Ice to meet you: Introducing the new batch of editors

Mar 13 // Scarecroodle
Oansun I’m Oansun. Kentucky based, and University of Kentucky educated (you could say). Specifically in English, with unintentional minors in theatre and history. Boy, do I enjoy a smattering of different entertainment endeavors: music, movies, wrestling, anime/manga, writing, comics, theatre. Though of them all, toy collecting is probably the oldest interest. I’m one of those people that started becoming a collector, essentially, from childhood. Just looking at the back of my first Masters of the Universe packages, I can remember a strong desire to get everything pictured. Chores were the easiest way to score a new King Randor, or even something as goofy as Food Fighters (I have all of these weirdos, and vehicles). I would mow lawns to make enough money to get ToyBiz Marvel figures or Lego sets (along with CDs of a bygone era) and stare at the aisles, for what seemed like hours, making decisions. Lines have changed over the years (Figuarts, Monsterarts, WWE, Diamond Select, Minimates, Matty Collector lines), but what remains is that simple desire to collect what was on the back of a package. I’ve been on a podcast (Planned Banter) for just under five years, discussing everything from collector interests to favorite Bond films to vacation stories. I also continue to write goofy parody songs (and lots of transitional music) for this show, just trying to make people laugh (or gag on their lunch…no particular order). I also have a dog, his name is Zorak. He’s in my icon with a shark hat, so you know he’s fun (that Old Kentucky Shark). I am extremely excited about my opportunity to write, share and discuss as much as I can here at Tomopop; so let’s all be pals. Rachel Chambers I'm a twenty something artist and minimalist living in the Pacific Northwest. Despite my minimalistic tendencies, I have a rotating toy collection that includes old standbys and fun new favorites. The collecting bug bit me when I was given a Unicornasaurus as a Christmas gift and I haven't looked back since. Since that fateful day, I have displayed everything from Pullip Dolls and Nendoroids to vintage Polly Pockets and handmade plushies. I tend to lean towards gaming collectibles and will never give up my Dragon Quest VIII figure set. You can check out what I'm up to on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr where I share pictures of toys, cats, and photos of my adventures. I'm always up for a chat about Playstation RPGs or epic thrift store finds, so hit me up if you're in my corner of the internet. Happy collecting! Soul Tsukino I'm a published author and writer based out of central Maine. When not writing about toys I'm working on another fiction book (You can see my work HERE) or my weekly article, Damn Write!, at RT Gomer Productions. Outside of writing, I love pop culture nostalgia, anime, conventions, pro and sumo wrestling, and create wrestler features in pro wrestling video games. Being a child of the 1980s, my collecting and toy interests grew out of the shows I watched as a kid. I first was a huge Masters of the Universe fan, having a large collection of those figures. As MOTU was waning, I shifted my attention to G.I. Joe: Real American Hero figures and never looked back. Not content for Joes to sit on a shelf collecting dust, I usually buy figures for construction of customized FrankenJoes. Lynette Cantos My name is Lynnette and I'm a writer, editor and all-around geek. I'm a passionate collector, despite a humble yet growing and valuable collections of anime figures and Disney Vinylmations—my strongest hobby points. I think bootlegs are hideous and will gladly fork over money for authentic and limited-edition toys with pride; However, sales are always encouraged on my behalf (hey, two figures are better for the price of one).I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and now I currently reside in South Florida with my husband and cat. In my spare time, I enjoy drinking coffee or tea—depends on my mood—while working on new projects, binge-watching TV shows and planning my next trips to either Japan or Disney World. Well, those are our four new editors and, as you can see, none of them are squirrels in a trenchcoat (in fact, they're not even chipmunks in a trenchcoat!). You'll notice that the new editors are a varied bunch, whether it be their interests or their tendency to describe themselves (the first bio drafts were very short for some people while others had a full page; however, they were alike in the fact that they ALL forgot to include some ice puns. Geez!).  Since joining the team (back around January?), they've collectively written around a hundred stories so you may have noticed the names. However, now you can attach some details to the names and pictures.  Finally, and most importantly, did you spot Loo Kee in this episode?
Tomopop original photo
Don't give them the cold shoulder
If you're anything like me, you may have suddenly noticed an influx of Tomopop editors. It's like, who are these people? Where did they come from? Who do they work for? (Oh, right, us.) Having learned our lesson from previous...


Collection Intervention: Because you (may) have a problem

The entire nation is here to watch because it cares about you and wants you to stop hurting yourself and everybody around you.
Sep 05
// Scarecroodle
Do you own your collection or does your collect own you? Are you a hobbyist or a hoarder? Are you filling your shelves or your void? Are you a collector or... well, you get the idea. Collection Intervention is Syfy's latest a...

Mattel reveals Ghostbusters set of four

Oct 30
// Crystal White
"Who ya gonna call?" Mattel is unveiling all four 12" Ghostbusters figures, with all your favorites--Ray, Egon, Peter, and Winston. This is the first time that all four figures will be available&...


A preview of some upcoming Disney Vinylmations

Oct 01
// Kristina Pino
Recently, there was a Vinylmation showcase, during which a Vinylmation Conversation was held to discuss new series for the next year and reveal some previews. The details of the Conversation can be seen on this blog, but I'm ...

Japanese toy collector puts it all on display

Jun 21
// Nabeel "Touya" Mohammed
Most of us who read Tomopop would consider ourselves collectors. Here is a man who redefines that concept. Kazunori Saito, a director of an advertising company in Japan, started his adult collection of toys 25 years ago. To d...

GI Joe Resolute 7-Packs up for Pre-order

Jun 10
// Nabeel "Touya" Mohammed
Now why couldn't I ever find stuff like this when I was a kid? It was always the nonsense about having to "collect them all" or "figures sold separately." "Man, frick that noise", I would say, pr...

No, you don't understand: This guy REALLY likes Saber

Jan 19
// Colette Bennett
No, really ... Saber is like, his main squeeze. Go here to see all these toys in greater detail. I'm not really into Saber, but I can tell you I'd kill a man to get my hands on that Saber Dollfie, because, well, it's awesome.Hit the comments and discuss.[Via Wcloudxkumo]

Collections: An Aliens collection to die for

Nov 06 // Colette Bennett
Tomopop:  When did you realize you were in love with toys?Chris: I've been in love with toys since I can remember.  My younger years were spent pitting my G.I. Joes against Star Wars Stormtroopers. My passion was always for action figures.  Sci Fi, Military, Dungeons and name it, I loved it. My fondest memories from childhood were of spending time with my brother going through the giant J.C. Penney Christmas catalog picking out what cool toys we wanted for Christmas. I had great parents who, without spoiling me, bought me pretty much all of the figures I could want.  Of course, I grew up, got married and had gotten away from toys.  That was, until I discovered eBay in my latter years. WOW!  What a revelation that was.  I can remember doing my first search for some of my favorites from my childhood. I was addicted!  I could collect what I wanted and could afford to do it!  Great times. I started back into it full force.  If there was a movie that had toys...I bought 'em.  Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Kenner Alien and Predator. Even little known lines like Virus and Battlefield Earth.  Of course there was Spawn and all of the McFarlane lines. My greatest hope was realized when he started producing Alien and Predator figures.  These were always my two favorite movie monsters. And, up until then, the only thing to be found was the Kenner line. forward a few years and I started to realize that there was just TOO much stuff out there.  I couldn't keep up. And, frankly, I didn't have the desire to.  So, I got rid of ALL of it ... everything ... except for my precious Alien and Predator figures. I decided that I'd concentrate on just these two creatures.  Beyond the McFarlane figures, there really wasn't a lot available then that was worth collecting.Or, so I thought. Enter eBay ... again.  I stumbled across an auction for a pro built Geometric Alien kit.  I could not believe how incredible this thing looked!  I bought it, of course, and talked to the seller about what else was out there.  Thus, I was introduced to the wonderful world of Garage Kits (Thanks Joe!). There were so many great Alien and Predator kits out there, I was in heaven! I especially loved "concept" pieces (these being kits based on concept art from the films), and these are my current favorite type of kit to collect.But, I'd finally found a way to have my two favorite sci fi baddies in all their various incarnations. And, that's what I've concentrated on for the last 5 years.  Tracking down those hard to find and rare pieces.Throw in there all the new Alien and Predator figures that have come out from companies like NECA, HOT TOYS and MEDICOM and I was one truly happy collector. Where there were once only a handful of decent pieces, there were now hundreds and hundreds of amazing kits and figures. There were incarnations from all of the movies, comics, art and custom sculpted statues and kits. Paradise, I tell you! Tomopop: What's the pride and joy of your collection?Chris: I don't think I can narrow it down to just one piece.  They all hold a special place in my collection.If I had to pick "something", then I would have to say that all of my "concept" pieces are my favorites.As much as I love a movie accurate Alien or Predator sculpt, kits based on concept art just fascinate me.It's like being able to, not only have what we see on screen, but a piece of what brought the designer to the final version.I like them so much that I even have a kit based on an early Ron Cobb design for the Alien.  Before Giger was given the job.  Now THAT'S dedication! Tomopop: What's your current toy "Holy Grail?"Chris: Well, I'd have to say that my Grail isn't a toy. I'd LOVE to find the 1:1 Alien Warrior bust from Sideshow. Sadly, I missed out on this when it was first released and the after market price has jumped several thousand dollars. But...some will be mine. (insert evil laugh here) Tomopop: Have you made any custom toys of your own? If not, what would a toy you would create look like?Chris: I've never, personally, made a custom figure. But, if I were to make one, it would be an absolutely screen accurate and poseable version of H.R. Giger's Alien. NECA made a fantastic figure of both the Giger version and the Cameron "Aliens" version of the creature. NECA put a lot of great effort into making it as accurate as possible, and it shows. But, there were still some aspects that were just a tiny bit "off".Mine would be something that you couldn't tell from the on screen version with a paint app to match. But, I'm not a stickler for accuracy.  I've got many pieces in my collection that are far from accurate.So, as long as there is a cool Alien or Predator kit or figure to be had...I'll keep on collecting. There's still so much out there that I don't have.  And, like they say ... the hunt is half of the fun.Tomopop: Thanks for sharing your collection with us, Chris!

We met the astounding collection of Chris Ausbrooks quite by accident. This collector is all about Aliens and Predator, and you can tell if you look at his Photobucket account, because it is full of jaw dropping stuff. Its ob...


Polyvinyl Crush's Rico shares pictures of his massive collection

Aug 27
// Eva Duenas
There's no doubt that us figure collectors have seen plenty of collections that surpasses our very own. If I had an obsession with many female characters, I feel that my room could almost look like the one above (as if my roo...

Thought you had a big figure collection? Then check this collection out

Aug 18
// Brian Szabelski
So, you think you've got quite a collection, don't you? Well, prepare to have that idea smashed into a million tiny pieces thanks to Danny Choo. He brings us these pictures of a collection, belonging to Japanese blogger Omoch...

Show and Tell: The Cammy collection

May 29
// Brian Szabelski
Everyone's got a favorite character, and for those of you who have known me for any extended period of time, you know Street Fighter's Cammy is definitely one of mine. Not surprisingly, I have an appetite for almost all thing...

Collections: And now from the WTF department ...

Oct 11
// Topher Cantler
Holy crap. I mean ... Ahem. Here we have a truly impressive collection of Max Factory and Good Smile Compan... good God, look at all the ... How many freaking Konatas does this guy ... Sorry, excuse me. Lu-K over at Mukyaa to...

Collections: Stella Wong

Sep 30
// Colette Bennett
Back in May, all the cast members of the Destructoid podcast RetroforceGo! received a package in the mail. Each one contained several toys in the form of something each cast member loved, from plush chocobo to dolphins. Each ...

Collections: Ben Moy

Jul 30
// Colette Bennett
I had the pleasure of e-meeting Ben Moy, a game designer at DigiRonin Games, thanks to a mutual friend at Epic Games who was a Tomopop reader and recommended him for this feature. She described Ben as "pretty much the mo...

What You Gonna Do With All That Junk: Displaying your collection on the cheap

Jul 10
// Qais Fulton
So let's say you've been collecting for three years now, and over the course of those years you've bought around three figures per month at an average of $25 per figure. So by now you'll have spent around $2,700 on your colle...

Otaku madness: check out VTSan's collection

Jul 03
// Colette Bennett
Uh ... whoa. Despite the fact that I know quite a few out-of-control collectors, this guy takes the virtual cake. Meet VT-San, a collector whose collection will either stupify you or cause drops of burning jealousy to rise in...

Collections: Dan Lam

May 13
// Albert Art
Greetings Tomopop readers! I've recently been invited by the editors of this fine site to contribute some thoughts on all things toys and their relevance as art. Why me, you say? Well, I'm nothing special. In fact, I'm just a...

Collections: Carlos Ferro

May 02
// Colette Bennett
I thought long and hard about which of Carlos Ferro's photos to use for the header image of this article. When you get to the gallery, you'll see why -- Carlos has one of those collections that leave you drooling on your own ...

Under the Radar: Tezuka Moderno Labo series

Mar 22
// Brian Szabelski
Yes, that’s Astro Boy (otherwise known in Japan as Atom), perhaps the most notable of Osamu Tezuka’s creations. Tezuka, considered the father of modern manga and anime, helped to define and popularize both manga a...

Collections: Tim Petrovic

Mar 18
// Colette Bennett
I'll bet you thought we forgot about this feature, didn't you, little Tomos? The truth of the matter is I've been busy flying all over the globe (I just came home from Madrid yesterday) and I haven't had the proper time to pr...

Range Murata's New Figure Brings The Hotness

Mar 17
// Brian Szabelski
Does the name Renji “Range” Murata sound familiar to you? If not, then you probably know of him one way or the other. You may recognize his work from anime such as Blue Submarine No. 6 and Last Exile or the Power ...

Gradius III Vic Viper model rolls out in May

Mar 03
// Brian Szabelski
Maybe you're like me. Maybe you like the Gradius series. Maybe your first introduction to the series was Gradius III on the Super Nintendo and you spent hours on it, trying to get through the game.Gradius III has so many memo...

Mario plushies on the way to North America

Mar 02
// Brian Szabelski
Nintendo-licensed toys? Nothing new. They’ve been doing this for years, whether it’s been through Happy Meals or at Nintendo World, and heck, I own several of them.Nintendo plushes also aren’t ne...

Collections: Jeremy Hoffmann

Feb 05
// Colette Bennett
Toy collectors are an interesting societal subsect. Since toys are tradtionally thought to be something one leaves behind in childhood, many toy collectors don't frequently talk about or show off their collections. Only recen...

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