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2:00 PM on 04.26.2014

Go for a summer dip with Kuroneko

It's no secret that I like girls, and I like swimsuits, but even I get tired of producers churning out the same old, same old. That includes the school swimsuit look. I'm even of the mind that one pieces are seriously underra...

Emily Smalara

Chara-Ani's Yotsuba Koiwai blows us away photo
Chara-Ani's Yotsuba Koiwai blows us away
by Martin Siggers

The continuing lack of figures from Yotsuba&! is a crime that Chara-Ani only partially managed to remedy a few months ago when they put up their rather lovely version of Fuuka Ayase. Now though they've gone and announced what we really wanted all along - a scale version of Yotsuba herself! And, surprise surprise, she's absolutely adorable.

Rather than just take the easy route and go for a standing figure though, the company has really put in the effort and produced one of the most dynamic sculpts I've seen in quite a while. It's a great look that really highlights the energy and hijinks that come through in the manga. Yotsuba's cute as a button, her face screwed up in excitement, even though she's being literally blown away!While her design isn't the most complex in the world Chara-Ani have done their best to add some detailing, giving her a cute outfit and some sharp paintwork.

Naturally, since Yotsuba's only five years old, this is a pretty small figure, clocking in at about 130mm tall. The tradeoff is an attractively low price of just ¥6,480, more than enough to tempt me before her arrival in May. Pre-orders actually begin today according to Chara-Ani's website, but since business has already closed in Japan, I'd imagine she'll be up tomorrow at all the usual places. We'll update you as soon as she's ready for buying!

[via Chara-Ani]

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10:00 PM on 11.30.2013

This Ikkitousen harem does Pandora System right

Recently we've been treated to another creepy usage of the poseable Pandora System, in the form of Ro-Kyu-Bu's Hinata. Chara-Ani appears to have come to their senses though, preparing to let loose a blind boxed set of charact...

Emily Smalara

12:00 PM on 11.30.2013

Go casual fridays with this Ruiko pre-order

A pretty girl in little more than a button-down top is one of life's simple pleasures, and that's just what we're getting from Chara-Ani. Blasphemy it may be, I've never been a huge Index fan despite having partaken of a fair...

Emily Smalara

7:00 PM on 11.28.2013

This Hinata pre-order is a slam dunk for creepers

The latest in Chara-Ani's switchable Pandora System figures is here, with loliriffic sports anime Ro-Kyu-Bu's Hinata Hakamada shown off. Given that I'm not a total lolicon I've not partaken in so much as a trailer for this ra...

Emily Smalara

6:00 AM on 11.28.2013

Chara-Ani surprises us with an adorable Fuuka Ayase

One of the figure industry's greatest crimes is that there's not more figures based on the cast of Yotsuba&!. Kiyohiko Azuma's adorable manga about the life of a five year old girl is universally beloved among people...

Martin Siggers

11:00 PM on 10.26.2013

Get your hands on this pretty kitsune Kunou

What, a High School DxD figure that isn't Rias? Much as I love my redheads, this new release from Chara-Ani may even beat her out. There's few things more enticing than a pretty foxgirl, and Kunou definitely fits all the crit...

Emily Smalara

10:00 PM on 09.27.2013

Pick up a poseable loli with Ro-Kyu-Bu's Tomoka

Longtime--heck, even short time--readers should know I've seldom got any issue with figures on the loli side of things. Even I tend to have some limits though, and the latest test of them is coming from Chara-Ani's Tomoka, ha...

Emily Smalara

11:00 AM on 09.26.2013

Pre-order this Asuka for some handy storage space

Leave it to Senran Kagura to revolutionize the PVC world when it comes to sculpting the perfect(ly oversized) boobs. Chara-Ani is releasing a new Asuka this December, and as an odd Christmas present you'll be getting a figure...

Emily Smalara

2:30 PM on 08.28.2013

Pick up Shioriko Shinokawa and get a reading buddy!

Wordily titled Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou must be doing quite well for itself, as hot on the heels of this Spring's bust collection, Chara-Ani is bringing out a proper full-sized figure of bookstore owner Shioriko. I was...

Emily Smalara

7:00 PM on 08.27.2013

Say yes to getting the latest lounging Asuna

We've seen the lovely Asuna in many confident poses, which shouldn't be a surprise given her independent and capable attitude in the first season of Sword Art Online. We've also seen a few of her sudden new "damsel in distres...

Emily Smalara

11:00 PM on 07.27.2013

Grab the latest Kuroneko caught off guard!

Sculptors seem to be getting the hang of making Kuroneko's ever-present frilly dresses actually look, dare I say, flattering. Chara-Ani is bringing us yet another gothic kitty, this time in the act of getting herself properly...

Emily Smalara