Tomopop Event Roundup: A sweet treat

Dunny Apocalypse Series release leads the event line-up for this weekend
Nov 08
// Brian Szabelski
The Event Gods continue to rain things to do upon us, and this weekend is no exception. It's not as crazy as last weekend (which featured two major events and at least four other show openings), but if you're a fan of the cus...

NYCC 2012: Brutherford Industries

You scream, I scream, we all scream for new designer ice cream toys!
Oct 16
// Brian Szabelski
Hiding out in Clutter Magazine's booth was the NYCC home for Brutherford Industries. The Brutherford corner featured new variants of Ice Scream Man, along with the NYCC release of the Dork Knight Ice Scream Man, as well as th...

NYCC 2012: myplasticheart

Oct 12 // Natalie Kipper
So many exclusives, so little time.
It is the second day of New York Comic Con and we are here to bring you news straight from the floor, courtesy of Tomopop's own Brian Szabelski and Andres Cerrato. This time, we'll be taking a look at booth #3313, belonging t...


Brutherford releases Bad*** Brown Ice Scream Man

May 14
// Brian Szabelski
Brutherford Industries' Ice Scream Man has come out in a variety of flavors, but a chocolate variant is not coming. Instead, we're getting Bad*** Brown, which true to its name, is the brown colorway of the Ice Scream Man. Sti...

Brutherford drops a new flavor of Ice Scream Man

Apr 04
// Brian Szabelski
Brutherford Industries have a new variant of their Ice Scream Man out, the Malevolent Mintstachio colorway! This green version of Ice Scream Man is limited to 125 pieces, each individually numbered and signed. They're al...

Chill out, here's Brutherford Industries' Ice Scream Man

Feb 14
// Brian Szabelski
Say hello to New Jersey's Brutherford Industries and their first official release, Ice Scream Man! Standing 7.5 inches tall (the same size as an actual ice cream cone), the Ice Scream Man "came to Brutherford in a vision...

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