NYCC 2016 GSC photo

NYCC 2016: Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company's Mamitan has been hard at work revealing their upcoming figures at NYCC. There are lots of Nendoroids and figmas but I wasn't expecting this many video game figures. The full armor Megaman X Nendoroid has been painted an...

Capcom Morrigan photo

Morrigan changes occupations in this new Capcom figure

Dark Stalkers' Morrigan Aensland has seen a few releases over the years, but I don't remember many wardrobe changes. I think since her main appeal is her sexiness, and her outfit already emphasizes that, there never was a need. That didn't ...

Mega Man photo

You got: Nendoroid Mega Man preview gallery! And pre-orders!

Kahotan has posted a preview gallery for Good Smile Company's upcoming Nendoroid (classic-series) Mega Man and -- SPOILER ALERT! -- he's totally adorable. Oh, and did I mention he's available for pre-order? Nendoroid Mega Man may not includ...

Mega Man photo

KidRobot's Mega Man Capsules releasing August 4

Exciting news! KidRobot has announced that its Mega Man "Capsules" (blind-boxed figures) will be released August 4th. The selection includes a line of 3-inch figurines, smaller keychains, and larger 7-inch "medium" figurines like the ones w...

C2E2 2015 photo

C2E2 2015: Bluefin

Bluefin distributes collectibles from a bunch of companies, so their booth is usually pretty packed at conventions. Fortunately I got there just before closing so I was able to avoid the hectic experience of photographing the displays while...

First 4 Viewtiful Joe photo

First 4 Figures creates a Viewtiful-looking Joe

First 4 Figures is adding another Capcom character to its All-Stars lineup, but it's not anything Mega Man-related. Instead, we're getting the one and only Viewtiful Joe, hero from the franchise of the same name! First 4's Joe looks to be s...

Mega Man photo

Gigantic Mega Man available for pre-order

If you've ever wanted a 13" Mega Man statue to grace your shelves, you are in for a treat. X-PLUS has added the Blue Bomber to their Gigantic Series, which also includes versions of Super Sonico, Vegeta, and other classic characters.  ...

Mega Man X photo

TruForce streamlines new Mega Man X figure

Although it's true that Capcom hasn't given us a Mega Man game in years, at least we can count on toy companies to help keep our love for the franchise alive. The latest version comes from TruForce Collectibles, who are giving X a sleek and...

F4F Mega Man  photo

First 4 Figures announces Mega Man, we hope it's a proto man

First 4 Figures has had a pretty good track record with their pieces. Digging into the golden days of gaming, they've brought out some great statues from Metroid, Zelda, and Sonic franchises. They've now stepped into the year 20XX with thei...

Capcom photo

SDCC 2014: Capcom

Let's keep riding that San Diego Comic Con wave! The event may be over, but we still got stuff to show you. Next up, I've got the scant showings at the Capcom booth. While there wasn't anything particularly mind-blowing, there were a couple...

SDCC Pop Culture Shock photo

SDCC 2014: Pop Culture Shock

If you like large, well-painted figures, Pop Culture Shock may have what you need. If they don't have what you need, give them a year and see what random licenses they pick up. This year they carved out their own piece of the floor at SDCC,...

SDCC 2014 Capcom photo

SDCC 2014: Capcom's panel

Capcom's panel at SDCC was mostly game-oriented, which should be of no surprise to anyone. If you were looking for the sweet loot, though, there was a merchandising segment which detailed some of the goods available at the show. You can exp...

Street Fighter photo

Capo Toys launches Street Fighter Kickstarter

Capo Toys has finally provided some release details for its Street Fighter line and... (wait for it...) it's going through Kickstarter. Ryu, the first figure in the line, now has an active Kickstarter campaign which, at the time of writing,...

Street Fighter plushes photo

Gaming Heads tackles Street Fighter in latest plush line

Gaming Heads expands on its plush line with their entry into the world of Capcom's Street Fighter. Available now for US$ 19.99 each are Series 1 of this new line starring Ryu (sporting some fantastic eyebrows), Ken (rivaling ...

Morrigan photo

Capcom's Morrigan now ready to tempt you into pre-orders

You may recall I was not a huge fan of Capcom's new rendition of Morrigan once the painted previews showed up. Not everyone is me however, and if you were of the opposite mind you've got the chance to put your money where your mouth is as p...

Capcom Morrigan photo

Capcom's Morrigan appears in colour, looks set to disappoint

We had such high hopes for Capcom's new take on Morrigan when she was first announced, and even when shown off as a grey prototype there were reasons to get excited. But now the company has posted up shots of a near-final, painted version a...

Capcom's Morrigan photo

Capcom's Morrigan gets some prototype shots

We were very excited when Capcom announced they'd be turning out a new figure of Darkstalkers icon Morrigan a few weeks back. At the time we only got a (rather lovely) piece of artwork to illustrate what she was going to look like, but...

Capcom Morrigan photo

Capcom announces a figure of Morrigan from Darkstalkers

While it's never been a perennial favourite on the level of Street Fighter or Tekken, Capcom's monster themed 2D fighter Darkstalkers has maintained a loyal cult following over the years. In particular leading lady Morrigan Aensla...

Mega Man photo

First 4 Figures' Proto Man is a cure for the Blues

First 4 Figures has unveiled some concept art for an upcoming Proto Man statue. Fans will recall that Proto Man is Mega Man's older brother Rex who mysteriously vanished after a car crash who was placed in storage after a potentially fatal ...

Monster Hunter plush photo

New Monster Hunter 4 plushes include dress-able Felynes

Capcom's Monster Hunter is getting a new line of plushes in celebration of the fourth installment of the video game series. On the surface, it may seem like traditional fare: cute Felyne plushes mixed with chibi-fied versions of some of the...

SDCC Capcom photo

SDCC 2013: Capcom

Capcom had a small booth at SDCC this year. However the few items shown did not disappoint as they were made to celebrate 25 years of Mega Man and Street Fighter respectively. First up, it's hard not to notice the cool blue figure of the Ic...

3A x Capcom LP Mercenary photo

3A teams up with Capcom for 1/6 Lost Planet 2 figure

ThreeA is continuing their push into the video game market. First there was Metal Gear, then HALO, following that Portal 2, and now it's time for Lost Planet 2. Back in April, the company held an event showing off the prototype for several ...

Rush tissue box photo

Capcom's Rush now has a convenient tissue box mode

Capcom may not be making Mega Man games anymore, but they still know how to cash in on the image. And cash in they do. They're latest attempt to make money off the franchise that helped make them but continue to forsake is a plush Rush tiss...


Behold the might of Figuarts Zero Sigma

Popping up on the Tamashii Nations/Bluefin Facebook page today was a gallery of the upcoming Figuarts Zero Sigma from the Mega Man X series of games. He's a Tamashii shop exclusive in Asia, but lucky for us in North America, we're getting h...


Deadline to buy Mega Man 25th Anniversary statue extended

Fans of the Blue Bomber have a little more time if they are still on the fence about pre-ordering Capcom's Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue. The planned deadline of April 21 has been extended to April 26, giving collectors more time to gath...


Reserve Gyakuten Saiban 5 for limited Phoenix Wright PVC

Get ready to get back into that court room! Capcom has set the release for Gyakuten Saiban 5 (Ace Attorney 5) for July 25. When you reserve, starting today, you can order yourself one of three different limited edition packages. One of the...


Charge up with Mega Man plush helmet and canon

Do you remember last week when when the D-Arts Ultimate Armor Mega Man X figure was announced and we saw this guy wearing a weird Mega Man plush helmet? Well we no longer have to wonder as Capcom has given us the answer. The Japanese E-Capc...


ThreeA's Atlas and P-Body appear after a year in hiding

It's been quite some time since we last heard from ThreeA regarding their work on Portal 2's popular bots, Atlas and P-Body. What we saw nearly a year ago was a couple of prototypes, with very little to go on except for their sculpts. Today...


D-Arts Ultimate Armor X pre-empts Roll, Iris, & MMZ Zero

Capcom has allegedly announced the results of their April Fools' celebration and subsequently another X variant will be joining the D-Arts line. The Ultimate Armor, first introduced in Mega Man X4, is a hidden armor upgrade that bestows X a...


Ready to rumble with more Street Fighter IV Play Arts Kai

[Update: More pre-order links added!] Square-Enix have already portrayed a good deal of the cast of Super Street Fighter IV in Play Arts Kai form and they're showing now signs of slowing down yet as the latest pair of releases are now ...


Not X-2, but a reissue of D-Arts Mega Man X

Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA has announced that the D-Arts Mega Man X will be getting an Americas-exclusive reissue. While Bandai may have released their D-Arts Mega Man X (or Rockman X) just a little over a year ago, apparently availabilit...


Game over for Kotobukiya's Mega Man PLAMO line

Kotobukiya recently announced that it has no new Mega Man (Rockman) plastic model kits on the horizon, instead citing plans to move forward with an unspecified, to-be-announced character line. Mega Man seems to have had a very moderately su...


Sengoku Basara Sansun Bushou Collection Part 1 pre-order

Uh oh, Sengoku Basara fans? Get your wallets ready! Capcom is releasing the Sengoku Basara Sansun Bushou Collection Part 1, which is an adorable chibi set of figures that can somewhat be compared to Kotobukiya's previous One Coin figures. W...


Bring the fight home with Marvel vs Capcom 3 statues

Hollywood Collectibles Group wants to help your video game fights spill over into your home with their new 1/4 scale Marvel vs Capcom 3 Doctor Doom and Akuma statues. They're now available for pre-order individually (at some sites) but are ...


D-Arts classic Mega Man (Rockman) is a fighting robot

Thanks to The Mega Man Network (and AmiAmi JP), we now have some new photos of the upcoming Bandai's D-Arts classic Mega Man (Rockman) and Rush set (which also includes a Metall). After multiple iterations of X and two versions of Zero (not...


Monster Hunter plush round-up!

Yee-haw! Time for a lil' old Monster Hunter plush round-up, so mosey on down. It's Christmas in very late July, according to Capcom, as they recently put these holiday-themed plushes of Poogie, Airou, and Meraru up for pre-order. The Poogie...


Airou and My Melody mix it up in these festival goods

Monster Hunter's Airou and Sanrio's My Melody are both prone to a little cosplay now and again, so it should come as no big surprise when the inevitable time came for them to pair up and exchange costumes (fur?) with each other. The grand o...


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