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GSC previews a ship-load of Comiket 85 goods

Comic Market 85 is only a week away and Good Smile Company along with Ultra Super Pictures is showing off their wares for the show. GSC isn't skimping on the goods at the winter Comiket; they'll have things in all shapes and sizes up for sa...


Comiket 83: Gift plushes

Over at Comiket 83, Gift had quite a few of their poseable plushes to showcase. Some of them (Golden Darkness from To Love-ru, To Aru's Shirai Kuroko and Misaka Mikoto, and several of the Vocaloids) weren't so new and are, in fact...


Comiket 83: Max Factory

Comiket 83 is underway and and Max Factory didn't come empty handed. As promised they brought along Sword Art Online's Asuna to give the public it's best look at the new figma. The sculpt still looks great to me, but the hand painting ...


Comiket 83: Prism Nana Nendoroid prototypes

Magical Suite Prism Nana is a relatively new anime but that hasn't stopped Good Smile Company from choosing the show's three heroines to be Nendoroids. Prototypes of the firey Itaru, earth-embued Asuka, and water-wielder Kotone have be...


Comiket 82: Good Smile Company's Nendoroids

Good Smile Company just showed off some new figures and Nendoroids at Comiket 82. We'll be taking a look at the Nendoroids first: The first that caught my eye and in the future my wallet is Akari from YuruYuri. Her character design is alrea...


Gift has Good Smile and others' figures at Comiket 81

We've already seen what Nendoroid and figma figures are coming from Good Smile Company, Max Factory, Phat! Company, and Gift (phew! that was a mouthful!) at Comiket 81 but we can't forget the PVC figures that are also coming. We've already ...


Here's more on Samus' figures at Comiket 81

2012 is going to be an exciting year for us. We let the cat out of the bag with the pair of new Metroid releases, Max Factory bringing us a figma of Samus Aran in the Other M armor while Good Smile is putting their sculptors to work with a ...


Max Factory's figma line pose at Comiket 81

As we saw earlier today, Max Factory displayed a few of their upcoming figure releases at Comiket 81 but we knew that some of these were coming. With Fate/Zero running and Saber getting a figma release from this title, you would think now w...


Sega Prize has figures but not prizes at Comiket 81

You think Comiket is just limited to the big companies? Oh no. Sega Prize, who covers a wide array of titles for their bargain figures, was at the event showing their upcoming wares and it looks like they have a little something for everyon...


Nendoroid figures fill Tokyo Big Sight for Comiket 81

With Max Factory just giving us a glimpse of their goods, other sites are starting to pour in with their own photos of Comiket 81. One thing is certain about this event. Just as there is a lot of doujinshi, there is a lot of Nendoroid figur...


When figure fans come to Comiket, it equals awesome cosplay!

Alright, so cosplay isn't usually on the spotlight here at Tomopop, but sometimes we see stuff that we have to share, such as this great Miku cosplayer who based her costume on the VN02 Mix version figure! I think the costume came out reall...


Comiket 79: Plush Roundup

Are you braving the crowds of Comiket? The frenzy, the madness, the crush of humanity? Yeah, me neither.Looking at all these plush I'm still just a little jealous of those in attendance. Gift has tons of stuff on display (though not much is...


Comiket 79: Nendoroid Roundup

Comiket: a time for hundreds of thousands of smelly and sweaty people to crowd into one building and buy anime and manga merchandise and tons of doujinshi. It's also a time for us as figure collectors to find out a bit more about new produc...


Comiket 79: PVC Roundup

Well. I hate to sound all grumpy, but I'm glad I didn't happen to be in Japan and go "Hey! Let's go to Comiket 79!" Because if I had done that, I would have seen a whole lot of stuff that I've already seen at earlier festivals and...


Comiket 79: Max Factory shows off the new Figma

December 29 kicked off the first day of Comiket 79 in Japan, and as one would expect, all our favorite figure companies were there with their newest offerings. Max Factory showed off a nice selection of new Figma, and while nothin...


Gift announces their Winter Comiket offerings

Winter Comiket 79 is right around the corner (this December 29-31), and Gift will be there, exhibiting along with dozens of our other favorite manufacturers. They've just released a list of what will be on sale at their booth...


Resinya!'s Comiket 78 exclusive Homerarete Nobiru-chan

Oh dear. That is moe. Not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you -- I have a thing for girls with just the right shade of pink hair -- but you can't deny she's rocking the look. And how about that leaf-thing she's sporting...This ...


Momoe Parachu gets a new colorway for Comiket 79

I adored the original Momoe Parachu figure when I first saw her back in April of this year, so it was no surrpise that I squealed like a little girl this morning when I laid eyes on this alternate version. ave;new is res...


Comiket 78: New Togainu no Chi figures and more

Comiket 78 was held in Tokyo at Tokyo Big Sight on August 13th, and there were some new toys to see at the celebration, as well as tons of cosplayers and other goodies. We really enjoyed the showing from Comiket 77, so we were waiting to se...


Let's get a better look at the newest figure in the POP line

I'll never forget the first time I laid eyes on the work of the Japanese artist known as POP. I'm not much for most moe, but as soon as I saw the POP Wonderland Alice statue I knew I had to have it (and she has remained one of my favorite p...


Comiket report: New Fate/Stay Night, Nanoha and more Figma

Good Smile/Max Factory showed off quite a few figures wes we already knew about at this year's Comiket, but there were a few we hadn't seen before, and all of them were pretty exciting debuts. For instance, we have not one but two new chara...


Comiket 76: Tons of new Touhou project goodies on the way

The Marisa Nendoroid we showed you earlier today wasn't the only Touhou-related item showcased at Comiket 76. It seems the project's franchises and characters have been snowballing in popularity as of late, with more figures and merch appea...


Comiket 76: Nendoroid and Good Smile Company roundup

Our good neighbors at Akiba Hobby have returned from Comiket 76 with a truckload of photo coverage, and it appears Good Smile Company was in full force this year. Among the new offerings they had on display was the above final colored versi...


Good Smile announces Nendoroid Reimu for Comiket 76

Nendoroid.jp recently changed the header picture on their website to a huge version of the picture you see above, and unless you have no idea what Touhou Project even is, you're not reading this because you're running around the room scream...


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