This months magazine scans give us the Key to Victory!

Feb 21
We all knew it would happen.. nay, it MUST happen but this months magazine scans show that it truly is happening! Hot on the heels of the release of the Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar, we are getting a release of Goldymarg and yo... read
GaoGaiGar photo
Amiami blog posts extensive preview
After appearing in scans a few weeks back, Bandai's Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar went up for pre-order yesterday. Despite the wallet-battering ¥32,400 price tag customers weren't deterred as several stores sold out immediat... read feature

Soul of Chogokin photo
Soul of Chogokin

New scans reveal Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar release date, price

Crushing evil and also your savings
Aug 21
Ever since it was announced last November, I've been chomping at the bit to know more about Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar. Who wouldn't be eager to see more of one of the all-time great super robots joining the undoubted king of... read
Chogokin photo

Landmarks gone wild! Gallery appears for the Chogokin Tower of the Sun Robot

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into tourism
Jun 03
Bluefin Tamashii Nations has released a photo gallery for Bandai's upcoming kinda creepy Chogokin Tower of the Sun Robot (previously seen at The Tower of the Sun was the somewhat nightmarish symbol of the 1970 World's Fair (o... read

Tamashii Summer Collection: Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar

Final Fusion APPROVED!!
May 11
Just when you thought the Soul of Chogokin line had been retired, Bandai decided to resurrect the line with a couple of doozies! First up on the block is the Tower of the sun Robo from 21st Century Boys and after that, there'... read
promoted post photo
promoted post

Gilgamesh Archer (Chogokin line) Unboxing / Review

Promoted cblog review
Mar 10
[editor's note: Oh hey, a cblog promotion! It's been way too long since we last did this, and if the current trend of awesome stuff being published in there continues, I feel it'll be difficult to choose what to bring up to ... read
SoC GaoGaigar photo
SoC GaoGaigar

Bandai's next Soul of Chogokin will be GaoGaiGar

The ultimate King of Braves approaches
Nov 01
At Tamashii Nations today, Bandai made a tremendously exciting announcement, namely that The King of Braves GaoGaigar will be the next robot to join the ultra high-end Soul of Chogokin line. Though no actual figures were read... read
Hello Kitty photo
Hello Kitty

Tamashii Nations will make a Chogokin Hello Kitty robot

You read that right
Oct 31
I know Hello Kitty has always been popular. I think it’s safe to say that she’s been on literally everything ever made from toilet paper to adult sex toys. So nothing that I see her on should really surprise me b... read
Soul of Chogokin photo
Soul of Chogokin

Under the Radar: Soul of Chogokin General Franky

His robot spirit burns from within
Oct 23
All Franky wants is to become the ultimate cyborg/robot. I mean, he sure is a great shipwright and he's one of the best out there. However, let's be honest: his robotic improvements show that he wants to become one with the m... read
Pre-order VF-29 Isamu photo
Pre-order VF-29 Isamu

Pre-order this Tamashii Webshop exclusive VF-29 Isamu

A great tribute to Macross Plus and Frontiere.
Aug 21
I was looking around our partner stores for something interesting to write about when I found this Tamashii web shouten exclusive, Bandai Chogokin VF-29 Valkyrie over at Big in Japan. This Chogokin is based on a Valkyrie that... read
Review: Chogokin Saber photo
Hey there, pretty armored lady
It's no secret that Saber has seen a lot of merchandise in recent years. Some would even consider her a serious contender for the title of most overproduced Eastern character. Despite that, the armored version of Saber has on... read feature


Chogokin Archer up for pre-order

figma ... what figma?
Apr 03
He just popped up in the latest batch of scans, but Bandai's Chogokin Archer has now reached the pre-order window. The 16-cm-tall figure comes with a metallic finish (that Chris didn't seem to care for) as well as two extra f... read

Bandai sees to it that an Archer figure will be released

Didn't say which Archer though. I'd rather it be Sterling.
Mar 29
Remember every joke about figma Archer? Yeah, it's coming in 2010! 2011! 2012? Nope, forget it. It's never going to happen. Well, keep those hopes alive as this isn't exactly the Archer you wanted as Bandai has took to releas... read

Chogokin Archer demands that you mongrels bow before it!

After all this time, I still don't understand what defines the archer class. Neither of them actually used projectiles (unless throwing swords counts)
Mar 22
Hot on the heels of the release of Chogokin Saber, Tamashii Nations has now shown off some images of Chogokin Archer/Gilgamesh in this months scans! So far, we're only shown a size comparison with Saber and we also learn that... read
Phantasy Star Online's radical pink robot lady
I will start out by saying, "Man, I wish I had gotten to play more Phantasy Star Online." This is a game that I really dug the designs for, but sadly got very little time with either it, or the current version of PSO2. Howeve... read feature


King Robo Mickey & Friends are ready for your pre-order

Bandai's mecha project with Disney is interesting and amazing but won't come cheap.
Nov 01
I don't think I need to introduce this figure anymore. Bandai and Disney collaboration project of taking famous Disney characters and giving them their own mecha versions to pilot is really one of those amazing WTF Japan mome... read

More info on Bandai's Chogokin King Robo Mickey & Friends

Release information and names now available on this unholy mess of Disney characters.
Oct 22
After a few days of sleep, I assumed it was all a dream but nope! Bandai's Chogokin King Robo Mickey & Friends is officially real. Bandai has opened a special page for the upcoming combiner of Disney characters turned rob... read

The Tamashii Nation grows with Durarara!!, Another, more

Take that Max Factory! Bandai beats you to Archer. ...sort of.
Oct 20
Update: Better photos have been added from Akiba Hobby also showing off additional figures coming. This includes Chieri and Nagisa from AKB0048, the AGP series of figures of the girls from Strike Witches, AGP Misaka from Toar... read

Mickey and Friends combine with the power of Chogokin

I can't believe Bandai made this a real thing.
Oct 19
...what? I swear I'm looking at some kind of unlicensed product but it's legit. Bandai has lost their marbles and has transformed popular characters from Disney into robots that can combine into a giant robot. There are days ... read
Sponsored by HobbyLink Japan. SUPAAAAH!
One of the most impressive lines of figures is Bandai's Chogokin series. Whether it's a Super Robot Chogokin or the top-tier Soul of Chogokin, Bandai usually does a fantastic job transforming a robot into a poseable... read feature


SDCC 2012: Tamashii Nations sneaks out some previews

Jul 11
The gates haven't officially opened, but things are already coming across the flood gates. Right now it feels like Christmas Eve. The avalanche of toys is here and I want to open them up already. Well, thankfully, Tamashii Na... read

DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z appears for pre-order

Jul 03
The big reveal from Bandai at the Tokyo Toy Show this year was their DX version of the Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z. While it has just about every gimmick and feature you'd ever want with a Mazinger Z figure, it certainly has ... read

This Mazinger commercial is quite convincing

Jun 20
Not quite ready to take a second mortgage to get your hands on the DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger? It's amazing what a little audio and video can do to change your mind. How could I not own the king of chogokins? The... read

Tokyo Toy Show 2012: DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z

Jun 15
Since 1974, Mazinger Z has been made into hundreds of figures, the most enduring of which being the Chogokin. Constructed with die-cast and size, it became the standard bearer for such figures. With the advent of the Soul of ... read

Stretch your wallet for Bandai's Chogokin Going Merry

Mar 02
Are you watching One Piece or perhaps enjoy the show from time to time? If you are, or maybe if you like to collect the occasional Sailing Boat you should look into Bandai’s Chogokin Going Merry. This boat has a lo... read

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