Hot Toys IM3 Cosbabies photo
Hot Toys IM3 Cosbabies

Tony Stark is extra cute as a Cosbaby

Hot Toys Cosbabies are d'awww
Oct 24
// Kristina Pino
Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, the Iron Patriot, and more from Iron Man 3 have been shrunk down to adorable Cosbaby form by Hot Toys. Actually, these flew under our radar, as the above are a series 2 release for the film. The full...

New Monsters U vinyl and Cosbaby sets from Hot Toys

Absolutely adorable~
Jun 06
// Kristina Pino
Hot Toys hit us with some rad press releases yesterday - Monsters University Cosbaby figures, and a separate vinyl set of Sulley and Mike are coming soon!  There'll be a Cosbaby for Mike and Sulley of course, and some of...

Hot Toys' Toy Story Cosbaby Series 2 up for pre-order

Jan 20
// Rio McCarthy
To celebrate the launch of the Toy Story Playland at the Walt Disney Studios Park and Toy Story Land at Hong Kong Disneyland, Hot Toys is releasing their second series of Toy Story Cosbabies. They are part of the smaller seri...

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