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SDCC CrapZombies photo
Second exclusives announced for event
DKE Toys have just announced their next SDCC exclusive, a glow-in-the-dark version of Van Beater's CrapZombies. A returning design from last year's event, this year's set again features Crappy Cat and Flunk Monkey in a more u...


CrappyCat's Meme 6-pack Sack coming Sept. 24

Features six meme face-inspired designs on FlunkMonkeys
Sep 18
// Brian Szabelski
The latest release from the depths of the CrappyCat labs is almost here ... problem? Well, I hope not, because it's a set of six meme face-inspired FlunkMonkeys! The six designs — Solo (a.k.a. Forever Alone), Fuuug...

SDCC 2012: Kuso Vinyl

Jul 15
// Brian Szabelski
Kuso Vinyl returned to Comic Con once again in 2012, We got a good peek at the Kuso Vinyl exclusives for the event, which includes the staff favorite Driver Red from Kuso and VanBeater. Rotobox's Revolver Girl 6ix, in her spe...

Days like this make it very appealing to move to San Diego. A day stuck inside due to rain, it's 90 plus out. San Diego is dry, about 78 degrees and has San Diego Comic-Con every year. As it is every year, exclusives come out...


As SDCC creeps ever closer (four weeks away!), the exclusives train keeps on rolling through Tomopop Station. The newest one is from DKE Toys, just having announced that a special CrapZombies two-figure set will be available ...

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