MegaHobby Expo Koto

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Autumn: Kotobukiya

My, that's a mighty nice chainsaw you have there ...
Dec 03
Kotobukiya's MegaHobby Expo 2014 Autumn offerings weren't too big on the new announcement side of things, but fans of Black Butler ~Book of Circus~ should be pleased. Not only were Sebastien and Ciel there, but so w... read
NYCC 2014: Kotobukiya

NYCC 2014: Kotobukiya

The perfect accompaniment to Kotobukiya's panel
Oct 11
After reading all about Kotobukiya's future products in Tian's overview of their panel at this year's New York Comic-Con, I am sure you are chomping at the bit to feast your optical nerves on the company's booth from the... read
Now with even more outfits?
[ UPDATE: Additional close-ups added to the gallery ] Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche display at Summer WonFes included more outfits for the girls (come to think of it, we haven't had one male Cu-Poche yet...) and a placard showing tha... read feature


Cu-Poche Extra gym body up for pre-order

Would have made an exercise pun because it's a gym outfit but that could only have unintended, dirty connotations
Jun 20
Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche Extra Short Sleeved Gym Uniform Body is now available for pre-order. Like the Swim Suit Body, this release only comes with the body itself (ie, no head) and is cheaper than a normal Cu-Poche. While I pre... read
Bring down the hammer
After Kotobukiya added Rikka Takanashi to their Cu-Poche line, it was surely only a matter of time before her erstwhile sidekick Sanae Dekomori showed up in the range. Sure enough, the deranged schoolgirl is now available for... read feature

The AmiAmi Blog has released a preview for Kotobukiya's upcoming Cu-poche Extra School Swim Wear Body. Don't expect to see these photos in Sports-Figure Illustrated, however, because swimsuits seen here are based on the tradi... read feature


A smathering of upcoming Cu-Poche and Cu-Poche accessories on display

Exactly how many (or much) is a smathering anyway?
May 05
Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche line seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. Not the kinds of leaps and bounds that catapult over objects like skyscrapers, mind you, but instead more sensible jumps. In short, there's a good amount of ... read
Let's add flush-cut nippers to the list of weird things turned into girls
Yay for random and unexpected figures of questionable origin! GodHand Tools, makers of a popular line of flush-cut nippers used for model building, is showing off photos of a Cu-Poche of their mascot character Nipa-ko. The fi... read feature


Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: Cu-Poche Rikka Takanashi

Vanishment this World!
Apr 09
Another season of Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions has come to an end, but the characters still continue to be a hot commodity. Too bad companies are being painfully slow in catching on to this otaku cash cow. Well at lea... read
Cu-poche Akemi Homura

Cu-poche Akemi Homura packs a lot of firepower

Exactly how many guns and explosives does a girl need?
Apr 01
Way back in last October, Kotobukiya teased a Cu-Poche version of Puella Magi Madoka Magica's Akemi Homura. Providing a only silhouette, fans were left guessing what the magical girl would look like and come packaged with. We... read
No Touma to pick on, unfortunately
It's been a while since we heard about Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche Mikoto Misaka, but Akiba Hobby has a grand gallery up for your viewing. The articulation of the Cu-Poche design should lead to dynamic poses, which will make up som... read feature

Take a moment to enjoy other people playing with toys
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! This week we're doing something entirely different from the normal LinkUP. Last week we took no prisoners when reporting on Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter] which doesn't leave much for ... read feature

An adorable gallery of old and new
Ah yes, the Cu-poche; what some might call Kotobukiya's answer to Good Smile Company's popular Nendoroid line. Whatever your take on the chibi-fied figures, Wonder Festival's Cu-poche display is sure to draw more than a few e... read feature

A good week for the creative types
Hello and welcome to the latest installment of Tomopop LinkUP! I hope people enjoyed the special Transformers edition of LinkUP I did last week, but now we're back to our regular routine. There's been a lot of stuff happening... read feature

Cu-Poche Mikoto

Cu-Poche Mikoto Misaka bolts to pre-orders

Surely Kuroko can't be far behind?
Jan 16
I wasn't initially a huge fan of Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche line, but they've done a great job of winning me over and I'm totally on board now. Their latest release is a looking great too as the company takes on the ever popular l... read
Kotobukiya Cu-Poche

Ever wonder how Cu-Poche figure are made?

Two parts of a multi-part blog series are up
Dec 08
Good Smile Company's Mikatan gave us some insight about how Nendoroids (and PVC figures in general) are manufactured. Kotobukiya's Japanese blog is now running a similar series showing off the journey of a Cu-Poche figure fro... read
Sing (or dig) along with Yukiho!
Yesterday, Kotobukiya announced the next figure coming to their lovable Cu-Poche figure line, Idol M@ster's Yukiho Hagiwara. The aspiring pop singer will be shrunk down to chibi proportions, standing at a mere 4 and a half in... read feature

Maybe not 'rage', but wow, there's a lot of Nendoroid stuff this week
Hello and welcome back to another week of Tomopop LinkUP! It's been pretty crazy this past week, what with everyone trying to extend Black Friday and Cyber Monday into more than just a single day. If you looked around there w... read feature

Preview Kuroneko

Preview Kotobukiya's Kuroneko Cu-Poche

She makes a good Cu-Poche
Nov 30
Back in October pre-orders became available for Cu-Poche Kuroneko. Many of us were pleased with the stock factory images of her, but AmiAmi's English blog did a review of their own with some pretty nice photos to compliment t... read
Cu-Poche Homura teaser

Cu-poche Akemi Homura is teased

The time-traveling magical girl will join Kotobukiya's mini figure line
Oct 28
The Madoka Magica train is picking up steam once again. We recently posted the upcoming figma and Nendoroid of the series' newest magical girl, Momoe Nagisa, and now Kotobukiya has decided to join the party with a teaser... read
Cu-Poche Kuroneko

Surprise! Cu-Poche Kuroneko up for pre-order

Kirino was lonely!
Oct 22
The adorable Cu-Poche Kirino Kousaka will be seeing her partner in crime soon! Per-orders have just surfaced for Kuroneko, and she's slated for release in April of next year. It looks like this figure flew completely under ou... read
Cu-Poche Mikoto

Cu-Poche Mikoto is a level 5 (in cuteness)

Still only the third-ranked level 5, though
Aug 23
A Certain Scientific Railgun S is a heck of a show, and it's about time we saw more Mikoto figures. This month's magazine scans have a Cu-Poche version on display, set for 2014. You can see a pretty good range of accessories:... read
Cu-Poche Tsukiko

Cu-Poche Tsukiko tries to spook us in her preview

But she just looks adorable, instead, doesn't she?
Aug 20
Akiba Hobby's preview of the Cu-Poche Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko has arrived, giving us a little chance to look up close at her accessories and faces. I think the most interesting one is her oni mask, which does feature a lit... read
Madoka Magica's blue-haired fighter is looking awfully cute!
A blog post from Kotobukiya previewed the latest in their Cu-Poche line of figures: Sayaka Miki of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Her accessories, which include three facial expressions and her four swords, look sparse compared t... read feature

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Kotobukiya Part 3

Everything else!
Jul 29
There's still more! Kotobukiya's booth was also loaded with stuff that had been previously announced but hadn't been seen 'in the wild' before, so it's our first chance to look over some upcoming releases. For me the highligh... read
WonFes: Koto's Cu-Poche

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche

Another chance to look at Sayaka Miki, Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko
Jul 27
So far, outside of the previously teased Misaka Mikoto, there's no big surprises with Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche line at Wonder Festival 2013 Summer. However, their booth does have another chance to check out two releases near the... read
Editor wonders if DMG story will ever run that doesn't include "magic", "magical", or "cast" in its headline
Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche Dark Magician Girl (DMG) may be shipping at this very moment (if it hasn't already arrived), but the company has released another quick preview gallery to tide over anybody still eagerly watching their m... read feature

Cu-Poche Saber

The adventures of Cu-Poche Saber

Oh, the places she will go
Jun 25
Kotobukiya has apparently taken their Cu-Poche Saber on quite a few adventures, if their blog is of any indication. See Saber in a suitcase, Saber on a train, Saber holding a fork, and more in their blog entry. Where's the cr... read
Cu-Poche Saber

Preview Kotobukiya's Cu-poche Saber

Saber is ready for action!
Jun 12
Kotobukiya recently updated their official blog and gave us a new preview of their about to released Cu-poche Saber. They have photos of Saber posed with her invisible sword, wind barrier special effect pieces, and of co... read
Cu-Poche Mami

Cu-Poche Mami is up for pre-order

Might not want to get too headstrong
Jun 12
Madoka Magica's Mami Tomoe has made for some great figures thanks to her charming character design (and guns). Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche version continues that grand tradition, and is now available for pre-order. Compared to the ... read

Megahobby Expo 2013 Spring: Kotobukiya

All bow before the mighty power of Marik Ishtar!
May 25
At the spring Megahobby Expo, Kotobukiya unveiled some very nice new figures. For me, the biggest news was seeing a new addition to their Yu-Gi-Oh! ArtFx line. Yes, among the previously released Yu-Gi-Oh! figures, there was ... read
She's magically high resolution
Danny Choo's Culture Japan has released a preview gallery for Kotobukiya's Cupoche Dark Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh!) and, if you thought she was cute before, prepare to be overcutewhelmed (and if you didn't, maybe this will chan... read feature

Cu-poche Mami revealed!

Have a magazine scan of Cu-poche Mami from Madoka Magika

Mini Charlotte is, of course, included
May 23
Mami Tomoe, the well-mannered and gentle magical girl from the hit series Puella Magi Madoka Magika, has been spotted in recent magazine scans taking the form of a Cu-poche figure. She is the second character in the series to... read

C2E2 2013: Kotobukiya

Bringing with them their haul of DC, Marvel, and more.
Apr 30
Kotobukiya was in full force at C2E2, and while they didn't have anything exclusive for the event, they still brought along their big releases for the upcoming months. In full display were ArtFX's DC New 52 line that include... read

Get an early look at Cu-Poche Madoka!

There are quite a lot of pictures in here
Apr 22
Puella Magi Madoka Magica's Kaname Madoka Cu-Poche is be set to release later this month but Danny Choo of Culture Japan got a hold of an early copy. Lucky for us, he is sharing the wealth by posting up some really fantastic ... read
She can sing to me all day long
The first release in Kotobukiya's new Cu-poche line of super-deformed figures is finally almost here! Haruka Amami from The Idolm@ster is looking as cute as ever, and Danny Choo has a nice gallery up of the figure.  He t... read feature

The Yu-Gi-Oh! mainstay joins the Cu-Poche line
I always thought the card designs in Yu-Gi-Oh! to be something more of a monstrous nature, what with your Kuriboh and your Blue-Eyes White Dragon.  Along comes Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche Black Magician Girl, however, and I'm ... read feature

Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche line

Say hello to Hoshii Miki and Tomoe Mami
Feb 12
We posted about Kotobukiya's scaled figures last night, but it wouldn't be complete coverage without mentioning their Cu-Poche figures! First, we must dive into the two new Cu-Poche on display: Idolm@ster's Hoshii Miki, who c... read

It's time to duel, with the Cu-poche Dark Magician Girl

Kotobukiya - Non-Scale
Feb 07
With the series as popular as ever, it's no surprise Kotobukiya's added Yu-gi-oh's famous mascot-of-sorts Dark Magician Girl to its adorable Cu-poche line. It's great to see, and I wish Cu-poche got a bit more exposure and no... read

Cu-Poche Saber wants to join your collection

Won't you take her hand?
Dec 07
Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche Saber is now available for pre-order. This hotly heroine of Fate/stay night will be among the first characters to grace Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche line. As previously mentioned, Saber comes with two versions ... read

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