine Wolverine This month was a toss-up between Bandai's Legacy Megazord (finally listed in the US!) and DST's Marvel SelectThe Wolverine Wolverine. Obviously I'm going to end up getting both, but the question becomes which do I more want. While the Legacy Megazord may be a nostalgia blast that will partly fill the void in a MMPR Megazord-less childhood, I think I might actually be more excited for the upcoming Wolverine with its multiple alternate heads and hand sets (including retracted claws, adamantium claws, AND bone claws).    Yami wants...Megahouse's Portrait of Pirates Sailing Again Maximum Franky Without a doubt, topping my DO WANT list this month is MegaHouse's SA-Maximum Franky. As an obsessed (yes, I admit, I might have a slight obsessive problem) One Piece fan, I've been fervently anticipating the chance to complete my Straw Hat crew. Although Franky is definitely making a substantial hole in my wallet, he's definitely going to worth every penny with all those amazing accessories. Oh, why does July seem so far away?   Tian wants...a bunch of stuff! Griffon's Kasen Ibaraki One kind of figure I really like is one that looks good from all angles. These tend to have simpler designs where the emphasis is on the character's body and expression. It's hard to pick these out just by looking at promo pics, but I think Griffon's Kasen will be one. There are some cool details, especially her right arm. She seems to have a well-made face, and her outfit is working for me. Sadly she's set for a March release and I'm waaayyyy over budget this month. Alter's Melty The appeal of this one is obvious: ice cream, cute girl, weird bat thing... What else could you ask for in a figure? I like seeing Alter do something a little more ambitious for a figure because that used to be their thing. The sculpt is impressive in many ways. Melty's hair has a ton of detail. The ice cream she sits on is subtly textured to look like real ice cream. This one has an August release so there's a chance I'll put in an order. Diamond Select Toys' Enterprise-E I bought DST's Wrath of Khan Enterprise and Enterprise-D one night in a drunken haze, so now I kind of just want to round out my Enterprise collection with the Enterprise-E. Star Trek: Nemesis was not one of my favorite Trekmovies, nor is the Sovereign-class Enterprise-E among my favorite ship designs, But this Enterprise debuted inFirst Contact, which is my favorite Trek movie, so there's a lot of sentimental value in it. It's the most advanced, most badass ship in Starfleet, captained by the best of all captains. Yeah I went there, deal with it.   Jon wants...Bandai's Figuarts Zero Mikono Lately in my spare time I have been watching the Genesis of Aquarian and recently got into Aquarian Evol. So when HLJ began their "Whole lotta Bandai sale“ I couldn't resist this Bandai Figuarts Zero Mikono which cost me only $16 including shipping. I love my top notch Alter figurines and I have Max Factory's Belldandy on pre-order. But nothing says that I can't get excited about finding a nice figurine at a value price!   Rio & Martin want...RAH Link Rio Real Action Heroes Link? RAH Link? You're serious? This is a thing? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I can't even put my squealing fangirl delight into text. How does this work? Writing?! Words!? All I can make are sounds right now! I've never purchased a RAH figure in my life, but that is over with now, because I definitely pre-ordered Link. I've had a silly fangirl crush on him since I was a little girl, and it's clearly still there. Sad thing is I would have actually freaked out even more if it were the adult Ocarina of Time version, so consider yourselves lucky that this one is based on Skyward Sword! Martin I've always admired the Real Action Heroes line from afar, impressed with the quality but unwilling to commit so much money to what's essentially a huge figma. Well, until now at least. Link completely destroyed any sort of restrain I had, given that I'm a colossal Legend of Zelda fan and have been for most of my life. Just the accessories alone are almost enough - that Master Sword and Hylian Shield combo is a work of art unto itself. November can't come quickly enough.   Chris kinda-sorta wants...FREEING's Nu12 I got nuthin this month... I really want to say that Nu12 would be my choice for this month... But the problem is that she's being done by FREEing and, well, they suck! Their last 2 Blazblue figures were abortions so my expectations are pretty much zero. but if some miracle occurs and she doesn't look like crap when she's released, I might make a late dash for one...   Vanessa wants...Play Arts Kai Kingdom Hearts 3D Riku As a Kingdom Hearts fan, I still don't own a single collectible from the series. Sora may be the lead, but Riku has always been the more compelling character. The images I've seen of this figure have impressed me greatly. Not only is he poseable but he has three keyblades! I can just imagine all the battles I'd make Riku have if he was mine.   Brian wants...Kidrobot x Street Fighter Series 2 Having just finished my review of the new KR x SF packs, I'm now eagerly awaiting the new characters and designs for Series 2. Many of my favorite characters are in the next series and I want to have them on my shelf. Like right now. I might also be planning something now that requires Series 2 figures, too. Just saying. Now that you know what we want, sound off in the comments and let us know what's burning a whole through your wallet!
I want it all...and I want it now!
Welcome back to the feature that lets you know how we want to spend our hard-earned ducats. That's right, it's the monthly DO WANT! Sorry we're a couple days late, as we had to prep for the usual April Fools shenanigans. ...

DO WANT: February 2013

Feb 28 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro, Rio and Jon all want... Max Factory's Belldandy & Holy Bell Pedro Cortes  Man, leave it to Max Factory to put out something that makes me go slack-jawed. I remember seeing this kit a few years back and cursing about my lack of artistic ability. I knew there was no way that I'd every be able to put together a figure like this AND make it look that good. I kicked a nearby rock and hoped that somebody would turn the kit into a static figure that I could pick up. Lo and behold, my wish came true a couple years later? The bad news? I can't swing the roughly $200 price tag. Curses! Rio McCarthy  I'm with you, Pedro! That was mine as well. Sadly, I won't be able to swing it either, but man is it gorgeous.. I wish I could still have a chance at being able to pick it up, but it will have to remain on that long list of things I wish I could have owned over the years. This is the face of a total sad panda. Jon Wills To me Belldandy is an easy buy. Yes, with shipping I will probably spend $200 on her. However she is unique and beautiful. Two figures packed into one with a unique base? That seems worth it to me. Also I hear every model of her is numbered too. Really I think everyone should go on ahead and pre-order one right now. (Link my pre-order article, I would get the URL right now but the web page is down)  Though one odd bit, if you do not mind listening to this old man ramble. A lot of the younger folk don't seem to know who Belldandy is. None of the other anime fans at work seems to understand my excitement over this figure, or even know the source material. It's probably because they are a generation younger than me. Really it's a shame they don't know of her, but hopefully one day soon someone will make a re-done Ah my Goddess OVA. I do not mean just the recent remade series, but one with a closer spirit to the original OVA.   Natalie Kipper... Magikarp hat I am freaking crazy for this Pokemon-inspired piece of headwear. It is a work of skilled craftsmanship and pure genius. I'd snatch one of those suckers up so fast your head would spin, given the opportunity. But, alas, the beauteous Magikarp hat is out of stock. I can only hope that I luck into to visiting the artist's Etsy store if/when it is restocked. Until then, I can only stare at it and dream of the possibilities.    Scarecroodle wants... Disney Parks My wants are something of a toss-up. The biggest recent thing to come to mind is the Spell Binder (and subsequent cards) because, honestly, that's just really cool and it's something I likely won't get around to ever buying. Of the things that I'm most excited to pick up in the future, that honor goes to Playmates' upcoming Bebop and Rocksteady for whom we've recently seen photos. Also very exciting was the news of a 6-inch Boba Fett from Hasbro's Star Wars Black line (no images yet) as well as Hasbro's upcoming 6-inch Wolverine Marvel Legends spin-off which includes an Emma Frost that doesn't suck. There's also the spider-cycle Aranea who is among the coolest concepts I've seen lately. I'm also excited about Diamond Select Toys' upcoming Marvel Select Silver Surfer and I'm very, very, very disappointed about missing Mattel's MotUC Ram Man during the most recent Matty Sale (who sold out in well under half an hour...). Mattel seems to really be under-producing some obvious fan hits which is doubly disappointing considering that they they don't seem to be keen on reissuing figures and the aftermarket prices can be over five times the original MSRP (the Sorceress, who I also missed, seems to trend over US$100 for the normal version while her exclusive (yet more available?) Temple of Darkness deco is more moderately priced).   Jeremy "Emerje" Crocker wants... Hasbro's Transformers Generations Metroplex Over two feet of solid robot action! This massive robot is amazing not only because of its sheer size, but also its details. He's loaded with textures, writing, signs, lights, sounds, phrases, and a bunch of other little things. My favorite little touch is the tiny image of Optimus Prime standing in the window just below his neck. He's still fully articulated and retains both of his transformations. Just like the G1 version of Metroplex this one has both his battle station mode and city mode. Absolutely incredible, and to sweeten the deal he's only expected to run about US$125 which is a bargain for the biggest Transformer ever made!   Brian Szabelski wants... Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Black Canary Well, that was easy. Have to say of all the things I've seen the past month, there's lots of tempting things to check out, but nothing as much as Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Black Canary. I'd long had her at the top of my "Bishoujos They Should Make Now" list, and was always puzzled why she didn't have a figure yet. The illustration looks great (and it's not the New 52 design!), so I can't wait to see it in person. Hopefully it turns out to be a bit better than Power Girl was ...   Tianxiao Ma wants... Max Factory's Dark Elf That painted Dark Elf by Max Factory's looking pretty good. The level of detail can only be described as obsessive, and her proportions speak for themselves. I'll be pre-ordering this one with the force of a thousand suns.   Chris Seto wants... Studio Halfeye's Perfect Change Dangaioh my DO WANT for this month is a blast from the vault of my holy grails and say that mine is the Perfect change Dangaioh from studio Halfeye! The company got into some trouble and disappeared a few years back so I thought I would never see their products again outside of 2nd hand stores and insanely priced auctions (and remember, they start off with incredibly high retail prices anyway) but then Andres posted their new Gurren Lagann and, if nothing else, it showed that they are still in business so maybe, just maybe, their older stuff might return as retail products... One can dream, right?  Dangaioh is my favourite mecha design of ALL TIME!!! *insert Kanye West meme here* so I would do stupid things to have that item in my collection!   That's it for us. Now it's your turn. What sparkled in your eyes in this oh-so-short month?
Can't get no satisfaction
Oh, it's the end of the month you say? Well, that can only mean one thing: it's time for DO WANT! This month, we have several editors agreeing on one particular figure, which hasn't happened in a while. Which one is it? Well,...

DO WANT: January 2013

Jan 31 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro wants...a whole lot of Gurren Lagann Phat Company's Twin Pack Yoko & Nia + Boota PSG Arrange Ver. My never ending love of all things Gurren Lagann continues. I was surprised to hear about a new Yoko and Nia getting a release, as those ladies have been ignored for a while now. Much to my pleasure, these gals are cheap and have been done up in the style of Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt. So what you have is a pair of characters I adore that have been altered to resemble a show that I'm also quite fond of. That's a victory in all catagories! Phat! Company's Magical Nia On top of the chibi's Phat! Company had to go and make a full-sized Nia figure. As there are so few scaled Nia figures available, there's no way that I'd miss picking her up. It helps that this magical girl-styled version of the princess is ridiculously adorable. It's an interesting take on one of my favorite characters and I will happily place her on my Gurren shelf next to Eye Up's Kamina and UpLark's Nia.   Natalie wants… Scott Tolleson & Luke Chueh's Bartholome Punchyface I fell madly in love when I saw the poor little nerd's prototype over at last year's San Diego Comic Con. Now after seeing the new colorways, I am positive that if I don't manage to add Bartholomew Punchyface to my collection (preferably the orange/blue variety), I will be brought to brought to tears myself. The plush manages to mix Scott's colorful style with Luke's dark tones to create a flavorful, unique toy that just begs for hugs (and perhaps therapy).   Scarecroodle wants… Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull Like many guys who grew up in the '80s, I owned a Castle Grayskull. I have a lot of fond memories of Castle Grayskull. Out of everything associated with He-Man, it's one of the few things I've never forgotten and among the first things to come to mind when I think of the franchise (right after He-Man and Skeletor). When Mattel started their Masters of the Universe Classics line, it seemed inconceivable that a scaled Castle Grayskull might be made. It just seemed too wild and too prohibitively expensive. Even now, after it's been confirmed for production, the whole thing is a little mind-boggling although that US$250 price tag brings potential buyers down to reality a bit. The other major issue is the size itself; despite being arguably the play set's greatest asset, the estimated 25-inch high by 26-inch across dimensions may very well make Castle Grayskull difficult to store even when folded up. Given that I'm currently using Hasbro's Star Wars AT-AT as a night table, storage represents a very real issue. However, even as I go through the other cool things I've seen lately, such a very long-awaited, criminally under-looked Bandai's S.H.MonsterArts Biollante (seriously, look at this thing!), NECA's Stripe figure (a month until it's out!), the unrevealed (but still likely scheduled) 1/1 Sinestro Corps Power Battery (ironically costing almost as much as the Castle Skull), or concept art for Battle Beasts characters who need to be made into figures, I keep remembering this over-sized forbidden fruit. Yes, I can rationalize not buying it, but that does very little to keep it off my mind or even to stop myself from bringing it up.   Jon wants…Alter's Chiinatsu I know this little witch isn't from January, but I keep thinking about Alter's Chiinatsu from Yuruyuri. Maybe it's all these cold winter nights and my longings for more Yuri comedy. Or perhaps it's because I don't have a 1/8th scale adorable pink haired school girl in witches cosplay in my collection. Yes that has to be it!  Either way I have been on the edge of ordering her for a long time. I might just add her to my Alter's Jude Mathis order this month and justify it by telling myself that I will be saving on shipping costs... Yes! That's a perfect excuse. Make it so.   Tian wants…Good Smile Company's Karen Araragi I haven't finished watching Nisemonogatari so I don't really know much about Karen, but I think the figure's cute enough. And screw it, I like the weird half-steamroller. GSC's Bakemonogatari line has been pretty awesome so far, so I'm sure this Karen figure won't disappoint.   Brian and Yami want…Good Smile Company's Snow Miku 2013 Brian After the whole fiasco with last year's Snow Miku, I know I should be more careful. But this was the design I wanted to win of the finalists because it was the most appealing and different, and I think it will look great as part of my collection.  Just PLEASE, PLEASE get quality control right this time, Good Smile. Please. Yami My DO WANT for this month is none other than Good Smile's Snow Miku nendoroid. I've been trying my best to refrain from adding any more Miku's to my collection, but my resolve quickly diminished at the site of this gorgeous snow maiden. It's pretty hard to resist that gentle smile and all those appealing accessories, especially that adorable snow rabbit.   Chris wants…everything. Because I've been a lazy SOB and have been completely out of it for the past couple of weeks thanks to a rather annoying virus, I'm just digging out my last DO WANT and declaring now, that this is the default if I don't find one specific item for my monthly DO WANT! And what I want is, EVERYTHING in this store!! Time to go large or go home!! What's in the shop? Well, you'll find out soon! Andres agrees  I can tell just by the store logo this is something I’m going to like.   Rio wants…Phat! Company's Bayonetta For once I'm so stressed out to the point where I actually don't even know what I want! That's a hard feat for me, because I've always got a want list that's a mile and a half long! I do know that I'm really hoping I have the money to pay for my pre-order of Phat Company's Bayonetta when she's released in March, as I am definitely anxiously awaiting having her in my collection. She may be a bodacious babe, but I am so excited to see that butterfly base in person!   Jeremy wants…Wonder Festival sigma Rin Shibuya and Anzu Futaba I'm a bit of a sucker for IDOLM@STER, I've never played the games, but did buy all of those Revoltech figures that were released a few years ago (both in black and pink) and the recent anime was a lot of fun. Maybe I'm just a sucker for moe? I'm so glad Max Factory is now doing figma, I just hope they continue things with the more familiar cast of characters. These two figures are both cute in their own unique way, I can't wait to have both of them even if I don't know a think about them.   That's it for the Tomo staff. Now it's your turn. Do you desire a static PVC figure? A poseable one? How about an entire store? Pop into the comments and let us know.
As it's the end of the month, it's time for DO WANT, where the Tomo editors let you know what we desperately desire. As it's been a couple of months since DO WANT has graced the front page, there's quite a bit of pressure to ...

DO WANT: October 2012 Edition

Oct 31 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro wants...Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Commander Shepard Hey, would you look at that, I want something Mass Effect related again. It's no surprise though, as Yamashita's take on Shepard does a good job of balancing cute with bad ass. On top of that, the transition into 3D looks great. I'll definitely snatch her up come Spring 2013.   Natalie wants...WeLoveFine's Rainbow Dash Hug Me Backpack While I might not be as knowledgable a MLP fan as Rio, I definitely appreciate this plush backpack. It's just so cute and I love that her face actually looks like it does in the show. I would totally rock this collectible any time I needed to go someplace trendy (like, uh, the mall?). Maybe, if I wish hard enough, they'll make a Derpy Hooves or Fluttershy one next.   Tian wants...Angels. TONS OF THEM I want Angels. ALL OF THEM. The one thing the Robot Damashii Side Eva line always lacked was a proper adversary, but we finally got a glimpse of them at Tamashii Nation 2012. Who doesn't want to reenact Rei selflessly hurling her Eva in front of Ramiel's energy beam? Or pose EVA-02 with its magnetic crossbow taking shots at Clockiel? No one, that's who. Even if you're not an Eva fan, surely you'd appreciate these weird, outlandish designs over endless rehashes of EVA-01, right? Everyone wins.   Jon wants...Alter's Millia Maxwell I was reminded by the delay we announced this month of Milla Maxwell by Alter about how beautiful her figure is. I love her colors and contrast, that amazing hair sculpt, and her boots and wraps! She has lovely curves too! Really from a purely artistic standpoint I think she may be the most colorful and beautiful looking figurine I have ordered!  I'm amused that I will be receiving both Jude and Milla from Tales of X'illa in as full sized 1/8th scale figurines and mini nendoroids too before I get to play the game! Given the games strong sales and reviews in Japan I know it will be an excellent tales game, but I hope that I will find these characters to be just as loveable as all the other Tales series characters.   Scarecroodle wants...Bandai's D-Arts Mewtwo I've waited about 14 years for a good Mewtwo figure. After the first five or so years of waiting, during which we saw some so-so non-articulates and a few barely articulates, I thought the PLAMO that I bought would be the best we'd ever see. If you had told me that somebody would release a Mewtwo figure that rightfully makes every previous version look like a joke roughly ten years after the height of his popularity, I would have called you crazy. And yet here we are, with Bandai's D-Arts Mewtwo which seemingly is everything I wanted from the get-go. Funny how things work out.  I'm also looking forward to their D-Arts Venusaur and, should better photos appear, the Charizard as well (with hopes for a shiny Charizard redeco!). I'm also hyped for Bandai's new Sailor Moon stuff. Bandai and its' waves of awesomeness have really helped me forget all about a fairly lackluster NYCC.   Jonathan wants...more video game toys More video game figures that have been long overdue! Guilty Gear gets Sol Badguy, BlazBlue gets Hakumen and Noel Vermillion, and at last! Forte from Mega Man finally gets a figure in this day and age! About time! Was so upset when Kotobukiya stopped at Protoman for their plastic kits. Absolutely glad Bandai is giving me everything I want! I only own Mega Man X from the D-Arts line but it looks like that'll be expanding quite a a bit in 2013.   Rio wants...SH Figuarts Sailor Moon and Ponies Sailor Moon figures. All of them! I don't even care what characters! I want them alllllllll!!! And ponies. Sailor Moon and ponies will forever be my life.   Chris wants...Volks' Akane and T-ELOS kits I'm just waiting for news on the inevitable HR:SR event and hoping that they will be made available there. The site did say that the 2 were Hobby Round Exclusives so I hope that the Showroom event counts!! But if you want something which is new, I'm looking forward to seeing the D-Arts Noel Vermillion. The one we weren't supposed to see!!   Jeremy wants...Fortress Maximus Without a doubt the number one figure on my list right now is Transformers Encore 23 Fortress Maximus! Actually, this has always been the number one figure on my list, ever since its release back in 1987. Not only is he the biggest Transformer toy ever made, he's also one of the most expensive on the aftermarket. A complete Fortress Maximus, even without the box, runs in the neighborhood of around US$1000 making for a very expensive figure to get into your collection if you didn't buy one in the 80s when it sold for around US$100. The reissue price is between US$300 and US$400 which is still a lot, but a lot more manageable!   Brian wants...SH Figuarts Sailor Moon I'd known that this figure was a distinct possibility but I hadn't expected this so soon. Not in the least. That doesn't mean I'm not grateful for Bandai actually making the one thing about half the Internet wanted. I thought we'd see them as figmas first (editor's note: I did a figma feature a while ago and you can link back to that here) but looks like Max Factory has been beaten to the punch. I, for one, welcome Sailor Moon to the poseable figure world and anticipate every Japanese and American retailer crashing simultaneously the second these go up for pre-order.   So now that you know what we want, let us know what's the apple of your eye for the month of October!  
Give me ALL the PVC.
Another month, another set of toys for the Tomo crew to lust over. That's right, it's time for the DO WANT, the list that reminds us that our eyes are bigger than our wallets. This month, you can expect: Sexy commanders a clingy pony a magical lady tanned robots and more! Hit the jump to find out more!

DO WANT: September 2012 Edition

Oct 01 // Pedro Cortes
Rio wants...Final Fantasy Creature Kai Vol. 5 Kefka & Play Arts Kai Rufus Oh my God.. There are two absolute ties for me this month! Which hasn't happened for a while, but you'll see why immediately. For one. Um.. KEFKA! Need I say more? At the tail end of last month we finally saw the color shots of Kefka in his colorful attire in the form of a Final Fantasy Creatures Kai figure in Volume 5. While I would have loved a Play Arts Kai version of him ( I mean seriously, who wouldn't?! ) I can happily say that I got that wish in the form of one of my other most beloved Final Fantasy characters; Rufus Shinra! My favorite characters from both Final Fantasy VI and VII getting figures? It's a fangirl's dream come true!   Jon wants...ALTAiR's Jude Mathis & Alter's Majokko Mirakurun There are a couple of things that caught my interest this month. However I need to face reality a little bit. I know, a rare and painful thing to do huh? I'm running low on space. So I'm going to get myself some display cabinets, either the Ikea Klingsbo or Detolf. I am leaning towards buying a pair or trio of Klingsbo and will let you all know what I think of them. In terms of figurines though, two came out at the end of August but I can't stop thinking about them I can't wait to get Jude Mathis by Alter. I love almost every one of Alters statues and anything Tales related, combine the two and I get very excited! I'm on the fence on whether or not I should purchase Alters Mikarun. She is adorable, but I have not pre-ordered her yet so it wasn't an instant sell for me. I know I will regret it if I do not buy her though. I'm sure I will cave in once I balance my budget for the month!    Natalie wants...Bandai's Over Knight Blazer D-Arts And now for something a little surreal, I am going to WANT something that is not a plush. I am a card carrying Wild ARMs fangirl so the fact that the series so near and dear to my heart is getting some attention makes me ecstatic. Sure, all we have is a teaser image to go on for now but, you know what, I don't care! I have high hopes for this figure and given what I have seen from the previous Knight Blazer, I am sure this figure will be all kinds of awesome.    Tian wants...a whole lot of stuff Man, a lot of stuff I want was revealed in the last few days. We'll start off with the NSFW stuff like Orchid Seed/Hobby Japan's Seven Deadly Sins figures. The newly revealed Lucifer looks pretty magnificent, but she's got nothing on Leviathan which is cute, sexy, and annoyingly exclusive. Next up is some Persona 4 merch. I'm diggingPhat Company's Protagonist and Rise twin pack, as well as MegaHouse's High Priestess Rise. I'll end on a random item: NECA's Clubber Lang. I'm not a huge Rocky fan or anything, I just think having a Mr. T figure is awesome.   Jeremy wants...eHobby's Shattered Glass Soundwave VS Blaster We've seen G1 Soundwave in blue, we've seen him in black, now we get to see him in white! I'm a sucker for some repaints, especially when they have a crazy back story like this figure has. Not only that but I really love Transformers tapes so getting five more in this set is like a wish come true. Oh yeah, you also get a newly colored Blaster. Only down side is the price, that's a lot of money to throw down during the holiday season, especially one that's cramming in so much must-have figure goodness like this year. On the other hand this set is certain to double in value or more so I could think of it as an investment... Decisions, decisions.   Chris wants...some more alcohol. Oh, and charagumin Alicia Melchiotte & Ryozuji Akane I'm rather tired and a little drunk from a weekend of videogaming at our annual Eurogamer Expo (sorta like our PAX) so this may just be ramblings but I don't have anything for my DO WANT this month! Nope, I have absolutely no interest in the charagumin Alicia Melchiotte or Ryozuji Akane from the volks Hobby round 8 items list. Nope, no interest at all... *Sigh*   Scarecroodle wants...the Thundercats back! All I want for September is my ThunderCats line back. How DARE the line go into limbo with likely cancellation before Bandai gave us classic versions of Cheetara, Panthro, and the Thunderkittens.... plus Jackalman and Monkian (ooh!  ooh!). I suppose out of the stuff that we know to actually be coming out, my big want is the D-Arts classic Mega Man set but I'd trade its existence off in a second to continue the ThunderCats line if that's what it takes. I'm also hyped for the upcoming TDK Joker whom we saw as a prototype recently. Plus I should give a nod toSputnik Supplies' b-list movie-themed merch. It's a shame that the company isn't better known. Oh, not to mention that the Icon Heroes' ThunderCats stuff is also in limbo for whatever reason. I pre-ordered theirJackalman back in June 2011 and, at the time, it had an early-ish 2012 release. Now each month that release date seems to get bumped back yet another month. On a brighter note, I was overjoyed to see NECA's Mogwai series 3 go from an uncertain future to a slated first quarter 2013  release. I was blown away when I first saw Stripe on display some time ago and his upcoming mass release means that I don't have to go to drastic measures to obtain a copy.     Brian and Pedro want...Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Commander Shepard Pedro Wow. Just, wow. While I've been a fan of Yamashita's designs over the course of Koto's Bishoujo releases, they occasionally barely resemble the character they're supposed to represent. This time, Koto nailed it. Hard. I liked the original sketch, but the final sculpt and paint job seals this purchase for me. Now, I want me a Tali. You hear me Koto? Yamashita? Please?   Brian First figure in a long time to make me go from indifference to WANT in 60 seconds. The first sketches had me thinking this would be an utterly forgettable figure, but now, she's a very early candidate for 2013 Figure of the Year in my book. No, seriously. Gorgeous sculptwork, a face that looks good and a pose that feels a bit more natural than the original sketches? Sign me up. And Pedro, Bishoujo Miranda comes before Tali, but after Bishounen Blasto. Search your feelings ... you know it to be true. Pedro Nay, my good Brian. Tali goes before all. I'm also going to have to negate your Bishounen Blasto to promote Bishounen Garrus. He will have both the reach and the flexibility. No one will be able to resist.   So that's what we all want. Let us peak in your heart chamber and tell us what you want in the comments!
If money flowed like water from a faucet, then all of us on staff would be able to grant our deepest wishes. Unfortunately, the flow of money is more akin to the tiny trickle that you hear coming from your tub at night, so we...

DO WANT: August 2012 Edition

Aug 31 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro wants...Griffon's Yozora Mikazuki -Monster Hunter ver.- I loved the Monster Hunter episode of Hagani and I knew at some point that there would have to be figures made of the girls in their outfits. As you can see here, Yozora is the first one to get her statue. As nice as she is, I CANNOT WAIT to see how Sena is going to look in her Monster Hunter outfit. My DO WANT levels will go through the roof when I see her.   Brigitte wants...La rue de Rivoli This month I've got my eye on the prize, the October J-Doll, La rue de Rivoli. Pink hair, candy-esque theme, bizarre impractical outfit, she has it all! Rivoli is on the top of my DO WANT list at the moment and I'm all in knots that I have to wait nearly two more months to get her. That is if I can, from what I see the pre-orders are filling up fast. Cue nervous hand wringing!   Natalie wants...Pokemomo Snorlax plush This month, I apparently gotta DO WANT 'em all. Or, at least, one. Momo Okada's Snorlax plush that was sold at Pokemon Centers in Japan is not only freaking amazing but would fill a glaring oversight in my Pokemon plush collection. Plus, that face. You can't say "no" to that face.    Rio wants...A-Label's King of Fighters K' Well.. Hey. I'd still like to see my K' figure I've had pre-ordered since last December. It seems like nearly every month I get an e-mail telling me that it's been delayed again and again, but there's still a chance right? It's saying September now and we're bouncing right along into the month, so hopefully I'll get to see his sexy self arriving at my door here soon!   Tian wants...Megahouse's Rider Bishoujo figures are great and all, but there are plenty of great male designs and characters that get no love. This is doubly true if they're actually masculine, as opposed to the skinny pretty boys that make up the Altair line. I'm glad to see that MegaHouse realizes this injustice, and will now be making the second manliest figure of all time (the first being Whitebeard, of course).   Jeremy wants...Masterpiece Starscream I need that Masterpiece Soundwave! It's everything anyone could ever want from an updated Soundwave figure. It's mostly cartoon accurate, transforms the way he's supposed to, has all of his weapons and then some, and can still hold tapes. The tapes themselves are really something, Laserbeak is amazingly complex for his size, has the weapons integrated into the body, and is still toon accurate. With four more tapes planned Masterpiece Soundwave is a real must have!   Chris wants...Volk's T-ELOS I've been keeping my eye on the Volks T-ELOS for some time and now that we finally have some colour images I'm... not that thrilled. She still looks pretty good and all, but she doesn't really make me excited for her. Certainly nowhere near the level KOS-MOS did a few years back. Also, I have no idea why she's a colour resin kit. Her design just screams "PAINT ME!!" and making her a colour resin kit will make it that much harder. Thank the deities then for the Charagumin Alicia Melchiott!! I had seen a pic somewhere before but couldn't remember where. Having pics of her from chara hobby basically tells me that I wasn't imagining it! She's definitely on my "GET" pile come Hobby Round 8!! She's going to look awesome next to my charagumin Selvaria!   Brian wants...Pop Culture Shock's Sagat After missing the Cammy and M. Bison Pop Culture Shock figures (decisions I have regretted and will continue to regret for many years to come), Sagat has to be my pick. The 1/4-scale, the crazy detail and dat eyepatch. Come on; who wouldn't want a statue of one of their favorite characters like this? It's awesome, and the only thing that could make it better is if he were in mid Tiger Uppercut pose, complete with visual effects ... in which case, I would be pawning stuff off to pay for him right now.   Scarecroodle wants...Hot Toy's Busted Sentinel Head August was an aggravatingly slow month in terms of news. While it would be unfair to say that nothing happened, it seemed like nothing happened quickly. The two bright points was getting a good look at Kotobukiya's upcoming ArtFX+ Cyclops but, much more thrilling, was seeing a busted up half of a Sentinel head used as a base with Hot Toys' X-Men: The Last StandWolverine figure.  It features a solid amount of detail as well as light-up eyes. Oh, plus the Wolverine accessory it comes with is pretty keen as well. Granted, that Kotobukiya Cyclops is probably the item I'd rather have at the end of the day but this Sentinel head is just a lot cooler... than the Sentinel head Cyclops is standing on. So what about you guys? What do you guys want this month?

It's the end of the month, so that means it's time for DO WANT, the feature that lets you know what we want the most. We've got a pretty eclectic mix of items this month, including: Pretty boys that shoot fire from their hands A cute, plush monster A sexy gynoid A surly girl that's ready to fight dragons and more! Hit the jump to find out what else we desire.

DO WANT: July 2012 Edition

Jul 31 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro wants...Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Power Girl  This is the girl that I've been waiting for! Since the inception of the line, there have been a couple of gals that I wanted to get the Yamashita treatment. On top of that list was Power Girl, and now she's up for pre-order for an October release. The sad news? There's no way I can afford this in October. I'm hoping that I can find her at future convention or at a local comic shop when I've got a bit more cash in my wallet.   Rio wants...Art Spirits Katherine I could just continue to whine and cry about how I still want my SDCC 2012 exclusive Derpy MLP toy, but.. I think I'll do something a little more mature. Instead, I'll gush about how much I continue to love Katherine (with a 'K'!), and not just because she would be an entirely far too easy cosplay for myself. She's gorgeous, I love her, and she's not just a show-it-all kind of gal! I can't wait to have her in my collection later this year.   Natalie wants...Bart Bear I fell in love with Bart Bear when I first found out about him in June. Seeing the prototype in person at SDCC cemented my determination to own this little bullied bear. The poor baby has super wedgie action and a kick me sign on his back! I just want to hug him and tell him everything will be okay. He is just too darn cute! This is not just a DO WANT; it is a MUST OWN.   Scarecroodle wants...Sideshow's Poison Ivy Many outstanding items were shown at SDCC like Marvel Legends Hyperion, Masters of the Universe Classics Ram Man, Transformers Masterpiece Thundercracker (last month's want),  the massive Masters of the Universe Classics Granymyr, and the DC Cover Girls New 52 Harley Quinn. With so many cool items, I thought picking my biggest want would be tough. Then I remembered Sideshow's Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy is only one of two epic items announced by Sideshow for July. Equally impressive, yet less alluring, is their massive 33-inch US$800 Galactus which, while beyond awesome, in no way affected me as much as the Sideshow Poison Ivy. This Ivy is the most stunning statue I've seen in years and I'm somewhat sad that sensibility prohibits me from buying this US$350 beauty. Thankfully pictures are free so I can just display those instead.   Brigitte wants...the Beary Fairy line of Groove Dolls The team's photos from SDCC this year reminded me that I really do want the entire "Beary Fairy" set of Groove dolls. Ugh, goodbye paycheck! Just goes to show that some times all you have to do is remind people of something on their wishlist and they're hooked all over again ... if this theoretical person is me.   Jeremy wants...D-Arts Terry Bogard I've been a fan of SNK for as long as I can remember and sunk a ton of tokens into the KOF'94 machine back in the day. I've got a bunch of SNK figures including some real rareties so I'm looking forward to adding Terry and the rest of the gang to the collection.   Kristina wants...Good Smile Company's Lucy Heartfilia Pretty much the best news to come out of WonFes on my end is the fact that they picked up the license and kicked off the line with Fairy Tail's lead girl. It's fun and exciting, and I'm hoping we'll see some more great renditions of other characters like Erza, Juvia, Wendy, Evergreen, Cana and others (just naming girls since we probably won't see too many boys in scaled form). Maybe even a line of Beach Queens figures is in order if they really catch on! They already have plenty of swimsuit options based on the manga or show, so it'd be easy.  Now, if someone were to make a figure of Lucy in her Celestial Spirit clothes (the blue outfit with a matching Natsu), I think that be amazing.   Brian wants...figma Pit Oh, Max Factory. Whenever I'm about to swear off the figma line in favor of more rigid, posed figures, you pull me back in with some kind of magical figma that you pull out of nowhere. This time around, it's figma Pit from Kid Icarus (specifically, Kid Icarus: Uprising) that caught my eye. Pit is really a natural fit for the line, given his scale, styling and the amount of poseability you can actually put into him. Just please ... don't screw this up.   What about you folks? What doth the Tomo-masses desire?

It's the last day of the month, so that means it's time for DO WANT! As usual, you'll get a peek into the hearts of our editors as they tell you what they're itching to buy. It's extra special this time around, as we're comin...

DO WANT: May 2012 Edition

May 31 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro wants Alphamax's Sena I'm fond of Boku was Tomodachi ga Sukunai and I'm fond of girls with curves, which means that I'm a fan of Sena. This blonde hottie has gotten a couple of figures already, but you're looking at the best one currently available. Besides perfectly encompassing her personality and her huge...tracts of land..., it looks well put together and has a great pose. I tend to find bikini figures a bit boring, but this Sena bucks that trend.   Natalie wants Insomniac's Outernauts plushes I am so psyched for GameOnStuff's plushes representing the five starter beasts from Insomniac's upcoming Facebook game, Outernauts. The game's page has just finished revealing all five of the plushes and I am certain I need them all. They are cute, quirky, and fulfill my OCD-fueled need to catch 'em all in-game (with their included unlock code).   John wants Good Smile Company's Triumphant Excalibur Saber I always love a lady in armor! So when Good Smile Company announced they were re-releasing their Triumphet Exalibur Sabre I got very interested. Saber is such a classic character and her figure is very beautiful with all of it's shining metallic pieces. I don't think I will be able to pass her up.   Tian wants Kotobukiya's Mari & Vash the Stampede Well Kotobukiya wins this month for me with two reveals that were pretty much automatic DO WANTs as soon as I saw them. First there's Mari, who has somehow become my favorite character from Evangelion 2.0 despite having almost no screen time. It's unfortunate that Kotobukiya didn't go with a more animated expression to fit Mari's personality, and that they chose to put her in that horrendously ugly green test suit. But I'm okay with it because I like Mari that much. Second is Vash the Stampede, which I didn't expect to see in a million years. I'm a huge Trigun fan and I'm very happy to see Koto going to such an old school franchise. It makes me hold out hope that maybe one day, someone will make a Spike Spiegel figure.   Rio wants Hot Toys Loki While I'm excited for several things, including the Chie figma and Minnie Mouse Nendoroid that I had to cancel pre-orders on, the one thing I'm most excited for is Hot Toys' Loki figure. Not that you could POSSIBLY tell by the articles I've written about it, or the fact that I said it 'gave me a case of the brain faps'. Granted it doesn't come out for quite some time yet, but it does happen to have a release date for around my birthday, so I'll be excited all over again come that time in December.   Chang wants Orchid Seed's Asmodeus Between all the TERA  and Diablo 3 I've been playing, I have been in a demonic mood lately, and Orchid Seed chose a perfect time to hit me where it hurts with this demon prince turned busty bombshell. Asides from all the obvious appeals (read: T&A), my favourite part about the figure is the pedestal display base. Its considerable size and grim appearance which really gives her air of grandness. I can't wait to see all seven figures of this series sculpted, painted and displayed together. Though being exclusives, I might as well sell my soul before even thinking of getting them all.   Brian also wants Kotobukiya's Vash the Stampede & Nicholas Wolfwood I spend a lot of time being upset about old-school series not getting love, so Kotobukiya's offering is welcome, indeed. The sculpting so far looks good and I can't wait to (hopefully) see them in person soon. On my shelf.   Chris kind of wants Hot Toys Black Widow, but really wants Alter's maid Laura DAT ASS!!!... on second thought, maybe not. While I wouldn't mind having an accurate representation of the ass of scarjo on display in my room, there's something I find a little disconcerting about having a doll with such an uncanny likeness to movie stars, that's why I couldn't get behind their awesome Iron Man works. Robert Downey Jr is staring at me ALL THE TIME!!!So, I was going to write this month off but then Alter came and saved the day with their Maid Laura from Infinite Stratos! I really do like Infinite stratos but so far, aside from two AGP figures from bandai, all we've had for the series are beach queens and a tracksuit wearing Charlotte! Well, this should tie me over until something else comes along. It's not quite canon but it's Laura so I can forgive. And since it's Alter, you know she will look great (and probably be delayed until ppl don't care about her anymore).Come to think of it, wasn't there a painted figure of Houki in Akatsubaki which was meant to be released by amiami? What happened to that?   Keith wants ThreeA's Pure Edition Lady Sham While I would have loved to get ahold of the Shit Mood edition, that was sadly available only at the RHVK show and in limited numbers to 3AA members, of which I am not one. Luckily, the Pure Edition has that same gorgeous headsculpt and a slick white suit that should really make it pop on the shelf. With all the delays and production difficulties I've been trying to cut back on 3A, but I may have to take the plunge on this one. I'm curious as to what the mentioned Casual version will look like, but again, 3AA only.   Jonathan wants Alter's Luke fan Fabre Honestly, there are some things that caught my eye but nothing that really has me saying "DO WANT". However, I do have a  "DID GET". I complained about missing out ALTER's Luke fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss on the latest Tomocast and would always keep an eye out for it. I finally lucked out, found it where I wanted it, and got it just for a little over retail. You can expect a review coming shortly for it.

It's time for your hard-working Tomo writers to tell you about their deepest, darkest desires. No, this isn't a Skinemax production, it's the monthly DO WANT! This time around, our writers had a nice variety of things they wa...

DO WANT: April 2012 edition

May 01 // Pedro Cortes
Pedro Cortes wants Portrait of Pirates Sailing Again Brook Oh, what a surprsie, Pedro wants a One Piece figure. Ah, but it's just not any One Piece figure. No, no, it's a POP of the crew's undead rock star, "Soul King" Brook. A couple years ago, I reviewed Brook's original release and regretted not ordering it when I had the chance. I also cursed the figure gods when I missed getting Strong Edition Brook, though that was rectified later by finding him at Otakon last year. This time around, I made sure to stake out Hobby Search and snatch him up the second their overwhelmed servers would allow me to get in an order. Natalie Kipper wants Clump-o-Lumps plushies My DO WANT is yet again something soft and plush. Shocking! These interactive and moderately goofy-looking toys (who else has a shark with an overbite?) have really captured my heart. I love the mix-and-match concept and the fact that, once unzipped, the section is red with a bone-looking dot in the center. I find that detail absolutely hilarious! I am eagerly awaiting the in-store events and the chance to win the whole Clump-o-Lump family for myself. Wish me luck! Keith Polott wants S.H. Figuarts Scorpion Zodiarts For this month, I'm going with Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Scorpion Zodiarts. The first member of the Horoscopes introduced looks to exhibit the same high level of sculpted detail as the Weather and Nazca Dopants and the Greeed, and the best part is that it's not a Tamashii web exclusive! Almost all villains released under the Figuarts line have been, so if you want to see the rest of the Horoscopes (Leo!) then buy buy buy! She'll be available through our friends at Bluefin this August for $42.99. Chris Seto wants a lot of beer. Oh, and Volks' T-ELOS My DO WANT for this month would be a pair of beer goggles which work on figures!! That way, I'd be able to look at the GSC Inori and find it looking good! She's such a great figure ...from the neck down but, for me, the redjuice design for the face didn't seem to do too well on the transition to 3D. It looks horrific at most angles!!! So a pair of beer goggles would be good so I look at her and not be repulsed, until the next morning at least!!Or if you want an actual item which doesn't need to be invented, it would definitely be the going-to-be-hideously-expensive 1/4 scale T-ELOS which was announced at Volks Hobby Round 7.  Brian Szabelski, Rio McCarthy and Tianxiao Ma want Hot Toys' Naked Snake Rio: SNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKEEEEEE!!!!!! *gasps for air* Okay. Yeah. This right here is pure sex. Hot Toys. I wish I had money to give you. You could have all of it. Granted.. You probably will anyway if you release another Michael Jackson figure, BUT STILL. Tianxiao: Naked Snake. HE COMES WITH A BOX. That's my favorite Hot Toys thing ever. Brian: That Naked Snake figure from Hot Toys is just too good to pass up. Like Tian, I am excited that he comes with a box, and the sculpting on his face looks great. The Boss looks good, too, but if I had a choice, it would be Snake all the way so I can put him next to all my other Metal Gear Solid figures. However, is it bad that I now want a different Snake from Hot Toys? Snake Plissken? So I can have Naked Snake fight Kurt Russell? Please?  With the image of Kurt Russell grappling David Hayter, this month's DO WANT draws to a close. Do any of the Tomopeeps share our desires? If so, let us know in the comments along with your DO WANTs!

Ladies and gents, it's time to find out what the hearts of Tomo editors desire. Yes indeed, it's time for DO WANT! For the month of April, I feel like there wasn't much in the way of crazy new announcements. Sure there was Ni...

DO WANT: March 2012 edition

Mar 31 // Brian Szabelski
Brian Szabelski wants figma Buffalo Bell March was a boring month. Honestly. So when in doubt ... PANIC. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!   ... Didn't work, did it? I guess Plan B is try to find something, or just pick the last thing you were interested in. That would be figma Buffalo Bell, which I mentioned I was interested in because I liked Nippon Professional Baseball. So there we go. I am going to WANT a giant pink bull mascot. Yay? Kristina Pino wants Disney's Genie and Cruella DeVil busts Yup, as soon as I got to post about the pre-orders for these Genie and Cruella DeVil busts I pretty much decided that I would really love to have these in my life. Unfortunately, I have to save as much money as possible for the next few months, so I probably won't be able to get both of these (maybe at least Genie sometime in the future), but these are very faithfully crafted and bring a smile to my face. Surprisingly enough, it isn't always that easy to find well-crafted collectible quality statues of Disney characters. I don't really know why that is considering how big the company is, but I can definitely appreciate these busts since you end up having to filter through lots of "derp" before you find something worthwhile. Rio McCarthy wants Alter's Luke fon Fabre Ok, so I'm totally behind the party with trying to figure out what I want this month. I finally decided that I'm a big doofus and that I should have pre-ordered the Luke fon Fabre figure back when it went up. Now that it's coming closer to time for it to be released I'm wishing I could have him in my collection. Darn you, self! Why did you have to start playing the 3DS version of Tales of the Abyss?! Natalie Kipper wants Toy's Planning's Chibi-Moth plush I may not know anything about Rewrite but I am well-versed in the language of cute and that Chibi-Moth plush is definitely speaking to me. I don't want this plush; I need it. Those wide, innocent eyes! The widdle blushing cheeks! Who knew I was such a sucker for bubblegum pink? Tianxiao Ma wants Alter's Kneesocks March was pretty underwhelming for me, but one of the bright spots was seeing Alter's Kneesocks go up for preorder. Angel and devil ladies always have my interest, so while Alter's figure won't blow anyone's mind, it's a great design and I'd love to have it. Now if only I could get her to be my character in Skyrim... Michael Muller wants iGear's Shark Sentry I've always wanted to purchase something by third-party Transformers company iGear and now that they've revealed this big ol' ball of ugly I think I'll finally take the plunge. According to fans this company make quality product and considering how promising this figure looks I think it will be a wise investment. Hopefully I'll resist the urge to build my own army of these as I would quickly become drunk with power, killing both enemies and loved ones, while feeling nothing. Chris Seto wants Volks' prepainted KOSMOS ver. 4 My DO WANT for this month will be somewhat surprising as it would be the GSC Racing Mi... I CAN'T SAY IT!!!! My throat feels like it's burning up when I try to even utter the words... Well, there's always the Volks prepainted KOSMOS ver 4 which they're selling via lottery at Hobby Round! But Selvaria is a better bet, and a lot nicer on my wallet too! Emily Smalara wants Kotobukiya's Sena Surprising no one, my most wanted figure of the month is Kotobukiya's Sena from Haganai. She hits all the right notes, from the gorgeous eyes to the wonderful paint job to just the right amount of cheesecake -- I'd have to say she's the perfect figure. Even if I wasn't a fan of the artist or the series this would be a lovely piece, but as it stands? My only hope is that the rest of the cast gets equal treatment! Jonathan Tubbs wants Kotobukiya's Makoto Kikuchi -Angelic Island- I would say my DO WANT would have to be ALTER's Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia but that ended up a DID BUY. So I'm going to have to go with Kotobukiya's Makoto Kikuchi -Angelic Island- from THE iDOLM@STER. As I've said before, Makoto always won me over with her tomboy looks and this figure pushes those right buttons with her hairstyle, cute face, and smile. I also like how you can almost pose her any way and that face will still work from that angle. The body is a bit petite for my liking and the outfit is a bit revealing but part of me still wouldn't mind owning it but I just can't bring myself to. ...yet. Jon Wills wants Bandai's Chogokin Going Merry There are so many figures and models that interest me that it makes it difficult to choose. Part of me always squees and goes gaga over all the cute girls. But when it really comes down to it the figures that I am interested in most right now are of men and boats! My first pick would be Alter's Luke fon Fabre, however he is sold out. So I will have to go with my second pick of Bandai's Chogokin Going Merry because not only is it awesome and highly detailed but it can double as a doll house. Bonus points for it being featured in the first Tomopop article I had ever written. And so ends another monthly installment of DO WANT from the Tomopop staff. But what about you, Tomopop readers? What do you want from the past month? Hit the comments below and make your voices heard!

Well folks, it's that time of the month again: DO WANT is here! The editors have assembled and made their picks known. March was ... well, beyond WonderCon, it was awfully quiet. Perhaps the calm before a stormy summer? Maybe...

DO WANT: February 2012 edition

Feb 29 // Brian Szabelski
Brian Szabelski wants figma Chie and Yukiko So much to pick from. So little time. I had to wait until just before I finished writing this to make my choice (while that's somewhat normal, I don't normally wait until it's an hour or two before going live!), but I ended up resting on the new figmas from Max Factory in the form of Yukiko and Chie. It's criminal that up until now, the only poseable Persona figures around have been Aegis and Izanagi (a review of the latter is forthcoming), but now we start to get the heroes themselves. I'm hopeful it leands to more in the future, though my wallet somewhat disagrees because I'll be broke if that happens!  Kristina Pino wants Kidrobot and 64 Colors' Supermagical Dunny Hands down, KR/64 Colors' Supermagical Dunny is my DO WANT this month. I mentioned it in the post and I'm sticking by it. The piece is gorgeous and well priced - not to be missed by fans of the artists or design. I personally can't swing it just now, and as much as I hope that for the success of the artists they completely sell out, I kind of hope this doesn't so I could eventually get it for myself. I'd love to have something like Supermagical Dunny sitting on my shelf as the centerpiece of my vinyl collection (since I don't yet own any pieces around 8" or taller, besides a blank Vinylmation I have reserved for autographs, and my Steamboat Willie Pete). Pedro Cortes wants Nendoroid Sena Kashiwazaki There are so many things that I want, but the thing I desire the most at this moment is Nendoroid Sena Kashiwazaki. I'm sure some of it has to do with her being sold out everywhere, but I really like this Nendo! It does a great job capturing her personality and it comes with a bunch of really awesome accessories that work with her frenemy, Nendoroid Yozora. I really wish I hoped on that pre-order when I had a chance, because she is nowhere to be seen at the usual spots. Looks like I'll have to hope I get lucky at a con. Rio McCarthy wants Kotobukiya's One Coin Persona 4 Figures Ok, so I originally passed these up because I was all, 'Oh lord.. I love these One Coin figures, but I have so many and no idea where to put them if I ordered them!' Yeah, well, that's about to get passed up. I can't seem to hold myself back from pre-ordering these..! They're SO CUTE. Look. At. Kanji's. Angry. Face. You can't say no to that!! Please hands, please stay away from AmiAmi! We don't have time for this today! WAHUHoiajldi anUWAH.. ARGGGH....!!!! *falls on the floor* Natalie Kipper wants FuRyu's TsumiNeko (AKA Mew Mew Tower Toy) stacking cat plushes With so many things to choose from this month, I almost feel guilty having to single out one that must represent my DO WANT for this month. Sorting through all the Prize Fair photos gave me my answer: the TsumiNeko stacking cat plushes. Being an iDevice fangirl and lover of all things feline, how could I not love these goofy plushes? Just seeing them makes me smile. I prefer the fatter ones. The rounder, the better! There is just more to hug that way. If there is any possible way for me to get my hands on their precious plush paws, so help me, I will. Tianxiao Ma and Emily Smalara want Good Smile's Inori Tian: With all the toy expos having happened this month, there's no shortage of stuff to covet no matter your tastes. I happen to love expertly sculpted figures of sexy ladies, so my DO WANTs for this month come from Good Smile Company. First up is Inori from Guilty Crown. Her fluttering outfit is deliciously sexy and that color scheme really makes the figure stand out. It's one of those figures that should look good from every angle, so I can't wait to get my hands on it and start photographing.   My second DO WANT is the Kiss Shot Shinobu from the Bakemonogatari franchise. The best thing about that figure is the expression, full of confidence, menace, and maybe even a hint of evil. As with Inori, this figure has a ton of sex appeal, but it's more overt. Shinobu in this form is powerful and seductive, and is the version I wanted to see more of as I watched Bakemonogatari. GSC did a fantastic job with this figure as you can feel her personality and vampiric nature without the use of visual cliches like fangs. Emily: I'm going to have to second Tian. My Do Want this month is definitely Guilty Crown's Inori. From the moment the series aired last year, I loved everything about the character. Good Smile's down a great job of replicating her appeal in just about every way, from that fantastic pink hair to every little facet of that delicious outfit, and there are very few figures I'd like to add to my collection more at the moment! Michael Muller and Keith Polott want Hasbro's Fall of Cybertron toy line Keith: All of them (with the possible exception of Jazz) look absolutely fantastic, and with the game on the horizon looking better and better I cannot wait to add these to my collection. Top of the list are Shockwave and Bruticus, and I'll definitely grab Optimus too, but I have to admit to some confusion on the ol' Dudeicus- first pics showed him with a distinctly different deco, and early news said the deco he appeared in at Toy Fair was just for test shots, but with what seem to be press photos coming out with the new deco I can't figure out what the deal is. Not that it matters- I'll be buying him either way. Michael: I'll also pick Transformers: Fall of Cybertron's Bruticus. With every different iteration of the Transformers line, I've waited patiently for a new combiner that has the same level of quality as what Hasbro has put out lately. Bruticus' reveal was a great surprise and almost enough to make me forget about the disappointment that was Power Core Combiners. I do agree with Keith. Hasbro really needs to stick with one color or, at the very least, explain the various versions fans have seen. Chris Seto is shopping for garage kits from Wonder Festival ... in his mind, at least Oh right... erm. Lemme see. Make that a third for Guilty crown's Ino... *looks at pics* OH GOD, THAT FACE!!! How can they screw up the face so badly?? Especially when they did it so well on the figma!!! Fine, forget that. I guess my most obvious DO WANTs would be the garage kits I failed to acquire at wonder festival, which would be Erio, Sheryl and the Princess of the Crystal. Out of those, I think the Sheryl will hurt the most. Pretty sure that I'll get another chance at getting the princess at a later event since it's cerberus project who made her but I'm not so sure about Sheryl and Erio! You should see some of the prices the kit went for at auction!! And I didn't even mention the kits which went by me completely like Alba Ruri from Sacred Seven by the principality of Kagutsuchino or Jeanne from Bayonetta by Mr Surprise. IT'S F***** JEANNE!!! Jonathan Tubbs wants MegaHouse's Rorona With Wonder Festival, Toy Fair, Prize Fair, and the latest magazine scans, there was so much to choose from for this month's DO WANT. Luckily all these events didn't have much that had me throwing my money at the monitor. Probably the one that will have priority over my bank account is MegaHouse's Rorona from Atelier Rorona. With me being charmed by the characters of Atelier Totori and interested in getting Phat! Company's Totori, MegaHouse's follow up of Totori's teacher is a logical purchase. And since this IS MegaHouse, I'm loving what I'm seeing in terms of quality. The staff, the outfit, the hair, the boots, and even the paint on her knees are just some of the details in this figure that have won me over. Really looking forward to adding this to my collection when she's released. And so ends another monthly installment of DO WANT from the Tomopop staff. But what about you, Tomopop readers? What do you want from the past month? Hit the comments below and make your voices heard!

Well folks, it's that time of the month again: DO WANT is here! The editors have assembled and made their picks known. February itself is always a special month: Wonder Festival Winter, Toy Fair, other small expos and most im...


Playmates reveals new and greatest TMNT figures ever

Feb 02
// Chris Pranger
I got a pretty fun surprise no more than a day ago when I hopped on my Twitter and found someone mentioning that some new Ninja Turtles action figures were on the way. At first I assumed this either meant some new customs or ...

DO WANT: January 2012 edition

Jan 31 // Brian Szabelski
Brian Szabelski wants Kaitendoh's Tiger Mask I love myself some old-school anime, so of course, I ended up going with this amazing Tiger Mask as my pick for my DO WANT of January. It barely beat out Gaming Heads' Medic statue for my DO WANT this month, but man, this thing is MANLY. Puts more hair on my chest just looking at it. Kristina Pino wants Sideshow's Aayla Secura statue It's always pretty tough for me to decide on a DO WANT, but this time around I've just going to go big. So big, and so very blue ... my pick is going to be Sideshow's Twi'lek Jedi Aayla Secura. The one picture of her that Brian posted the other day is more than enough for me. I need this Jedi in my life! I'm also looking forward to the upcoming Star Wars x Bishoujo figure. Totally repping the Jedi knights. Rio McCarthy wants Square Enix's Play Arts Kai Joker I was trying hard to think about what I really wanted, but didn't get to pre-order, and then I remembered The Joker! It was just recently released, and even though I've had my fights with certain Play Arts Kai figures, it doesn't sway me from wanting this figure of the Joker badly. It came out at a bad so time that I couldn't get my pre-order in, but he still remains on my want list regardless. So here's to you, you sexy, gritty Joker you~ Andres Cerrato still wants Bandai's Master Grade Gundam Unicorn Banshee My want for the month is easily the Master Grade Gundam Unicorn Banshee. I love the black/gold color combination and since I've known of the Banshee's existence, I've been wanting this kit. It's only two months away from me now and I just have to have them both. My only regret on this kit is that it came so close after the HGUC releases and it's simply too close in between. I still can't believe I'm buying them all. Natalie Kipper wants Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3D WonderNyan plush Square-Enix must have access to my fantasies because the WonderNyan plush, from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, is the kind of toy I dream about. I gaze at the game trailers constantly, not only in anticipation for the release but also to get a glimpse of WonderNyan in action. I love Square-Enix's plushes in general, owning horde of chocobos, tonberries, and moogles. But, I dare say I need this WonderNyan plush. I may not sleep soundly until he is in my possession. Tianxiao Ma wants Sideshow's Alien Warrior statue (and the Max Factory Samus) I have two for this month: the Alien warrior revealed by Sideshow, and Max Factory's Zero Suit Samus. Hell I've never even played Metroid but Samus is just too hawt. I love the pose, the overall design, and that sweet mole on her face. As for the Alien warrior, well I'm just a big fan of Aliens. I got the Revoltechs but they just weren't doing it for me. I've always wanted a scale figure of one, but since that one's a Sideshow figure with Sideshow prices, it's probably going to stay in the wish list for now. Keith Polott wants Bandai's Robot Damashii Side AS Codarl i (Venom) Just put up for preorder, the Venom is one of a long line of Tamashii Web exclusive Robot Spirits figures. Rapidly approaching the number of regular Robot Spirits releases, these exclusives have been the bane of many a collector over the last couple years, leaving one as they do with the option to either put up the lucre it takes to secure a preorder through a middleman service or roll the dice on finding one later on a service like Mandarake- neither is particularly appetizing. The Venom, however, is tasty in the extreme. I'll cop to not being much of a fan of Full Metal Panic, but I have a weakness for shiny red mecha and villain mecha (two great tastes that taste great together!) and this hits all the right notes. The price is a constant sticking point, and the long wait from order time to the thing landing in your hands can be harsh, but the Venom may very well find itself on my shelves come June. Chris Seto still wants Bandai's Armour Girls Project Wing Gundam Girl My "DO WANT" for this month and every month until it sits in my hands is the Armour Girls Project Wing Gundam Girl!! I guess I'll also try and locate the Ichiban Kuji Sheryl Nome figures which I still lack ... Emily Smalara wants Media Factory's Yozora and Sena My want this month was a hard thing to pick! Koto's Rufina, Wave's Kirino, and even Banpresto's lovely K-On! figures all caught my eye in a big way. In the end though, I had to give it to Media Factory's duo from the amazing Haganai. My love for Buriki's artwork knows no bounds, and for such small figures Media Factory captured it perfectly in these little cuties. Both Sena and Yozora are two of my most loved characters in recent months, so I'm way too eager to get my hands on these! Jonathan Tubbs wants Max Factory's Luka Megurine Tony ver. After being teased with by Max Factory of their Tony's Heroine Works Megurine Luka from Vocaloid, I know for a fact that this is a major do want for me. I love Luka's outfit for the black and gold color scheme, the flashing of her stomach even clothed, and the open skirt to show off her thigh. I'm still iffy about the hair on her head but the rest of the flowing hair is amazing. Come on Wonder Festival! I want to see Luka from the front and drool rivers! And so ends another monthly installment of DO WANT from the Tomopop staff. But what about you, Tomopop readers? What do you want from the past month? Hit the comments below and make your voices heard!

Well folks, it's that time of the month again: DO WANT is here! The editors have assembled and made their picks known. This month is the kick off to a whole new year ... one full of new collectibles that we'll be going crazy ...


Gaming Heads calls for Team Fortress 2's Medic

Jan 28
// Brian Szabelski
Well, well: Gaming Heads has been quiet lately, but just recently, they posted a teaser showing off their next Team Fortress 2 statue, the Medic. The image in the gallery is the only info we have, but considering the history ...

Jin Saotome's custom Zero is a force to be reckoned with

Jan 03
// Chris Pranger
Just as promised, Jin is continuing his journey through the Mega Man universe with a new custom. You may have seen his Mega Man custom from about a week ago (which ended up selling at just over US$350 by the way), but the tim...

Jin Saotome's custom Mega Man is what the world needs now

Dec 25
// Chris Pranger
Merry Christmas to everyone, and what better way to spread the cheer on a joyous day such as this than with a brand new custom action figure from Jin Saotome, one of my favorite custom figure designers. He's brought us so man...

DO WANT: Tomostaff S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball suggestions

Dec 13 // Chris Pranger
Jonathon Tubbs wants Videl: Wow. It's been ages since I've watched the show. This is going to take me a while to think ab... Videl! Short hair version! NOW! The tough gal was an early anime crush of mine thus is why she must be made. I thought the Gohan x Videl thing was cute. NOW MAKE IT! While they're at it, let's get a Great Saiyawoman version of her, too! ...and if they are being made? ...well, splendid then! Natalie Kipper wants Rebjorn from Dragon Quest:   While I might not be the biggest Dragon Ball enthusiast, I definitely appreciate Toriyama-san's work in the Dragon Quest series, especially involving the series' monsters. I would love to see a S. H. Figuarts of the monster Rebjorn, hopefully based on his Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 appearance. He could come with a bonfire accessory and have the option to switch to his knocked-unconscious face. Rio McCarthy wants Yamcha, Zarbon, and Bulma (in this outfit): Oh gosh.. Chris.. You opened up a wormhole that can never be closed!! Since two of my favorite characters have already been put into the S. H. Figuarts series (Vegeta and Trunks) that takes out two choices, but there are a truckload I wish I could have still! I'll bend the rules a little, because well, what are you gonna do, beat me up? SEE YOU AT THE TOURNAMENT!! Anywho! My THREE figures I want, that I could narrow it down to, would be Dragon Ball era Yamcha, Bulma in a specific outfit, and Zarbon. Let me explain a little.. I'd love a Yamcha the Desert Bandit figure, complete with a little Puar to go with him. There's just something about that original design of Yamcha's that I loved most. The Bulma figure is tricky for me, because there's one outfit of hers that has always been my favorite. It's this random one where she has one leg that's shorts and one that's pants, and it's a bit of a motocross outfit. Yeah, if they gave her that outfit I'd actually buy a Bulma figure. Last, but not least, is Zarbon! Yes, random as hell baddies for the win! Of course it has to be the attractive Zarbon I had a crush on as a kid, not the creepy one after he's transformed. Unless.. they made the transformation his accessories!   Brian Szabelski wants Mr. Popo, the Ginyu Force, Nappa, and Kid Goku: Mr. Popo.   ... Okay fine. More than just that. Let's do the entire Ginyu Force, too, so I can recreate their pose. Oh, and good ol' God dammit Nappa, in either regular or ghost version.   A Kid Goku Nendo would be really nice, too, Good Smile Company and Bandai, hmm? *nudge* HMM? *harder nudge* HMMM?!?!?! *stiff elbow shot to ribs* Chris Seto wants General Tao and agrees about Jackie Chun and Mr. Satan:   It's been ages since I watched DBZ and I am pretty well served already with SSJ2 Gohan and a likely Perfect Cell incoming. SSJ2 Gohan vs Perfect Cell is probably my favourite fight within the entire series!But if we go a little further back, I do have a soft spot for (non cyborg) General Tao with his pose when he's riding on an oversized projectile and Jacky Cheung!!Oh and we NEED a Mr Satan!!! It must be done!!! Andres Cerrato wants everything, apparently: Okay, I'm going to kind of hate myself for giving Bandai this idea, but it's nothing really new. I want the Namek Saga set for Figuarts/Figuarts Zero. For starters, I'm tired of puny Dragon Balls that can fit in my hand. I like my Dragon Balls big, bulky and to require to the use of both arms to carry. That said, package a Dragon Ball with each figure so we buy them all. Here's how the lineup goes:SH Figuarts Bulma, Krillin and Gohan (original Namek attires, armor versions come later), Dodoria, Zarbon, Vegeta (must include optional right hand with middle finger and arm to hold Dragon Ball), and Final Form (not 100%) Frieza. Each comes with a Dragon Ball. Bulma comes with the Dragon Radar, Krillin gets the Destructo Disk effect part, Gohan comes packed with a Figuarts Zero Dende.  Figuarts Zero will get the Ginyu Force in their respective poses, Frieza first form with hoverchair, Great Elder Guru, and to top it off, Porunga, with the base having slots to place the Dragon Balls, in which they can light up. Tell me you wouldn't collect them all to do this. Mind you, this is just the Namek Saga... As far as what else I'd like to see, I'd like for Nappa to finally get an SH Figuarts. I know people will ask for Mr. Popo for the obvious reason, but how can you have Popo without Kami? I'd personally just be satisfied with a Figuarts Zero of those two. Roshi is one that has to be made, complete with magazines and that turtle. Other releases that could be done, Yamcha with Puar, Tien with Chaotzu, and Broly with all hair variations. I honestly have way too many ideas, especially if I take in Figuarts Zero. I would make Pranger go into being a bottom bitch with the full catalog I have in my mind. And that sounds like a conclusion if ever there was one! Side note for those curious: My Top 10 was shortened from a Top 15. The five characters that got the axe? Mr. Popo, Nappa (sans armor), Bulma in the exact outfit Rio described, Kid Buu, and Spike the Devil Man. Behinds the scenes mayhem to articles! So yes, I'm done, we're done, everyone's done on this end, but are you done? We got some great responses the first time, so let's hear some more! Don't stop until everything's been made into a Figuarts of some sort! See you in the Other World!

Last week I got in such a Dragon Ball related frenzy as a result of S.H. Figuarts bringing Trunks stateside and Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA holding a poll asking who we'd like seen converted into a badass action figure next ...


Which Dragon Ball character should get a new figure next?

Dec 01
// Chris Pranger
I'm really digging the recent batch of S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z figures such as (the sadly delayed) Super Saiyan Vegeta and now Trunks, but while I've been daydreaming what should come next, Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA is...

Henge returns with another work of beauty!

Dec 01
// Chris Seto
Who says figures can't be art? (or was that video games?) Some of our more seasoned readers may remember a sculpture maker by the name of HENGE. The company made a bit of a splash with their first release which was posted on...

DO WANT: November 2011 Edition

Nov 30 // Brian Szabelski
Brian Szabelski wants MegaHouse's Persona 4 figures I really, really hope this is the sign of things to come. First off, yes, I am buying both of these, even if I have to stay up late to do it. Second, MegaHouse, make a Kanji and Chie already, please. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE. Kristina Pino wants Sega's Magician Miku My DO WANT this month might surprise you! Well, if you know me, anyway. If you don't, I'll fill you in: I really don't like Miku. There. I said it. Well, that's a little harsh. I'm alright with her, I guess? I just prefer other Vocaloids (specifically the Kagamine twins), and I get tired of seeing Miku around everywhere. That being said, I really love the Project Diva style Magician Miku that we saw recently in some scans! I'll probably snatch it up despite her being 'another Miku' because she's just so darn cute. Her pose looks great and I like the design with her hair pulled back instead of the usual pigtails. That and, she just looks jazzy and classy in that outfit. Everything about her is just charming there! Here's hoping she's a regular release prize figure! Andres Cerrato still wants Bandai's MG Heavyarms ver. Ka To be honest, I'm kind of overloaded by want. This past weekend gave me quite a bit to look forward to, but I'm just holding off until next month. My real DO WANT is imaginary at the moment, so I'm just going to settle for the MG of Heavyarms coming out in January, not to mention SH Figuarts Vegeta in December and Trunks in April. I never thought that 2000-era Toonami would be affecting my purchases in 2012 so dramatically. Pedro Cortes wants Camille Young's Espera I've missed all of Camille's previous pieces that have been on Fangamer. No more. As soon as there is money in my meager bank account, I will be sure to order this little gem. A representation of Terra from Final Fantasy 6, it's sure to tickle any fan of the SNES classic, as well as anybody who likes extremely limited works of art. Natalie Kipper wants Cube's Charlotte Hug plush Before you start saying "but what about poor, poor Mami?" allow me to pose a different question: what about my poor neck? All naked, being ravaged the harsh and biting winds of Southern California. Okay, that didn't completely pan out but I will be adorned in this plushie turned scarf come rain, sleet, snow, sun, and witches. So, if you see a short-haired girl walking around Los Angeles wearing this plush- err, scarf- odds are, it's gonna be yours truly. Rio McCarthy wants Nendoroid Yukimura Sanada and Masamune Date On a normal occasion I would be fighting Pranger over the release of the Trunks figure, (because he's MINE, darn it!) but this month I have to go more the way of the samurai. The Sengoku Basara Yukimura Sanada Nendoroid went up for pre-order and I snatched him immediately, but I was also so giddy beyond belief that they also re-released the Masamune Date Nendoroid as well! Even if I already have them on pre-order these two are my definite DO WANTs because I can't wait to recreate some of that manliness in my own home~ OH BOOYYYYYYS~ Come to mama~! Chris Pranger wants Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Trunks Hur hur, a DO WANT? The same month that S.H. Figuarts Trunks is announced for a U.S. release with both regular purple hair and Super Saiyan hair? I don't think it'd be too ridiculous to say that I'm a bit excited right now, nope, not one bit. I want that, and I do want that now. It'll go good with that S.H. Figuarts Vegeta that you're all supposed to be buying me. Why did no one buy me the S.H. Figuarts Vegeta for my birthday?! It was like two days ago! You can fix that with Trunks! You have until May afterall, so don't fail me again! Chris Seto wants a release date for Bandai's Gundam Girls All I want for Christmas is yo... I mean, all I want for Christmas is a damn release date for the Gundam Girl figures Bandai like to tease us with so much!!These girls have been teased since FEBRUARY!!! They were shown alongside the Nagato mecha suit but while Nagato is perched on top of my desktop as we speak, we haven't heard anything about the others and, while the Wing ver Ka girl has had some very minor adjustments done to her, the Dendrobium Stamen girl is the same as she was 9 months ago!! Just give her to us Bandai. See this wad of cash I'm smacking your face with? It's yours if you just commit to a release date!! Chang Su wants Alter's Selvaria Bles swimsuit ver. figure Swimsuit figures aren't usually my cup of tea, because let's face it -- after the first few dozen eyefuls of plastic women clad in a two-piece, they all start to blur together. Not so with Alter's Selvaria, because there's no way you can mistake those unique proportions with any other swimsuit figure. As a big fan of Valkyria Chronicles, I don't recall ever seeing her relaxing in the rubble wearing a bikini. Not that I mind, of course -- seeing so much skin on her reminds me of many less-than-worksafe works the character designer RAITA created, and that is a very, very good thing in my book. (Chris Seto adds: They made a design for a scene in the game but the scene got cut for the final release. So the design is there, but many people would not have seen it. And at least the base has some sand on it, so the bikini isn't entirely inappropriate!) Jonathan Tubbs wants Volks' Super Dollfie SD16 Girl Ami Ayase Tokyo 11 AW Version There's so much DO WANT this month but then I remembered something that is not only a DO WANT. It's something of a dream. That is Volks' Super Dollfie SD16 Girl Ami Ayase Tokyo 11 AW Version coming out for Dolpa 26 in December. It has easily become my dream doll as my best friend put it. And she's right! This doll has a very beautiful, mature face. Her gentle eyes and soft smile along with some excellent clothing make me wish I could afford her US$1,400 price tag. And so ends another monthly installment of DO WANT from the Tomopop staff. But what about you, Tomopop readers? What do you want from the past month? Hit the comments below and make your voices heard!

Well folks, it's that time of the month again: DO WANT is here! The editors have assembled and made their picks known. This month is when we give thanks that we made it through the month, mostly because of all the events goin...


Sideshow's newest statue features Cobra's Baroness

Nov 28
// Brian Szabelski
Oh my. As a guy who grew up in the wonderful world of G.I. Joe, I have a certain weakness for statues featuring my favorite characters. Baroness (along with Destro and Cobra Commander) is one of my favorites, and Sideshow's n...

Jin Saotome's custom-built Pyre figure is worth your time and money

Nov 03
// Chris Pranger
Yes, I am a fan of Jin Saotome. I am extremely biased on this, as not only does he make absolutely Top Shelf toys, he sometimes shares them with me. More of you should be following his example! And I don't just mean by giving...

DO WANT: October 2011 Edition

Oct 31 // Brian Szabelski
Brian Szabelski wants ThreeA's new Heavy Brambles Oh my. I think the ThreeA collecting bug as caught up with me. I just bought my first ThreeA piece earlier this month and now, these Brambles are looking mighty good for my collection. I'm going to be broke and surrounded by robot figures, aren't I? Kristina Pino wants Kotobukiya's Katsura Hinagaku My DO WANT this time around is definitely going to be the upcoming Katsura Hinagiku. It's a beautiful figure and a fantastic opportunity for those who missed the original. I eventually also want to have the original version, but I'd be more than happy with this one (same goes for Kotobukiya's original Kirino versus the Wonder Festival limited version — I'd be happy with the limited version). It's close enough that one or the other would suffice in most collections, but still so, so very cute. Andres Cerrato wants Bandai's MG Heavyarms ver. Ka I've got too many DO WANTS for this month. For starters, the kit I've wanted for far too long is finally coming out in January. MG Gundam Heavyarms ver. Ka, you will be mine finally after all these years. I'm not a Fate fan in any sense, but that new Saber on her motorcycle needs to be on my shelf. I can't wait to see the painted prototype and that eventually in my collection. Natalie Kipper wants Squishables' Beartato plush Being a big fan of webcomics and plushes, it seems only natural that I would feel my heartstrings tugged at the sight of a beloved character being reimagined as stuffed toy. I mean, come on, how can you resist that grin, huh? And those little limbs! Beartato is going to look perfect next to my Squishable Yelling Bird plush (I told you I was a webcomic fangirl). Philip Lee wants Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Liara I've probably put more than a hundred or so hours into playing the Mass Effect series so far, so for me it's rather disappointing that such a popular game had a lacking toyline (Wave 1 was released, Wave 2 was cancelled) or figures accompanying it. While Liara's release is still a ways away, her appearance in the Bishoujo line gives me hope that other ME femmes will show up too. Can't wait!   Tianxiao Ma wants Alter's Gertrud Barkhorn I'm a fan of Strike Witches, girls with no pants, and guns, so it's obvious why this figure appeals to me. Also the machine guns look very phallic, and that makes me giggle. Rio McCarthy wants the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part IV: Otoishi Akira and Red Hot Chili Pepper figure A sexy manly-man with purple hair and tights. Yup. That's.. all I need to know that this needs to go in my collection. Now.  Chris Pranger wants Speedlee's custom Leonardo action figure My DO WANT for this month is yet another thing that I simply cannot have as it is Speedlee's custom Leonardo action figure, a piece commissioned by someone else for someone other than myself (unless they're planning head for my birthday). I've discovered that I love custom action figures more than the law allows in some states, but I can't really get a hold of them that easily as I'm not intimately connected with many custom figures artists (with one notable exception), nor do I possess the ability to customize anything beond adding little adorable sweaters to existing figures.  Chang Su and Jonathan Tubbs want Good Smile Company's Fate/Zero Saber (the one on the motorcycle) Chang: It's a good thing I have a job these days, because I would do dirty, criminal things to get my mitts on this figure otherwise. Even as an unpainted prototype, there is a palpable sense of speed in Saber's flowing locks and jacket. I can't wait to see what sort paint and display base Good Smile Company has in store for her. Also, what a sweet ass. Jonathan: Yeah, what Chang said. I mean, it's not like I didn't make it clear enough in my post how much I wanted sexy suited Saber. And so ends another monthly installment of DO WANT from the Tomopop staff. But what about you, Tomopop readers? What do you want from the past month? Hit the comments below and make your voices heard!

Well folks, it's that time of the month again: DO WANT is here! The editors have assembled and made their picks known. This month is when the ghosts come out to play and we get to eat massive amounts of candy, so grab a handf...


Speedlee's custom Leonardo has me seriously considering a commission piece

Oct 26
// Chris Pranger
Hey, didn't I just talk about a custom TMNT action figure? Specifically the Shredder? Why yes I did, but I didn't feel like sitting on my hands and waiting for another custom Turtles tip to just fall in my lap. No sir, I got ...

Pack Rat Studios' custom Shredder has me craving turtle soup

Oct 24
// Chris Pranger
So then, I'm a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fanboy, and as such, I go absolutely crazy whenever any custom piece pops up. However, I feel like it's been a while since I was able to go all cowabunga crazy over something T...

Darth Maul seeks his vegeance in this Sideshow Exclusive statue

Oct 23
// Chris Pranger
I, much like Rio, love Darth Maul. She mentioned it just last week. I mentioned it a few months ago (and still haven't recovered from the amount of money talked about there). I have reason to mention it again with an extremel...

The Grinch in plush form is just begging for a hug

Oct 21
// Chris Pranger
Years ago, when I was but a wee lad, I loved not one single person, not even my dad. My parents were pushed to the end of their wits, and my heart, I'm sorry to say, was quite on the fritz. But then on it came, on the TV one ...

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