Guy Fawkes Cavey photo

Celebrate a British holiday with Guy Fawkes Cavey

Remember, remember, the Third of November ... because that's when a new Cavey arrives! The Guy Fawkes Cavey (or is it Ca-V? Get it?) is releasing Monday at 8 p.m. BST (4 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Pacific) for £25 each. As you might ex...

Brown Bear Cavey photo

Brown Bear Cavey arrives next Monday

Need a little fuzzy in your life? Then perhaps you should check out the newest plush Cavey, Brown Bear Cavey. He's a brown fleece Cavey bear, complete with little tiny nose, and he's going to be available at 8 p.m. BST (3 p.m. Eastern, noon...

New Caveys photo

Two new Caveys arrive for August

Two new Caveys have arrived in the Cavey shop for the month of August. On the plush side of things, there's the Ice Cream Cavey, which comes in a removable felt cone and features a faux strawberry (because a real one would be too messy). It...

C-Wok Cavey photo

Help destroy the second Death Star with C-Wok Caveys

The Cavey family is heading to a galaxy far, far away with its next release, the C-Wok Cavey. Based on the Ewoks from Return of the Jedi, the little fellows will be available in both plush and vinyl versions, as seems to be the norm for Cav...

Polar Bear Caveys photo

Polar Bear Caveys arrive Feb. 3

It's cold outside, so stay in and cuddle up with a new Polar Bear Cavey! Well, at least one version: it'll be available in both plush and vinyl versions. The plush Cavey is a run of 100 pieces and the vinyl Cavey a run of only 20 pieces. Bo...

24 Hours of Toy Break photo

Toy Break's 24-hour broadcast, sales begin today

Ayleen and George over at Toy Break are about to embark on their annual 24-hour broadcast, which starts at 5 p.m. Pacific (8 p.m. Eastern) tonight to help raise money to continue the production of Toy Break. They're planning of gu...

December Cavey releases photo

Deck the halls with December's Cavey releases

Christmas comes to the world of Holly Stanway's Cavey and Coney characters with the announcement of December's special releases. Christmas Tree Coney (£16) and Reindeer Vinyl Cavey (£15) were revealed yesterday on...

October '13 Cavey release photo

October's Cavey release is Frankenstein's Monster

It's finally October and a little stranger's Cavey plushes are getting ready for Halloween. On the official Cavey Facebook page, it was revealed yesterday that not only would this month's Cavey be dressed as Frankenstein's Monster but ...

September Cavey photo

Cavey heads back to school for September's release

A new class of Cavey has emerged for September's release, and it's Back to School Cavey! Complete with a striped tie and collar, the little fellow will be part of a class of 50 Caveys attending school this year. Someone ought to remind him ...

August Cavey releases photo

Cavey coming in two fruity flavors for August

August is the meat of the summer, when temperatures soar and fruit is ripe for harvesting. So it comes as no surprise that both of this month's Cavey releases are inspired by the season's edible bounty. For August, Holly Stanway (also known...

Cavey charity raffle photo

Win a custom Cavey in a charity raffle

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the little fellow called Cavey, and if you're a fan who wants to help a charitable cause, then you might be interested in this custom Cavey raffle. The Team SOS Cavey is a one-off custom based on the team je...

Calavera Caveys photo

Calavera Caveys are July's special release

The Cavey releases for July are here, and they're probably Kristina's favorite Caveys ever. Why? Because they're Calavera Caveys, in both plush and vinyl forms. Each one is handpainted with a different design and limited to 20 (plush) and 5...

SDCC Vinyl Cavey photo

Super Duper Caped Vinyl Caveys revealed

As we thought from the teaser, the two exclusives from the Cavey camp for SDCC are vinyl Super Duper Caped Caveys. One is blue, the other pink ... but the pink one isn't going to be at SDCC. The pink Super Duper Caped Cavey is a Cavey ...

SDCC Vinyl Cavey photo

Vinyl Cavey goes superhero for SDCC

Curious about what Cavey would be doing for SDCC the year? Wait no more: a teaser has been posted, and the answer is the return of Super Duper Caped Cavey ... as a vinyl figure. Yes, Vinyl Cavey is this year's exclusive, and from the teaser...

June Cavey release photo

Pink Polkadot Piggy Cavey will be available June 24

Holly Stanway previously captured the essence of cute barnyard animals with her Spring Lamb Cavey and is now following up on that adorable plush release with the Pink Polkadot Piggy Cavey. This plush has pointed ears (as opposed to Cav...

Tomopop Interview photo

Tomopop Interview: Holly Stanway

With the adorable Cavey range recently celebrating its third birthday, we figured it was high time to catch up with its creator Holly Stanway. Perhaps better known in the designer toy world as A Little Stranger, she's one of the UK's top to...

Tomopop About Town photo

Tomopop About Town: Custom Vinyl Cavey Show

It's hard to believe, but Cavey is already three years old and to celebrate the occasion creator Holly Stanway (aka A Little Stranger) held a party to celebrate. More than just a chance to eat, drink and be merry though, this was also a cha...

Custom Cavey sneak peek photo

A look at some of the custom Caveys for Friday's show

This Friday marks the Custom Vinyl Cavey Show in London, and as a peek, we're getting to see the customs a little early. There are 41 customs that are part of the show, all of which have now been posted to the Hey Cavey blog. In addition to...

Lunartik's Spud photo

Custom Delights: Lunartik's Spud

Lunartik has revealed his custom for the upcoming Custom Vinyl Cavey Show, and it's actually pretty darn funny. Taking the Cavey's normal bean shape, he's sculpted around it and made the little critter into a potato, complete with eyes that...

Cavey's 3rd Birthday photo

Celebrate Cavey's 3rd birthday with limited edition goods

Cavey is turning three and, in honor of the happy day, Holly Stanway a.k.a. a little stranger is hosting a Vinyl Cavey custom show in London on May 31 (details here). Those lucky enough to attend will have the chance to purchase two very sp...


You can now pre-order Cavey iPhone cases

Soon you will have a chance to show your love for a little stranger's lovable Cavey plushes just by answering your phone. Two adorable iPhone case designs (available for both iPhone 4/4s and 5) were revealed on the official site a...

Review: Vinyl Cavey photo

Tomopop Review: Vinyl Cavey

Cavey has been a frequent visitor to the front page of Tomopop, in no small part due to my love of the design. The guinea pig-inspired plushes from A Little Stranger have been among my favorites for quite some time, in part because I'm a fo...


Celebrate Spring with a fluffy Spring Lamb Cavey

There is nothing like a little fleecy ball of adorable fluff to remind you that Spring is the air. And in honor of the season when baby lambs frolic, Holly Stanway, also known as A little stranger, has sewn up a batch of Spring Lamb Cavey p...


Cavey vinyl show teasers pop up online

The Cavey Instagram account has been busy posting teasers for the upcoming Cavey Vinyl Show in May. So far, there's a few teasers from some familiar artists, like Gary Ham and his little wooden Cavey car/arch combo. Or RunDMB's blue and bla...


Two more ToyCon reveals from Sergey Safonov

While we just posted a big ToyCon UK round-up the other day, Sergey Safonov snuck in two more announcements before the show. His first but of news is the final installment in the Godot series, The End of the Man, which is less toy and more ...

ToyCon releases photo

A look at ToyCon UK's wares and exclusives

ToyCon UK opens up this weekend, and many of the major British designer artists will be in attendance (with some surprises, too). Add in the fact that many will be bringing their own pieces to Baden-Powell House, and you have a list of excl...


Cavey gets ready for ToyCon UK, plus another event

Cavey fans: if you're going to ToyCon UK, you're in luck. Holly is bringing with her two special Caveys — one plush, one vinyl — for the event, the Toyconcaveysaurus. The plush one is a fleecy aqua number, while the vinyl one fe...


Have a tea party with March's Cavey and Coney releases

Holly Stanway is mixing it up a little for Cavey and Coney's March release. The pair will be cosplaying as the Mad Hatter and March Hare from Alice in Wonderland with Cavey sporting mismatched eyes along with the Hatter's signature hat...


Vinyl Cavey pre-orders begin Thursday

Well, hello there, vinyl Cavey. We haven't seen you since DesignerCon, but the good news is we'll all be seeing more of the little fellow starting Thursday, when pre-orders for the first vinyl Cavey figures begin. The first run will be in t...


Give a little love with three Valentine-themed releases

Looking to add something to your collection in time for Valentine's Day, or maybe find a special gift? There's at least three options going to be released over the next 48 hours that just might warrant some attention: First, there's C...


Here is a Cavey craft for a chilly day

If you are anything like me, at this point in time, you are bundled up from head to toe and sitting next to the heating vent. But, I can't help casting a glance over to my precious plushes and wondering if they are feeling the frosty temper...


Jack Frost Cavey won't nip at your nose

It's a new year and time for a new Cavey release from Holly Stanway, a.k.a. a little stranger! The Jack Frost Cavey is the very embodiment of winter, made of a chilly, dark blue fleece fabric with a snowflake pattern. I think the contrast o...


Christmas Pudding Cavey is a sweet surprise

Fans of holiday desserts are sure to recognize Holly Stanway's December release, Christmas Pudding Cavey. The delightful plush even has a dollop of "brandy cream" on his little Cavey head! Made with a body of brown polar fleece, felt brandy...


Tomopop About Town: Cavey's American Cousins, Part 2

It may have been a while since part one of our coverage for Cavey's American Cousins, a pop-up art show that took place on November 10, but that doesn't make the event's custom Cavey toys any less awesome. Last time, we covered the fir...


Tomopop About Town: Cavey's American Cousins, Part 1

For the last couple of weeks, we had been leading up to the Cavey's American Cousins pop-up gallery, the first show for the brand in the United States. Each of the handmade plushes in the show were designed by American artists (hence the ti...


Cavey's American Cousins prints up for sale

Last night was the Cavey's American Cousins show in Los Angeles, and in addition to the custom Cavey plushes, there were some special Cavey prints available for sale. The prints are from each of the 12 artists who did custom Caveys for the ...


You can now bid on Cavey's American Cousins custom toys!

Just because DesignerCon's festivities have come to an end (although our coverage hasn't finished quite yet), it doesn't mean we have seen the last of Holly Stanway's delightful Cavey plushes for the time being. Gearing up for the Cavey's A...


DesignerCon 2012: A Little Stranger

From the whimsical concepts and dreamy color palettes of her custom figures to her overall adorable plush Caveys, the works of Holly Stanway a.k.a. A Little Stranger never cease to impress me. Holly's booth at yesterday's DesignerCon was a ...


Cavey's American Cousins are fully revealed

Okay, no more teasers now. This is the real deal. We have the full images of the custom Cavey plushes set to appear at the pop-up art show, Cavey's American Cousins, taking place in Hollywood on Saturday, November 10. Curated by Holly Stanw...


Gentleman Cavey will make his debut at DesignerCon

I would poke fun at Gentleman Cavey's mustache (I mean, there are a ton of mustache jokes now, right?) but the little fellow is just too darn cute; I couldn't go through with it. This very special plush is not only Holly Stanway's latest Ca...


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