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TSS 5.0 photo
Just as 4.0 begins to ship
So originally I was going to do a third BotCon report discussing the upcoming Transformers Collectors' Club exclusives, but it's taken until now for them to finally put their Figure Subscription Service 5.0 images online. But...

BotCon Reveals photo
BotCon Reveals

BotCon 2016: Transformers reveals

Time to check stuff off the wishlists
Apr 10
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Here we are again with Hasbro's second round of four sets of reveals they do over the year. Previously we saw a large number of new Transformers: Titans Return figures at Toy Fair in February and later we'll see more at San D...
BotCon Exclusives photo
BotCon Exclusives

BotCon 2016: Transformers exclusives

Lots of wants here!
Apr 08
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
It's a little earlier than usual, but BotCon is here once again! As usual the annual event's first day starts with the official reveal of all the exclusive goodies. They've been super ambitious with the offerings this year, t...
BotCon 2015 photo
Maybe a first look at SDCC announcement?
Well this was unexpected. Near the Hasbro booth at BotCon was a large poster advertising Combiner Wars showing off all of the Combiners of the series including the first look at Bruticus. But hidden around the text was an une...

BotCon 2015 photo
Seeing double here...
USA Today was given the first look at Transformers combiner Victorion through a few comic panels from IDW. The results of Hasbro's Fan Built Combiner poll ended in an all-female Autobot combiner from the Sea of Rust with grav...

BotCon 2015 photo
BotCon 2015

BotCon 2015: Transformers Fan Club reveals 2016 figure lineup

Armada Ramjet and Skywarp? Yes please!
Jun 24
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
This past weekend at BotCon the Transformers Collectors Club laid out their plans for 2016. This year they didn't go nearly as obscure with their figure choices as they did with the 2015 selection. I don't want to join the su...
BotCon 2015 photo
Bruticus versus a swarm of Autobots
This past weekend at BotCon 2015 Hasbro at long last revealed a first look at many figures we knew were coming, but have been eagerly awaiting a chance to see. Among them are eight classic Autobot cars reimagined as combiner ...

Take a look at BotCon 2015's complete box set

May 05 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
BotCon 2015 photo
Cybertron: Most Wanted
BotCon 2015 is a little over a month away so let's see what's in store for their box set, Cybertron: Most Wanted. The story takes place on Axiom Nexus, a Cybertronian hub city at the  center of the Transformers multivers...

BotCon 2015 photo
Stop me if you've heard this one before
It's almost here! OK, no it isn't, it's actually around half a year away, but that's not stopping BotCon from spending New Year's Eve getting fans revved up for 2015! For Cybertron's Most Wanted expect to see a lot of paralle...

BotCon and JoeCon photo
BotCon and JoeCon

BotCon and JoeCon move to Illinois in 2015

Now the east coast and west coast can complain together
Oct 24
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Today is the first day of the unofficial Transformers convention TFCon in Chicago, Illinois. I guess there's no better time than today for Fun Publications to announce that their two major Hasbro-backed conventions are headin...
TFSS 3.0 photo
The most obscure Transformers homages ever
The end of BotCon 2014 came with the Transformers Collectors' Club and BotCon heads revealing the Transformers Collectors Club 3.0 offerings for 2015. I have to say, I've seen some obscure references translated into figures b...

BotCon 2014 photo
Few movie announcements, but good stuff for the G1 crowd
[Update: TFormers has photos of the updated display with all of the newly announced 2014 figures!] Hasbro held their Transformers brand panel at BotCon 2014 moments ago and made several exciting announcements. They were ...

Take a look at Hasbro's display at BotCon

Jun 20 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
BotCon 2014 photo
Some figures get confirmation, for better or worse
Thanks to the official BotCon Facebook page we got several photos of many of the upcoming Transformers figures. Most of the stuff on display we've seen before back at Toy Fair, but there are a few new things on display that w...

BotCon 2014 photo
BotCon 2014

BotCon exclusive souvenir sets add seven more figures

Plus some others
Jun 20
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
The club store opened at BotCon late Thursday night, officially revealing the rest of the exclusives for the event. The sixth bonus figure for people who bought the box set and attended the convention is Flamewar, a female De...
BotCon 2014 photo
BotCon 2014

BotCon 2014 reveals custom class figure as Primal Prime

Biggest Transformers event of the year begins
Jun 18
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Over on the official BotCon Twitter account they revealed the first non-box set exclusive of the 2014 event as Primal Prime. The figure is a red, white, and blue repaint of the 2006 Beast Wars 10th Anniversary figure cre...
BotCon 2014 photo
BotCon 2014

BotCon announces final box set figure as Cybertronian Knight Ginrai

Fans are divided over the choice of colors
Apr 26
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Fun Publications has announced the final figure for the BotCon 2014 exclusive Pirates vs. Knights box set as Cybertronian Knight Ginrai. If you aren't familiar with Ginrai he's a Japanese character from Transformers Masterfor...
BotCon 2014 photo
First real working Headmaster in nearly 25 years
BotCon 2014 is right around the corner and they're lining up one of the best convention exclusive box sets ever. Using the them of Pirates versus Knights they started with announcing Cannonball, a predictable figure based on ...

BotCon 2014 photo
Off to a decent start
It was just a week ago when BotCon revealed their theme for 2014 to be Pirates vs Knights while promising to debut Star Seekers captain Cannonball within the pages of the club magazine. Well, not content to make people wait f...

TFCC announces pirates vs. knights at BotCon

Jan 31 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
BotCon 2014 photo
Because I guess ninja would be too obvious
Back at the beginning of January the official Transformers Collectors Club revealed that part of the BotCon exclusive box set would involve pirates, but left the rest to speculation. Not quite a month later the other hal...

BotCon 2014 theme to be pirates!

Jan 06 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Botcon 2014 photo
Or is it...?
It's that exciting time of year again for Transformers fans! BotCon 2014 is only about half a year away from opening its doors on June 19 in Pasadena, California and the slow trickle of event news has now begun. But here we a...

Botcon 2014 photo
Botcon 2014

Could BotCon be returning to California in 2014?

Possible second year at the Pasadena Convention Center
Sep 04
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Hardcore fans don't wait for official word apparently. When wondering where BotCon would be held in 2014 some eager members of Seibertron and TFW2005 took it upon themselves to simply call the Pasadena Sheraton that hosted co...
TFCC photo
Fun Publications discusses membership incentives, subscription figures, and themes for 2014
We're halfway through 2013 and Fun Publications is giving us a preview of  their 2014 plans for the Transformers Collectors Club and BotCon.  To go along with this year's Depthcharge figure they announced that the 2...

Construct-Bots photo

BotCon 2013 day 3 keeps the Construct-Bots coming

New additions to the series announced including some beasts
Jul 01
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Kre-O didn't have a very big presence at BotCon this year and there wasn't much said at the industry panel compared to at Toy Fair 2013. Hasbro seems to be putting a lot of stock into their Construct-Bots building system inst...
Beast Hunters photo
Beast Hunters

BotCon 2013 day 3 shows even more Beast Hunters figures

Hasbro uses questionable practice of upscaling Cyberverse figures to make new Deluxe and Voyager figures
Jun 30
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Despite mixed reactions from fans Hasbro is still trudging along with new figures and repaints for Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters. They've also started a questionable practice that we're going to discuss shortly.  Cyb...
Transformers Generations photo
Several new figures join the line at nearly every scale
Day 3 of BotCon was yesterday and Hasbro wasted little time in getting official images of all of their big panel reveals out onto the web. For now we're going to talk about what appeared in the Generations portion of their pr...

Transformers exclusives photo
Retailers online and off to get a number of exclusives, plus the return of Linkin Park Soundwave
Transformers fans have no shortage of choices when it comes to exclusives in 2013. We've already seen a number of them released between and what was made available at BotCon on day one.  Speaking of Amazon, so...

SDCC 2013 Transformers photo
Transformers to be well represented at San Diego Comic Con
Day 2 of BotCon came and went on Friday with a number of exclusives announced, but the biggest among them will be coming to San Diego Comic Con in mid-July! Let's just cut to it: The rumors are true, Metroplex is coming to SD...

BotCon 2013 day 1 shows off all of the con exclusives

Jun 28 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
First exclusive set is the box set itself. I've talked about these at length (here, here, and here) so I'll make this brief: The set consists of five figures: Hoist, Obsidian, Strika, Skywarp, and Megaplex. The set could only be purchased through the pre-registration form and sold during this period leaving none for the convention (which is normal). A second un-boxed set in plastic baggies can be purchased by attendees at the convention who have already bought the boxed set.  This starts the long list of previously unannounced (officially anyway) exclusives. The first of which is Starscream, a bonus figure that is given to fans who bought the box set and attended the convention (as opposed to non-attendee box set purchases). The figure is a black and gray repaint of Terradive from the Transformers (2010) figure series, the same figure being used to make this year's club membership exclusive Depthcharge. It's the character fans wanted, but not the figure they expected. The original Machine Wars Starscream a huge, bulky figure while this one is pretty small and spindly. The bio actually describes this figure as a clone and not the same Starscream so it's probably just a matter of Fun Publications not being able to find a suitable existing figure to repaint.  Next up is a three-pack of G1 Seeker Jets. A few years ago this same convention caused quite a firestorm with fans for making Thundercracker, Thrust, and Dirge convention exclusives. The outcry was loud enough to get mass retail versions of all three released over time. This set brings up one familiar name in Sunstorm and three new names in Bitsream and Hotlink. Sunstorm still stands a chance of seeing mass release since his colors incorporate some black where there's usually white leaving room for a more accurate version at retail. Bitstream and Hotlink are much less likely due to their obscurity so I'm fine with them remaining exclusives as much as I'd like to have them. Strangely enough the trio is being labeled as Rain Makers despite not being the three actual Rain Makers we already know. The set is limited to 2500. Next is a two-pack of Electron and Sandstorm. Electron is based on G2 Autobot Laser Rod Electro and uses the same body as Hoist from the box set. This may be the best repaint choice of the entire set of exclusives since both the original and this one are based on classic Ford trucks. Only thing really missing is a sword. Sandstorm is a repaint of Dark of the Moon Skyhammer and it kinda works since they're both helicopters. Sandstorm was itself a repaint of European exclusive Rotorstorm recolored for Machine Wars. This set is limited to only 2000.  Mirage and Thundercracker make up another set from Machine Wars. Mirage is based on the 2007 Transformers Classics Mirage figure in Machine Wars teal and white. Thundercracker is based on the same Revenge of the Fallen Dirge remold as Skywarp. Strangely the colors aren't even close to the same. The new figure is cast in mustard yellow with red splotches where the original was camo green and brown. Not sure what happened there. This pair is also limited to only 2000. The final figure is a pre-assembled, unpainted version of the figure that's beeing used in the Botcon customizing class. It uses the same mold as Strika in yellow red and gray. The name isn't listed on the poster, but it seems to be Blastcharge, a Vehicon from Beast Machines. The number made for sale isn't given, but it'll certainly be the most limited one in the bunch. The Kre-O set features Kreon versions of all five characters from the figure box set. They actually did a really good job of translating the likenesses of the group using existing parts and lots of clever paint details. Only down side is these aren't transforming Kreons, but that might be asking too much. The set is limited to only 1500.  Finally they've got one more exclusive at the convention that's causing a stir among people who have paid Transformes club memberships like myself. That figure is a carded version of the membership exclusive Depthcharge being sold only at the con. It's something of a kick in the teeth for loyal fans who had to deal with the issues that Fun Publications has been having with their online membership system in recent years. The version going to members is simply in a plastic bag and white mailer box with a bio card, nothing else. It isn't unusual for them to sell some leftover figures at the con, but this is the first time they've made a special run of membership figures just for the convention. This is the version that should have been given to members, BotCon goers should be getting the bagged version. Worst part of all is the membership version hasn't even been delivered yet, people attending the convention will be getting it first. People attending BotCon have enough exclusives to choose from, if it weren't for club members there wouldn't be a BotCon every year so let us have our exclusive actually be exclusive.  What's more surprising is what wasn't at the convention. Considering Megaplex is supposed to be a clone of Megatron it seems certain that the figure would be repainted as Megatron himself for sale at the convention, but that didn't happen. Likewise one of the most popular figures in the Machine Wars line is Optimus Prime, but no version of him was made for the con. Soundwave is another very popular figure from the original line and there actually are a few figures made recently that would have fit well, but it didn't happen either. Lastly it was rumored just before the convention that Hauler would also see release using the Transformers (2010) Grapple figure as a base. Shame, they all would have been good choices, probably even better than some of what was actually made.  That's the end of day one, there'll be more coverage as BotCon rolls on.  [images via BotCon on Facebook]
Botcon 2013 photo
Thursday preview night gives non-attendees more than a few reasons to be upset
Just like with a lot of conventions these days BotCon has that one little window of time before the official opening where attendees can get their registration swag and pickup a few souvenirs. Of course this year is no differ...


BotCon 2013 Obsidian goes to the dark side

Botcon box set Obsidian has his bright green deco replaced with a darker one.
Apr 12
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
In a surprise update on Thursday the official Transformers BotCon event website quietly changed the original images of the Obsidian figure for the convention box set from bright green to a new dark green theme. This is after ...

BotCon 2013 registration has begun

Though you may want to save your money for 2014...
Mar 15
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Fun Publications has announced that the official Transformers BotCon 2013 registration is now live. Registration can be done right online at the BotCon website for the event running from June 27 to 30 in San Diego, Calif...

Final two figures revealed for Botcon exclusive box set

Obsidian and Megaplex complete the 2013 box that also includes Hoist, Skywarp, and Strika.
Mar 02
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Last week we previewed the first three figures in the Botcon 2013 box set Machines of War based on the 1997 Kay-Bee Toys exclusive Transformers toy line Machine Wars. This week we're getting our first look at the final t...
Hoist, Skywarp, and Strika are the first to be announced to much head scratching.
June 27 is still a fairly long ways off, but that's not stopping Fun Publications from getting a head start on announcing some of the exclusives that will be made available in this year's Machines of War five-figure conventio...


Botcon going back to Cali for 2013

Botcon to be held from June 27th to the 30th in San Diego
Dec 07
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
It was only just this past Wednesday that I mentioned we should be seeing an update on the official BotCon website soon now that the theme of Transformers: Machine Wars has been revealed in the official Transformers...

Botcon 2013 theme: Machine Wars

Dec 05 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Next Botcon goes back to 1997 for inspiration.
Early word from the Official Transformers Collectors Club magazine issue 48 showing up in club members' mailboxes now is that the theme for Botcon 2013 will be Transformers: Machine Wars! Machine Wars was a clumsy release in ...


The BotCon guessing game continues in the latest advertisement

Nov 03
// Jonathan Tubbs
On the back cover of issue 6 of the Transformers Timelines: The Stuticon Job comic, an advertisement was shown for the upcoming BotCon that has many people playing the guessing game. I don't mean when and where it'll happen. ...

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