C2E2 2016 CreatuReplica photo

C2E2 2016: CreatuReplica

If Fox Mulder collected action figures, I think he'd love the CreatuReplica collection. CreatuReplica is a new (as in, just months old) outfit featuring toy designs by Jean St. Jean - a sculptor who also works with Diamond Select Toys. The ...

C2E2 2016 Metalsouls photo

C2E2 2016: Metalsouls

Some toys were meant to be made of metal: Iron Man, Transformers, toy cars, etc. And then you have madmen like the folks at Metalsouls, who just make everything out of metal. Despite largely working with recycled scrap metal, these figures ...

C2E2 2016 Beefy & Co photo

C2E2 2016: Beefy & Co.

It felt like there was a lot less plush at this year's C2E2 than in previous years. The most notable booth I found was Beefy & Co. with a colorful display of somewhat sleepy looking plush animals. Two plushies were new for this year. Fi...

C2E2 2016 Diamond Select photo

C2E2 2016: Diamond Select Toys part 2

Diamond Select Toys has tapped some notable live action properties in the past, and they're continuing to pick up momentum in this area for 2016. The Alien and Predator franchises will see Vinimates coming out. They're figures in the style ...

C2E2 2016 Diamond Select photo

C2E2 2016: Diamond Select Toys part 1

Although Diamond Select Toys has roots in comic-related collectibles, their booth gets more and more diverse every year. We'll start off our coverage with the usual comic properties you'd expect, although even here there were a few surprise...

C2E2 2016 Chibi Essence photo

C2E2 2016: Chibi Essence

One of my favorite things about cons is finding stuff that's off the beaten path of my fandom, and that's where Chibi Essence comes in. I'm not very engaged in the indie/designer toy scene, but every once in a while I'll stumble across a bo...

C2E2 2016 Bluefin photo

C2E2 2016: Bluefin Distribution part 2

Star Wars mash-ups aren't the only thing Tamashii Nations brought to the table; they had plenty of anime figures from their various Figuarts lines as well. Dragon Ball Z continues to have a large presence, featuring prominently in S.H....

C2E2 2016 Bluefin photo

C2E2 2016: Bluefin Distribution part 1

Sometimes you just want to see a smorgasbord of figures from all over the place. That's when you head to Bluefin Distribution. Sentinel, which is usually geared toward anime figures, has picked up the Iron Man license. And man are these fig...

C2E2 2016 Enterbay photo

C2E2 2016: Enterbay

Enterbay is known for their realistic 1/6-scale figures, often featuring movie and sports stars. Their booth at C2E2 was mostly NBA-oriented this year. The presentation, I felt, was really cool and well-executed. If you're not a basketball ...

C2E2 2016 Weta photo

C2E2 2016: Weta Workshop

I kicked off day one of the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo with a whirlwind tour of the exhibitor hall about an hour before closing. Weta Workshop had a large display near the entrance, showing off their requisite Lord of the Rings a...

C2E2 2015 photo

C2E2 2015: Jellykoe

Jellykoe continued its line of Tox City plush creations at C2E2. They're colorful characters that make me think of something you'd see in a Cartoon Network show. Maybe one day... You can get a rundown of the Tox City line from Jellykoe's we...

C2E2 2015 photo

C2E2 2015: House of Darkly

You can find a plush for just about anything. Do you want plush dessert items? No problem. Plush weather phenomena? Got it covered. Plush... rocks? You bet! In fact House of Darkly's booth featured all of that stuff and more. But mostly it ...

C2E2 2015 photo

C2E2 2015: CKRTLAB Toys

CKRTLAB's mission is to celebrate the golden age of comics. To that end they're resurrecting some comic book heroes from as far back as the 1940s! They've added on to their lineup from C2E2 last year, as a new wave of yesteryear's heroes to...

C2E2 2015 photo

C2E2 2015: BeeFy & Co.

BeeFy & Co. was started by Menh Voong, an aspiring graphics artist who decided to go into business for himself. I'm bad at keeping tabs on who's been where, but looking through Tomopop's history, Menh has apparently been to like every c...

C2E2 2015 photo

C2E2 2015: Diamond Select Toys

Diamond Select Toys always brings a smorgasbord of goods to each convention covering a disparate range of properties. Of course, their comic book properties always take center stage. This time it was the Batman and Superman animated series....

C2E2 2015 photo

C2E2 2015: Bluefin

Bluefin distributes collectibles from a bunch of companies, so their booth is usually pretty packed at conventions. Fortunately I got there just before closing so I was able to avoid the hectic experience of photographing the displays while...

C2E2 2015 photo

C2E2 2015: Enterbay

Enterbay is a lot like Hot Toys, focusing on realistic 1/6-scale poseable figures. They've done a few movie characters, but at C2E2 focus quite a lot on NBA players. Maybe it's pandering to Chicago's collective 90s nostalgia, or maybe it's ...

C2E2 photo

DST announces C2E2 plans

Diamond Select Toys has announced that it will be attending C2E2 next weekend (April 24-26) and will be giving out free Minimates posters at its booth (#817). The company will be hosting a Minimates panel on Friday (April 24th) from 4:15-5:...

Dooodolls Third Eye photo

Tomopop Review: Dooodolls' Third Eye

The Dooodolls display at C2E2 was lively thanks to their mascot character drawing a lot of attention. They certainly got my attention, as I hadn't previously heard of the company. The distributor's representative, Lexi Stauring, was kind en...

Tomocast photo

Tomocast 46: C2E2 & Wondercon

You know it's the beginning of Summer when the events start to happen every couple of weeks. In short proximity, we had C2E2 and Wondercon occur, so you know that those are the main topic of the latest episode of Tomocast. Andres Cerrato an...

C2E2 2014 Paisley Fawn photo

C2E2 2014: Paisley Fawn

The majority of Paisley Fawn's C2E2 offerings were different varieties of her signature Smudge plushes. If you aren't acquainted with the creature, you need only look in the gallery to learn of the herd of small, pudgy little plushes t...

C2E2 2014: Henry Cesneros photo

C2E2 2014: Henry Cesneros

Henry Cesneros' work is something I was unfamiliar with pre-C2E2, but after seeing these photos Tian took from his booth, I'd like to see more. Henry's style involves taking all kinds of scrap metal parts — lugnuts, bicycle chains, ol...

C2E2 2014 Frombie photo

C2E2 2014: Frombie

Frombie's figures are ostensibly friendly zombies, but I'm not seeing it. I guess their comics do fit the bill. However there's still a friendly quality to these figures that I can get behind. Their wares at C2E2 covered a wide range of pri...

C2E2 2014 Dragon Pets photo

C2E2 2014: Dragon Pets

In Game of Thrones, Ser Jorah Friendzone keeps insisting that dragons are not children or pets. Dragon Pets does not subscribe to that, as you can tell with their line of collectibles. These dragons won't rain fire and death on your enemies...

C2E2 2014 Dooodolls photo

C2E2 2014: Dooodolls

All kinds of artists show up to publicize their work at C2E2, but the folks behind Dooodolls went a little bit further by turning one of their plush creations into a big life-sized mascot. Unfortunately, the suit wasn't for sale, but I was ...

C2E2 2014 Jellykoe photo

C2E2 2014: Jellykoe

Jellykoe's booth at C2E2 served two purposes: to sell quirky plushes to con-goers and to promote their recent Kickstarter campaign, Tox City. To raise awareness for the campaign (which is still in progress), two of the Kickstarter plushes, ...

C2E2 2014: Nerfect photo

C2E2 2014: Nerfect

The Nerfect booth at C2E2 played host to an army of stuffed creations. Sure, there's the Magic Duckie and the Diabolical Hot Dog, complete with eye patch and holding a knife. Those are pretty fun to check out alongside the stuffed dunces an...

C2E2 2014 Nerd City photo

C2E2 2014: Nerd City

I'm not sure why bat excrement is commonly associated with craziness, but I suppose it wouldn't do to have a metaphor that made sense. I bring this up because, wow, Nerd City's booth was pretty crazy. They have some fairly normal figures to...

C2E2 Little Brass Bird photo

C2E2 2014: Little Brass Bird

Little Brass Bird peddles all manner of plush creations. They're based on animals, foods, and even internal organs. This year they're creating an animated web series alongside their newest plush line: Dr. Franklin Meow Meow. Dr. Frankling M...

C2E2 2014 Beefy & Co photo

C2E2 2014: Beefy & Co.

Beefy & Co. made the long trip from WonderCon in Anaheim (by Los Angeles) all the way to C2E2 in Chicago the following week, so I made an effort to drop by their booth. In case you didn't know, they sell a variety of art, vinyl figures,...

C2E2 2014: CKRTLAB Toys photo

C2E2 2014: CKRTLAB Toys

CKRTLAB Toys is a relative newcomer to the designer toy scene, and C2E2 was a debut of sorts for their first line of figures. The 5.5-inch Golden Age Guardians take their style cues from the comic book heroes and villains of the 1940s. The ...

C2E2 2014: PokeZombies photo

C2E2 2014: PokeZombies

The idea behind PokeZombies seems pretty simple: take Pokemon and zombify them. That extends to plush as well, where it seems there's been a little bit more work than simply changing a few colors here and there. The Charizard plush looks th...

C2E2 2014: Shawnimals photo

C2E2 2014: Shawnimals

Need a plush fix from C2E2? Well, Chicago's own Shawnimals was of course on the show floor with a bunch of old favorites and one new plush: the Happy Sherpa. A collaboration with the folks at Basecamp, and designed after their logo, the Hap...

C2E2 2014 House of Darkly photo

C2E2 2014: House of Darkly

Seeming to come directly from WonderCon, House of Darkly's roster of kooky and creative plushes may give you a few seconds of deja vu. But once you get a closer look, you'll notice that artist Anne Kirn had plenty of surprises for Chicago's...

C2E2 2014 Enterbay photo

C2E2 2014: Enterbay

Enterbay is known for their realistic 1/6-scale poseable figures, competing with the likes of Hot Toys. At C2E2 they showed off a pair of 1/4-scale movie icons: RoboCop and the T-1000. They also brought a number of basketball icons to the e...

C2E2 DST photo

C2E2 2014: Diamond Select Toys (non-Minimates)

[UPDATE: Added more photos of Marvel Select Mystique] Diamond Select Toys' C2E2 display offered a second glimpse at some of the offerings seen at Toy Fair, including ones previously not meant to be photographed, as well as a handful of cool...

C2E2 Minimates photo

C2E2 2014: Diamond Select Toys - Minimates

Diamond Select Toys has officially added the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to its immense library, in addition to showing off some new Marvel Minimates, Tarentino movie Minimates, those Godzilla Minimates, and so on.  The first series o...

DST photo

Diamond Select Toys announces C2E2 plans

Diamond Select Toys has announced its plans for  the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), which consist of a booth (#713) and two panels. The first panel, which focuses on the Minimates line, will be held on Saturday, April 26,...


C2E2 2013: Nerd City

Nerd City's C2E2 booth was home to a number of artists and figures, including The Godbeast's work and Galaxxor. The biggest news from the booth was the debut of the Mystical Warriors of the Ring series, a little spin on M.U.S.C.L.E. styled ...


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